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Fire dmg back to Dunmer<upcoming patch>

Before the upcoming patch: 1. Dunmer +9% magicka \~ Altmer +10% magicka 2. Dunmer +7% fire dmg > Altmer + 4% fire dmg 3. Altmer + 10% magicka recovery > Dunmer (Nothing) Conclusion: Dunmer can focus on burst dmg DK while Altmer on sustain-wis

Help with character?

I'm a beginner and decided to start as a breton dragonknight magicka build using all the ardent flame skills as DPS, I like to use light armor for the magicka bonuses and either two handed or one handed w/ shield (I haven't bothered using any of thei

Current players what is your honest opinion on the current state of the game?

I’m an experienced mmo adventurer with 10’s of thousands of hours in other games . I’ve been wanting to get back into mmos again but Tyria isn’t for me anymore. Is it too late to jump into eso? Is now a good time with an expansion looming ?

Is the combat all about spinning plates?

First of all, I want to preface that I enjoy the combat. However it feels to me that due to the lack of skill cooldowns, every class plays mostly the same - apply buffs to yourself, apply debuffs to the enemy, lay down aoe over time effects, and usin

Templar healer needing help!

Just a quick question from a fairly casual player. I've mained a maglar healer for quite a while, and for the most part things have been fine. I'm not fully optimised or anything, but I could use some advice in relation to survivability. I'm, uh, dyi

Please Help

Been grinding 100 plus days on all my characters to get the trinimac sword motif. If anyone can end my suffering and give me one or trade for a low price, it'd be much appreciated. I'm on Xbox as 'The ECE'. Cheers guys and gals. Much love

Champion Point: 258 Templar Healer (My only lvled character)

Im pretty new, but this is my Healer. <3 Any sets that you think would look good? https://i.redd.it/7mt04btlpnb21.png

I can't update on the ps4?

I haven't played in a week because of work and when I tried to get on today it told me I couldn't until I downloaded the update. It says I need 29 or so GB free and I have like 34, and it's still saying there's not enough room. I just wanted to play

Thinking about giving ESO a go (Xbox One)

Hi ESO fans :) I have played a lot of MMOs. I enjoy the grind a bit but also enjoy exploration and finding new things to do. If I wanted to get into ESO and play about 15-20 hours per week - what would you recommend I purchase to get started? I hav

Good classes for casual pvp

So I've had this game since launch, but only last year did i really start to love it, the problem is that I can't find any time to grind to level up characters or farm sets. So far I've got a fully leveled nightblade that I started years ago and a fu

A different approach

Ive been playing ESO for a few years now on and off this time around I wanted to do something different. In the past my goal in the game was the highest DPS, BIS gear, and high level trial play. This time I have decided to slow down and enjoy the zon

Launcher/installer crash

Hey there, just wondering if anyone has a fix for the launcher crashing when trying to install the game for the first time. My download will get to 8% then crash with no error messages or anything! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Will this be playable on terrible internet?

For reference, I have the fastest internet speed in my area, which is a measly 2.5 mbps. I’ve played WoW for years and didn’t experience any issues besides the occasional lag, but overall if my ping is below 270 it feels fine. I just bought ESO

The Importance of Race in this Game

Hi folks. Quick question. Just started playing this game after 12 or so years of WoW and boy all I can say is that I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I'm totally engrossed in the lore, totally engaged in the game play, and since I hit level 50, I want to start tur

Is ESO Plus worth it?

I'm just wondering since I started playing again a few days ago and I'm considering an ESO Plus subscription and if it's worth.

Where can I read dungeon/story lore if I had to skip through the quest prompts?

I’ve started to notice that most players run pretty quick through starter dungeons so to keep up I have to rush through the quests prompts. I’m okay with this, it’s pretty common for every mmo now a days. Where can I read or find the lore on th

First time hitting 1m healing (Khajiit Templar)

Sword and board build guides?

Currently starting a sword and board orc dragon knight, looking for any good builds! Thanks!

Pointless question?

As the title suggests this question I can already guess the answer to but I'll ask anyway. I've been playing on Xbox for ages and recently got a pc and want to play it on that. I was wondering if i bought/got it on pc would their be some way to ke

Anyone know a way to disable these ugly borders?

Cant load certain areas/delves

So I recently encounter this problem, if I try to tp to alikir desert from a guild mate it gets stuck in an infinite loading screen however if I tp to any area with a wayshrine that i discoverd, like shodowfen,morrowind summerset etc it loads fine. I

Pre CP XP grind

Hey, I'm new the ESO, I'm a level 30 Nord Warden and I'm wondering what the fastest way for me to hit 50, then CP160 is?

What to do in ESO?

