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Curse of Caine vs Helios

It is said that if something try to harm Caine the damage would come back sevenfold. Well, knowing that Helios is a Celestine, what if when Caine is let under the sun he wouldn't burn to ashes, but instead the sun itself would burn, sevenfold?

Ghouls: Fatal Addiction "Servitude"

Hello Folks, I wanted to take a moment to share a miniseries that we ran called Ghouls: Fatal Addiction “Servitude”. It fits into our Vampire: the Masquerade - Twin Cities by night continuity, but more importantly is using the rules from per

World of Darkness games broadcast on Twitch (and youtube) now with 1% Changeling

[]( I made a list of games, plus some reference material

Recruitment for a Wraith20 play-by-post Chronicle

So...I'm recruiting for players in my Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition play-by-post chronicle. If you're interested, please post a comment in this thread and I'll shoot you a PM with the details and a link to the site. **Genre**: Hope

Nightmare: Dread Presence uses?

The first dot of Nightmare is Dread Presence, and has two effects: first, mechanically, it limits your opponents' uses of willpower. This is pretty powerful. The second is to make small scary illusions, which is more of a flavor use but could have sp

A Look at War (Why the Garou are losing, and Social Activism is so exhausting.)

EDITED: Saw a typo that bugged me. I built a healer in a Werewolf game.  An Uktena Theurge with the Soft-Hearted flaw...I tried to keep Melee, Brawl and Firearms completely off the sheet. Ultimately, I wanted a pacifist. I was shocked by the amou

Vampire the Masquerade - Session Fifty Four - Ties of Blood (Part One)

Daniel's enquiries into a missing person on behalf of his fellow coterie member, Hope Romero become complicated when the name is connected to the perpetrator of a series of grisly murders. [

THIS is why the vampires moved to America

i recognize a werewolf in urshul form when i see one

Metis sympathy

After reading about the metis do you guys feel sorry for them ?


Vampire the Masquerade - Session Fifty Three - The Rant

Baron Fortier has called for a Rant to be held to discuss the many major changes that have occurred recently within the Anarch Free States. As such events are now much rarer due to the danger posed by the Second Inquisition this has created much inte

World of Darkness, dialed up to 11 (an experiment in world building)

So, I'm a fan of the Warhammer Fantasy setting, especially because in typical British fashion, they dialed everything up to the max and beyond. They made it metal, they put punk in it, they used the "rule of cool" This is a setting where wizards have

Skill Set Help - Mechanic over fluff

Less a World of darkness question more a Mechanics question. ​ So I finally got the ball rolling on my Fallout/ Deadspace crossover game (Yay!), but I'm having issues with the "Core Abilities" list and I was wondering if people here woul

Hunter The Vigil question

Can a Hunter be in multiple Conspiracies so he can purchase the various endowments, or would they only be limited to the one? For example being a part of the Malleus Maleficarum and the Knights of St. Adrian to get to get both Benediction and Ink ava

New WoD Hunter the Vigil: question about vampire abilities for tracking

So I'm going into session 3 of a Hunter game I'm running. I have a tangled mystery for the players to unravel (I genuinely love approaching a WoD game that way) while they're also doing their best to survive and figure out who/what the enemies are.

Episode 339 Demon: the Fallen "Fragments" Chapter 15

Hello folks, We bring to you the latest chapter of our Demon: the Fallen story “Fragments”. We hope you enjoy! Our intrepid group splits for the evening only to find that life has complications waiting for them https://twincitiebynight.pod

Vampire the Masquerade - Session Fifty Two - The Messiah Complex (Part Four)

With the events within Los Angeles looking more and more like one giant conspiracy to facilitate a takeover of the city the coterie finds themselves in a race against time to locate and neutralise whoever is responsible. After all, such a plan would

Hey guys, got a question.

How can you use body of light? Can you create it for your friends? Would it be possible for your friends to use it freely? Lend me your wisdom!

CoD Brock Sampson character

So I'm playing a Chronicles of Darkness game for the first time and we are rolling human characters. For the purposes of this story, I've decided that I'm playing Brock Sampson from the Venture Brothers (henceforth known as the Ventrue Brothers).

Changeling: The Lost Is this a stand alone Book?

After finishing a two year roleplay. My wife found this book and is intrested in playing it. I was wondering if I can run this with just this book or do I need others. If so which books?

Badass BSD

What's your idea of a badass black spiral dancer ?

Vampire the Masquerade - Session Fifty One - The Messiah Complex (Part Three)

The coterie has found that the sewers of Los Angeles are a kindred battle-zone and have identified the Barony of the Angels as the source of much of the cities current troubles. Michael has therefore arranged a meeting of its neighbouring barons to d

How to hide 400 people?

Hi, reddit, a clueless first-time storyteller here. So I run a western, cowboys, indians, vampires and werewolves, it's a mess. And in this game I had the baddies steal 400 men from a railroad construction. Overnight. Without anyone noticing until i

Power to change

If you have a power of an archmage what part of society would you like to change ?

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Curse of Caine vs Helios

It is said that if something try to harm Caine the damage would come back sevenfold. Well, knowing that Helios is a Celestine, what if when Caine is let under the sun he wouldn't burn to ashes, but instead the sun itself would burn, sevenfold? [..]