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What happened to players spawning at Grim Hex if they died with an active crime stat?

I remember spawning at GH with a crime stat even if you didn't land there, and it separated PO from GH, and gave GH a more of a criminal atmosphere. Now it feels as if GH isn't as interwoven with crime as it used to be. I remember always kind of bei

890J Cargo Expansion Module

Yeah. I can dig this.

Ah, the Nautilus...remember one scene from Galaxy Quest...

Request: Video of a EMP going off inside of the 890 Jump's hanger bay.

Nice View

First Experience Hauling

So I was doing my first hauling mission and 2 hours later I was delivering the cargo and the game disconnected. When I came back online again I started at port olisar with no mission and/or cargo, also had to create my character again. I am the only

Star Citizen - Fully Functioning AI Turret Operators in 3.6.1

AGs really ruin the fun of combat

Since the addition of auto-gimbals combat is terrible. They are just so powerful it makes it masochistic to not use them. The skill floor for fixed is to high(especially with ESP borked), the ttk(shield regen) is to long to use fixed, and the skill f

Someone have a picture of a 600i next to a 890J with in-game screenshoot?

hi, would appreciate ty (to compare)

Laughs at Polaris owners

The reality of the situation

So how do i use my gpu?

So I bought star citizen last night and it decided to use intel graphics how fix?????????

600i Exploration Module

Hello Citizens! I have a 600i Touring and heard that it is possible to buy the "Exploration Module" so that I would be able to swap between Touring and Exploration. Is that the case? And if yes - where can I buy it? And if no - why not? \^\^ best

Hats off to the 890J team! Things have really moved on since the Starfarer.

I don't know how many of you are veterans in this here game. I personally am a kickstarter backer and more than that, one with a talent for remember the annoying and little things. Who remembers when the Starfarer was released? Who remembers a h

Nautilus Vs Polaris : FIGHT!

I know we don't have all the information ATM, but it never stopped some theorycrafting before! ;) **On one side:** we have the Polaris the Boom&Zoom master with two dozens torpedoes, 4 launchers, 6 turrets, a hangar bay and 6 engines that can

Almost fits...


So what are to do with the 890 once it runs out of fuel?

Are we to spend days crewing on another ship to afford 105k aUEC to take it out for another spin? I'm just not seeing how that's supposed to be fair considering we spent almost $1000 USD on it. Hoping someone can enlighten me because as it stands im

How could CIG make such a massive oversight?!

"Ludicrous speed, GO!"

Origin 890 Jump & Patch 3.7

Surrender now

890 + lancer

2x 890

Roadmap in Graph Form ("Hey! Check out "cloth sim v2!"" edition)