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MMO Live News/Posts

Can I have what he's having please? (Miles Eckhart Bug/Comedy Out-take)

Vanguards share sabres 3.7 bug in 3.7.1...too zoomed, broken heart...could be Ultrawide aspect ratio problem and maybe 16:9/16:10 maybe ok

[Suggestion] A solution for backpacks

So when I saw someone ask the devs about this yesterday they didn't seem to have many answers ready. I'll take that to mean thye might be open to suggestions, so here's mine. Make backpacks something you can equip onto armor, but will take up a "wea

Squadron 42 Roadmap Update (2019-10-18)

Star Citizen Roadmap Update (2019-10-18)

Pushing 1M in Laranite like nobody's biz and 3.7.1 ain't gonna reset my aUEC

Star Citizen - Walking 3.6

Mineables on Hurston!

Best atmospheric Ship (bigger or same size as a freelancer) ?

Self explanitory Thanks ! edit : flightready ?

You can put glowsticks in weapon racks

roblox idris roblox idris

600i touring at Wala

Bed Login working beautifully! Logged out on Hurston surface, woke up the next day under the ocean..

PTU launcher

Wasn't it announced some time ago that we do not need a separate launcher for the PTU anymore? If so, how do I enter the PTU now?

Star Citizen 2019 Progress

It's finally here ^^

These overworked NPCs at Port Olisar are falling asleep on the job!

...Don't ! ! !

How is 3.7.1? Just getting ready to download it. Wondering if anyone has some feedback? :) TIA

I still cant find harvestables on Hurston with all the hints mentioned in the recent SCL

I spent 3 hours on PTU yesterday flying and walking around different biomes on Hurston. I searched the trash biomes for scraps and find none. Searched the desert biomes for that weird plant, find none. Searched the savanna for the red fruit and found

Warbond, CCUs, Ship Upgrades, LTIs - New Player Clarification

Hi everyone. I've read a fair bit about this topic. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding this properly: 1) If you buy a "Warbond" Mantis right now ($135), you get the ship + LTI + bonus items 2) You can then "CCU" the Mantis through "Shi

Reminder: Sentinel EMP is Temporary

Please stop using it as a selling point. Unless CIG comes out and explicitly declares it a permanent feature, then it isn't one. The Vanguard Sentinel is currently equipped with the most powerful EMP device available as a temporary stand-in for the

Saving space inside a spaceship.

I love our mighty ships, but I dislike how often they have wasted space, either space unused, of space used by stuff that is inefficient. I know they are just video game spaceships, but still you get things like "there is no room on the Cutlass for

Freelancer vs Cutlass Black upgrade?

Hi all! Relatively new player here. I've had my Avenger Titan since about 3.5 but haven't really played the game much. A bunch of my friends decided to get back into it and I decided to join. After a bit of gameplay today I realised how severly lack

PSA: If you swap the weapons on the Banu Defender, you may lose them. (IC link also)

I swapped out my tachyon cannons for Strife Mass Drivers and this resulted in no longer having the tachyon cannons. Someone already created an issue council post for it, this was the only one I could find, but it needs more responses. [https://r

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Just got my Warthog HOTAS.


I'm gonna be rich!


Everyone here excited about the Mantis and the Banu and I am here just wishing to get my space truck already! Gimme my Taurus CIG!


Weekly Sneakly Peekly: Heavy Support


This is a first...


official SSOCS news be like


I found out something new today!!!


Time to start my Uber Eats route. Need money for ship rentals!


Arial trash field


No caves down here yet...


free guns at levski


Not so much a question, I'm relatively new to the game but by God the community surrounding this game is incredible!! Truly, I salut all you fellow captains o7


This had to be done


My First Day


Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.1c PTU.3291516 Patch Notes


CIG apparently not aware of Pro Tem Bounty Hunter mission not working

In the recent SCL it became apparent that CIG is not aware of anything being wrong with the Pro Tem and Bounty Hunter Assessment missions, although the bug of the target not spawning and the only workaround being jumping from server to server has bee [..]

3.8.0 to 4.0.0 Progress Watch - Update 2019-10-18

Good evening Citizens ! Just like last week, this week is going to be a short one. As CIG is already working on a patch for 3.7.0 with the PTU being on 3.7.1, there isn't a lot of changes this week. Let's see what we have. *[Squadron 42 Progress Wa [..]

Star Citizen DPS Calculator v3.7.0.LIVE-3180042 available


Can't wait for more cybernetic armor looking parts, I want to be a cyborg bounty hunter!


Daymar Orbit: Phone Wallpaper


Capturing the bounty target


And away we go...


Star Citizen 3.7.1. Player shiplist (by the year CIG publicly committed to the ship being standalone obtainable)


Small PSA: If you don't want to spend time hacking to remove an unwanted crimestat, fly to Loreville, land outside one of the gates, run up and let the guards blow you away.

Free, and a little less time consuming! [..]

The RSI Mantis colours are now in the PTU