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Vampire: the Masquerade - Twin Cities by Night "Negligence"

Hello Folks, I wanted to take a moment to share our very first story-arc we had ever ran as a group, Vampire: the Masquerade – Twin Cities by Night “Negligence”. Originally Twin Cities by Night was not meant to be an actual play at all, i

Twin Cities by Night - A Listening Guide

Hello folks, We bring to you our updated listener guide where you can find every podcast series we have done and a brief description of each. We hope this helps you discover even more of what we have done! [](

Agents: The Faithful

So this is mostly just a barebones concept for an idea I had. As opposed to taking on the role of a creature in the night, you operate in broad daylight. You are a member of the Faithful. You are an Agent. Basically the other CoD/WoD books have a m

[W20] Need a bit of a advice for a short adventure.

Hello everybody! First and foremost, I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole Setting and theme of werewolf, so if I say something that makes no sense, please correct me. My online Group of players decided to do a little challenge. I drew

Story Help or Inspiration Changling 2nd.

So getting ready to run a Changeling the lost 2nd Game. I am not familiar at all with settings I have read the book 2 times. Me and the players have sat down and had a character creation session. So we have Discared doll kinda looks like a fairy.

Chronicles of World of Mixed Publishing

Hey everyone, so I'm really wanting to run a Chronicles of Darkness campaign. I've read about that CoD is more geared for interplay with other books, and I'm all for having a diverse and varied cast of colorful players. The only problem is that some

First time Vampire GM here - seeking resources

Greets all, Im a first time Vampire the Masquerade GM and I am slowly wading through the game manuals - but my players want to get the game going sooner rather than later and I dont want to lose their interest while I absorb lore and mechanics forev

We had just reached the point of Embrace and our Storyteller had to go. Can anyone please volunteer to pick up where he left off? It's play-by-post on Discord, one post per day, around 500 to 1000 words. More details inside!

Crash Course into the World Of Darkness?

Hello, First, if this isn’t allowed, please delete it. I just saw the trailer for Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood and saw it was part of the WOD universe, this followed by learning Vampire Masquerade is, as well. I’ve done a bit of resear

Are their rules for playing Kinfolk?

Help me create a totem for WtA!

So I’m getting ready to start a cWoD campaign set in ancient Egypt, and the story is going to revolve around a mixed pack of creatures (a Child of Osiris vampire, a Silent Strider, a Bubasti, a Mokole, a mage and a mummy) that are part of the Osiri

What are the Wyrm's other names?

It is Jormungadr for the Get of Fenris, Apophis for the Silent Striders, Cahlash (Wyrm of Balance) and Asura (the Bane spirits) for the Bastet.

What online platforms support storyteller dice?

Hello r/WorldOfDarkness, I’m starting a M20 game, I was wondering what tools are available to run online. In the past I’ve used Roll20 and google hangouts. Roll20 works ok but is kind of a pain. I was wondering what else was out there, thank you

Sun light and Vampires

Are there any details in the WoD universe as to what it is about sun light that hurts vampires? Is it the UV light or another wave length or just 'magic' with no science based answer?

Running a high level VtM campaign

I'm running a high level VtM game where all my players will be either 4th or 5th gen because they will fighting one antediluvian along with some other things I have planned. Any advice?

Nephandi backstory

Have you made a nephandi character who has a sad backstory ?

Hi, I'm back with another stupid concept.

So I'm a pretty noobish storyteller trying to come up with interesting ideas for my group of players. And recently I decided to toss them another villian, this time a Ventrue politician that was able to appear active during the day through the use of

Re-Recruitment for Wraith20 PBP Chronicle

So then, I'm currently recruiting for my Wraith20 chronicle. * **Genre**: Hopepunk, post-apocalypse * **Time Period**: +20 Years after the Sixth Great Maelstrom * **Place**: San Francisco * **Shadow-Guiding**: Assistant Storyteller * **Style**: San

Ancestor Chronicle

Hi, I want to run a Roll20 campaign with some friends. the players are supposed to play the ancestors of the Camarilla in a city and thus practice daily politics. We had already developed a simplified system with resources such as secret knowledge, s

Hi, I'm looking for a book.

Hi. I have played WoD campaigns before, and it's time for my story. I have a complete story ready, I wrote it myself, and I'm asking for advice; my story is set in the 70s, and I want to include nature/spirits as the number one antagonist. The g

Vampire: the Masquerade - "Twin Cities by Night" William Character Drawing

Hello folks, We would like to take a moment and share some art work that was done of William from our Vampire: the Masquerade “Twin Cities by Night” chronicle, by the awesome artist Rheykn. If you would like to hear about the character’s b

Dose anyone know where I can find sheets for big name NPCs?

Specifically I'm trying to find the sheet for Sock Girl from W:tO.

LFG Werewolf the Apocalypse

Hello, I am currently on the lookout for any WtA game that would allow a Bastet (Khan) or Khan kinfolk character. Timezone: CST, may change to EST in a few months While I have not played a game using the WoD system before, I have studied the rule b

VtM V20 How to build a Character to catch other vampires

Hey everyone! First post here. I am starting a Vampire the Masquerade V20 game that is an open world game with a number of players all playing solo. This is a Post by Post forum based medium. I am interested in joining as an assamite antitribu, and

ALL of the 'Monsters' in one ttrpg

I was going to run a Vampire game, but didn't want to restrict the players to one 'type' so I've opened the options to any of the World of Darkness game types (Vampires, Werefolk, Hunters, Possessed...etc) and have opted to still follow the Mascarade

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Vampire: the Masquerade - Twin Cities by Night "Negligence"

Hello Folks, I wanted to take a moment to share our very first story-arc we had ever ran as a group, Vampire: the Masquerade – Twin Cities by Night “Negligence”. Originally Twin Cities by Night was not meant to be an actual play at all, i [..]