Dual Universe is ranked #69 out of 139 tracked MMOs in terms of aggregate server and player population.



Dual Universe is estimated to have 450,601 total players or subscribers.



Dual Universe is estimated to have 4,281 players per day this month.

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Dual Universe Population Chart (Daily)

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Dual Universe

  • by Novaquark

Dual Universe is a single shard sandbox multiplayer online game. Developed by Novaquark, Dual Universe features a procedurally generated universe that takes place in an outer space setting. Dual Universe is built on the Unigine Engine by the Paris-based gaming studio. It has similar gameplay to Eve Online and No Man's Sky. The unique feature of Dual Universe is the single-instance universe, using Novaquark's proprietary Continuous Single-Shard Cluster system. It will be available for the Microsoft Windows platform.

How Many People Play Dual Universe?

We estimate the daily player count of Dual Universe to be 4,281, with a total player base of 450,601.

Game Data

  • Subscribers: 450,601
  • Daily Players: 4,281
  • Genres: Action, RPG, Simulation, Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: PC
  • Released: Unreleased

The Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment.

Dual Universe Description

Dual Universe combines many genres. It is an MMORPG with sandbox, space faring and trading, and first person combat simulation elements. The game itself is set millennia in the future, after one of the Arkships that saved the remaining survivors of the human race escaped the solar system's destruction arrives on the Earth-like planet of Alioth.

Dual Universe is viewed in first-person perspective. As the game will take place using a single server, all players will encounter and play with one another in the course of the life and development of the game world. Novaquark claims there will be no NPCs or AI creatures. Thus, it will entirely be PVP in terms of combat.

Aside from combat, players can participate in sandbox elements. These include building structures such as ships, housing, cities, and space stations. The political and economic status of the game will also be determined by the choices and actions of all the players. Mining and gathering resources, trade, services, and many other tasks will be entirely reliant on the participation of players. Organizations in the game such as corporations, military, pirates, and other roles are also fulfilled only by the player base in Dual Universe.