So I’ve started out playing ESO two days ago and did some solo side quests and a bit of the main quest line (right now I’m at ‘The Harborage’). I think I can really like this game but it still feels a bit overwhelming and I don’t have any i

Game became unplayable for me

Somehow I now have almost infinite (10-15min) loading screens everywhere. Not in the big zones, but for small dungeons and questzones. There is no fix for it. Restarting the Game doesnt help, it occurs 100% of the time. Only thing i can do is wait 15

What Addons do you use or recommend?

I just started playing again since right as they added Wrothgar. Before I was playing on xbox and this time around playing on PC. I grabbed the Elswyer preorder pack and eso+ so content wise I'm full up. But reading around here I've seen mention

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Just started Morrowind and I am angry as hell...

...that I didn't discover ESO all these years ago. I just entered one of Vivec City buildings and oh my god the mosaics are just amazing. This is not just a homage to TES3, this is the most impressive representation of Vvardenfell I've ever seen. [..]

Hybrid magicka/stamina templar werewolf build - first and only character ever played


[Discussion]My ESO story/Why I'm sticking with Elder Scrolls and never looking back

I got into ESO perhaps a week or two before Morrowind came out. I got to level 30 and quit because I didn't enjoy the combat as much as Guild Wars 2 at the time. Looking back, I feel like this was a mistake. I mained WoW for over 10 years. I got to [..]

Did ZOS intend to have players weapon swap and animation cancel during combat rotations?

I really love ESO, but animation cancelling and weapon swapping at least twice in a single rotation doesn't feel good at all. Weapon swapping just to use an ability or reapply a buff feels overly complicated, and animation cancelling feels janky. &a [..]

[Fanmade] Map for possible Zones/Chapters updated with current location for Elsweyr


[XBOX] Christmas cheer with candy cane bow (a little late I know)


I will just sit here.....


Do all healers think this way? Lol


A little late but here's a screenshot I took of the Snow-globe Home


What is your characters background story?

I don't roleplay with other people but I roleplay my character to myself in the ESO world so I came up with a backstory for him and I thought it was pretty cool and I wanted to see others background story or if anyone else does this. I am a Nord War [..]

I am an extreme altohilic.. help!

I have tried out many alts under level 50 and have yet to breech the 50 threshold. Does the game get significantly better/more fun after that point? I’m struggling to pick a class that I love and I’m also tired of starting over. [..]

Are Nords good at anything?

Even after the passive changes, will they be viable? What class would be decent? Stamina over Magicka, I would think, but other than that... [..]

Guys anyone got endgame warden tank build?

SO ah yeah looking for end game build, I've watched some youtubers with decent builds that I like. Alcasts is great and all however I'm not a huge fan of hes warden build. And I feel like woeler hasn't updated his warden tank at least not skill wis [..]

Does Upgrade Include Morrowind/Somerset?

Hey guys, I haven't played in a LONG time, so dumb question: if I have only the base game, will the Elsweyr upgrade include Morrowind and Somerset? Elsweyr has me reinterested in the game and I want to not spend more than I have to. Thanks! [..]

Returning ESO

I bought ESO:Tamriel Unlimited a while ago and I've had quite a bit of fun with the game. I stopped playing right before Morrowind was announced and I would like to start playing again after I heard a new expansion was coming. I wanted to buy the Dig [..]

Infinity loading: Can't teleport into my 2nd house

I tested 3 times now yesterday and today whenever I try to port into the tel galen tower it loads for 15 minutes and keeps loading.. When I alt+f4 the game I start in the place I port from again. Anyone else got this problem? [..]

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Lore Takeaways from Written in Uncertainty


Has farming or animal raising ever been discussed?

Farming in home instance or raising animals (mounts or non mounts, like pigs etc.)? Anything like this ever been talked about or nah? [..]

Newish healer: am i doing it right?

First, I'm a sorc. Not a Warden or Templar. Yes, I know they are superior healers but bear with me... I run a rest staff in both bars with: Bar 1: Crystal blast (dark magic), steadfast ward, healing springs, mend wounds (Psijic, will morph later), b [..]

After 450k ish gold and 2 days, finally maxed all crafting skills. Man YouTubers made it sound easy.


[Media] So close and yet so far


Are DLC's Worth It?

I'm thinking of getting into this game, but I don't know if I should buy it on ps4 or pc, or if I should get any dlc yet. Any answers are appreciated, thanks! [..]

How to make money in the guild store?

Hello! I’m wondering if leveling up crafting is worth it.How can you make money in the guild store?How do you determine the corect price for items? Thank you! [..]

Full upgrade from Morrowind?

Hi guys, currently i'm owning a hard version of Morrowind (ps4) and i'm looking to get back to eso. I want to Upgrade to Elsweyr with the most possible add-ons to get in one buy. So which Version should I buy to get all add-ons? Thanks in advance [..]

Free Play Days

As title states does anyone know when ZOS might do another free play day weekend? My friends are interested but wanna try it first. [..]