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After 15 Years, I'm struggling to play wow, and it's not because I don't enjoy the game.

So, like a lot of us, I've played and thoroughly enjoyed wow for the passed 15 years. BFA is a bit shitty but it's still enjoyable, atleast for me anyway. I've raided with the same guild since vanilla, and for the first time ever, we aren't raiding,

In-Game Shop vs Website prices - Is this right?

Pvp Server

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a good time I am writing this post because I am wanting to start my Warcraft adventures again. The one thing that has always interested me in this game is the PVP element, horde vs alliance (Lore as well)

If the Alliance becomes evil, how should it look like?

One big minus of Sylvanas's Horde for me was the lack of a cohesive sense of aesthetics. BfA Horde buildings were mostly the same mud huts as during Vol'jin's rule, and the gorgeous Gothic architecture of the Forsaken, which should have taken the cen

When in 2020 is shadowlands gonna release?

Didn't find a place where it is stated

Deluxe Battle of Azeroth upgrade

Does anyone know if you have the base version of battle of Azeroth and upgrade to the deluxe version, as it is currently £13. Do you still get the 110 boost? Thanks for the help, and sorry if this has been asked before?

What is your Current Miscellaneous Item Target?

Fellow Misc Item Farmers, what is(/are) your current Target(s) , what number of Attempts are you on? And what's after obtaining it for you? Is it a new item on the list? Is it raiding? Is it RPing? I'm super curious to see how other farmers operate.

Remember how fun alts were in Legion?

I never made alts as much as I did in Legion, being able to enjoy a completely different class hall with a mostly unique questline was so fun and trying out and upgrading your artifact weapon was so satisfying. And now we have the essence grind for

Condensed Life-Force is the worst essence to get

i am a returning player, have no guild or connections on the server. Wanted to play my druid, but the best 3 essences for me are Condensed Life-Force, Vision of Perfection and Conflict and Strife as seen here:

Thursday Loot Thread

Let us know what you got this week! Achievements, meta-achievements, mounts, pets, actual loot drops, gold thresholds, or other things that you can say, "Oooh, I got this" and be excited about. Post them here! Screenshots are encouraged but not neces


So, is bliz fixing pvp in 8.3 or is it still go play mythic pve for pvp gear? Honestly want to know before i bother looking into resubbing.

Looking to play

Hello. I am looking to play this game it looks interesting. so how does the expansions thing work its kinda hard to find out on the internet do i have to. buy every expansion or something and is the 50% off for now players worth it even if i am goin

What is the best Timewalking Role/Gear

Been out of the loop for a while. Is there a *Timewalking* community that figured out the best combination of Azerite Traits, Legiondaries, and other overpowered items for Timewalking? Also which Class/Role is best. Could be DPS for throughput, or T

Average ilvls?

Kind of a recent returnee, by which I mean I've come back, did pathfinder part 2 (already had p1) got some benthic etc, thrn discovered korraks revenge and built an army of alts instead of sweating a main. So... My 'main' has an ilvl of 404 sitting

I have a web series that’s going to be a nightmare to shoot in LA with housing costs the way they are. Any cinematographers want to make a WoW webseries? My scripts and we’ll live stream in low key pop servers. Any artists who might be interested, I’d love to have you be a part of it.

someone mind explaining to me what just happened? what kind of trollery is this?

Why can't we skin Tauren?

In Zuldazar, there are gorillas. Talking gorillas. Intelligent gorillas. They are just as people-y as Tauren and humans and druids, and even more so than Murlocs. Yet, we can skin the gorillas, and they even drop meat to use for cooking. Why c

FFXIV Player curious about WoW

I'm a currently player and subscriber of FFXIV, and while heavily enjoy it, I recently started playing the free trial of WoW, and it has piqued my interest enough that I wanted to ask some questions about it, and hopefully get answers from people who

Reminder that we still have unused animations for the Werebear model

Im a returning player and now I feel welcomed

Need some alt advice from le community (that's French for "the community")

I have been a Windwalker Monk main since they released back in mists. In the last 2 years specifically I have up'd my game substantially and have raided mainly heroic with the furthest I've gotten into mythic being about 2/3rds of a tier averaging a

A meme page with absolutely no wow memes but the creator played wow... wait there's exactly 1 wow meme

Opinions on paladins

Hey guys I was thinking about starting a paladin since that is the only class I haven't looked into. Can someone tell me if ret does good dmg or if it is good in general. I still don't know which spec to play so I would like to know about other specs

Welcome to Moonguard. Watch your step, it's slippery.


Deadmines [By Dreamwalker] Edwin VanCleef will have his revenge! Desktop wallpaper.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

My grandma plays wow every morning with her coffee


He Pauldron Too Big For He Gotdamn Shoulders


Shadowlands really should update the old world loading screens. 4:3 old calender artwork needs to be updated to reflect the state the Factions & current characters, or just anything that isnt 4:3 decade old picture.


Thank you so much for the positivity on my post a few days back. It inspired me to try to make a full body shot of my Ret Pally "Iluvator."


I just leveled a new 120 and was so excited. As soon as I got to the essence grind I lost motivation and went back to my main.

The essence grind is so tedious and boring for alts. I did like the grind on my main as it gave me something to do and was a nice progression system. Now on my alts, I cannot be bothered with essences. The grind seems so arduous that I lose all motiv [..]

Commission done for a fellow player and supporter. Remember to love thy cat!


PvP Vendors should return

I haven't really touched WoW since Mists of Pandaria. I've played WoD for some time, I've played Legion for some time, but all I've done was hitting max level and farming transmog / leveling alts. This is the first time since Mists of Pandaria that I [..]

WoW New Player Edition box is so nice!


Brought a Snobold from Northrend into AV


[OC] I haven't played WoW in a while, but I still greatly enjoyed working on this drawing


My boyfriend is really in to WoW but I’m not familiar with it. Can anyone suggest something WoW related that I can buy him for Christmas that he will love?


What ever happened to those Pally Animation updates?


The Real Way to Carry a Barrel of Gunpowder


My wholesome experience

I am a fairly new player. I leveled my first ever Orc hunter to 120 and had fun. While dungeoning I saw Mag'har Orc and I knew what my goal was. I did everything to get it and finally yesterday created my Mag'har warrior. I bought heirlooms to catch [..]

What does a troll warlock say when summoning a demon?

De'mon! [..]

Leveling an alt while waiting for 8.3... Oh how I've missed Northrend.


Hand of A'dal earned - Over 10 years after quest was removed!


Deadmines [By Dreamwalker] Edwin VanCleef will have his revenge! Desktop wallpaper.


[Fanmade] Black Temple Trailer - Announcement


Strange vent about missing out on WoW due to poor childhood.

I was listening to some wow background music today whilst working, and it just kind of hit me. I never got to experience WoW like many of you, and it makes me feel both terribly sad and like I'm missing out. I feel like when I play, like I'm a touris [..]

Highlights of the past M+ Push Week!


Mechagnomes, Mechanames

I'm thinkin' **Malware** for a warlock, or **Trigger** for a hunter, or **Recycled** for a death knight. What other fun names you guys got? [..]

Finally finished all the allied race heritages!

After getting all of my classes to 120 I thought I should work on getting the heritages, I know it can be done quick and *probably* easier but after a while I finally finished! Now I just need to get my Worgen and Dark Iron to 120 and I'll have 23 m [..]

Cross faction mount off whilst waiting for the Sha today

​ [..]

Looks like the Shadowlands is leaking into Goldshire