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most eu populated server

i'm returning to the game after 8 years my server " dragon " is almost empty i can barely see 3 players in tc what is the most populated eu server?

Returning player

I just started playing again after being on and off 2 years and a lot has changed so im having trouble getting my bearings, and after about 2 weeks of playing ive found it kind of hard to find people who speak English. so, here i am asking for a few


Curious to know if conquer online has official ir unofficial discord ?

Is the conquer online community dead?!

Hey folks! I played on fury years ago around 08. I was a deputy leader in GUARDIANS and we had such a strong community and family then. Our guild was strong and the player base was never better. No one aas low level because there was always someon


how can I get higher without spending a shitload of money? I've donated like 100$ usd. just only farm chasm?


Anyone on this sub have accounts they don't play or possibly for sale? Let me know.

Game Resolution

Hey guys, I have been watching youtube videos and notices peoples game window size is bigger than mine. I have set mine to the biggest default in the setting menu in game, is there something I am missing to make the game window bigger? or scale or so

cursor lagging 5095

i'm returning to 5095 and planning to release a server soon but there is a problem, the cursor keeps changing from the game cursor to the windows cursor and lagging the game fps drops to 4 frames any help please! thanks!

Best starting class?

Which is the best starting class nowadays? Solitary/casual player who might like doing gluid play and might want to play for a while. Also which reborn combos are best for moneymaking/pvp/pve/fun?


Can anyone tell me wich one is the best classic server and non classic server with most population ? EU servers.


ok so seeing as this communitys basically dead or dieng i figure ill post this here..... The ever growing list of issues with Conquer Mobile. ​ 1. no VIP panel/rankings 2. No Meteor Quest 3. High drop rate on gear BUT 99% of all Super i

Conquer Online Mobile game

So, anyone know anything about the one in the Google play store? Been playing it for awhile and honestly it feels like a private server attempting to be legitimate, it's missing the VIP panel features, doesn't have meteor quest from the captains, the

Looking for Conquer Online Private server...

Hey guys, I am an old CO player from back in the day, I wanted to play a little PvP and I want a good private server cuz the real game became just awful long time ago. Preferably I would like a server that is code based like the private server

hi guys there bot for conquer yeT?

hi guys there bot for conquer yeT?

Genocide Conquer, a PVP server.

Genocide Conquer is a conquer online emulator client 5017, we started the server five days ago. PVE server is in the mist of being complete. Join our discord for more information! [](

No gold dropping at all.. been in game for 3 hours

I have more meteors than silver drops. Level 54... ????? Only have 130 gold can't even portal between towns. edit: no potions dropping either :/ Items drop and quest items but no potions or money..

DC when going into mystic castle portal now dc everytime I log in

Will my character time out and return to town at some point. Anyone else have this issue? It seems character is stuck dcing in the portal. (Been 1 day now still can't get this character). Made another character on a different server, leveled up an

ConquerOnline Classic Private Server

Project ORION EU CLASSIC Private Server WHAT IS ORION? European server based on Conquer 1.0/2.0. Although our initial goal was set on 1.0 We have done our best to add our own custom additions and keep the server as interesting as possible over

Question about conquer 2 mobile?

Seen in the App Store and was just wondering if I could use my old character on this or if it’s a whole different game? I have characters on warlord and mercury if anyone knows if those servers are still active? Thanks

Does anyone still play?

Seriously I remember co 8-10 years ago and the community was so strong. My god I was addicted to this game. I still would love to play it! I just miss playing with other people too! I joined the new world server. If anyone is still around.... plea

Water Taoist Vs. Saint

Hey guys, so i just downloaded conquer online 2 for the ipad and since i'm just a newbie i was wondering if you guys can help me choose the better class. water taoist or saint ? what are the pros and cons of each class ?

Australian private server

Hi all, as a player from years ago i was thinking of playing again! I remeber there never have been an Australian/Oceania server in retail or private. Wandering if this has changed?? If an australian or oceanic pserver was to be created how much in

I need a C++ Coder.... WILL PAY $$

I have several sources and would like to start a new conquer private server. I am willing to pay for time spent and create a partnership going forward with the project. I have multiple sources from a ton of different points in CO history. &#x200

Wanting to play again, use to play when I was younger...

Is there an active English server? Also, how Pay 2 Win is the game - still as much as years ago? Thanks!

Anyone here play monster and me? Well their is a private server now! These guys have the original Chinese data base so all the stats are 100% accurate. The pserver is currently in open alpha and will wipe progression when they do their beta. There is no word currently when that is though

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most eu populated server

i'm returning to the game after 8 years my server " dragon " is almost empty i can barely see 3 players in tc what is the most populated eu server? [..]