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Minigames can be dangerous sometimes

Can I get uhhhh F

Question about outfit fragment farming

I have the magic golem outfit and about 10 hours left till 99 mining, my question is am i always on a weird cooldown period from 'getting' golem fragments because im mining even though im not getting any of them or am i able to take some protean memo

Yanille Guards point of veiw

Basing AOD in a nutshell


Biggest unlock on rs3 ironman is maxed melee so you dont have to switch the xp gain everytime you do your Jack of trades

Looking for new friends on OSRS

Hi, just came back to old school, and started from the beginning. Searching for friends that I could do quests with, or just spend time with. Thanks!

What is my drop rate?

Currently have 80 hours, am I doing it right?


can someone help me train magic in ed1?

I am currently lv 67 magic, and aiming now for lv 75. i think training magic in ed1 is good for me, and would someone to help me with it (to carry me). previously i gained a few magic levels aafter completing 5-8 ed1. ​

His head fell off.

Friend got this absolute bargain, I even warned him as he put in the offer for 1m each that this might happen

Crystallise not working on granite?

So noob question, just getting back into the game after like 5 years. I'm trying to use Crystallise on the granite rocks in the desert and I'm getting "Crystallise cannot be cast on this type of mining rock." What am I doing wrong?

Beginning ironman suggestions

Been playing for 4 days now and really enjoying it! I was bored of my maxed main and now I’ve got a big new goal: maxing my ironman. What’s a good way to get going? Did some Mining and Smithing already (54 mining, 50 smithing) and a few quests.

Must have had a bad day.

Make attuned Nex outfit attainable with DtD.

This is a very cool looking attuned outfit that I would really like personally, but because I am trying to keep a 0kc at nex I can't get it. Would it be possible to make it unlock with DtD?

Wishing Well Bushes

Can we get an update on if the bushes will be re-enabled? I would like to use Magic Beans without them having the chance of growing if we cannot loot.

Best item to disassemble for Deflecting parts for a Combat Dummy?

*Notices your troll* OwO what's this?

Big fans of Telos: How do I properly approach p3?

I'm learning Telos right now, and I intend to learn it all the right way so I can efficiently do it to high enrages. I'm currently 25 kc with highest enrage around 64 I think, and I'm getting sort of comfortable with the other three phases, I can us

What dose CBA mean??

Watching runescape pk videos I hear them say " I CBA" I read it means "**Can't Be Arsed**" But what exactly dose that mean?

Trust no one, not even yourself

Literally Unplayable.

Orion.... Please hurry up with this bug fix ;_;

does anyone know if spirit cape can be added to max cape?

I see the wiki says it can be added to comp cape, but does it work with max cape as well?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts



Suggestion: Let us combine all the Ogre flasks into an Ogreload


can a JMod please look into this ED3 Ambassador bug... After i killed Ambassador solo and got the pet drop, the magic barrage reset my Devotion and k0 me. i teleport back and there's no drop on the floor....


Telos 200 killstreak!

Hey guys, ​ Im making this post to share the news that i've completed the long-wanted achievement of getting a 200 killstreak at telos :). As some of you might know, i've done some serious attempts in the past (186 ks twice, 192 ks), and [..]

Shady Dwarf Deal


Me rocking up at Mole like...


Give us back the ability to buy keepsake keys with loyalty points, please.

I'd give up more loyalty points than the previous rate just to have the option *COUGH* MAHJARRAT *COUGH*. [..]

Reasons to use VC for AoD


So I was doing the Priff Course....


Yep, they look sick all right...


Invention: Maximum Divine Charge Capacity Up to 1M

Please allow us to store more divine charges at Level 120 Invention. Currently the capacity caps at 500K (maximum charge improvement 5 @ Level 95 Invention), which is *okay* but it would be more convenient to store more charges at once, stay longer [..]

Sorry if already posted; Anyone know if this coming/already also in RS3 wiki?


Drop rate posts for all newly released content?

Since the drop rate posts about a year ago, we haven't really had any other comprehensive drop rate posts (asides the ed2 one and that's only due to many people voicing concerns over the codex). AFAIK there's still a bunch of information missing. It [..]

Jagex can you please stop with these horrible ads? I'm using reddit on my PC and these keep popping up. As someone who plays Runescape, I'm actually pretty embarrassed.


Sometimes it do be like that though


Friend got this absolute bargain, I even warned him as he put in the offer for 1m each that this might happen


Could we overcharge Portable fairy rings and Spirit tree re-routers?

Currently they hold 10 charges, it would be nice if they could hold 100 or even more charges, like the drakan's medallion! ​ [..]

Is there a way to fix this? holding a bow like a crossbow, reported it years ago




*Notices your troll* OwO what's this?


Birthday loot!


Silly Question Sunday - 24 March

Silly Question Sunday is a bi-weekly thread in which you can ask your RuneScape-related silly questions: * "Newb" questions from new players * Questions from returning players * Silly or nonsensical questions * Questions you feel stupid asking elsew [..]

Lucky 13 means B2B Codex BTW


Treasure Trail Achievements Revised

**Simply put, there isn't enough options for clue scrollers to show off their grind.** ​ I suggest these three solutions; ​ **1.** **Titles - Each clue tier would have its own title which would be unlocked by getting at leas [..]

Trust no one, not even yourself