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Smith, upgrade or bury a necronium ite2

When you're slaying kurask and decide to bury the big bones:

After almost a year break, I see Jagex is bribing me to stick around...

Headcanon regarding the true nature and origin of the entity known as Xau-Tak - and its ultimate plan for Gielinor, and the multiverse as a whole.

So, I just had an interesting headcanon *finally* come together in my brain out of a bunch of things I'd been tossing around for awhile, but it's super long, so I've put a TL;DR: at the end. --- In the Elder Sword memory from Hall of Memories, Guth

What items should I smith?

I am level 86 smithing but I don't have a lot of money. Should I make bane burial sets or just bane burial platebodies? Which is right for me?

As a burned out, ex-wow player - is this game for me?

Appreciate any answers. Thanks in advance.

New mining in a nutshell


Help: So I'm really enjoying this game now that I'm older and can understand this game a little better im getting to a point where I am low on funds and am trying to learn how to make consistent good money. I don't understand the stock market prices for how people are profiting off it ( if anyone

"Lumbridge Strikes Back" bug? Need help

Best method for killing Gargoyles?

and what items are recommended?

What’s the update for tomorrow ?

Adamant battleaxe alchs for 400gp, sells for 6680gp at Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar

New Ironman Mode: Goldman Mode

The premise is essentially a gold famine mode. Normal Ironman restrictions + the following ideas: High alch and low alch disabled, auto alching machine disabled, money from thieving reduced, shops buy everything for 0 gp or an even more reduced price

First HCIM Telos Weapon (Also current highest streak)

10 Year Challenge (2009-2019), never thought that I would still return to this game every year.

I really wish we had progress bars for animals' growth on POF.

Returning Player gear questions

Came back after about 2 years due to the rework. Was curious what the BIS melee gear is now? I had drygores. Elder rune looks slightly worse but it's non degradable. Also doesn't appear to have an off-hand variant. So that sucks. I have about 27m ca

Who is the strongest Runescape God out of all?

I don't know much about the God's of Runescape, but I am familiar with some of the basics, like Guthix, Saradomin, Bandos, Armadyl , Zaros Seren, Zamorak etc.... ​ Which one of them is the strongest one and explain why, thank you in adva

I don't mean to complain, but...

Will the missing Max Guild door bug ever be patched? It's been over a year now.

120 RS streams watched, where can i claim my mastercape?

some questions on obtaining flanking 3

1) do royale cannons give a higher chance of clockwork comps than regular cannons? 2) is the master invention cape bonus additive or multiplicative? 3)does the extreme invention pot make a difference if i'm already 120 invention? 4)i heard the av

Is there any guides to new people in members world? Those are my stats and I have about 500m cash stack... Thanks! (More info in the comments...)

Dumb question about POF

Hey guys can someone ELI5 what POF is I watched so many videos on it and I am still confused as crap. What actually gives you farming experience, is it still profitable or do you have to buy animals. The whole thing is super confusing for me for some

Chat broken on mobile.

Whenever I try to pm someone and I am halfway through typing my sentence the pm goes away and it becomes just a normal public chat messages. Or when I type // for cc when I am at the end of my sentence it changes to / for no particular reason... Is

Extreme frame drop issue at telos aod and solak

Anyone else having a problem with frame dropping below 10 at these bosses? Im on a crappy computer but its been fine up until 2 weeks ago or so. Any beam at telos my frames are so delayed, it gets worse the more beams there are so p5 is an absolute

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

So there is a guy roleplaying a falador guard


Happens way to often.


Please create a world which disables cosmetics and pet overrides. The wilderness does this in every world.

Please create a single world (server) that does this. There's a roleplaying world, why can't this be a thing? [..]

You Monster! You can't disassemble a living thing


I'm glad I asked my clan for advice!


Every time I log in...


This game is still relevant 😡😡😡


Fairy Ring spotted at Runyon Canyon, in case anyone was too impatient to fly to LA


First 99 ever on Runescape in over 15 years of playing :)


1.8s K'ril Tsutsaroth


Gyroscopic hands


Wanted the slayer pet


please help explain to me this guys choice in cosmetics and armour


Add Furnace/Anvil To Construction

I'd like to place a furnace, forge, and anvil in my house so I can smith in peace. Yes, I realize this also means being able to have your metal bank inside your house, which being that all furnaces have become a bank, I honestly don't see what would [..]

First HCIM Telos Weapon (Also current highest streak)


I really wish we had progress bars for animals' growth on POF.


Mining & Smithing poultry rework.


omfg so happy, got the ring and quadrupled my bank <3


Friends chat for Relics

Just made a new friends chat called 'RelicHunt' for the Ancient Relics, since there didn't appear to be one yet. Feel free to join, help each other find the relics by calling locations, and spread the word. :) For anyone who doesn't know what it's [..]

Can the activate and check requirements options on MQC be swapped?


How should I start out?

I've been playing osrs for a long time, and I recently decided to pick up rs3 to test the mining and smithing rework. I'm a sucker for afk skills! However, I've got no idea how to get started in this game. I don't even know how to change combat styl [..]

Returning player

Hello everyone, &#x200B; After many years of not playing, RuneScape crossed my mind again and ofcourse, like many others I returned. I literally just created my account and as of right now I'm 38 total level and killing Trolls. I hope someone [..]

[BUG?] KQ reaper task 1 kill gives 3 souls


Runescape mobile: Please add an option to disable Click Through Chatbar. This causes lots of misclicks when replying to friends.

For those fellow RS3 mobile users out there, I'm sure you've done this more than once: Trying to reply to your friend by long-pressing but instead you accidently short press and instead registers as Walk-here. Simply adding this setting would be a h [..]

10 Year Challenge (2009-2019), never thought that I would still return to this game every year.