WAKFU is ranked #55 out of 135 tracked MMOs in terms of player and aggregate server population.



WAKFU is estimated to have 650,196 total players or subscribers.



WAKFU is estimated to have 12,354 players per day this month.

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  • by Ankama Games

A tactical massively multiplayer online game, Wakfu is developed and published by French company Ankama Games. It has been released in the rest of the world by Square Enix Europe and Ubisoft. The game is built on the Java infrastructure and was released in February 2012. Wakfu has expanded to an animated series (Wakfu: The Animated Series) and a spinoff action-adventure game for the Xbox Live Arcade (Islands of Wakfu). Wakfu is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

How Many People Play WAKFU?

We estimate that 12,354 people play WAKFU per day, with a total player base of 650,196.

Game Data

  • Subscribers: 650,196
  • Daily Players: 12,354
  • Genres: Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: PC, macOS, Linux
  • Released: 2014-09-18

The Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment.

WAKFU Description

Wakfu is actually based on the story of Dofus. In Wakfu, the ogre Ogrest acquired all six Dofus eggs, but committed a crime that made him cry for 1,000 years and rests atop Mount Zinit. Players can quest to defeat Ogrest, though it is completely optional.

Wakfu is a tactical RPG with similarities to classics like Final Fantasy tactics and Ogre Tactics. Players can initially create up to 5 characters for their avatars in Wakfu. There are 18 classes in Wakfu to choose from, many of which are carried over from the lore of Dofus. These classes include the Cra, Ecaflip, Eliotrope, Eniripsa, Enutrof, Feca, Foggernaut, Huppermage, Osamodas, Iop, Pandawa, Rogue, Sacrier, Iop, Xelor, Sadida, Sram, and Sacrier. There are also many choices for cosmetic differences, including gender (which also alters poses, stances, emotes, and sounds), character skin colors, hair, and eyes. Note that these changes are permanent after character creation.

Aside from the usual PvE against monsters and PvP combat, Wakfu has options to do mining and trading for Kamas (the in-game currency), join or establish your own Nation, or choose to destroy or protect the environment, depending on the energy you support (Wakfu or Stasis) in the Krosmoz.