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We all know the only reason she survived to age 30 is through Kevo's constant vigilance and work

[ChuaOrNoChua] Converting Addon to Windows for enjoyment and nostalgia purposes

Original Addon: [https://wildstar.curseforge.com/projects/chua-or-no-chua](https://wildstar.curseforge.com/projects/chua-or-no-chua) I never did get it done, because I forgot to push the final version as I got side-tracked making a blackjack game an

I miss this game and especially Whitevale

I've been watching love death and robots on Netflix. The episode suits, episode 4 has a very cool Wildstar vibe. Thought I'd share. Highly recommend.

Someone in WSRP Discord brought up "Super Crown on the Caretaker" so this happened

Draken sibs

Pharmaz, one of the Eldan in my fancomic

My Exile spellslinger Gwydion

My Cassian spellslinger, Emidia

My Cassian warrior and Exile warrior defected from their respective factions to run off together. In RP they were both members of CoGS, but I could never play both at once. Yay Photoshop!

My main, Kelinarick Starleaf, for Retromissile's art collab

WildStar OC, Amedryth Stormcloud. Supposed to be one of Myala's consorts (yes, canonically she had a bunch)


My Exile engineer, Agamemnius. I fully intend to continue drawing WS fanarts FOREVAR

You know what this sub needs? More fanart. Here's my Exile esper, Arayden

One of the main reasons Wildstar failed

It did not have playable Luminai. Too much furry and too little space elves. It has directly affected fashion game.

extracting texture files?

has anyone had any success extracting textures? I have been trying to get the texture for the hoverboard I had in wildstar so I can recreate it in a longboard irl. I desperately need the Go-Go hoverboard textures ;-;

Doing a WildStar fancomic. Warning: it's very heavy on the headcanon. Hope you enjoy

The Discussions Begin: A potential path to redemption.

Today marks my first attempt to contact NCSoft West's Public Relations and Business Development Departments in attempt to purchase the Wildstar IP, I would like to note nothing has succeeded or failed yet because this is something that will take time

Private server.

not sure if this is a thing for this game, but if it is where can i find one? would love to play some wildstar again in my spare time. i miss it so

WildStar Soundtrack

Due to the fact, that the WildStar OST has disappeared from Spotify (and no one seems to be responsible for re-uploading it), I decided to upload a nice collection of the WildStar soundtrack. Unfortunately I don't know on which site I had picked this

I miss Wildstar even though i barely played it

I used to be hugely into Wildstar in like 2015-16 but i couldn't play it since my gfx card was too weak. Until i got a new one and played it for about a month, it was a good game but the story didn't really intrigue me. so i deleted the game, and i'd

Wildstar's Revival Petition Update: A Rising Phoenix.

Wildstar’s Revival Petition now has 6.75k supporters and is nearing 7000 fast, we need more people to support the petition to see this game returns. Please help support our cause. [https://www.change.org/p/ncsoft-wildstar-s-revival](https://www.ch

Why did Wildstar fail?

Remember Camel Explains? Camel Remembers. Clear and concise explanations.