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Hello there. If you are reading this.... What the heck are you doing here?

WorldAlpha 2nd official review by

WorldAlpha first official review.

WorldAlpha social strategy sandbox MMO RTS is finally launched. Come participate in this new world!

WorldAlpha DevBlog Day 917 to Day 937: Launch Date, Reflection and the Story Continues

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 905 to Day 916: Military Module Poll Results & Launch Date

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 889 to Day 904: Community Input Wanted: Military Module

WorldAlpha Facebook Contest: Win 500 Earthbucks!

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 854 to Day 888: Open Beta and Countries taking shape

WorldAlpha Founder's Packs: Get a jump on your competition both in Open Beta and again at Launch

WorldAlpha Open Beta is now on. Check out the social strategy MMO. Rule the new world economically, politically or militarily!

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 833 to Day 853: Open Beta finally here

WorldAlpha Last Closed Beta #7 - Get your Beta Keys here. Only 2,000 being handed out.

WorldAlpha DevBlog Day 819 to Day 832: Final Push, Country Founders and Last Closed Beta

Day 784 to Day 818: Closed Beta, Country Founders and Tank Names

WorldAlpha Closed Beta 6 is March 26 to April 1. Get your Closed Beta Keys now!

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 756 to Day 783: New UI Revealed, Founder's Packs, Closed Beta and Name that Tank

WorldAlpha Founder's Pack: get your citizen ready for the launch of WorldAlpha!

WorldAlpha Closed Beta #5 Feb. 26 to Mar. 4. Get your Beta Keys here:

WorldAlpha Closed Beta #4 this weekend Jan. 24 to 27. Get your beta keys here!

WorldAlpha DevBlog: y 722 to Day 748: Community Input Needed on New UI

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 715 to Day 721: Closed Beta #3 and new UI

WorldAlpha Closed Beta #3 Keys Available for Dec. 20 to 23 DevBlog: Day 708 to Day 714: Closed Beta #2, UX/UI and new Features

WorldAlpha Beta Keys for Dec. 6 to 9 Closed Beta now available. Limited to 2,000 so get yours now!

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Hello there. If you are reading this.... What the heck are you doing here? [..]