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Coronavirus in April be like:

​ https://preview.redd.it/l52ffniupbq41.png?width=1366&format=png&auto=webp&s=26b247d09f2c223bf2e4b90498ae08a61d9d8029

What happened?

I remember playing the game back in 2018, it seemed pretty cool but there really were no players. How's the game now? Can you still play?

Online Video Game Experience Survey

Hi r/WildStar My name is Thor Janson, and I’m a Cognition and Communication student at the University of Copenhagen. I am currently working on a research project as part of my Master’s program, and this involves conducting a survey that aims to

With everyone being recommended to stay indoors, now would be a great time to relaunch Wildstar.

Blizzard just activated double EXP for a month and I'm sure they are going to see a decent amount of people returning to WoW. Now more than ever would be a great time for a relaunch. But I'm just a hopeful Wildstar fanboy so what do I know, haha

Any TTRPG DMs Play Wildstar? Looking to build a Wildstar campaign with someone.

I've been going down an old trip down memory lane with the once great MMO Wildstar. Thanks to Nexus Forever, I've been able to revisit some of the great locations and relive old memories. I've been thinking about those glory days and now have an insa

WS Eternal: Kintallo Bladetail

Popped on my newsfeed today... oh the memories.

Is there an archive with extracted models from the game?

The design and models for Wildstar are still some of the best ones I've seen for handpainted models. Over the years, has anyone extracted the models or made some kind of archive that can be downloaded to inspect the models in a package like Blender

Was cleaning up Google drive and took a trip down memory lane. Eugenic roster/quitters and strats for anyone interested in taking the same trip.

Quitters/roster - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1odwNbJky-rJA6hudGxxxkVyU2oy6Us5CeCanyl44rWw/edit?usp=sharing Strats/Assigments - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ViRXFedQvTEmVPbT4u2OqqcAU7WW-TN7dAwGqXdfiuI/edit?usp=sharing

Our Own Nexus

Instead of hoping for a new game to fill the void that Wildstar left, why not create our own version of Wildstar?

A new mmorpg called corepunk graphic style and trailer give wildstar vibes all over.


League of Legends new TFT set reminds me of Wildstar so much.

Wildstar deserves its fate.

If only because developers went mad by not making Luminai playable. They could write the lore with them in mind being available to players. Rare, noble but still on the battlefield. How can you not include space elves in mmo? There were only two t

Belle Walker, done in ProCreate for iOS

Any MMOs similar to W* on the horizon?

Really miss this game. Pray everyday some billionaire buys the IP off NCSOFT and revives it (properly). I know this’ll probably never happen but I’m not sure if any other MMO is planned that’ll fill the hole W* left.


Can you like please just come back?....

My person opinion why Wildstar died.

Edit - can't edit titles :( I meant personal, obviously :P -------- **If you don't want to read a little background you can TLDR and skip this part.** ---------- ---------------- I think it had little to do with the game itself. I'm sure this has

Reddit advice: "There have been over 10000 visits to r/WildStar in the past week."

Well... I hope this says something. I played only a bit of WildStar. I quested for a about 4 hours and did one dungeon with some insanely strong guys and couldn't barely do anything while they quickly slashed through everything. I think I only saw

The only way wildstar can come back.

1. If it is picked up as a competitive pvp arena with game modes and pre set characters. 2. cosmetics for each body part can be purchased and applied to the pre set characters (similar to dota 2) 3. 4-5 skills per character, 20 different character ar

MMO Byte about Wildstar

It's been a long time since I did a WildStar video.

What are they doing now? How about you?

Since Carbine Studios closed down, what's the team currently doing atm? Are they working with NCSoft now? Or you, what are you playing to fill the void?

Kelyykha Ruinscaler, Draken warrior

An ache in my heart

To add to the growing litany of voices on these pages, lately I have been pining for WildStar and it's charming, imaginative, innovative style and gameplay/creativity in my life again. Witnessing the death of Blizzard by watching Activision choking t


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Coronavirus in April be like:

​ https://preview.redd.it/l52ffniupbq41.png?width=1366&format=png&auto=webp&s=26b247d09f2c223bf2e4b90498ae08a61d9d8029 [..]