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People trying queueing to buy toilet paper in lakeshire, while trying to keep a safety distance of 1.5 meters.

Noob DK question

Hey guys, im very new to playing the dead knight and i was wondering if there was a way to acquire good one handed weapons ( early on to match the damage of the sword at lvl 58) shortly after completing the starting questline to lvl 58. Im a frost

How do you pick a class to raid with?

Hi guys, I've recently returned after my guild fell apart at mythic ashvane last patch. I've been dabbling in some other MMOs but I miss wow. I was previously a main tank, I love tanking, but trying to find a new guild as a tank is super hard. I've

[THEORY] Is it possible to level from 1 - 60 with just the starting zones?

Its a question I had on my mind since this level-scaling was applied to the overall leveling experience. I decided to try it utilizing heirlooms (head, neck, shoulders, cape, chest, staff, pants, and trinkets) along with the Winds of Wisdom EXP buff.

My friend and I grew up on wow but could never play as much as we wanted. We are having a blast while experiencing the game in new ways as we lvl again.

Don't be like King Terenas Menethil II... stay home and enjoy that 100% EXP buff!

A really balanced RBG matchmaking!!!

ElvUI raid debuff display

Hey there, how do I make curse of the ancient kings (Maut Mythic) visible on raid frames as paladin tank? I don't get how this whole blacklist-whitelist thing works, so I'm begging for help, because I need to call it out in raid, but can't because I

Is it worth having gear for three different specs?

Long question. I tank or heal in dungeons and raids and play dps in pvp and warmode (I'm a paladin). Right now I have three sets of gear, one for each plus a couple extra trinkets to give my tank spec more damage in easier dungeons. It takes a lot of

Back from a long break!

Long time vet of world of Warcraft. Going to be coming back to retail from a long break. Got mythic geared in the beginning of the bfa xpack and that’s that. Please give some suggestions on things to focus on as far as catching up and getting up

So mmm this you notice this bug?

so i have been playing with my toons because of the 100% exp buff and them i checked the stats for my toons, like this pandaren in the picture, and it says lvl 60, when he is 63 and it shows a range weapon equiped, also he is a monk, so that doesn't

Just hit 120, what should I do now?

As the title implies I just dinged level 120 on my first character in BFA. I haven't had a max level character since WoD so I'm a little stumped on what to do now to get gear, more artifact power, etc. I haven't even finished questing in Stormsong Va

Shadowlands/Class questions

Hi. A few people I used to play with keep telling me to come back to get ready for shadowlands, but I haven't seemed to be able to get much info on it. I know there's going to be a level squish, but whats the main draw? Are classes going to be more f

Character transfer

I recently start WoW back up and want to transfer a character from my old account(on my dads to mine. I know the forums say that the trasnfer can only happen between two accounts under the same name, but i was wondering if anyone has found suc

Hot take: be a little more forgiving right now.

Ton of people are stuck at home right now in weird ass circumstances. Maybe ease up on kicking an active dungeon runner who has to AFK for literally 10 seconds to deal with some bullshit. Someone fucks off for a long ass time? Go for it. But holy shi

One of the worst parts of this game in my opinion is that we can't mute annoying sounds anymore like we used to

I don't know what blizzard was thinking changing the sound files so we could no longer find out which sounds where which, but it was seriously the dumbest idea on their part ever. Previously we could mute annoying sounds if we knew the ID. However, n

WoW laptop question

I am working from home starting on the 13th. I had to buy a laptop. I purchased a lenovo think book 14, it has a I5 processor, 8 gig of ram 4 core. 500plus GB I'm curious from any the folks more technically inclined than I am, if you think this

Leveling while still enjoying the lore

I'm a lv 37 night elf hunter and I haven't played in a while (I leveled the character years ago). Is there a path I can follow which allows me to level efficiently whilst taking in most of the lore?

Where to go next?

So i havent played wow since Wod and now i want to just explore the world and do quests before going any kind of dungeons or raids so please tell me what are some nice places i should visit? (im lvl45) Also i should add that i farmed voldun rep for

With decent group in Brawl: Comp Stomp it's now perfect time to get the Arathi Basin Perfection achievement. Also many other AB achievements ofc =)

Coming back to Azeroth....

