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Final Boss Feels

NXT Client only storing one quick-login authenticator code

Exactly what it says on the tin. I have my main linked to a throwaway fb & my alt linked to a google account, and up until a month or two ago it worked like a charm. Then, one day, after an update, it started deleting the authenticator tick every

Menaphos Gate.... bug. How does this even happen? O_O

Keep getting randomly logged out

I am not sure what the problem is. I have: * added the java and runescape launcher as an exception to my firewall * added https://\* as an exception in avast (my antivirus software). * I have tried uninstalling, clearing cache, and re

can i trime an augmented masterwork?

title, also, do i keep installed perks?

Did the usual companion app be replaced by the BETA? (Wasn't invited ; ()

How to increase my magic dps?

So I know all the basic abilities and what they do including thresholds and ultimates and I have recently started using autos with most of my basics which increase my DPS by 200 K on basic gym rules I don’t know exactly what I’m doing wrong but o

Malevolent Vs. Masterwork

In terms of cost/h is it cheaper to use the augmented malevolent top and bottom or the augmented regular masterwork top and bottom? This questions refers to bossing such as GW2 off of reaper task. Appreciate any info as I've looked into it myself a

How to check for "Sandy" title tasks?

I thought I just completed all of the tasks to obtain Sandy however I didn't get a notification. Is there a way to check to see what tasks RuneScape hasn't checked off yet?

Whenever you go to a team boss with randoms

Obtaining different chicken breeds?

I don't understand how chicken breeding works in POF. Is there a method to getting particular chicken breeds, or is it simply random whenever a new chicken is born? If you breed two non-common types of chickens is it more likely that they will produc

Pro Tip: POF spider perk gives 3% damage boost at arraxor

Hopefully this helps someone, just found out about this today. A passive 3% boost is definitely pretty helpful,

Finishing the last 50m xp to max like

Fc glitch? Has this happened to anyone before??

Can someone please explain? Are we going to die?

Add "Tip Arrows" to Portable Fletcher

For background, if you use an arrow tip on the Portable Fletcher, the "Tip Arrowhead" menu pops up, but if you just click the "Ammo Portable Fletcher" option on the portable fletcher, it only shows options for feathering arrowheads. Would be awesome

Its been awhile

My Grandad's cat does not like him playing RS.

Cant claim Asylum Surgeon Ring

i have done the challenges twice i have the achievements but i do not have the follower pet nor can i get the ring, i dont even have the option when first speaking to her to ask if i can get another ring this game is broken ive reported it as a bug b

Why doesnt seren have a godbook?

How to see your FPS and Ping in game

Hey, I started making a few guides recently and it just popped into my mind that not everyone may know how to do this. So I figured I'd make a quick video on how to see this information and a few small other things. [

Someone graffiti the restroom

Is there a way to collect your own loot in wilderness?

I have no friends and nobody i can trust, how can i exchange my raid equipement for gold alone without creating a new account?

! - Super Invention Potions (1) Scam - !

Be aware of a Super Invention Potion (1) scam the person ask you to buy the potions for 400k ea but the 4-dose cost 10k. ​ ​

Just hanging around you know, the usual.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Jagex, you need to make your stance on macroing clear.

With 4taa, macroing is becoming more and more necessary to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. A typical 4taa rotation (ignoring sonic waves, channeled abilities, so on) involves 2 orb attacks into: equip staff, press auto, (can be done tick beforehand), e [..]

Make it more obvious when you're stunned.


player artwork, Fan Art :D


No, my next key definitely cannot be one of those prizes.


Runescape 3 is too relatable for me


When you’ve got 120 Invention and take a break to try out incense burners.


Ravens! Get'cha Ravens Here!


While I do use stone spirits and understand why they were added, I think Jagex went around the wrong way of implementing them. The drops should be used by smiths, not miners, since that was how they were pre-M&S Rework.

Before the rework, the ore from drop tables are immediately usable through smithing. However, after the rework, the stone spirit drops need to be made useful by doing some mining first. I get Jagex were trying to replace the ore drops by something th [..]

1s Astellarn (6M+ DPM)


My Grandad's cat does not like him playing RS.


Been doing a lot of questing with my free month of membership, just had a blast with Monkey Madness.

I know a lot of people on here have done most quests already, or choose not to, but I just wanted to talk about how much fun I've been having so far, and my experiences in this awesome game recently. I've been free to play for just about all 11 years [..]

Cooking Rework - The RS Restaurant Minigame

As a chef, I find that repetitive tick cooking is a big YAWN. Give me a hotline to manage multiple dishes at once, and make the skill/exp reflect how good the player is at multitasking. I could go on with the dozens of different training methods w [..]

Mod Daze wants ideas for Clue Log Titles, (Unlock reqs, as well as Title suggestions)


Well... At least I finally killed her...


Is it just me, or does the RS3 YouTube Community seem non-existent?

I don't mean this negatively at all. But, as someone who wants to make RS videos it just seems like there are no RS3 YouTubers out there (Maikeru seems to be the largest currently posting). I know less people play RS3 today, but it almost doesn't see [..]

Back to back dormant weapons while pushing Telos enrage on an Ironman


Update Guilds in Runescape

We should really get an expansion on each skill and build a guild that is really hospitable to training. Just seeing the last post about us being able to quickchat "gz" to someone that gets a broadcast is fine and all, but imagine having a guild wi [..]

The new Digsite looks AMAZING

It's just incredible. Really feels more like an excavation site, and reminds me of Guthix's tomb by the Legends' guild. SO EXCITED FOR TIFKAFI!!! [..]

I just finished a floor in DG. My teammates moved on. I managed to stay. Help? :o


Whenever you go to a team boss with randoms


Why are RS3 Fairy Rings so inconvenient to use compared to OSRS?

Is there any specific reasons that the OSRS fairy rings are able to be searched and entered that way? The RS3 ones honestly kinda suck. The interface is so clunky to enter coordinates yourself. The list of previous locations is gross and in no parti [..]

Add Longutude and Lattitude Lines on the World Map

Starting from the Observatory at 0-0, it would ideally show lines for every 10 degrees in all directions. Would you consider this a quality of life change (for clue scroll doers), or EZscape? Maybe it could be toggled on/off? Thanks for reading, I [..]

This was always my childhood dream account. Just started playing in December 2018 after 6 year hiatus. I left my account with almost all skills at 80 and life very quickly took over my game time. I know this is n [..]

Its been awhile


Silly Question Sunday - 16 June

Silly Question Sunday is a bi-weekly thread in which you can ask your RuneScape-related silly questions: * "Newb" questions from new players * Questions from returning players * Silly or nonsensical questions * Questions you feel stupid asking elsew [..]