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Cannot install client

In setup, the error pops up and says: --- Puzzle Pirates Setup We were unable to download necessary installation files due to the following error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found This may be due to temporary network problems or a more serious error. You

I forgot how awful YPP support is..

So I used to play years ago and just decided to get back into the game with Dark Seas. I paid for a few doubloons but didn’t get them after several hours, so I sent an email to support about it. They finally responded after a full 24 hours, but I k

My account keeps getting suspended for talking with girls about sex

What the fuck? Seriously this shouldn't be a reason for banning

Puzzle pirates update lag

[Un-Official] Puzzle Pirates Discord

​ https://i.redd.it/sgtrv04f4k521.png [Click to Join Discord Here](https://discord.gg/w7MEdYj) ​ Hey everyone just getting this out now, this is in no way supported by Grey Haven and is completely fan-made. However I have wo

My vent....

Something that i never get and my reason to stop play is why the delete inative accounts... Does it occups alot of memory from their server save those accounts? Is this really necessary? i really loves this game, but give me nuts stop playng 1 year

What does this sub and the game have in common?

They're both equally dead

Dark Seas Faction DLC question

So does the Defiant Armada just not get a second boat/war galleon theme pack like Shadow does? Am I missing something?

YPP Comeback????

I know you guys have probably read this a lot but I can't seem to get an actual answer... I miss the FUCK out of this game. I'm thinking about re-downloading it just because it was so amazing but I know almost NO ONE plays it anymore... my question

Returning player, was shocked after comeback

The first time I played this game when I was a kid back in 2007 i was 11 years old, I enjoyed it but I didn't understand things such as poker, running your own pillages,blockades, etc. then i quit it and came back in 2012 when it was YPP's peak, I k

Just looking around...

Rarely able to play ypp nowadays (household switched to solar power and has been told the desktop consumes too much...). Updated my pirates the past few days but afraid I might 'disappear' again for weeks (or months). :/ Times like this I really

Staffing and Community Events

Is there any way to volunteer to assist the OMs? I don't want the power, I've just got the free time and any community engagement would be better than what we get now. I don't even want paid. Christ. I just want to see the devs interact with the comm

All of your opinions and some positivism on the future of Puzzle Pirates?

Dear Everyone, ​ I recently started playing again on Emerald and also Obsidian (which I've been enjoying since it has this new feel to it and it has a decent player base relative to Emerald). I know PP has been pretty inactive in the rec

Game ain't dead

Hi guys I was in the blockade today and I gotta say it felt good to see the game still kicking. Staff getting ships full, all the coordination required, banter between jobbers. I think this game only lacks people, so if anyone thinks the game is

So why did they do dark seas just to abandon it?

Grey havens has me freaking puzzled first the removal of whirled with no warning then leaving this game with no community presense wtf is goint on?

Recovering old accounts

I have played off and on for years now and I just came back and created a new account. I've probably made 4 - 5 accounts throughout the past 12 or so years. I would love to recover some of my oldest accounts but I'm afraid they probably got deleted.

Decided to finally make my own crew on Obsidian

Something I wanted to do a decade ago, decided now that the game was given a second wind it was my best shot. The crew is Law and Order and my name in game is Kumkilla. I could really use and would love some help so if you want to be involved please

Where can I find inter-archipelago charts in obsidian?

I want to move my sloop from port venture but can't figure out how to get to the other archipelagos, thanks in advance!

Advantages of Obsidian over Emerald/Meridian?

So, as the title says, what are the advantages of Obsidian (Dark Seas) over the Emerald/Meridian oceans?

new player, a bit lost

I was looking for a new puzzle game on Steam, i've spent hundreds of hours on Puzzle Quest games, and i've found Puzzle Pirates. I don't know why ive never heard of this game, i would have played it sooner i think! well so i started to play a few d

puzzle pirates forums

for some reason i cant go to the forums anyone else having this issue?

Will the changes with Java affect ypp?

I just saw that Oracle is making changes to Java after version 8 "f you are a CONSUMER using Java for individual, personal use, you will continue to have the same access to Oracle Java SE 8 updates as you do today through at least the end of 2020. In

Can we get in-game loot & xp 'Events' to boost player numbers?

Not sure if this idea has been floated before, but I've been thinking about the way other online multiplayer games like Pokemon GO and GTA:Online keep players coming back for more. Perhaps if Puzzle Pirates did events such as: \*Double POE weekend\*

YPP making a comeback!

600 players today!

Stuck on "Resolving download"

So I've been trying to download the game for the past hour and I've been stuck on "Resolving download". I've tried uninstalling the game and 're installing, I've restarted my laptop, I've tried looking for ways to fix this online and I haven't found

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Cannot install client

In setup, the error pops up and says: --- Puzzle Pirates Setup We were unable to download necessary installation files due to the following error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found This may be due to temporary network problems or a more serious error. You [..]