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You Beautiful BARstards! bAR Citizen Arkansas April 27th & 28th!

Two opportunities for you if you are in the area, or within an 8 hour drive - we'll take you! ​ **bAR Citizen NW Arkansas** Saturday April 27th @2:00pm *Boar's Nest* *4404 W. Walnut St. Rogers, AR 72756* [Google Maps Link](https://ww

Accidentally plagarized Frankie Adams face


How are trade prices?

Any change? Any really interesting route or is it as super grindy as before (without taking into account widow and the other one)

Acid Camo

Have to install the new Launcher each time?

How can i fix it ? Its updated to 3.5 and all.. but launcher wants me to download and install 1.1.1 each time. When i did it its fine. But relaunching it i have to install again

Going live top of hour

8am CST Going Live on YouTube, Dlive, Twitch, and Facebook. Search Stonewall Jefferson. Hope to see you soon!

Weekend Discussion Thread: The New Flight Model

**Description:** This week's topic is all about **The New Flight Model**, and the important changes it makes to Star Citizen's core experience. **Discussion Prompts:** * Are you enjoying the new flight model? Why or why not? * Is there anything ab

Community Suggestion: A archive of nice/famous DNA Avatar combinations like Skyrim/Fallout 4 has

So I remember playing Skyrim back in the day and looking up slider settings so I could look like X character or X aesthetic. Then there was the meme goldmine of Fallout 4 with all the wacky creations. I was thinking it would be cool to have a place

Don't take a dump in QT, else the ship will dump you

Second experience with live after server issues last night. Feelsbadman

Got a problem

I just love Sc and just bought another ship (the Corsair) and now I need good Arguments, why it was worth the 200$ Price tag xD

Gravlev is so much better in 3.5!

I always hated the way Gravlev worked in previous patches. But this time, it feels so fluid and easy. I dont feel like I am going to hit protrusions as much as before. I wonder though, are they using the invisible wheel like other games? I know they

Im in love with the ships

So i‘ve just bought star citizen a few weeks ago . So far im blown away by the beautiful graphics, details, physics and designs of the game and the community ist helpful and great. Obviously there are a lot of ships and im only getting into the dif

Has anyone figured out how to get rid of items stuck at your feet/player model?

As above. I've Googled this problem and found no fixes. Saw the previous Reddit posts about this and no real answers provided. This is just immersion breaking for me.

I just played Star Marine

and it's horrible, this game has some of the worst FPS handling/feeling i've ever experienced, if the game comes out and plays like that don't be surprised if everyone else shits on it. I know it's Alpha and all that but it c'mon, this is really bad.

Any Linux Citizens made it to ArcCorp yet?

I tried for about two hours last night (that journey from PO is long...) but no joy, it always crashes on approach into Area 18. I tried Wine 4.3, 4.5 and 4.6. All using DXVK 1.03. I also tried dropping the settings to medium. Anyone else had any

Wouldn't this be a cool Easter egg?

Just stared at my character making faces for several minutes because of how surreal it felt

It's hard to explain; whether it's underscored by janky animations or static cutscenes, there's always a subconscious filter that I can apply to any video game avatar to confirm that it is indeed just that - a video game avatar. But after coming back

Collecting samples

3.5 some improvements but....

First play, opened the door in my Hab on port Olisar and was ejected into space. You could see NPCs walking their routes, in space. And some room assets. The HUD in by cutless black is too small. Lost speed and altitude numbers when I reentered the

My ship doesn't want to move

Hello, ​ I just launched Alpha 3.5 wanting to try the new changes. Went into my ship, took off of Port Olisar, went a few km away and now my ship doesn't want to throttle forward when I push the key it writes "1" but doesn't go over 1.

Listen, Pal, I went through HELL just to get it this far, and I'm not about to be stopped just because some cop doesn't know the difference between a power conduit and a bomb! You think your job's tough? Try piloting an ARROW with a 50kg metal box pressed up against your face!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 LIVE Updates & Patch Notes

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Accidentally plagarised Thomas Janes face


Approximate Quantum Travel Times [3.5.0]


Its nice to see that this is finally working in the PU


Star Citizen 3.5 running near-perfect in Manjaro Linux


Deep Space Crew - Wala Resource Expedition


Star Citizen DPS Calculator v3.5.0-LIVE.1460999 UPDATE

* data v3.5.0-LIVE.1460999 * added DPS by range * added 'Ship matrix infos' * added new 3.5 ships * shared loadouts' URLs are now very much shorter * removed PIPs simulation (useless with auto-gimbals & auto-convergence) ​ [https:/ [..]

Servers have issues being down, CIG is investigating that is the reason for client issues etc. Don't Panik!


Decided to hop into bed while Quantum Travelling, not a good idea!


Love Foip! This photo taken while waiting for my Connie to spawn after a bug where i died and had to claim it back, waiting (Frustration look)


ArcCorp view from a Caterpillar


Traffic Lanes


‘Star Citizen’s developers discuss how their game is a universe made for fans, by fans [Newsweek Article]


Night shift security atop Area 18 (4K)


The Nox showing off its dance moves




I think they forgot to set the Citcon Jacket to the female frame...


So I entered my bed while in QT. Not sure what to do now.


3.5 New PvP Missions: Drug Runner vs Security Player


If anyone was wondering what they looked like together.


This day my Greycat became Gizmoduck


Altered Carbon vibes on ArcCorp


3.5.0 Changes to shields in 3.5 - detailed analysis

Thanks to Malogos again for providing us with all this data. I used the data and looked at the changes to the shields from 3.4 to 3.5. ​ **3.5.0 Changes to shields in 3.5 - detailed analysis** [****](https:/ [..]

Space Pants!


Niche Request: Can we send CIG some pretty boys and some gruff women to scan

I’ll preface with I know more faces will be added to the DNA customizer. But what I’ve noticed is CIG needs to track down some “pretty boy” or “girly” looking guys in all skin tones, and needs to “gruff women” or “masculine women [..]

Using low settings and getting bad frames? Try this!

u/Big_Pappa saved me a lot of heartache when he discovered a fix to the unplayable lag we were both getting in 3.5 PTU and Live. His fixed my lag so I thought I would post about it here so more people can see the fix if they need it. Here is some con [..]