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Currently Good Casters?

Im not looking for "the best" I just wanna know which ones are in a good spot balance wise, damage and fun wise. I'm not hardcore, but I dont wanna pick a class and find out its in a really bad spot after leveling.

Trading Post rep bonus not working.

I finally got around to getting my Trading Post to level 3 yesterday to help me grind out the rest of my Draenor reps to exalted, but the bonus isn't applying to any of my rep gains. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

Here is a recap of what happened on the first day of the Mythic Race!

Starter edition - can't find quest locations??

Hi, I've recently decided to give WOW a go, I've always wanted to play it, but never really commited. I've been playing the starter edition for a few hours and now I'm lvl 11 Tauren. I logged in today and selected this pop up that had a recommended

Camera follow slow

Hey guys, since I downloaded narcissus, my camera-follow feels kinda slow and weird. I even turned off all my addons and set the camera follow on maximum, but it still feels incredibly slow. Can I increase it in any way? [Thats how it loo

Need help finding an addon

I recently reformmated my drives and have installed all the add ons I normally use but there is one I can't remember the name of. It showed a usable map (and locations of portals/mole machines) whenever I used a portal (such as the ones in the dalar

Please help a pure newb

I’m currently on illidan (probably miss spelled that) on na as an alliance play, I’m level 25 and couldn’t tell you if I’ve been in a major city or not, I’d like to try and find a guild but someone told me I was in a shit server. I have no

Race debate

For the classes warrior and Pali (Pali more specifically) what is the competitive race for pvp? I’ve been toying with Human since the built in trinket seemed nice, but have been contemplating dark iron and light forged as well. Lightforge racial

Has anyone on the 8.2 PTR noticed new or different Mission Table follower missions? Such as increased gold etc.

It would be beyond swell if next expansion Alliance could get a break from these quest that force them to get ganked.

If the non-phased Death Knight quest that sent Alliance characters to the gates of Orgrimmar wasn't bad enough we've now gone months with Horde constantly hunting low levels just trying to get through Red Ridge and Duskwood. It's obscene that I not

RIP Sylvanas

An Auction House time-lapse I created in 2011

Fun day for the Horde on Uther's realm cluster

Should I start WoW?

I have never played WoW before, and I am starting to become intrigued by it. I have absolutely loved games that have a shit ton of grinding and huge sense of progression and WoW looks like it would peak my interest. But this game has been out for yea

New Thrall Model (animated) in all its glory:

The World Quest "Swab This!" is currently up for Horde-NA

This World Quest is necessary for the achievement [Bless the Rains Down in Freehold]( and I've personally been waiting for this WQ to pop for months, so I figured I'd let othe


Sylvanas' Endgame Hinted at in New PTR Build (Spoilers)

Midnight salmon not working

each time i use my midnight salmon i stay in the same place, not getting tele? never used it before so idk whats going on but ive tried them 3 times and it does nothing

Oh the things you come across on Moon Guard

"The Swarm consumes all."

Such a crisp looking Xmog with a glaring blurry issue

How long to unlock Zandalari?

Hi everyone. I played BFA when it originally came out and completed the faction story but not the war campaign. I mainly wanted to play Zandalari but they were taking forever to come out so I stopped playing. ​ Anyways, now that they ar

Rep grinding and Island expeditions.

So I've run out of quests and zuldazar world quests to do right now for zandalari empire and I've hammered out a few islands to try and build up the dubloons for the rep tokens. What would be the most efficient way to do this with Islands? Do normal

I’m pretty sure this bottle of mead I just bought has our favorite tree-burner on it.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

I love this race. Lets get another Neutral race in the mix please Blizzard.


World Of Warcraft's Darnassus rebuilt from the ashes in The Sims 4!


Void dragon model was just added to the PTR


Illidan & Sargeras


Happy Noblegarden!


My frustration with the current Horde storyline expressed in meme form


Anduin's quotes in Heroes of the Storm fearure some awesome WoW references

* Greetings, friend. * A king is only as noble as the cause he serves. * Please, now is not the time for that. Also, it will **never** be the time for that. * The Light will abolish the Shadow in all its forms! I personally would never resort to i [..]

When you finally finish egg hunting...


As a Fury Warrior, Noblegarden is my favorite festival


I swam from the Broken Isles to Kul Tiras. There's no Kul Tiras here, but I can still see Broken Isles Dalaran.


Alleria Windrunner, by Lee Gunho.


It's behind me again, isn't it


Gaarm, my boyfriend's warlock by me


World Quest Azerite pieces now give Titan Residue when scrapped

Because of the ilvl upgrade to world quest gear today, WQ Azerite pieces are now epic tier and provide 12 residue per piece. [..]



8.2 PTR Build 30168 - 50K Mounts cost increase by 40k.


I drew a portrait of my draenei! (Aka my precious baby)


DIY Zangarmarsh Terrarium


The Dreadwake is back as a store mount


"When you really think about it, isn’t every race in the Alliance an Allied Race?"

\- Anduin Wyrnn HotS This is one of the Jokes voice lines from Anduin in HotS. [The other voice lines]( " There will be peace. One day. At least I think there [..]

8.2 PTR Build 30168 - Caverns of Time Portal Returns


Crucible of Storms World First Race Megathread

Good Morning r/wow! Welcome to the World First Race Megathread for Crucible of Storms. Threads related to the race will be consolidated into this one and comments will be sorted by new to foster discussion. Once Serenity gets world first, we'll leav [..]

Such a crisp looking Xmog with a glaring blurry issue


My troll druid (pencil drawing)


New 8.2 profession items will have socket