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WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 7 pt 2

The Datascape

I put Voxine in r/layers. I tried my best.

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 7 Pt 1

Real life snarf

As a tribute to Wildstar I rant about the lack of preservation of online games

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 6 pt 3

how many players did Wildstar average by the end? (just before the shutdown announcement)

because Ive seen some mmos that average like 70 players per day or less.

Gonna take a pause after this. But anyways, here's NPCs wave 3!

Vladimir Lenin except he is a Mordesh.

Preserving WildStar. A video series I worked on before the game shutdown. I rode around the entirety of a zone and messed with things so you can see the world of Nexus.

Sadly, I was not able to record all of the zones, and I'm missing some parts of places. I regret not leveling a Dominion character, because I wasn't able to get much of the dominion side. But here it is Preserving WildStar https://www.youtube.com/w

Virtual vs Physical Worlds - What is Escapism? (Psychology Study)

[https://mdxl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV\_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf](https://mdxl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf) \- Link to the survey on Qualtrics. To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+.

WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 6 pt 2

Finished drawing these three today.

JK | Q&A Volume 3 - WildStar Edition: Part 3

A tranquil spot outside the walls of Grimvault

JK | Q&A Volume 2 - WildStar Edition: Part 2

WildStar: History of Nexus, Chapter 6 pt 1

My housing tours YouTube playlist

Here is a PVP video i made 4 years ago if anyone is intrested, shows world pvp, arenas and BG's. Sorry for the lag spikes once in a while :)

I drew some NPCs I saw while watching some of my recordings. I drew mecharis first because they're the easiest for me. I'm gonna do more NPCs from my recordings sometime soon.

The Bloodfire Village in all its glory

Question about the game's model files.

Was clearing out the ol harddrive and stumbled across my pre-F2P wildstar install. At some point in years gone by I had extracted a bunch've model files using wildstar studio and was wondering if anyone in the intervening years had found out how to u

Jeff Kurtenacker Q&A Volume 1 | Wildstar Edition

Ascent Guild Picture!

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WildStar: History of Nexus Chapter 7 pt 2