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Would anyone be interested in buying my Rowsdower plushie?

Are any of the private servers playable?

Anyone here know?

Harken Interactive interviews previous Development Director on Wildstar

Jon Jelinek talks development on Wilstar in recent interview

Hey my friends - I figured there was no better place to put this interview than here. I loved Wildstar and got the chance to interview Jonathan Jelinek (the game's Development Director/Exec) about the ups and downs of life at Carbine. We talk a who

The Outer Worlds as WildStar Substitute?

What's the best way to learn the plot of the game?

I actually want to learn what happened in the game, I never got far enough to find out how the story ended and I was very interested in all of the stuff about the Eldan and the Dominion and the Exiles and Dorian Walker and all this. So is there a a

You can close your website, you can close my account, you can close the game, you can close your game studio, but you will never take this from me

I saw that guy earlier talking about a torrent with the entire wildstar soundtrack

I downloaded the files ages ago so I threw a torrent together. I'm the only one seeding it atm so it'll be slow, but if you add it then it should download after a while. ​ magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5b50ac3fa1a38672d59bca3236e8b39b613be508&

Anyone got a download to the entire wildstar extended OST? There’s a youtube playlist, but I’d prefer not to individually download all 251 songs by hand.

EDIT: https://reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/el1l1n/i_saw_that_guy_earlier_talking_about_a_torrent/ [The youtube playlist in question.](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYI9EPUJIJn-hHtogLyY4ecvW80Xx-_7M) Is anyone aware of a torrent/zip/etc.

Wildstar replacement

Hello people! I don't know about you but I've been dying to find a game to fill the hole wildstar left, and unfortunately I still didn't. I however found one that scratches the itch to play wildstar particularly well. Kingdoms of Amalur. It's a sing

Any chance this could be Wildstar?

WildStar: History of Nexus, Epilogue

Pappy is still showing love for this game

Happy WINTERFEST cupcakes!

Wildstar Reborn: (Update Transmission)

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of their holidays. First I want to clarify that I intended on starting the updates with the first official release of the Wildstar alpha, but I feel as if it is more important to show you more of w

Happy Holidays from a Wildstar away~

Wildstar Revival (Project)

**Information** * I have been working on a project to bring back Wildstar to its original state, this project is called "Wildstar Reborn". I have been working on this for a long period of time and the project is almost ready for an alpha release and

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 11 pt 3

Hello! Veteran player here! Is Wildstar still worth to play in 2020? I miss this game!!!

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 11 pt 2

NexusForever WildStar Emulator - Dev Update - December 2019

Any news on a private server?

An odd little thing I've done

Hello there. Even though the game shut down I just cant bring myself to uninstall it, it feels wrong to do so some how, like having it installed is like a little headstone for the game. Does anyone else do soemthing simialr?

game with similar building to Wildstar's housing?

I've been itching for a similar building experience to plots in Wildstar: the fine control over the size/rotation of the parts, building a house from scratch, the countless hours sunk into getting every detail perfect.... oh how I miss my home in the

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 11 pt 1