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WildStar: History of Nexus, Chapter 4 pt 3

NikaNika (commission for an EU player)

Whenever I am missing wildstar, I go here and listen.

There is hope! (Let me in)

WildStar: The History of Nexus, Chapter 4, pt 2

Working Discord Link?

I'm aware that a Discord server exists for Wildstar (unless it was deleted, which I don't think happened???) but none of the links work for it. I heard there was a permanent invite in the side-bar, but it didn't work either :/ ​ Sooooooo

Mordesh Madam In The Moonlight~

Finally decided what armor to mold. Will update after I'm finished painting it. (btw what flair do I put this on?)

"Mama, what were you like when you were a teenager?"

​ [\\"I was a little hotheaded.\\"](https://i.redd.it/2i7iwnu4bw731.jpg) Ill never get tired of editing these old pictures, there not great edits but something to get me off of work so I got loads more incoming! Thank you Wildstar! Ill

WildStar: History of Nexus, Chapter 4 Pt 1

Zellos is not impressed

Meeeooow! :3

Who misses me? :3



I put the communicator sound on Zedge

I miss the shit out of this game and its a shame so many files have been lost. Its not much, but anyone who uses Zedge, i put the datacron sound on there. Its my text tone. See you planet side cupcakes

I finally decided to give it a body. (And udjusted the head a bit, still not finished)

I made a Mechari head out of an SD Gundam head, it's still not finished yet. Not sure if I'm gonna make a SD body for this anytime soon.

Wildstar: History of Nexus, Chapter 3 Pt 3

The History of Nexus, Chapter 3, pt 2

Almost Done Version 1.0 of Chua or No Chua for your enjoyment...

Update on the Chua or No Chua Mini-Game

So I recently had a little bit of time to get to work on it, and here is the progress. ​ [Version 1.0 of the game board](https://i.redd.it/9y3grpmvvr431.png) ​ So this is the current state. The game basically is playing out

More sketches! (I messed up the scale of the aurin.)

Private Servers

I was never a big fan of Wildstar, but i kinda miss it. I would play it from time to time and really enjoy my stay, but I would always encounter a technical problem that would prevent me from playing even after contacting staff and reinstalling. I wa

I miss the Holo-wardrobe in Wildstar

The History of Nexus, Chapter 3, pt 1

The dungeon that broke groups by the halfway point, Ruins of Kel'voreth

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WildStar: History of Nexus, Chapter 4 pt 3