Old School RuneScape is ranked #5 out of 140 tracked MMOs in terms of aggregate server and player population.



Old School RuneScape is estimated to have 43,384,489 total players or subscribers.



Old School RuneScape is estimated to have 2,060,763 players per day this month.

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Old School RuneScape Population Chart (Daily)

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Old School RuneScape Population Chart (Yearly)

Old School RuneScape

  • by Jagex

Game Data

  • Subscribers: 43,384,489
  • Daily Players: 2,060,763
  • Genres: Adventure, RPG, Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: Android, PC, iOS
  • Released: 2018-10-30

How Many People Play Old School RuneScape?

We estimate the daily player count of Old School RuneScape to be 2,060,763, with a total player base of 43,384,489.

Old School RuneScape Description

Old School Runescape welcomes all players from around the globe to enter the world of Gielinor. Explore the many regions, kingdoms, and cities of this vast open world. Fight monsters or any inhabitant in the realms. Become a hero or a villain or live the simple life as you learn mundane skills like chopping wood and baking. Old School Runescape lets you create your own stories!

Although Runescape has been running since 2001, Old School Runescape is actually the version of the game retained and revised from its 2007 backup. Jagex received mixed to fully negative reactions about the newer version of Runescape from longtime fans and players. Fortunately, a backup was retained of the 2007 version. This became what is eventually called Old School Runescape, released in 2013.

Old School Runescape features a simple point-and-click interface, allowing players to do all the actions, ranging from moving to combat and to crafting items, using the mouse. Players can select the types of actions they wish to perform, and there are options available (as in the case of different types of attack and weapon types).

Experience for each skill is gained by successfully performing tasks. Each skill accumulates and levels up separately. There are 15 skills for free-to-play while there is an additional 8 skills available for premium members-only in Old School Runescape. All skills can reach level 99, though they continue to accumulate experience even beyond that.

Players may also take on Quests in Old School Runescape, with 22 of them being free-to-play and 128 member-only quests, for a total of 150. Members also get exclusive access to the full Old School Runescape world map, more useful and powerful items, minigames, and more time-efficient travel options.

Old School Runescape can be played in various modes, including Ironman Mode and Deadman Mode, which provide more challenges, such as limited interaction with other players, limited storage, and more aggressive PVE and PVP situations. In exchange, players of these harsher modes have greater experience gain and in the case of Deadman mode, can join contests for real-world prizes hosted by Jagex.