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Private server?

Any up yet? I miss this game.

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 8 pt 3

SD mechari WIP update: making a better head that can light up and some unfinished paint.

Interest in Wildstar Multimedia projects (novels , comics,...)?

It is really sad that this MMO is dead. This universe is really colorful and full of crazy characters and now everything is gone because the server is offline. If NCSoft would decide to tell stories in this universe through different means (comics,

God these were good times. Sorry for some of the old school memes.

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 8 pt 2

After all this time, I still miss Wildstar...

​ [So I decided to never change background, badges and everything related to beloved Wildstar](https://i.redd.it/vs32q6fy6aq31.png)

NPC #6(?) Voxine (I don't know if she's in the game as a NPC or not)

Does anyone have a download?

Silly question I know but hear me out. On the Nexsus forever github i require a version of the game to play, that is the only thing I do not have. Can anyone help a sister out?

is there/will there ever be anther game similar to wildstar?

I ddidn't really play that much, but it's still pretty sad to see another part of the mmo market crash. I've always wanted to get into an mmo and wow classic is pretty fun, but is there another mmo with gameplay that really flows well?

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 8 pt 1

Wake up WildStar community , lets make some memes

I miss this game so much

Played at the beginning and then stopped around December 2015. Was able to be in a group that downed [System Daemons](https://youtu.be/hG7SwrDA0-g) early on. Played 2 full Warplots the entire time, so much potential. I am sure that I tried over a doz

NexusForever WildStar Emulator - Dev Update - Sept 2019

My character's wardrobe from back in the day

My day in one word


WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 7 pt 3

[Fanfiction Alternaverse only] The Liberation of Arboria

Astoreth Dunemaw (done in Procreate for iOS)

Khloreena Vishalov (done in Procreate for iOS)

Kelinarick Starleaf (done in Procreate for iOS)

NPC #5: Protostar employee (but with silly unnecessary edits)

Looking for my character pictures (Alfalfa Lionhead)

Hi all, So apparently I have no saved pictures of my character on my computer, and the only one that I found here are from guild kill with my character being 20 pixels. Is there a way to access the official wildstar forums? Maybe like an archives t

JK | Q&A Volume 4 - WildStar Edition: Part 4

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 7 pt 2

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Private server?

Any up yet? I miss this game. [..]