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Wow... Blizzard strikes again, completely screwing a bunch of older players. The "Vanquisher" title that I earned and was extremely proud of has been removed without notice. Just up and deleted, another no-communication change. (LONG)

Let me begin by saying that I am a die-hard, loyal fan of this game. I have been a hard-core raider. I have been a hard-core PvPer. Recently, I've been spending my time achievement hunting while raiding casually with a good group of friends. This gam

Since the last patch WoW is locking my 144Hz monitor to 120Hz, even after it's closed

"/whistle" now 300% more politically correct

The old "cat call" /whistle is gone and has been replaced by 3 different random whistles. ​ I can only assume this was a top 8.1 priority.

What do you want from me Helya?!

For all the Alliance Players

Go to Stormwind, and turn Warmode on. Now! No longer do we have to suffer and lose out on bonus experience and resources in fear of the Horde. The alliance World PvP is THRIVING more than it ever has (in BfA). So stop gimping yourself, and go turn on

Fate of Zelling´s family

Just WTF is this lag?

Home 46ms, world 47ms, and it still feels like 1000ms when casting spells. Fuck you Blizzard with your servers and sharding or whatever this shit is.

"State of the Game" Saturday

Happy Saturday! This is our new trial sticky for feedback, complaints and general game discussion. If you've got something you want to talk about that doesn't quite need its own post or has already been discussed at length, this is the place!

New Leather Working Item, Scarlet Fishing Lure, Does Not Seem To Work.

The item, [Scarlet Fishing Lure]( created by its eponymous recipe is supposed to "Increase your chance to catch midnight salmon". There's an obvious pun in the name, referencing a "Red Herring

Changing Anisotropic Filtering with DirectX 12 enabled causes the game to crash. Is anyone having the same issue? I have a workaround

Yesterday I discovered my general graphics options were set to 5 rather than 7 where I usually have them. After I increased it, the game crashed, whenever I tried it. After opening a ticket, waiting 12 hours for a response and finding that the

Elemental Shaman Earth Shock Visual Update

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but it seems as if Earth Shock got a visual update?

Having a "bad" spec as your main

Hey everyone! I need your help on something. First of all. I just want to say that I'm a noob and I don't mean to speak as if I had the truth, I'm merely asking a question regarding what the current popular opinion seems to be. I just created a warr website not updating

Hi Usually website updates score in hour or so. Now I'm waiting a full day and my score has not gone up. Anyone having same issues?

Someone's having a Bad day on the ElvUI Team (Changelog 12/14/2018)

I tried the link, it was broken so what ever they had posted got deleted I guess? ​

Ideas to improve WoW

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for coming up with some, if not most of these ideas. I have seen some floating around the forums which I looked at and I was like YES! You are all entitled to your opinions on the ideas listed below. All I ask is th

Scrapping Crafted Gear Now Returns Expulsom

Before 8.1 when I scrapped crafted gear, it only returned the Hydrocores/Sanguicells back. I scrapped one I crafted a while back because I finally replaced it and I got 40 expulsom back. So I think the scrapper returns all expulsom now. Unless you ca

Are we the baddies now?

Wow Classic - The Rares of Duskwood - My FAVOURITE zone so far.

The Aldori Honor Guard

What happened to this again?

A few tips for Holy Paladins

I was running some tests relating to Beacon of Light yesterday and I thought I might share my findings about what does and doesn't work with it here. Beacon of Light healing is unaffected by Mastery, no matter if you are 40yds or 10yds away, the bea

Are the changes to War Mode flawed and counter-intuitive?

The changes have made it so whatever faction has been outnumbered for the preceding week will gain an increased War Mode bonus up to a max of 30% (from 10%). On top of this, the outnumbered faction gets a daily quest to kill 25 120s of the opposing f

My partner and I spend more time in old content, than new content.

Our nightly routine has boiled down to doing whatever 30 minute thing has been added, and then go back to farming mogs and mounts from previous expansions. ​ This is not how you engage players.

My guess/suggestion for the upcoming Azerite System (8.2 change)

Since they will change the way Azerite Gear works with 8.2 here would be my suggestion/assumpion what it could look like. (originally posted in context of []( with certain changes made already since then) Numbers

The new and improved titan grip, 3 2H weapons

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

When the players are in riots but you gotta push out them store mounts


Class Design... I invented a radical concept. Blizzard is welcome to use it, free of charge.


so this just happened. 50k AP from an island. went from 25 neck to 32. wtf


"That was when we knew we would be lifelong rivals on the F1 circuit. Born to clash. One too hot to handle... the other too cold to hold."


Lack of class sets is what has killed raiding for me

(reposting cos forgot flair first time) I used to at least participate in every raid tier of an expansion - never good enough to get CE but enough to at least be enjoying the content. I've hardly even touched raid finder in BfA because I look at t [..]

Oh I was concerned at first! But that reassures me!


When you Recruit Mrs Milf for incursion.


Patch faults aside, Darkshore looks incredible


Liu Lang's Final Rest doesn't seem as poetic when you can't read Pandaren


Roses are red, Stormrage is a high-pop realm...


Me and my friends celebrating our arena masters (2014) vs me and my friends celebrating BfA


Today we will recover our lands, for Teldrassil!


From the Q&A: Battle of Dazar'alor will be the last raid where you'll have to work to unlock your traits.

Towards the end of the Q&A Ion dropped a pretty big news item that I think got a bit lost in the rest. He mentioned that after Dazar'alor, all of our Azerite gear will be unlocked, and further AP progression will happen within the Heart of Azerot [..]

Raid of level 35-50 players invading Stormwind (Vanilla WoW)


Earlier today, a bug was active for a short window of time (roughly 1:15 PM to 1:45 PM Pacific) that caused Island Expeditions to award extreme amounts of Artifact Power. The bug has been fixed, and we'll be removing the unintended extra AP gains in the coming days.


Every time you log in when you have no upgrades available.


Troll Treasure Hunter


Collect Lore In-Game and Venture Out at Night!


Developers keep trying to justify bad decisions with "hard data".

Josh Allen tried (and failed) to solidify one of Ion's points about "yeah - you can look at the hard data and see what it is", etc, etc - which was a thinly veiled way of saying the community operates off "feelings" and they're operating off "hard da [..]

I figured out what happened to Thrall

He saw what happened to enhancement shamans and unsubbed [..]

New crossfaction communication potion is already in the game!

Fastest hotfix ever! Relog and it works. It's in new dalaran underbelly, bottom right. [..]

Warcraft "Q" & A Stream Megathread

Tune in for the ~~question~~ and answer stream. [..]

I spent way too much time making a bad sethrak shaman drawing, enjoy.


Curse/MMOC Is Being Sold: Where Do Addon Authors And the Community Stand?

Here's the article: I make the popular WoW addon DejaCharacterStats and have been concerned about the addon community and its authors for a while now. I would a [..]

My Holy Paladin, by Todor Hristov