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Worst Kept Secret - Kerebos Hunt

ENTROPIA GLOBAL NEWS April 2020: Vibrant Sweat 1.5/k , JUST STOP Buying ...

Stonks VS-SE

THE STONKS EXCHANGE: I'm starting an investment firm that's guaranteed to pay better than AUDs, I'm selling 20 Stonks at 5PED or 5k sweat. With that money I trade sweat on a daily basis gaining interest on your initial investment. Simalar to AUDs the


Friend got me in game told me to just sweat for a week or so. So I am in the starter section pressing F on level 1 trisomething puny and they hit me for like 9-13 dmg and interupt me constantly. I was told to save 1k sweat. After about 28 deaths, onl

Early mining tips? (super low level)

Anyone have any tips of dropping probes in the early game? I recently wanted to try so I went out with the TT mining items and did like 40 probes just to get a hang of it. I selected the one that used 1 probe at a time and mainly followed the road an

Newish player

I'm thinking about getting into the game. I've the patience of a saint and am willing to grind out, but i don't really have money to spend on the game. I'm not really looking to make money, but just to social network and just kinda play for fun. Any

Finally made a good profit mining

Entropia Universe: The Beginner's Guide to Mining in 2020

ENTROPIA NEWS UPDATE: MindArk Has A Plan, Sweat Goes Up

Hall of Fame Hunting grounds and talking about what everyone is talking about.

ENTROPIA NEWS UPDATE: Events and What Ancient Greece needs for Investors

Opening 50 Strongboxes on Entropia Universe. Just something a little different

Entropia Global News March 2020: Looting Blueprints in PVP

February's Global Chaos

Some quests are confusing me

I have a quest here from a while ago (I took a haitus) that don't seem to be working. Hunting Challenge: Iron Argonaut I for example. It's not updating when I kill Argonauts all over Argonaut Island. I heard rumor that the hunting challenge quests no

selling a s0ph13 pet

asking 1300 its level 13 thanks. 56% AL unlocked (which is at 30) you level that up by consuming autoloot pills while pets up. 32m range al limited item once sales over i believe

New player, still very confused after looking at FAQs and guides

I've just joined the game over the weekend, and am... very confused. I have a lot of questions that are difficult to find the right words for, and the guides and such that I've looked up seem to skip directly from sweating, to "Only hunt with a maxed

Am i on the right track? [Underpants formula for hunting] .

Hi all. Please tell me if i understand the hunting formula correctly. As i have it you need to skill to a good eco weapon, then go do research on the wiki to see what markup items are dropped by which mob that you can tank with your armor and skills

2nd Hall Of Fame is even bigger!!

Bought my frist Arcadia Underground deeds yesterday. No additional ped account???

Hi all. Im new to Entropia, and just a bit addicted. Please help out a newbie. I have an issue when i try to open ped flow centre. The message says "you do not have additional ped account". Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

A new player review

First let me say great game so far. As a former Eve Online player (don't shoot me) the economy mechanics is what drew me to download the game. As with Eve, it can be a tough road as a F2P player, I will be treating the game as a "subscription" like I

Can we show all chat channels in one tab, or do we have to have each one separate?

Entropia Universe Big Sablesnot Test I (Tinfoil Hat Series)


I been streaming for a long time on many different games but recently got into EU. I stream normally for 8+ hours a day and my channel is [www.twitch.tv/motorjoe](https://www.twitch.tv/motorjoe) So if anyone like to come over that be great. I wou

Bought Starter Pack But Zero Extra Avatar Customization's

Yeah... So I bought the gold starter pack went to create my avatar and still had customization options unavailable. So my character is currently on the starter ship the game is constantly reminding me that if I leave my avatar is final but I can't fi

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Worst Kept Secret - Kerebos Hunt