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MMO Live News/Posts

Got this commission made a couple of months ago of both my characters. Art by a friend on discord.

A quote by Minfilia from the last few quests of ARR.

I'm searching for what Minfilia said about how we've met, how so much have changed since then, and how she hopes with all these changes we'll still recognise each other in the end. It was the last few main quests of ARR. I can't seem to find it. Anyb

DRK mains, thoughts on class changes? How are you liking the class?

Basically title, im curious what DRK mains are thinking now that you've had some time with it

God blessed me!!!😱😱😄

Woman skipped voting in Japan because "FF14 is more important"

Summoning circle for more plushies

Language of the G O D S

Thoughts on Healers DPSing

Yoshidas view that healers should only heal is an outdated view and will backfire. DPSing as a healer was a reward for healing and predicting damage well. Maximizing and being efficient with the healing kit is one aspect of the healer class. If someo

The next level: Dedicated Support Roles

This stemmed from recent NN (novice network) discussions and reading reddit posts. I typed this on my phone sorry for any spelling, grammar, auto correct errors. We’re now pretty solidly represented across all roles with 4 tanks, 3 healers, and t

SCH Level 50 help

I've been using scholar around ARRs endgame and Psysick doesn't seem to heal for very much. Adloquium galvanizes either a little or a lot and it seems random how much. Fey illumination doesn't seem to make much of a difference either. All of my

Solo Duties w/ DPS checks should go and never come back

Just did the Lvl 77 MSQ Solo Duty with my SMN. Got it at the second time because the tight DPS check surprised me, but man, they should lower the difficulty of those in regards to DPS checks. It's no one's idea of fun to learn patterns for a Solo

MNK Shadowbringers Rotation (No Anatman)

Unable to access my account.

I have been playing since 2.1 in PS4. Two weeks ago, I upgraded to a PS4 Pro. When I tried playing FFXiV, I got an error stating that due to "unusual activity" I cannot log in. Did some research on the error and there was a simple fix, resetting my

Umbral & Astral Era explanation

Idk if this counts as a spoiler or not but I have a question. Crystal Exarch was explaining the umbral & astral era, the shards etc. But what I dont get is; originally, there was a single star (hydaelyn I presume) and it split into 14 pieces. W

Whats Titanias favourite band?

[Wet Wet Wet](

Maybe I'm missing something about heavensward's greatness...

New player here, I'm about 70% through heavensward (in terms of quest count anyway), and I really can't see what makes this expansion so balls to the walls amazing compared to the base game. There's just as little voice acting as in the 2.1+ quests (

Leveling dps 70-80

What would you consider the best way to level a dps from 70 to 80? Is heaven on high worth it at that high level? 71+ Dungeons give about 1/3 of a level from my experience during MSQ and is a good way to gear up on the way. Any other ways?

Is there anything that looks similar to the Shire Conservator's Coat for tanks?

I love the look of it, but I need something a Tank can wear if I'm understanding how the glamour system works.

Return to Instanced Areas before ShB Trials

So this feels like a stupid question but is it possible to return to the instanced areas where it's just you before the >!Innocence and Dying Gasp !<trials? I wanna go back and get some photos with my character since I've used a fantasia since

People should really think before they post a review

[]( " Scholars do a solid job of keeping all four

Gotta say, ShB is... long. Very long.

Not that that's a bad thing! On Thursday, I was 5 quests from finishing SB, and I was like, "maybe if I grind out MSQs really hard, I can get this week's raid rewards". That's not happening, for two reasons. I played for 5 hours on Friday, 8 on

How profitable is miners profession?

Can I make decent money of it? I want to buy a house and thinking about ways to make gil

FFXIV: Shadowbringers Shoryu Ramen set menu in London extended by a week until 28th July!

Just started a new account, I bought the start pack so only have ARR right now. Why is the Viera species locked? Is it similar to needing a certain addition for the Au Ra? If so what do I need?

can a friend join my fc if hes on a different server within the same server set

if I'm on Behemoth and hes on famfrit, can he join my FC

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Yotsuyu (Art by Lisa Buijteweg)


Tired of puffy sleeves? Ravel Keeper's half-gloves can override them


*Liberi Fatali playing in the distance*


I achieved one of my personal goal in FFXIV : having every Triple Triad Card available in the game !


An expansion late, but art of me and my friend's character defeating Exdeath!


"At this time of year, at this time of day, at this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen."


Emet-Selch fanart!


Thought Urianger looked cool in the trailer so I did a sketch of him


The community really is caring.


PSA: You are briefly immune to most mechanics after a rez, but ONLY until you take an action

This is something that many experienced players already know, but considering the number of new players around and the fact that the game doesn't explain post-rez immunity very well, I thought I'd tell/remind folks about it since I see many insta-dea [..]

I thought you guys would like to see this Odder Otter given to me as a birthday gift!


Just Got my Character drawn (Art done by Kasai)


Not being able to jump off this waterfall is incredibly disappointing


AST players talking about pre 5.0 AST


We all have that one friend! XD


Just started playing and I absolutely love this game!


Guild Wars 2 Refugees coming to FFXIV

Not sure if many of the people here are aware but recently a big part of the hardcore GW2 community is jumping in FFXIV. After the release of the last raid wing that took more than 9 months of development (which was a complete dissapointment for most [..]

The faves


Thancred's best friend is present I see


I created a spoiler chat in my Discord to share a theory. The reaction I got had me laughing for much longer than it should have.


Official Hrothgar/Viera Naming Conventions are up on the official forums.


My Rainbow Squadron :D


Do we meet Chrono next?


PSA: Please grind on your dancers

Dancer's version of meditate "Improvisation" increases their gauge based on number of nearby party members. Only recently got dancer to 80 myself and was surprised to learn this since I'd never come across the info. For some reason the effect of thi [..]

Experimenting with action shots - this is one of my new favorites