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Episode 284 The Hunters Hunted II “Corruption” Chapter 16

Hello folks, I bring to you chapter 16 of our The Hunters Hunted II story “Corruption”. We hope you enjoy! Dr. Turner meets with an old friend for advice. [](

Is there collection of all the art from the books online?

Looking for some assets and was wondering if there was a big imgur gallery or a collection of the featuring all if not most of the art. And yes I'm aware there is a lot of art.

Episode 281 Chronicles of Darkness: Inferno “Temptation” Chapter 1

Hello folks, I bring to you the first chapters of our Chronicles of Darkness: Inferno game “Temptation”. We hope you enjoy! A knight makes his way with a caravan while a preacher speaks to the downtrodden. [

Upcoming scene: Idea needed!

Hi! I played Vampire some 20 years ago. We just picked it up with some friends (new version). We are learning to play on the go and so far its fun and I feel I am becoming better at storytelling. Now - I am in a little bit in an inspiration deser

Looking for the name of a worm-possessed mob boss in one of the supplementals

There's this mob boss figure who's possessed by worms (?), with corrosive effects on the Morality/Humanity of the gangsters around him. It's amazingly creepy, it's gross, and I'm absolutely pissed that I can't track him down. Please send help.

Help requested for New tattoo!! I got a WoD tattoo a couple of weeks ago, and now I ask of you fellow Kindred to help me design a New one. One that combines 3 elements: The ventrue clan logo, the Brujah clan logo and if possible the infinity symbol from bloodlines 2!

How powerful would a single mage have to be to take out Mithras?

Episode 280 Chronicles of Darkness: The Ultimate Evil “Institutionalized” Prelude

Hello folks, I bring to you the prelude for our new Chronicles of Darkness: The Ultimate Evil story arc “Institutionalized”. We hope you enjoy! Alex recounts the events of the first The Ultimate Evil story-arc "Remembrance" in his diary. [

Storyteller is playing unfairly

TL;DR at bottom I'm brand new to the World of Darkness RPGs, literally just played my forst campaign Now some context: I got into a game of Werewolf: the Apocalypse once a coworker of mine told me how into I'd be. He was right, I love werewolf my

The embrace, vampirism and disease.

PCs Concealing Their Nature From Each Other?

I have an idea: My players each want to play a different type of supernatural (or hunter), and I thought this might be a good opportunity to highlight some themes from the World of Darkness as a whole. Namely, put the players in the NPCs shoes by

[VTR] would VtR work in a True Blood type setting?

I'm just watching True Blood as I like the mechanics and society of vampires in that world building. As a kind of though experiment, I'm curious about whether this would work? I know in VTM and VTR the masquerade is like one of the most highly held

LARP Disappointment

So. 5.14 am Nobody awake. Lamest event ever.

Episode 279 The Brian Book Club – Stephen King’s “The Shinning”

Hello Folks, I bring to you the latest episode of The Brian Book Club. We hope you enjoy! Today we talk about Stephen King’s The Shinning and how it can be used to inspire players and storytellers in all World of Darkness games. [https://www

Any tips for a new GM running a VtR game for one (also new) player?

Some basic plot ideas and/or suggestions would be helpful as well! I'd be happy to have one -- or POSSIBLY two -- more experienced players come along as well, so long as you don't mind me being a completely new Storyteller and my friend being a compl

any promethans here?

i absolutely love the promethan books. right now my character is tammuz with a starting refinement of cuprum.i would love to at lest know if anyone else shares my love and know how you all deal with other world of darkness archetypes.

Storyteller Needs Assistance!!! [oWOD]

If this isn't the right place I'd love to be directed to it as I'm at a loss with which subreddit will be the most useful. My dilemma - I'm a storyteller looking to create a game set in 1946 Chicago. The players are all drawn to a private investigat

OWoD Venue Looking for Players and Storytellers!

Living World of Darkness is a multi-venue Old World of Darkness game (20th Anniversary), where Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Changelings and Hunters stalk the streets of modern New York. Of course each group keeps to itself, but in a city like New

Ravnos clan book first edition links anyone?

The Contagion Chronicle Guide

Hi everyone! The last 20 hours are on for this badass KickStarter Project, so check out this video breaking it down and follow the bottom link to back it!

Need An Assist for putting a "face" to my BBEG

Starting to run a new V:tR 1.0 game soon set in Alaska. Major plot idea is that the whole "long night" has been travelling further down the state. External states can look in and see blackness beyond the border. However I'm having difficulty figuring

Vote for which historical character to appear in Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage

A Mage that believes he is a "vampire"

One of my players is thinking of creating a mage(a hollow one or an Orfan) that believes that is a vampire, a bram Stoker one, he would have life and mind in the begin of the game, (about a month from now). His magic would simulate the "powers" from

Episode 277 Vampire: the Masquerade – Twin Cities by Night “Dread” Chapter 35

Hello folks, I bring to you the latest chapter of our Vampire: the Masquerade – Twin Cities by Night story “Dread”. William has a conversation, and Kaetao meets an ally. [](https://www.p

Need help creating a mechanically nasty Unseelie Changeling for a Zoo oWoD game.

My ST is running a new style of game. It's the same city setting we've been playing in (LARP's and table top both), but he's running us through playing with the "Evil Families", the primary being an in house creation. They're called the Stillwells.

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Episode 284 The Hunters Hunted II “Corruption” Chapter 16

Hello folks, I bring to you chapter 16 of our The Hunters Hunted II story “Corruption”. We hope you enjoy! Dr. Turner meets with an old friend for advice. []( [..]