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does cheat engine being open cause ban?

i read a post on here from over a year ago that said no, but i figured i would ask, since things can change over time. i have runescape open in the background so i could play this new event to grind out tokens or w,e they are and i forgot ru

Blightreaver winter override

So I'm terrified as a hcim I'm gonna miss what could be a dope Xmas fashion scape anyone know how to get the trigger for It? So far blightreaver has whisperd to me(I think) but that's it.

6KC at Barrows, 4 Uniques. One double chest. Bonkers. IronmanBTW

How to check progress Morytania achievements

I did all the quests required for the easy Morytania achievements. Now i want to check which achievements are still open. Is it possible to check somewhere?

Make Morn, the jester at the Lumby crater event, into a killable "boss" like the Mimic boss.

He has insulted my fashionscape for the last time! I want him dead! ​ For real though, not too bad of an idea.

Closing interface of rerolling dailies

Hi, Have been doing WC daily today and wanted to reroll my slayer daily. Before I've clicked Herblore daily, it disappeared as I was cutting tree. Can you please block rerolling dailies till the action is done, or make it not close interfaces?

Fuck you, Morn. I am on FLEEK.

please can you make the quick payer be binded to a correspond weapon? same concept like ability bar bind to a correspond weapon?

Dying as a HCIM already hurts, but dying to an "unknown power" must sting even more...

That feel when you're killing it with clues, then one of them requires you to complete around 8 quests to continue.

Single tear falls down the cheek.

How far we've come.

Thank You, Jagex - For Skill Off Events

Since Jagex takes a lot of heat much of the time, I wanted to quickly express my appreciation for these events. I first started playing back in the Runescape Classic days. I had several IRL friends that played the game and slowly met a few players as

Love to see Aura's being obtained through gameplay!

As title surgests, big improvement, now do it for the rest of them?.. I've always hated how they were locked behind loyalty points, i known many players who are so offput by the time gated loyalty points, plus it would be so much more enjoyable to

How much does Trevor the magical zygomite cost?

We can't orb of oculus via right clicking the world map icon anymore?

Solo Dungeoneering exp

Is there a decent solo dungeoneering training, I'm not good in groups and would prefer not to go that route.

In the Games Industry - An interview with ex-Mod Reach!

Bracelet of clay jewellery compactor

Please allow us to use jewellery compactors on bracelets of clay, having to bring multiple with us per inventory mined is very tedious.

War's Retreat feedback from a noob

Since I read that Jagex is looking to discus/act on feedback as soon as tomorrow, I wanted to get my feedback out there. I fall into one of the main two demographics for the update, a mid-high level player who wants to start getting into bossing for

Did anyone else frantically purchase the combat auras with loyalty points before they got pushed to War’s Retreat?

*fwewf* So many Marks of War saved

Runeclan save to log in?

I would like to use runeclan to track my xp rates, especially with dxp extended coming around the corner, wondering if it would be safe to log into runeclan with my rs account.

What are the system requirements for Runecsape?

Hi everyone, I can't find the system requirements for Runescape on []( anymore. I'm not sure why, but Jagex removed it. I'd like to get a new graphics card for Runescape, but I'm not sure which one to get. Please no

Surprised by luminite drop before nerf

Can we give everyone 5.4b exp and trimmed comp, as well as MQC?

I feel like this would be a useful small QOL update, and hopefully shouldn't be too hard for the mods to implement. Would save a lot of time in the long run. Thoughts?

Lowest level to get a Kiln Cape?

Just curious if anyone knows who has the lowest level kiln cape in game!

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

With increasing number of pets and titles coming to the game, is it possible to get a search bar in customisations window?


How far we've come.


RS Guy and other high level pvm’ers are doing something really cool for the community; they’re taking their time to help other players improve, love to see it.


Delete this


Can we make it so teleporting to PvM Hub also clears Damage Over Time effects, just like the Max Guild does?

Just insta died to my trimmed masterwork bleed after teleporting, oof. Not sure whether this was an oversight an intended mechanic? [..]

Stream was a total copout as usual. I'm getting sick of hearing this word "roadmap" been what? 6 months warden? sort ya map out quicksmart mate


Today my Vis Wax combination was blessed by Armadyl


If you know you don’t want to answer the community’s most pressing questions, why have a general Q&A

Title. [..]

PSA: Bring one less item into the wilderness if 3/4 iteming

If you check your 'items kept on death' interface and select 'What if I entered the wilderness?', it seems you will only keep 2 items instead of the usual 3. Be safe! UPDATE: It actually seems that the bug involves augmented items not properly being [..]

Helped my son get his first Dragonrider Lance today :)


TL;DW 470 - General Q&A with Mod Warden

[VOD]( *** * Mining and Smithing changes for 3 Feb: * Stamina penalty increased from 20% to 80% less damage per swing. Does not affect arc crablets or red sandstone. * Invention will now give 4 components p [..]

In a future far, far away...


Mining & Smithing changes coming next week


Mid Level Player Opinion on War's Retreat

As a mid level player who is far from maxed, I really have been enjoying the new War's Retreat. I have always been apprehensive about doing PVM,being only 79 in combat. I went to War's Retreat, teleported to Giant Mole, and got my second boss kill. N [..]

The Money Pouch Dupe injected 16+ Trillion GP into the game.


Rare Pictures of Pre EoC RuneScape (Part 3)


Can the default world when logging in be the first of your favourite(starred) worlds?

Like the title says: upon logging in you have to keep clicking on the starred world which you prefer over any other. Why is it always a random world instead of the one you mostly use? It would make sense to just use the preferred world instead of a r [..]

All PVM Hub Port Attunement Sound Effects


So from the sounds of it jagex isn't sure if/when they are going to release gwd3 this is a bit riddiculous. At this rate we will be waiting 2+ years before we get any new pvm into the game and it is outlandish.


[Winter Chill-Off] 20k token test with small boxes


I am a WoW refugee. Lets discuss the advantages of 4-ability combat.

Many MMOs these days have been on an update trend to reduce the number of buttons that need to be pressed for combat. This makes combat much less complex and plays a massive role in retaining its players and attracting newcomers. Lets raise some maj [..]

Whatever happened to the skilling offhands?


Wieldable arctic pine logs?? Glitch??


QOL Suggestion: allow for meerkat pouches to be made into fetch casket scrolls

As it stands, it's quite difficult to obtain fetch casket scrolls, and meerkat pouches can't be turned into fetch casket scrolls. Or maybe add fetch casket scrolls to the clue scroll shop rewards? Even an untraceable version? [..]

Elder overload and elder overload salve calculator