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What is Tot (ankama producer) talking about in his latest blogpost 12/5/19

He password protected it. Anyone able to relay what's this about? [https://tot-prod.blog/2019/12/06/quand-le-mal-se-fait-mal/](https://tot-prod.blog/2019/12/06/quand-le-mal-se-fait-mal/)

I cant download wakfu :(

I try downloading and it gets stuck at 50% then I pauses it and pause and it goes past 100% tried contacting customer support and I still haven't gotten response, HELP!! Edit: just now fixed it, had to do with my SD card (lol I use a sd card cause m

What would be the best and most fun class to start out with

I have watched the tv show but have never gotten around to downloading any of the games... until now. I'm new to mmorpgs (if thats the correct term) I dont mind complicated things as long as it isn't overly complicated and I just seek to experience t

Mah kamas

Is it advisable to start playing the game as an Eniripsa?

I mean, it's my main on Dofus and it's a somewhat fun class to play there, so I wonder if it's as much fun here as it is there, so I appreciate very much your help in this matter, guys ^^

Orepo looks so delicious

Lovers be lovers :3 by ManueCote

When someone says Wakfu is stupid

Current state of the wakfu anime/series?

As someone who got into wakfu some time ago and got absolutely hooked the sad day of having no more wakfu to watch has arrived. Out of curiosity i searched the web for info regarding a potential season 4 but was met with sad news of cancelations fr

Who remembers this episode?

Remington Active Guilds

I'm a player returning from dofus and started playing Wakfu on remington server. I've been lacking the dofus feeling as the maps/game feel mostly empty even during peak hours. I'm in this relatively active guild, but no banter and playing together. S

Can anyone link me or screenshot me what the brutality gem does?

Ankama is a mess

So me and my friend were gonna get back into Wakfu and do two 3 man teams, well my friends payment gets declined (he's used this exact method on this account before), and then 24hr later he just gets banned. He's been banned before and it took them 7

Selling my accounts if anyone interested

haven't logged on in over a year, had a level 190ish Cra, Enu, Iop, Feca, Osa and Ensripa (remington). Cra has crafting ranked up through Moon, and they all had decent gear for their level, as well as a bunch of kamas, ikiakits, and such. Send me a

S1 Tristeva In A Nutshell

Babysitting by Guitaryuga

How do I get a Paunchy Gordon?

Also, would you guys recommend a Paunchy Gordon or an Aboon for a brutality Ecaflip?

Watch order of the anime series?

Hi! Im a bit confused about the watch order of wakfu. Ive watched S1 -> Nox OVA -> S2, and being done with season 2 im a bit confused as to where i should continue. Should i just jump directly into S3? Should i watch the quest for the six eliat

I'm posting my old memes sorry

Sound Effects?

I'm giving the show a try on Netflix. But what's bothering me the most is the sound design. Namely, nothing makes noise.. like in the ugly princess episode, the wardrobe smashes to smithereens and it barely makes a noise at all. This happens througho

Ideas for 6 man comps

Me and my friend are rejoining Wakfu for another try. We have some characters at level 140-ish and we are considering changing some classes around. What are some ideal comps and what are some comps that work but may not be the most "meta"? He will u

Monopoly night! by s_elle

Renaissance Painting

What is your characters backstory?

I have a Pandawa named Betanka that quite literally was an overconfident drunkard that went on random adventures, had a very loose definition of morality and frankly didn't care where he went so long as he was having fun, usually with a girl or drink

When should I switch to the English Dub on Netflix?

I’ve heard that the English dub gets better after awhile, but I’m not sure when. I can’t stand it right now (except for that Robot guy, I love his voice), so I’ll watch the original French version until whenever it gets better.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

What is Tot (ankama producer) talking about in his latest blogpost 12/5/19

He password protected it. Anyone able to relay what's this about? [https://tot-prod.blog/2019/12/06/quand-le-mal-se-fait-mal/](https://tot-prod.blog/2019/12/06/quand-le-mal-se-fait-mal/) [..]