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The History of Nexus, Chapter 2, pt 1

A Petition to resurrect Wildstar maybe?

So, as the title says,i know this may sound crazy but would this be a bad idea? I mean can't we just gather as many signatures as we can in order to make it visible that we really loved this game and we wanna see it alive again. Maybe under a differe

The History of Nexus, Chapter 1, pt 3

The History of Nexus, Chapter 1, pt 2

I feel like this is super relevant to Wildstar. I know this game wasn't perfect but I sure as hell loved it.

The History of Nexus, Chapter 1, pt 1

Website assets

Hello, I was wondering if someone saved all the website assets from the Wildstar website before it went down?I'm not talking about solely the backgrounds/wallpapers and concept art, but all things to basically recreate the design that the website us

Dominion Holonet Most Wanted Announcement: Ramona T. Travis "The Killer Bee"

​ [If Seen Contact Your Local Dominion Legionnaire. Do Not Attempt To Apprehend.](https://i.redd.it/ih2rptderlv21.jpg) Wanted For : Murder Of Multiple Legionnaire Soldiers and Officers - Destruction and Desecration of Dominion Outpost -

The End result: Well.. not truly the end but y'know, least the end for Wildstar anyways.

After having done some talking with the NCSoft WPR department, the conclusion is this: They are unwilling to give up the IP for various reasons most of which I cannot discuss except for one, the IP while to us was an astounding game with alot of p


Anyone else going to be playing Pantheon whenever the hell it is released.

Seeing stuff like this makes me mad. 1) for cheating customers 2) reminding me of what was lost

Looking for OST Vol 1 and 2

Hello, I jut noticed that the Wildstar soundtrack dropped off of my music service. I was going to listen to it in the Gym I saw there were some Dropbox links posted where you could download it, but they appear to be defunct. Did anyone manage to

Old Loading Screen (2006)

Can someone start a private server already?

I want to get back to Nexus :d

A new MMORPG similar to WS

Hi there, I was browsing mmorpg news the other day and I found this game: [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/readyupstudios/oath](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/readyupstudios/oath) Yes, unfortunately it is a kickstarter page, so it is in

The Vigilant Star - 33 Years old.

2:17 What's that on his shoulder? [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-NXdWk9sm8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-NXdWk9sm8) Could it be the same as the thing above Phineas' head? [https://ibb.co/BCt2JV3](https://ibb.co/BCt2JV3) Maybe it's the sa

Is it still possible to extract Wildstar audio files?

Since the game is no longer available for download, is the audio, music, and boss quotes lost to the anneals of time? Are the gamefiles posted anywhere for download? I want to access audio files of stormtalon and Forgemaster ( kel voreth) without g

Hows the asset exporter going?

Anyone working on an exporter for the assets still?

Playing Borderlands makes me miss Wildstar.

man the music, ambience, vistas, jokes etc are all similar to Wildstar, I miss this game so much, it was fantastic to play and such a fun concept. Wildstar please comeback fast

Someone Win The Lottery

And find a great publisher and dev team to bring Wildstar back. There's no other MMO like it =(

I'd like to make some dreams come true.

Hello there. ​ I'm an up and coming programmer/developer and a long-time fan of WildStar. With the recent closure of Carbine Studios and the subsequent shutdown of WildStar's servers, I've been looking into the idea of getting a team tog

So, theoretically, what would you like to see in a Nintendo Switch port/revival.

This is a light hearted thread to vent some of those wildstar feels. I'd like to see a switch port, it'd probably have to be refocused around world content instead of group content, kind of like gw2 where a lot of the game is just map stuff. But I t

Wildstar Font - extended

​ Hey there. I've been feeling nostalgic over Wildstar like many of you, so i decided to make an extended version of the existing Wildstar Nexus font, originally made into font by [http://punmonster.tumblr.com/](http://punmonster.tumblr.

How I revisited Nexus today: Running Wildstar

part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia7blvftYbM

We all know the only reason she survived to age 30 is through Kevo's constant vigilance and work

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The History of Nexus, Chapter 2, pt 1