Conan Exiles is ranked #16 out of 139 tracked MMOs in terms of aggregate server and player population.



Conan Exiles is estimated to have 12,971,384 total players or subscribers.



Conan Exiles is estimated to have 123,228 players per day this month.

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Conan Exiles Population Chart (Daily)

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Conan Exiles

  • by Funcom

Conan Exiles is developed and published by Funcom, the same company behind the long-running Anarchy Online. Conan Exiles is a multiplayer open world game which has a particular emphasis on survival. Players can be played solo, co-op, or as a persistent world for multiplayer online experiences. Released in 2018, Conan Exiles is currently available for play on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

How Many People Play Conan Exiles?

We estimate the daily player count of Conan Exiles to be 123,228, with a total player base of 12,971,384.

Game Data

  • Subscribers: 12,971,384
  • Daily Players: 123,228
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Released: 2017-01-30

The Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment.

Conan Exiles Description

Welcome to the Hyborian Age. In Conan Exiles, players learn to survive and navigate a savage world of sword and sorcery. The world of Conan Exiles is harsh and appropriately barbaric, with vast wastelands and danger at every turn.

Players create characters that have been captured, tortured, and left to die. However, your fate is not yet the end, as Conan, the legendary barbarian warrior himself, saves you. But the rest of the journey is on your own terms. Characters can hail from the various races present during Conan's fictional Hyborian Age, such as Cimmerian, Hyborian, Nordheimer, Stygian, and the like.

Customizing character appearance is expansive, allowing players to choose every nuance. Alter and modify your character's face, body type, and even extremities to your heart's desire. Choose from one of the major deities, which offer their own blessings and devotion. Of course, Crom is available, but he does not offer any favors nor require any devotion for your actions in-game.

Conan Exiles gives particular emphasis on survival. Hunger and thirst gauges must be consistently monitored. You must learn to hunt, forage, gather, craft, cook, and other necessary survival skills to last in this brutal fantasy setting. Gain experience in these survival skills, as well as combat, and progress your levels. Unlike other open-world roleplaying games, Conan Exiles does not have a class system. Rather, you determine your specializations depending on the abilities you improve as you gain levels.

You can play Conan Exiles alone or join other players in public servers. Go on adventures or battle one another in PVP. You can also recruit thralls into your service, who perform different tasks for you. Conan Exiles also has a very active modding community, including mods on the Steam platform, to further enhance your gameplay experience.