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Exo-Miko synergy

What synergy create light pillars? I'm Exo and just unlocked Miko, but has no idea how to do it.

Goddess' Blessed Cube?

I see many youtube videos where people purchase these and get pretty cool outfits. Where and how can i get them?

Help with wugushi

Which clasess work well with wugushi that aren't auto attackers.

How do I use a controller with ToS?

How do i get a controller working with this game, specifically a nintendo pro controller? is it even possible?

Bullet Marker Auto Attack build

Hi, Last year I was playing as Bullet Marker-Enchanter-Assasin AA build. I just came back and now they said that AA build is dead. What should I replace enchanter with? What is the next best AA build currently with other scout classes. Thanks

I just started playing and I don't like the skills I took, is there any way I could reset them ?

New player here, wondering if its worth getting into this game in 2020.

I played this game for a few hours one night last year, but in the end got distracted by other games. Decided to download it again because I'm in the mood for a grindy game. How is the population compared to something like Dragon Nest NA, which is pr

help with build of hoplite dragoon lancer

hi can any one say me a good build for hoplite dragoon lancer if anyone has a link with the build i would be preciated because im a new player ty

New Server Will be open and Team Names will be Reset

Is the game still too easy?

PvE player here, I gave a little go the game with friends at the release and read here and there game is too easy. Is it still the case? One more question about the monsters, are they all "cute"? :x

Noob trying Wiz-Pyro-Elem-Tao/Onmyoji

Hello I am new to this game and I like it just because of the fact that you can mix classes and added bonus to its stylish art design. Anyway, Is there anything that I should look out for when playing this type of combination? I got it from the [Top

Come tell me about your characters!

I like having a meta-fiction about my characters that guides my styling and build decisions. I also like to make up stories about why my characters are all in the same house and how they get along. I'd like to hear about everyone else's stories, i

Korean Test Server Patch Notes Translation (1/21/20)

Question About Preparing for the New Content and New Max Cap

As a returning player from days of old (the initial release of ToS) I just saw that there will be a level cap increase, modification to stats, new classes, Team Name releases (I guess if you wanted to make a new team or change your name) and a few ot

2h bruiser style build?

I'm starting a warrior class and my first pick for sub class was dragoon. So far I'm enjoying it but I feel like the damage is there and wanted to verge into a bruiseresque role. Kind of tanky but has damage, particularly sticking with 2h Spears. Doe

New to the game and made a Cleric...

I noticed there's loads of classes so i'm wondering what is the best route to go in terms of class for a cleric? i want to be strong with magic attacks against monsters, idc about pvp. so strong single shots and aoe shots. i currently only have 1 mag

Ark Upgrade Costs and Stats (Next Content Update)

Question about scout builds

Hi, would these builds be decent? BM - sheriff - linker/outlaw Assassin - corsair - rouge I thought of BM sin but didn't want to build up both gun and dagger just to play 1 character so I wanted to build 1 character for BM - sheriff (gun) and

New Year Event Noticeboard in Klaipeda

Hello, I'm new to this game and I've been searching the new year event noticeboard in Klaipdea but can't find it no matter how much I searched all around! Can you please tell me its location ? Also where can I find better gears such as t

Wizard builds questions, Elementalist-Onmyoji-Taoist or Warlock-Featherfoot-Onmyoji

Hi everyone! I am looking for next builds for Onmyoji and they are: 1. Elementalist-Onmyoji-Taoist 2. Warlock-Featherfoot-Onmyoji Mainly for End game content such as White Crow, CM, or raid. Which build is recommended? (funny, strong enough,

Demon Lord Froster Lord Card

So I play the summoner class for the wizard tree because I don't belong to a guild and I don't have friends. Most of them quit a long time ago before re build hit and had to re-spec my Cryo, Chrono, Sage. It's been a long road and was even able to 10

Best farmer build for newbie?

Hello everybody! I played a couple of years ago, I decided to return. What is the best farmer build now?

New year coin?

What do I do with them? edit: Also what are the purchasing priorities?

Overwhelmed Returning Player

Im a returning player that came back a few days ago. I'm now very overwhelmed with all the stuff in TOS. Got a bunch of goodies that I have no idea what to use for, and they expiring soon. So many Quests, Main and Side, not sure what can be skipp

Difference between Ranger and Fletcher?

Hello! I'm currently running a Ranger>Falconer>Mergen build, and so far the falconer and Mergen classes are really good at dealing lots of damage, especially for bosses. Now, I'm looking for a class that clear out mobs quickly, I'm currently

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Exo-Miko synergy

What synergy create light pillars? I'm Exo and just unlocked Miko, but has no idea how to do it. [..]

Goddess' Blessed Cube?

I see many youtube videos where people purchase these and get pretty cool outfits. Where and how can i get them? [..]