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[VTM] Unwilling Embrace?

I finally came up with a concept for our upcoming chronicle. Since my last character was fairly close with her sire I decided my malkavian was the result of an unwilling and unpermitted embrace. Essentially his sire used disiplines to dominate his m

Werewolf the Apocalypse Character Journal by obliviousally

ST Needs help with M20 NPC’s

Hello r/WorldOfDarkness, The game in question is Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary. Some background, my players recently made friends with a trio of mages. A Dreamspeaker, an Euthanatos, and a Order of Hermes. They are a cabal of truckers dedicat

Episode 262 Ghouls: Fatal Addiction “Servitude” Chapter 4

Hello folks, I bring to you the 4th chapter in our Ghouls: Fatal Addiction mini-series “Servitude”. We hope you enjoy! Louis visits an ex-wife,

[Vtm] High Humanity Giovanni?

Is it possible to play a high humanity Giovani and keep them on that path? Or is the clan itself just too messed up to nurture someone with a serious sense of morality?

Looking for players and a Storyteller for a roll20 VM 5e game

Hello! I am looking for a cast of five players including my self and one Storyteller for a serious campaign that I would hope last. That being said here is the link to the game: []

Meda Gaming & Unfair treatment.

Let start by saying that I love my friends and would do anything for them. But lately in WOD Hunter the vigil it feels like I'm the only one playing. We have this rule where we don't just kill NPCs for no reason. But lately that rule has been feelin


I've been looking into getting into wod. So I bought nwod and vampire the requiem. After buying vampire I realized the cover for VTR for nwod look different then the one I bought. I think I bought CofD VTR book. Is nwod compatible with CofD VTR or do

Kinda new too reddit but not WoD. Is Kik an acceptable platform to start a WoD rpg?

I'm trying too figure out how to build a WoD Kik group. My brother (a reddit fiend) said I should look and ask the Amazing community here for ideas. Is Kik an acceptable outlet for WoD or does anyone have a better one?

Review of Clan Novel: Toreador by Stewart Wieck 4/5 4/5 TOREADOR is the first novel of the VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE Clan Novel saga that began in 1999 and finished right before the ending of the Old World of Darkness tabletop roleplaying game.

Mage Help Please?

I'll do my best to keep this brief. I am an extremely new player to this tabletop and was able to purchase the M:tA book which is awesome. Was playing with some friends who have far more experience in this engine than I do and I made so many errors i

Episode 259 Demon: the Fallen “Fragments” Chapter 4

Hello folks, I bring to you the 4th chapters of our Demon: the Fallen story “Fragments”. We hope you enjoy! Fragments is a Demon: the Fallen game that takes place in Rochester. New York in 2001. Demon: the Fallen is a One World of Darkness

WoD Geniuse The Transgression Custom Character Sheet

Organizations in Requiem

I'm going to be running a game of Vampire: the Requiem 1e. I want one of the up-and-coming kindred to have an organization similar in structure to la cosa nostra or bratva: the kindred will be the boss, with an underboss retainer who has 2-6 sergeant

any tip mixing mages in VTM v5 chronicles

Hi all, I am playing a v5 chronicle with some friends, after some years. Yesterday I started reading mage (m20) long book, a game I never played before, and I really love its concepts. Is it possible to mix mages from m20 and vampires from v5? Have y

Tenderbeta - A New Match and more about War in the shadows

Episode 256 Ghouls: Fatal Addiction “Servitude” Chapter 1

Hello folks, I being to you the first chapter in our Ghouls: Fatal Addiction mini-series called “Servitude”. Three individuals are tasked by their mentors. [](

Can someone help me understand the universe of world of darkness?

Im currently trying to start playing world of darkness after experiencing Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. But sadly I still only know a little bit of the universe and I was just wondering if somebody could get me a link to a podcast, book, or real

Is there a kinaine merit that allows access to a birthright?

Tenderbeta Project Chimera Everything We Know

Episode 253 Demon: the Fallen "Fragments" Chapter 1

Hello folks, I being to you our very first chapter of our Demon: the Fallen chronicle “Fragments”. We hope you enjoy! Abathar makes her way from the abyss into a strange situation.

WoDO video showing some gameplay footage

[]( ​ Images are from Worl of Drakness : the Documentary.

Sheriff Hopper of Stranger Things as a nWoD Character

I'm running a campaign and I have a little extra time before session 1 so I'm playing with NPCs. I have one character that's essentially Sheriff Hopper but in the world of HP Lovecraft. What cool merits and stuff should he have?

Thoughts on Genius the Transgression?

My group just started a game of this and it’s pretty fun so far. I’m rather new to WoD in general so it’s very much a learning experience. Even more so playing a fan made expansion. How do you Guys and Gals feel about GtT?

Inspiration Music?

Hey all! I'm sure we're all familiar with the ambient and atmospheric music we play at the table for our players, or music to fit the setting (club for the club, blues and lounge for the melancholy bar, etc). But what about music for inspiration

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