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Funny how that works

Blue post talking about server capacity

Will there be scythes in wow classic?

Never had the chance to play wow but my favorite weapon in any game is a scythe and i was wondering if there are gonna be any in classic and if there is what class and if they are strong etc, thanks!

Can't skin while in parties?

As the title says.. I can only skin outside parties, whenever I'm un group I don't get the skinning icon after looting mobs, but if I leave I can skin the same mobs without any issue. What's going on?

Vanilla vs Classic Side by Side Comparison (1.12.1 vs 1.13.2)

Something I miss!

What’s something that goes ignored by the casual player that could be making them a lot of gold?

How I would like Blizz to expand on Classic

I think it would be cool to be able to play every major version in history of WoW. 1st you chose the patch you want to play on then server and then your character but the best part is that if you level on patch 1.12 you can use that character in r

WoW Summer 2019 Vacation

This summer was not very fun for me. Stayed at home on my vacation and finally got sick. So the only sea i saw this summer was the sea of Nazjatar, many thanks Blizzard for that :) I decided to make some instagram stories about summer WoW Raid camp

Do you think an in game card game similar to hearthstone woule be fun in wow?

I know it would never happen but the thought of playing a little card game against my friends while we hang out in an inn sounds fun to me.

Marvel style Vanilla opener

tried to make some marvel comics style opener to the release of vanilla

What’s going on with my game? Been doing this since 8.2 dropped

Anyone else feel hollow sometimes?

I have gotten a few mounts the last couple of days but I have felt nothing. The last one was the thundering serpent, which I have been farming for some times, it dropped and I just felt nothing. It was so weird, like I just did not even cared it drop

Passing time til classic launches by painting!

Which classic class appeals to you, but has a crippling downside that scares you away from playing it?

Hunter ammo? Warlock soulstones? Required lengthy class quests? What class sounds really fun, but has one thing that scares you away from playing it? For me, it’s Paladin. I enjoy the thematics of a heavy armored fighter that uses supportive ma

Retail Or Classic (First time playing)

Hey everyone, I have been looking into WOW for the past month and have been contemplating either to wait for classic or to play retail and continue to play retail. I feel like I would be behind in the retail version, but I also won’t have a clue wh

How is pvp now?

I haven't played any bfa but read that the pvp had lots of issues. Has any of that changed?

Blue post regarding the LFG Add-on

Theory on the next expansion plotline.

I got a theory that might help us begin the next expansion after watching both Asmongold's reaction videos and Bellular Gaming recent lore Videos about what been prompting up. Here is my take on what I theorized that going to happen: The Black Empir

Mythic Azshara Rank 4 Essence.

My guild and I recently killed Azshara on Mythic Difficulty, I was lucky enough to get one of the 3 essence upgrades to get rank 4 of Condensed Life Force. I went to the Heart Forge to get my essence (My first rank 4) and when I used the item, I got

Trying to get into the game! What makes this game fun? (New Player Honest Question)

I'm playing the free trial and I've done the first few missions. I am a LONG time hearthstone player and I would love to get into the game for the lore, but the gameplay I've had so far has been lame. I don't really enjoy standing still in front of b

Can I sell gear for gold ?


Shadowform needs to be optional.

It would be understandable if the graphic was an improvement or interactive but it's just a static transmog nerf. Bliz needs to make this a talent, just a passive effect, glyphable or improve the spell so that it's not just a cosmetically hindering

Can’t find a 1H for my lock

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to find any 400+ one hand weapon for my warlock with no luck. Any advice on how to get one or am I stuck with shitty RnG? I’ve been filling the conquest bar, raids, emissaries, operation Mechagon with

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Its always hunters


Looking forward to classic!


As a druid-bear this error was very strange to me.


Some of you liked my Raven Lord tattoo, here's a new druid inspired one


Our Goblin needed a friend. Hype for classic is HIGH in store. Credit u/insayxn


Girlfriend made an awesome cake for my birthday. Lok'tar Ogar!


When all of your friends go to play wow classic, expect u...


Observe Ivan, the smallest crossbow in the game


The 'Spirit of Eche'ro' mount is obtainable for 4 more days. It will be another 6 months until it's next obtainable!

Due to the way Legion Archeology worked, the quest 'The Right Path' is only available for a two week period every 6 months. On the next reset the quest will be removed and you'll have to wait until 12.02.2020-26.02.2020 to obtain it again. [Here is [..]

-someone recommended that I make a pillow and well, here it is XD-


I drew my friend and me farming for transmogg! Took me longer than expected


Bit late


Getting CC’d in classic


Dwarf Rogue fanart for villageidiotr. Who said rogues are afraid of open combat?


I love the difference in upvotes.


It's almost time!


Mythic Azshara Rank 4 Essence.

My guild and I recently killed Azshara on Mythic Difficulty, I was lucky enough to get one of the 3 essence upgrades to get rank 4 of Condensed Life Force. I went to the Heart Forge to get my essence (My first rank 4) and when I used the item, I got [..]

WoW® Classic with Creators Episode 2: Aaron Keller


I would love to see T2 armor sets get T6->T20 style visual update


Blue post regarding the LFG Add-on


I wish we had some reason to actually travle to different capital cities.

The World of Warcraft doesn't really feel like a world anymore, because there's no actual need for traveling anywhere. It just feels like the world of Stormwind, or the world of Ogrimmar. Those two cities are the hubs, and then the zones just feel li [..]

I would love a Hearthstone toy that looks like a Warcraft III TP scroll


Here, have a laugh! Credits to the youtuber Smooth Operator for creating this.


Whiplash is one of the World Quests in Stormsong Valley atm...

... you need to kill him for the Adventurer of Stormsong Valley Achievement and he’s only there when the World Quest is up. It doesn’t happen that often so it’s worth doing the quest! [..]

Highmountain Tauren Warrior