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Was saving my fantasia for viera but I saw this look and couldn't resist, what do y'all think? <3

Anyone have a link to live chat?

Hey y'all, need to contact support but it seems it's very difficult to find how to talk to their live chat. Anyone know how?


What exactly happens when I blacklist someone? Like what does it do. Can they still see me or am I invisible to them? EDIT: SE really needs to make us invisible to whoever we block because nothing was more awkward than having the person I blocked

Asking for Leveling tips for Crafting/Gathering

I didn't want to make this misleading and say I HAVE leveling tips--I need leveling tips. I want to know how to raise my crafting and gathering as I took a break not to long ago and have no clue on how to start. Most of my crafting/gathering jobs are

Is FFXIV easy to play without a group?

My friends are stuck with WoW, and I’m interested in trying FFXIV. The good thing about WoW is that it makes it really easy to play group content without friends if you choose to do so. Are there group finders and things like that in FFXIV? Am I go

Silly Lalafell name ideas

Wanting to rename my female lalafell something silly, but not sure what to name her. Any ideas?

I really love Alpha! Kweh!

I wanna Cosplay as NIN Rengar (Glamor/Gear ideas)

While looking at the Hrothgar, it dawned on me that if we get some really big manes, i could do a great Rengar the Pridestalker glmaor setup. Any ideas on what gear might work?? I am leveling my crafters so now would be a good time to start working

Trouble deciding between DRG and BLM

I've gotten several jobs to around 40-50 with SMN being my highest level one at 63. I'm starting now to realize that I don't really like SMN as I've never been a huge fan of dot/pet based jobs but I thought I would give it another try. My main decisi

Lukile (Creator of SpeakersXIV) Had the Most Wholesome Reaction to Crystarium (Rapture)

I hope that Bugaal Ja is the dancer trainer.

I'm not disappointed in Shadowbringers yet. BUT I COULD BE!

1.0-5.0 trailers connected? Spoiler potentially

I think now with the full release of the trailer, it’s 99% safe to assume that they’ve repurposed assets from 1.0 for use in 5.0, and are now finally coming full circle with the derplander trailer arcs. We are now entering the first world, whic

Ariyala's FFXIV Toolkit Site experiencing issues

So it seems the site has been having security issues due to an expired security certificate since yesterday. No matter what browser is used, visitors of the site are greeted with a warning page instead. Even though you can choose to bypass the warnin

Highest DPS in party on an ice mage

Some time ago - never mind how long precisely - having little or no interest in crafting and nothing particular to interest me in not yet leveled classes, I thought I would try to parse. This led to pretty severe psychological trauma and an idea to

The reason they're adding a tank and not a healer.

So Yoshi P recently said why they're not adding a new healer this expac. He stated it was because of the balance issues between healers. Some people have been citing how the tanks are also unbalance as why his reason doesn't work. The balance issues

[Tokyo Fan Fest] Day 1 Media Interview with Yoshi-P (3/23/2019)

Source: ***** **Q: The footage of the "Crystarium" town seemed to resemble an MMO tech demo that was shown at E3 in 2005. Is the Crystarium li

Any Bard mains who played flyff really excited for Ranged DPS dancer???

I know I can’t be the only one I’ll start this off by saying I was really upset over no male viera but when they showed dancer as not only using chakrams but also being a ranged dps (which probably means it’ll share gear with my bard) my inner

Anyone remember the escorts during the 2nd Anniversary 14-hour Broadcast. Pepperidge farms remembers...

About racelocked hairstyles

I remember a few months back Yoshida was asked if they could make racelocked hairstyles available for all races and he said they were looking into it. With the new expansion coming soon, I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned anything customisation

How to be an edgelord; stare directly at candles.

RP DISCUSSION: Viera and the WoL

So as a fan of the viera aesthetic, I've already set up my miqo to become a viera. However, I am curious how the two new races will become the WoL in universe since they will be newly introduced. Obviously, not everyone plays as the WoL in canon,

Shower thoughts, if the female vocals in the main themes (Answers and Dragonsong) have been ascribed to Hydaelyn do the male vocals in the Shadowbringers theme belong to Zodiark?

Since as far as I remember all of the other main expansion themes have been either female vocals or no vocals. And while the beginning of the theme does indeed have female vocals as soon as the setting switches to the First (Sky with perpetually illu

A plausible explanation for a recent plot point? *Spoilers* *Discussion*

With the revelation that we will be travelling to another version of Hydaelyn in 5.0, that got me thinking about how we'll be able to travel back and forth between the two. (Unlikely that we won't be able to come and go as we please, purely from a ga

Did I dream up the chicken??

I know, I know, this is an utterly ridiculous thing to be obsessing over, but I've been trying to google it and google ain't being my friend so I'm still left without answers that I am in desperate need of. When showing off screenshots of one of the

Hrothgar are the most beast-like playable race yet. What does this mean for the distinction between beast tribes and the "human" races?

I've seen people say that the term "beast tribes" was coined by Ul'dah. I forgot what the term for non beast tribes was. But imagine an Eorzean coming across a beast tribe they've never seen before in their cities. I'd half expect some racism agains

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

I think that in this whole Shadowbringer's discussion, we are forgetting one small, but important, detail...


I like to use art to express my innermost thoughts and emotions. This is my latest piece following Fan Fest, dedicated to healers and lalas everywhere


Preview of FFXV Event Hair and Clothes on Both Genders.


I am not even mad that dancer is ranged dps. Here is a Miqo'te I drew as one


FFXV Event is NOT forever. 16Apr to 27May.


[FANART] Viera dancer & Hrothgar gunbreaker


Unpopular opinion: Every choice made by the devs is not a personal attack against you and they will never please everyone.

[..] interview confirms no new healer

Since some people have clung to the hope that there will be a new healer stealth announced (Looking at you Gaia), a small snippet from an interview from yesterday (translated badly by myself): > ――タンクである「ガンブレイカー」 [..]

The devs teased the Crystarium and the First aaaaaaall the way back in 4.0 with this Red Mage CGI render


Toxicity within FFXIV

I have been a part of this community for a long time and over the years I feel like this game has become increasingly toxic. I have done many things like casual play, raiding and helping many players within the community through side projects. Unfort [..]

JP Fanfest Sprout Cosplayer in full RP mode


To answer your question: Yes the Japanese OF is talking about it.

Generally the consensus is the same as yours, most of them don't like the gender locking. They have a mega thread, and a few smaller threads on it but even their biggest thread at like 7 pages doesn't match the 38 page discussions going on on the US [..]

Release schedule leading up to the launch of Shadowbringers on July 2!


Zenos in Dissidia NT!


If anyone's curious: Matsuno (of the Ivalice series) says he had nothing to do with the decision to genderlock Viera.


Female Hrothgar and Male Viera - art by g_althe


The way to Zeta in 4.5

Hey /r/ffxiv, here's my guide to the Zeta weapons in Stormblood. ____ **Prologue: Why am I writing this guide again** Some of you guys might know about my [Zeta guide in Heavensward]( [..]

Thanks translators


Noticed a little something in the full SHB trailer, don't know if it's been pointed out yet;

When the camera pans to the facsimile of the Crystal Tower, you see a man in a robe (The one you also see in the SHB artwork [here]( [..]

Hrothgar and male Roegadyn render comparison


Chris Hansen, is that you?


First look at Kholusia, the location leaked by the Steam Page description


Au Ra Smooches


XV event special site updated with the full rewards: mount, armor, hairstyle, TT card, orchestrion roll You only need ARR to take part! No SB needed! >Level up your character to 50. >Complete the main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon." Hairstyle female version https://img.finalfantas [..]

What a cutie!