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Anyone playing these days???

Xsyon Review

February 22 2018, So this is my review of Xsyon I am seeing many people saying is this game worth buy? The simple answer is NO! You want to avoid this game it isn't worth it what so ever and should be avoided. The interface itself is just horribl

Still alive

Hey just thought id let people know that this game is in fact still going, and now has no subscription. Just got the game on Steam. Dont know what the game used to be like, but it has a decent player base now. Nothing huge, but enough that you can a

What can players do to make the game better?

I have just come back from a long hiatus from Xsyon and decided to see if I can strike up a conversation. I love Xsyon, but it seems like the player base is very small. Since the game is a sandbox, what can we do as players to make the game more int

Does this game require a membership?

Bets on when this game dies?

My bet is Jordi succumbs to the Yeerk in his ear and all parties involved in Notorious Games slowly back away by the end of 2012

Xsyon interview with Jordi(Dev)

I have been created!

Use me!

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Anyone playing these days???