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Why is it still on Steam?

Randomly saw it in my library and i can still install it. Not sure if i can play, but installing works. Kinda weird

I'm done

I played Wildstar since launch, then took a 1,5y break just to find out my favorite mmo got killed :( I was looking for a couple of weeks for another mmo similar to Wildstar to reignite my feelings for the game and the genre cuz Wildstar was the only

Appreciation post for the private server devs

Thanks for keeping the game alive, and being so persistent in reviving it through emulation. Not only can we get Wildstar back in the end, but we can improve upon it too as a community, and actually make substantial changes to the game (a bit like OS

Wildstar website now just redirects to NCSoft - no more goodbye message.

http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/ - Such a shame they can't even leave that in place

[Onion Cutting] Found my old Hard copy of the game from launch day.

Hey WildStar Fam, ​ Last weekend I was at my parents house helping them get ready for a move (Moving out from my child-hood home and onto greener Pastures) and during some of the cleaning, Come across my old Hard copy of WildStar that I

Where to find old WS balance changes?

I was watching some old PVP montages by this guy named [Sin](https://youtu.be/G579fP0Gv48). I know the WildStar website is gone and so are the forums. So is there a site that’s still accessible to read up on balance/reworks?

Private Servers won't be ready for a long time.

And I'm not saying this to shit on the developers currently working on it, but to 'aware' the people that are interested in playing. These things take time. It could be years until the developers get anywhere close to where Wildstar used to be. A fe

Wildstar OST albums have been removed from Spotify (at least in the UK) and I am devastated

All my game music playlists now feel incomplete. What a bloody shame... EDIT: I tweeted Jeff Kurtenacker regarding this and he replied today: https://imgur.com/UQqoBG8

Phlowbie server?

I have heard it floating around that Phlowbie (a former player) was working on a Wildstar server on top of the other ones but I cannot find any source of him or the server, anyone here can confirm or deny the rumor?

What Class do you think best represented each Race?

It's something I frequently consider, any time a game asks you to create a character. It seems clear that some of the Classes just "fit" some Races better than others, so just kind of curious what you guys thought? For example, Exile Humans seemed c

In Mourning:

I just got the itch to play this game again after taking a couple years to raise my child (could not play physically). I just looked back into this and find that Nexus has gone the way of Krypton/Alderaan. I feel mournful inside like a soldier coming

how do i use arctium's wildstar sandbox?

I've been able to launch the game and create a character so far but it crashes right after i try to enter the realm. Maybe i missed a step because i have a bunch of .tbl files that i didn't knew where to put or what to do with them. where do i put th

Chance of a Private Server?

Would there ever be a chance of someone having a Private Server for this game like how WoW has some for its expansions?? It was one of my favorite MMORPG's i had ever played. Would love to try to relive it some day.

Saw in /r/crappyoffbrands, knew it really belonged here...

Scrapped WildStar Classes: Dark Weaver, Elementalist, Sorcerer, Berserker, Charmer

* Dark Waver: Dark Weaver was the scythe class according to the doc. Shadow magicians, manipulating shadow into dark spells and black arcane magic. They manifest their shadow power externally creating a "shadow skin" and casting spells of shadow agai

I want the models but don't have the files

So I want to recreate my old character from day 1 but I quit the game some time before shut down and only found out afterwards. But now that it's gone I feel a hole in my heart and want to keep hold of this special game in this little way. I know the

Influx - The precursor to Wildstar: Story, Characters, World & more

Influx was the precursor to #Wildstar. It had a lot of the same elements and names that ended up in the finished product, but was just a bit different. It had the Eldan, Luminai, Defiance (Exiles), Imperium (Dominion), but also the Omniverse and Flux

Eshara - Cut Race of the Exiles (Defiance)

What's Some of The Scumbaggiest Things You've Seen From People Before and After the Game Ended

Why's there no shitpost tag? Cmon mods damn! I'm low key kinda curious, I got some of the general things just from recent posts made on the reddit site listed below as examples. * 20 Minute Advertisement about BDO * 2 Page invitation to SWOTR * A li

Saw this at Walmart today..

Wildstar Pre Alpha UI ... WTF :P

Eternity Isles

The (scraped) Vultureman!

Scraped One Handed Sword Melee Class

Scraped Ranged Scythe Class

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Why is it still on Steam?

Randomly saw it in my library and i can still install it. Not sure if i can play, but installing works. Kinda weird [..]