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[EU] Server reroll

Hi, I'm about to start 1 or 2 characters on a new server and I'm looking for advices. I currently play on Defias Brotherood where I have a few 120s, but I want to make a "fresh" start somewhere else to experience a different community and server econ

I really hope Blizzard realizes at some point the thing that made the game so popular was people interacting with the world and eachother, not logging in for metrics and fear of missing out.

What is the current state of the World of Warcraft like and is it worth returning to?

Hello all! I'm an experienced WoW player, with a lot of hours in BC and WOTLK. I've played most expansions when they come out, but tend to get bored rather quickly. However I absolutely LOVED Mythic+ and that kept me in BFA (was that the right expans

Is there a Discord for people that offer carries?

Farmed KR 10 times, I'm done.

Focused azerite beam issue?

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the place for this but I keep having this issue with my focused azerite beam. Right after I start channeling it, it gets cancelled. Or sometimes midway. It doesn't happen all the time but often enough that it is really bot

It’s been a tough start to 2020

[Question] Not playing content because I'm afraid to ruin it for others?

Welp, actually my first post, but here goes. (If I posted this wrong, I'm sorry) I've been playing WoW for so many years now and never had any issues with this, until Legion. For some reason I just feel anxious do run content out of my comfort zone


BM Hunter macro for 2 abilities on the GCD

So I’d like to macro Aspect of the Wild and Dire Beast: Basilisk to one button with a /cast sequence macro. I managed to do so at one point, but it would only work outdoors. Indoors, the macro wouldn’t continue because basilisk is a pvp talent.

N'zoth sending his most terrifying minion to Assault Boralus

can't wait for corrupted weekly chest item this week and the rage of the community.

With titanforging you opened your chest of disappointment and it was the worst slot item you could get. Now we will open our chests, the item must be for desired slot, you have to get a good corruption, then you have to get a good rank. Some people

Raider io not updating

Guys i have a question. I updated my character for the 5th time now on rio, but the score stays the same even though it showes that its updated a minute ago

Apparently Wardruid Loti also joins in when you use Feign Death during the second round of Zanchul quests.

What do these chains mean on Sargeras' shoulders? Has he ever been imprisoned or anything?

I still haven't received a single corrupted item other than the first one, which was a quest reward. Am I playing the game wrong or is this just very bad luck?

Is corruption entirely RNG? I play every day, I do the dailies in the N'Zoth zones, I do PvP and Mythic+, and I do the Horrific Visions whenever they're available to me. I've also been using the coins from the Transmog guy to boost my chances of gett

Where to access Molten Front Offensive starting questline? (Horde)

I want to work towards The Molten Front Offensive achievement, and Wowhead says I need to use the Horde Command board, but that is no longer an option with the new update in BFA. Any advice?

Need help finding npc lyalia in vale

Im tryin to do the questline thunder calls so I can kill nalak as I need to do it as a prerequiste to go to isle of thunder however on wowhead []( it s

Murloc Monday - ask your questions here!

*Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! RwlRwlRwlRwl!* That's murloc for "Welcome to Murloc Mondays" - where people can ask any type of question about WoW without getting strangled by a Death Knight. Questions can range from what's new in Battle for Azer

Viable dps and healers for mythic raiding.

I just returned to wow, and i was wondering what are the top 10 viable dps to play, and which healers are viable for mythic raiding? Ive been trying to look at logs, but i find it hard to judge, seeing the corruption gear is playing a big role.

Can Corrupted Gear Drop in Eternal Palace?

I was wondering, they say ALL Sources in 8.3, does that include old raids?

If I were to finish all of the quests in an area, would party sync allow me to play them with my friend again

Like for example, if we were both level ten and he logged off, and then I finished all the quests in that specific area, would we be able to play again? As long as he was party leader with party sync on.

Can you still change login screen and login music?

Can you still change login screen and login music?

Question on azerite loot for specializations and settings

Hello, i've recently come back to play wow after a long break, and i'm a bit confused on how the loot system works with azerite and specializations. Let's say i'm running a dungeon as prot warrior with the loot setting on current specialization, an

How do artifact weapons work in here?

Like my title, how do artifact weapons work? I see that it becomes a quest to start at lv99 and you use that weapon for quite awhile? Kind of wanted some more clarification. At this moment I'm lv56 and very much want to get to tht legion expansion

Coming over from classic, incredibly confused

Hi, today i decided to give BFA a shot, upon like 20 minutes of running around org i felt completely lost. Is there any sort of guide or anything that can break the game down for me and explain to me what I can do, what skills to use etc? I feel like

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8.3 is full of new possibilities


Was in the Chamber of Heart and saw a conversation between Ebonhorn and Wrathion I had never seen before. The feels, man, the feels...


Astranaar is literally on fire but they put up the Lunar Festival banners anyway.


Detour - Dark Legacy Comics #712


Assault on Uldum [By Dreamwalker] - I'm enjoying the assaults and N'zoth themed zones a bit. - Hope you like it! :3


help me im stuck in silvermoon

i dont know where the exit is how do i get out please help Edit: i found the exit [..]

Allied race weapons when?


Why isn't this straight?


They should add these dungeons to the timewalking list. It would be an awesome theme setup for Shadowlands.


Please Help Convince Blizzard To Add TTS

Hi Reddit, I, along with other visually impaired gamers, enjoy Blizzard games, but unfortunately, we either have a hard time seeing the in-game text or can’t see it at all. Despite this, we still play the games to the best of our abilities; howeve [..]

Imagine not fixing this dude for such a long time


YOU FOOLS! Did you honestly think you could defeat me so easily! I’ll see you in the shadowlands, along with my new friend Skovald!


The current state of 8.3


Blizzard, please... These eyebrows clipping are getting ridiculous.


Leaked Early Version of N'Zoth End Cinematic


My guild killed N'zoth. Except we didn't. The cutscene played, we got loot, we got the mount, but no curve and no "Corruptor's End" quest progress. Even the log considers it a 2% wipe.


When you have players like these [Fishing Extravaganza]


Watercolour painting for my brother, his dwarf paladin he loaned me. ICC long ago but memories remain.


BC/Wrath gearing system

How likely do you think Blizz is to revert back to BC/Wrath gearing, where pieces just had a fixed ilvl and sockets (if any) and there were just clear BIS pieces? I honestly miss it so much :( [..]

Let's not forget that Nzoth was originally planned to be a zone as big as Nazjatar (as per datamined files - more info in comments)


Hey there! I'm not sure I can post my arts to often, say if I can't D: Now I have my own Mona Lisa! well, literally it is Alleria Windrunner. She is pretty simple as style, but I wanted some bright colours and mb cartoonishness.


Might of the Grizzlemaw made by afflixit


Wipefest: Automated combat log analysis for Ny'alotha!

Hi all! I hope everyone is enjoying 8.3 and the new raid. I've spent a huge amount of time over these past few weeks scouring the dungeon journal and both PTR and live logs so that I can add Ny'alotha compatibility to [Wipefest](https://www.wipefest [..]

Tip for any who wants "Servant of N'zoth" title and toy!!

I just finished mine with 15 minutes to spare. This is how: 1. Get the quest while pvping in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. 2. Go to the world boss, mantid empress. 3. Kill off all the low health dps of your own faction. (I got 8 faction kills from [..]