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Bring back the randomize name button for EU

see Title, it was removed in 8.1 or 8.1.5 or something like that. ​ It was also not originally in for EU (but there is really no reason) please this is such a small issue for me but i dont want to have to login to my american account or

PVE Prestige

I brought this idea up a couple of years ago and didn't get a lot of responses, and I wanted to see what you all thought. What would you think of a PvE version of the PvP prestige mode, where you could re-level the same character from 1-max and in t

If a new class was announced and it was either a ranged class or a caster class, what do you think it would be?

With only 3 pure caster classes, also the only 3 clothe classes, and with 2 more melee specs then ranged/casting specs, what would you like to see in a new class that isnt a frontline fighter?

Is there anyway to level legion reputation quick for allied alliance race?

So I actually quit legion before patch 7.3 because of life obligation so I don't have a chance to get reputation for Argussian and Army of the Light. However they are need to unlock allied races. And since i can't get obviously get tabard is there an

How to get alternative appearances for Kingslayers?

I already unlocked the cypher of the broken bone appearance, but what I really want is the alternative red appearance that you get from doing 30 dungeons. Do I need to actually equip the kingslayers with the appearance while running the dungeons? Can

What’s your all’s opinion on adding a “Heroic” mode to leveling?

Pretty much simply a much harder leveling experience questing wise. But to compensate for the difficulty, much more experience is rewarded for each quest. And I mean hard enough that it’s almost necessary to group up for many of the quests to fini

Levels being squished isn't a problem...

...what matters is how levels and leveling impact the fun of playing the game. Levels being added or removed to WoW do not matter. What matters is what those levels do. As best I can tell levels influence the following: * Character Progression *

My GF recently joined WoW and has been, like, surprisingly into it. What are some resources you recommend I share with her to help her understand the basics better?

I've played WoW since I was 12 years old during Classic, and always dreamed of being with someone that played WoW. All my exes would never have even considered \*trying\* WoW, let alone get their own account and actually level a character. My curre

Getting Married in Two Weeks. Wedding BiS Gear Arrived.


Feels so good when you nail this.

[Lore] Scarlet Crusade Origins

Enh Shaman PvP

Howdy y'all. Once I get exalted in honorbound and unlock Mag'har orc I was thinking about making A Mag Orc Enh Shaman. Mag orc might not be best racials, but I really like the look of em. Lol I have never played Shaman before and was just wondering h

Wow without friends.

How is WoW without friends? I’ve recently got a new PC & stuck in between buying membership. I played at the start of BFA but have no one to play with and can’t make up my mind with playing, is it fun without friends? Would it be hard to make

I'm new, few questions

I started few days ago and I'm lv 20 using the free trial and I have few questions .... now I need to get the sub and was wondering , if I buy 1 month of sub now if later I get battle of Azeroth do I still get the free 1 month?(also where do you sugg

Mag’har vs zandalari shaman

Hey so I’ve been debating on which race to level a shaman in. I still have to finish up zandalari rep (7k left) before I can make one. But regardless which race do you all prefer to see as a shaman?

When Blizzard say the next patch won't be grindy.

WoW "leak"

WoW Graphics Issue

So it's been several years since I've played the game and I recently just started up again with a starter account. I downloaded the game and started playing but I appear to be having some rendering issues where are buildings and structures are black.

Bellular hits the nail on the head. "They don't embrace the fun".

Trial Vs F2P

I currentely have a trial account (I have not but any money into the game at all), but I was wondering if I were to just buy one month, would I get all the limitations removed? I know after the month is up I have to be lvl 20 and all that stuff, but

How to make WoW great again? (at least for me)

Hi. Little backstory, i played WoW a lot during Classic/BC/WotLK. Since then always on off, mostly some months before and after a new expansion. Sometimes more, sometimes less. When BfA launched i played for some weeks before i paused again. It had

How can I finish fishing daily quest in Dreanor with Fire Ammonite, when I can't use it on any of these? Help...


Hi! I would like to start to play with wow, however i'm a little bit confused. If i buy my subscription for 15$/month i still have to buy the battle for Azeroth patch, or the subscription is enough?

WoW Token

Anyone here had their friend buy a WoW token and sell it and then send you or trade you the gold? if so is it allowed by blizzard to do this? I am only asking because my Account is EU and my region in NA, which prevents me from buying WoW tokens. T

The last allied race

We all know that junker gnomes and vulpera are coming as allied race but the last two are tricky. The last unused models are worgen, regular human, regular trolls, and undead. What is you all opinion on the last allied races?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Didn't know Thanos made capes


Shout out to all the people who sit flag alone in random BG's so your team can play


Years of playing and I've never noticed that Hall of Explorers in Ironforge have old-school Azeroth map on the ceiling


Island Twink Leveling Nerf - Turning XP Off is Now Group-wide in Patch 8.2


Collage of me and the guild enjoying BfA


She loves to launch herself onto my keyboard and sit like this, preferably while tanking m+


The Void Lords are evil!


Pennant on Golden King mount seems to be bugged when guildless (Used to show Alliance flag, now shows laurel wreath flag)


My old Deathwing drawing. Almost 10 years old


WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21 - Anyone with active NA/Oceanic account can participate




Has anyone else noticed the faces on the steps outside the Great Seal?


What would convince you to tank? If you ONLY dps, all the time, I'd like to hear from you.

I'm one of those people that like every aspect of the game. I play a druid because i like to see and experience every role (tank, heals, ranged and melee dps) in the game. I go as far as having 2 druids, one for each faction, to experience even more [..]

Please, for the love of fucking god, put an invisible wall here.


Headhunter - marksmanship hunter skin by me


110 boosting nerf inc

[]( So they are nerfing the xp you gain by 95% if someone in your party has disabled xp gain [..]

My wife drew me up my Mag'har Shaman, Draktha!


Azeroth helps keeping close someone you lost in real life

First of all, this is going to be a post about WoW AND a kitten and yes, probably nobody cares about this, but I felt like sharing this with this community. In 2013 my wife and I adopted our 4th cat, a red crazy little guy we named Loki despite the [..]

Clarification on Twink Experience Nerf in Patch 8.2


Is the 10-15% warmode xp worth it with the addition of 120 heirlooms? (Discussion but also a question)

Im not good at starting discussions at all but i was thinking about this today. I have a full set of heirlooms that give me 50% xp increase that 10-15 would be good for sure, but would it even be noticable. AND even if that 10-15% did help there is t [..]

Bellular hits the nail on the head. "They don't embrace the fun".


Anyone ever get this issue? Stuck at 100k on profit sharing guild achievement

​ [..]

When Blizzard say the next patch won't be grindy.


State of the Game Monday

Happy Monday! This is our sticky for feedback, complaints and general game discussion. If you've got something you want to talk about that doesn't quite need its own post or has already been discussed at length, this is the place! Comments are sort [..]

PVP Leveling

Leveled my shaman from 111-120 just by doing random BGs. It wasn’t the fastest way, but it was hell lot more fun than repeating quests all over again. Just throwing that out there. I think every 3 wins I gained a level. Pvp at those low levels was [..]