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NexusForever WildStar Emulator - Dev Update - December 2019

Any news on a private server?

An odd little thing I've done

Hello there. Even though the game shut down I just cant bring myself to uninstall it, it feels wrong to do so some how, like having it installed is like a little headstone for the game. Does anyone else do soemthing simialr?

game with similar building to Wildstar's housing?

I've been itching for a similar building experience to plots in Wildstar: the fine control over the size/rotation of the parts, building a house from scratch, the countless hours sunk into getting every detail perfect.... oh how I miss my home in the

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 11 pt 1


Want your own Tales From Beyond The Fringe cover? Do I have a template for you! (See Comments)

#WildstarMemorial for the 28th, on Twitter.

Tomorrow will mark the 28th of November, on that day, 1 year ago, wildstar went offline. But we did not forget, and for that I ask you to hop on Twitter and post screenshots of your characters with the hashtag "#WildstarMemorial" Let's show them th


WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 10 pt 3

Anyone still have any Katia Build Tool set codes?

I've been playing around on a private test server, and building is mostly done. KBT even works! However, I uninstlled when the game initially went down, so I lost all of my KBT sets. Does anyone still have codes for good sets saved anywhere? Most spe

MMORPG WildStar comes back? Fans plan to run their own server

Wildstar 404 page in Blade and Soul (?)

I just wonder wth. Right now I'm semi-actively playing Blade and Soul (another game from ncsoft) and on the event page there was 404 page from wildstar... any idea how could it happen :O? Is it just typical error or maybe...? [404 error](https://pr

WildStar History of Nexus Chapter 10 pt 2

How do you make the emulator into a game?

I was wondering what it takes to make the current emulators come alive? Is it just constructing a database to handle the assets in relation to the characters? I'm honestly very curious about this.

The "Holy Grail of MMORPGs" Cleaning out my old room and came across my Game Informers, turned to a random page in the first one I picked up... Maybe it's a sign. 😥

Wildstar back in steam library

I don't know if this helps with the private server efforts but with the steam library overhaul Wildstar is back in your library if you played it via steam at some point. Not only that but all the files are available for download as well. Hope this he

How complete is the private server?

Honestly all I care about is the housing, I've got a huge housing itch that literally no game on the market can scratch, is housing functional on the private server yet? I don't want to go through the trouble of trying to get it set up if it's not lo

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 10 pt 1

Lightkate - it’s cause. Xpost so you might see this.

How well do you think a Private server will do?

The year is 2020-2022, Wildstar has been fully completed by the good folks at nexus forever/Arctium. ANd now someone plans to launch their own Wildstar server, the community reforms and it's like Avengers fuggin endgame with us all coming out of port

It's comming up to one year since the game shutdown, what new MMOs have people moved onto?

The anniversary of the shutdown is in a few weeks so thought it would be nice to hear if people are still playing MMOs and which ones they have moved onto. Personally I've started playing WoW classic since its launch a couple months ago and have bee

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 9 pt 3

Wildstar Reunion Party!

After painting the head, it's now finished! (Sorry if it's becoming spammy)