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You like adventures?

I'm looking for a group adventurers who like to quest and just have fun. I have been lfg to just explore Tamerial story/questing and have fun most of all.

Springtime Indrik Pet Availability

Does anyone know if the pet will still be available after this event? Or will it retire like the berries? I only ask because the name “Springtide” implies it’s seasonal

[PS4] Cant use transmutation station.

So i just went to use the station at guild house and it does not let me press x to use it. I can use other stations apart from this im really confused.

indrik pet?

so, i didnt farm enough tickets for the dawnwood indrik mount, so i tought about buying some feathers instead now i that i saw the Springtide indrik pet, im curious, this is gonna be the only pet or will be others? i didnt see anyone with it, it l

Will the Jester Hat return this year?

Title.. anyone know/? ​

Best beverages?

Hey guys looking for info on best beverages for dungeons? I am cp 160 dps

Is there a nuke type class?

After almost 2k hours I finally got all my alts to Cp level Today.

Ex first day player returning after quitting in 2015

As the title stated, I used to play on PC when the game released in 2014. Just today I downloaded the Xbox version and started playing and found that I have not a clue what im doing anymore. Everything looks pretty much the same, but I know a whole l

Help with add-ons

Is there an updated list of quality add ons that aren’t out of date or even just some of the best ones to have? New to add ons sorry!

broken gear

i've just logged in after few months of absence in eso and i saw that all my gear is broken. i don't remember how it was last time i was online, so i don't really care. i repaired everything, it costed me ~3k gold. i teleported to some place, made f

Is there a subreddit to share our character ?

Hi ! Just to know if a subreddit exist to share our character and see another characters skins Thanks !

Anyone ever seen a Sanctuary Restoration Staff?

Harmonious Salutations, Does a restoration staff for sanctuary set even exist? Do I have a better change of asking for a pink pony? Thank you. PS: Healer only here, such item would be wonderful to have.

Regarding DK's Combustion skill

If I were a HealDK, and I used a flame staff on my backbar instead of Lightning Staff, would Elemental Blockade proc Combustion's magicka return?

Needing help with stamplar

Running an orc stamplar and was wondering how viable were they in pve. Running ravager and relequens or unfathomable and Relequens with selenes. No vma bow. Can’t seem seem to get above 20k dps on dummy whereas I’m pushing 30k with my stamblade

[OC] My characters - Post yours, and I'll draw them!

Screenshot I took while playing Oblivion:Enhanced on Xbone X. I'm really impressed! they my baby beautiful!

Best race mag sorc pet build

With the changes in update 21, does anyone have information about the best race for a mag sorc pet build?

I see your pet rock ESO and raise you a rock mount

Why is mod management such a headache?

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Granted I haven't played seriously since December. When I logged into ESO the other day for the first time I noticed that my add-ons weren't working so I closed the game updated them on Minion and launched my game

I have 4450 crowns, what to spend on?

I already have Thieves and Dark Brotherhood DLC, no chapters, no warden. My main is a Templar Healer What would be the best use of my resources?

Nord vs imperial tanks

What's better, pros cons?

Switching platforms and next gen consoles

What will happen to ESO on console in the next 2-3 years when the next gen consoles will be launched? Will it be moved to fit the new consoles and not work or miss features like Destiny did in 2014? And if such a thing were to happen do you believ

What counts as "dealing direct damage" when it comes to sets and abilities?

For example, Imperials have the passive Red Diamond: "When you deal Direct Damage, you restore 333 Health, Magicka, and Stamina. This effect has a 5 second cooldown. It also will reduce the cost of all abilities by 3%." Now, I took this to mean weapo

The game stutters sometimes

Hello everyone ​ So since lately i get stuttering in the game. I can play for hours without stuttering and take a nap, and come back after 6 hours and get every 15 - 25 seconds stuttering. Is this something with the server? Right now its

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

I love this community!

A dude in Wayrest offered me a trade while I was shopping at some guild stores. I accepted and he gave me a carrot, which confused me. I then noticed, his name was Gives-You-Carrots and he only talks about carrots. Man I love this community so much f [..]

It's 2019 - Free my man Finedrin


Do you know how long I've been looking for you to do something worthwhile?


Thought someone might enjoy this


[PC] Fanart of my khajiit

https://imgur.com/6uF7H6O His name is Saja =D [..]



I love this player base...

I have been in need for the Olerime set for my healer for A while. But never found A group to go to CloudRest. Yesterday I saw someone asking for healers and I jumped right in. I forgot his name, but he was a true group leader. We run CR in normal m [..]

An amazing artwork of my dunmer girl created by my dear friend Lylenn


Let me tell you about faith...


Thinking of coming over from Wow...

Any wow players moved to ESO? Please share your thoughts. Hating wow right now. [..]

Tanking guide for veteran Scalecaller Peak

I know that there's a bunch of guides out about SCP, but they mostly describe general mechanics and don't cover how to survive them (at least not in detail). This is a hard dungeon if you never done it before, and it's especially hard for the tank. [..]

After almost 2k hours I finally got all my alts to Cp level Today.


Got any dedicated stables for your favorite mounts?


What's the reason for the downtime?

I've heard everything from dead hamsters to people being invincible...does anyone know the real reason? [..]

My new pvp stamplar build turned out so fun that i figured i'd dress him up. what you think?


Sheogorath summoned in Stonefalls from worshipping a Rock

[https://imgur.com/a/YDs4muE](https://imgur.com/a/YDs4muE) A selection of screenshots from myself, Sheogorath-Daedric Prince; as well as many thanks to my friend Steller Sea-Eagle for helping me capture the madness of this experience. And many bl [..]

[Media]1 Bar Pet Sorc VMA Build for Wrathstone


Please help, who is this?


Need your help, fam

My mother has been playing ESO since Summerset launch and she really likes the game. So much, in fact, that she is a member of a fairly popular trading guild and even does veteran dungeons, sometimes even in hardmode every now and then. However, she [..]

Since the race tweaks is there a solid mag dk dps race


How does Xynode hit 53k DPS and I hit 41k with same rotation? (stamblade)

I used [Xynode Stamblade build.](https://www.xynodegaming.com/sting) I like his rotation because I’m able to sustain very easily with it! He uses: - Relequen+Unphatomable Darkness+Kragh+vMA bow I use: - Relequen+Ravager+Velidreth+vMA bow A [..]

bots near ancestors's landing

there is a group of about 9 here on xbox eu if anyone else wants to help report them. [..]

[OC] My characters - Post yours, and I'll draw them!


Fun-Build: Triple-Element Permablock Tank with Frozen Watcher


Khajit magika viable?

How viable is khajit magika after the changes [..]