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Offline mode with all ships unlocked?

Hi there dear Star Citizen Community! I have a question concerning a future possibility for the verse: **What do you think of a simulated offline version of the game, where its also possible to fly all ships a lot quicker?** (meaning they being a

Meeting in the moonlight

I want comms like this

So I made (modified) a phone wallpaper in a Star Citizen sort of theme.

The original file, the astronaut hanging from the moon is not my work. Respect to ["Mo\_barre92"]( on Zedge who I believe to be the respective owner. I have added a few elements bei

February -6 days

For some reason this seems rather familiar.

Are there any plans for the cutty red to be able to check for lifesigns at a distance the way the prospector can scan for ore?

Just wondering. If so can you point me to some links about it? Edit: Thinking about it more; it would be the primary vehicle for rescuing players who've been stranded in space or planet-side, and it would be cool if the NPCs in caves were alive so R

[PETITION] to make top speed of Origin Jumpworks 890J 890m/s

I would like... no... I NEED the 890J's top speed to be dropped from 900m/s to 890m/s(preferable) OR to rename it to Origin Jumpworks 900J . I'm disappointed a developer didn't think of this already, but I am willing to look past this mistake this on

functionality of places in ship

how exactly do you clean the tank or feed the fish or water creatures that are in the aquarium below the grotto in the 890? Is there another below that area that you have to gain access to.

beta 2030

release 2035? change my mind

Unable to start the game at all

Since yesterday evening i have the problem, that i cant start the game at all, i get instantly a "the game has stopped running unexpectedly" i tried everything i found so far to fix this and didnt found any solutions yet. I: \-restarted the PC abo

Me and my friend's expedition to Micro tech (pic 1)

About disconnections

This is gonna come off as a bit of a rent, which it is in a way, but that's gotta be fixed in some way. three days in a row I've tried to play, three days in a row I've been disconnected mid mission. Today I've been disconnected 3 times in half an ho

Cruisin through hyperspace like Joe Rogan

Unable to lock on/fire missiles with Constellation Aquila?

​ [Weird looking Tempests]( Basically I can't use my missiles at all. Whenever I try locking on I get an er

Just another day in Lorville

Newest mining laser upgrade

Food for thought: SC roadmap keeps getting big delays because SQ42 is the priority.

They effectively told us so more than once. Logically if a developer is needed on something SQ42 related then he has to, and will, and should drop anything that is only SC mmo related, such as salvage, etc. Thats very likely a huge reason for the

Carrack Loadouts

Hi guys, but ignorant here but I ended up buying a carrack in the citizencon sale and was wondering if we had the same size components in game already to buy and apply to our stock carracks to improve their overall performance. If so, what would so

Cannot login anymore - after bed logout

Hi. I logged out in the bed of my 600i. When I now want to login again - nothing happens for up to 10 minutes. Only the "Loading" screen comes up. I tried "best", "europe" and "US" but nothing works. Is this a known bug? ​ When I go to t

How to make 10k in 3 minutes! Step one, get a red envelope.

Film grain on/off differences

For the people that cannot see the film grain that used to plague Star Citizen, I've made a small crop from a section at PO (Dumper's Depot) that clearly shows the difference, in my opinion. I took 2 screenshots, cropped and zoomed the area in Photo

can i blast my gimball weapons without move the ship?

Size 9 torps are no joke.

Mining on the beautiful magda

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Daymar Skies [3440x1440] ~160 shot timelapse


Star Citizen Roadmap Update (2020-01-24)


I found them. They are dead. Mission complete. How unfortunate... wait FREE MINING TOOL!!


The Daymar Rally as seen from low orbit


Search and Rescue - 7000 x 3000 shot, downsampled to 4K


Squadron 42 Roadmap Update (2020-01-24)


Such a beautiful & huge playground...


It's been a long road...


Snow Storm


Drake Interface Concept (Album in description)


Star Citizen - Crysis tribute


Dead poet's society meeting on Levski - Oh Captain My Captain!


It's so refreshing to feel the breeze flowing through the city now and yet still feel so protected.....


A wallpaper for my Expo Cat friends!


VR Citizen Setup Tutorial : Valve Index w/ 3.8 Patch


How to workaround glitching pirate ships in Lorville


February -7 days


Loving the new Cutlass Black rugged look. Spinning Windmill rear prop engine. Nice touch, CIG.


Suggestion: How EVA should be (Space Engineers as an example)


NPC Turret Gunner AI: How to steal a a fully crewed and gunned Hammerhead


Taking on a Hammerhead. I want to see more big scale space battles happen in Star Citizen


600i reporting for duty!


me waiting for my Carrack


Daymar Rally

It's done it's finished it was filthy Some great drivers Thanks @Cor5air for organising. It goes better every time. 😁 Can't wait till we are all on one server. There cheers to the winners. Good run. [..]

"Plague Cruise" from Hell (render bug)