Not played for a number of years (I think Legion was the last time I played) so resurrecting the old account, back in the day I used to use quite a lot of add-ons (UI improvements, Deadly Boss Mod and a very handy one to see the value of what I am ab

Newbie here, where to start? Is there any coherent storyline?

Hi, I have played SWTOR for 6 years now (Doing NiM/HM Ops) but I never got into the WoW. My problem is that the leveling is a joke. You either instakill everything or everything IKs you. Another thing is that you get poped into the 2004 quest design

Moving camera stops keyboard registering any keys

As soon as i move the camera by holding down right click, my keyboard stops working making it difficult to move or play the game while moving the camera. Any ideas? Playing on Pop-OS, never had problems before this recent install and can't seem to f

Is it possible to transfer items and gold from alliance to horde?

I know the mailbox doesn't work, but some people told me you can use the auction house, is this true and if not is there any way to do it?

I haven't played in a while and I'm trying to fix addons. The ElvUI bars I have setup are over another set of buttons, but I cannot remember how I hide/disable the ones underneath. Any help is appreciated!

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Now I can finally play the game


Since we can transmog all legendaries, could we get these effects when transmogging the MoP cloaks?


Young Illidan Stormrage as a Mage, as portrayed in Hearthstone


I leveled and geared every tank class through pugged M+ up to ~+10 keys the past few months. Here are my random thoughts on that experience.

I had never really tanked much until this expansion, but it feels like there has been a shortage, so I thought, "eh, what the hell, let's learn a new role." I will not claim any sort of high-level expertise as my highest rated tank is now ~1600io, s [..]

Azzinoth, the one Illidan got his warglaives from got introduced in Hearthstone and this is the first picture of him ever made by Blizzard


Jade Forest is one of the most visually appealing things in this game


Back in 2008 when this was posted I was super excited because I had always wanted a music based class, but then I realized it was April 1st and my dreams were crushed. Still to this day, I wait for a class that can attack and heal with the power of music.


I have been lied to


I didn't want flying tonight anyway!


We need one.


Blizzard CS - “We are aware of network congestion resulting in slower download speeds during peak internet hours.” This may explain queues to enter the game currently.


MoP Challenge Dungeon Armor for Shadowlands

Before you verbally assault me I’m not asking for MoP challenge armor to be brought back and obtainable in Shadowlands that should stay unique to MoP just like Mage Tower appearances in Legion, I just want Blizzard to bring back some sort of challe [..]

I didn’t think it was humanly possible but I just lost a comp stomp

I am at an absolute loss for words.I didn’t think people could be worse than NPC’s but turns out they can be. If you were in that game and see this, may god have mercy on your souls. [..]

It's so obvious that in Brawl: Comp Stomp the enemies aren't real players.. Players can't use punctuation marks in their names


The balance of Light & Shadow - my illustration of Benediction and Anathema!



Every time I do SW Horrific vision and Shaw yells "N'zoth grants me sight" I immediately think about this. ​ Sorry for the bad Photoshop. [..]

Hey! Testing another portrait style. Less "realistic" more "cartoonish". And I choosed my old friend who plays human hunter for it :D well it turned out like a Disney prince XD art by me.




No Argus star in Zandalar or Kul Tiras

I can see it in Pandaria and Northrend, why not here. Did Bliz forget they did that immediately after Legion? [..]

The Mechagonian Trogghunter. (Art by me).


After tanking only since vanilla. I am now healing. Never see Tauren Priests. Why is that?


You win a day to work at Blizzard and as a prize you get to put 1 completely new and unique mechanic or lore piece into WoW; what would be your idea?

Just something fun to think about. It's always nice to see the creativity in the forums. Personally, I would put in weapon building; it wouldn't be like Legendaries really but rather you start with a generic weapon and visually you build it based o [..]

With decent group in Brawl: Comp Stomp it's now perfect time to get the Arathi Basin Perfection achievement. Also many other AB achievements ofc =)


Reusing Legacy Raids as Leveling Content

I already posted this in the WoW forums, but I figured I'd post it here too. ​ Legacy content is often overlooked, considering current expansion content will always give you the most progress. On the flip side, however, legacy content [..]

What am I doing wrong as a tank

Multiple times now I've been kicked after either 1 or 2 bosses while tanking as a blood DK. I checked my recount and I seem to be taking toms upon tons of more damage than everyone else and I know I'm not messing up the mechanics because I do the sam [..]