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Come check out the stream :)

Daily YPP Meme #18

Daily YPP Meme #17

Just logged in for the first time in a year...

I used to play every single day until like 2014-15. I logged in for a few weeks last year and now I'm back and tbh, shocked at some of the old players still on up to their usual things. Nostalgia hitting me hard rn.

Daily YPP Meme #16

Come check out my stream, follow if im not on. I stream for a long time

Daily YPP Meme #15

Daily YPP Meme #14

People over at Oldschool RuneScape talking about YPP

Daily YPP Meme #13

Daily YPP Meme #12

Daily YPP Meme #11

Daily YPP Meme #10

The only way to revive this game is with memes

Swordfighting Bible #1 - Game Mechanics by Quazars

Daily YPP Meme #9

Daily YPP Meme #8

Didn't want Niceswitchbro to feel too alone ;')

Daily YPP Meme #7

Where are the players?

Looking for the most active ocean/server to be playing on. Does anyone know which is best?

Daily YPP Meme #6

Daily YPP Meme #5

Daily YPP Meme #4

Faster Than the Botters ( don't mind my Chris Hansen in the background )

OFMG give us the ability to turn off drag arrows in gunning!

Nothing pisses me off more in this game than the gunning puzzle having the default, permanent controls of drag-clicking arrow directions. My arrows are screwed up so often by accidental drag-clicks, it's ridiculous. I just accidentally drag-clicked

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Daily YPP Meme #18