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Wakfu Amalia Custom Figure by renirevenge

Decent team comp

Hey people! ​ I've convinced a friend of mine to come and play wakfu with me today, so I'm making 3 new characters (Since I've got the hero booster). Now I'm wondering what a good setup would be with not "too hard to learn" classes. I c

Looking for a clip

Hey its me again and this time I'm looking for the death of box scene I read the wiki and was told that it was at the end credits for season 1 but I watched the last episode and looked for it on YouTube but couldn't find it, I must have been looking

A wakfu comic for Father's Day by a9971309

​ https://i.redd.it/0pxk95q8mr431.png https://i.redd.it/hhr3i4s9mr431.png [https://www.deviantart.com/a9971309/art/wakfu-Short-comic-2-Mirror-1-511051618](https://www.deviantart.com/a9971309/art/wakfu-Short-comic-2-Mirror-1-511051618)

A new Sacrier!

Hey folks. Dipping into Wakfu again finally and enjoying Sacrier. A lot has changed or I have a poor memory...anyhow, what should I be focusing on to be some resilient damage? So far I've been focusing on stacking armor, the aoe fire ability and th

So I fucked up the tutorial, fell down then shut wakfu down, now it didn’t register I fell but did register I finished the quest, should I just do the tutorial again or can I still fix it?

Return to Wakfu

Hey guys! ​ After a break of a few years not playing I've decided that I'm pretty much done with all the other games I've spend way too much time on and I've been wondering if it is still worth it to come back to this game! I currently h

Interested in this show but kinda confused?

Quick question for all the real Wakfu fans. Do I have to watch Dofus: Kerub’s Bazaar and Dofus - Book 1: Julith to watch Wakfu? Also I know I have to watch the OVA’s between season 2 and 3 but what about the Nox, Ogrest, and Goultard OVA’s and

Dark Evangelyne by Fen825

Kamas Dofus / Wakfu

Hello guys ! I'm leaving Dofus and i'm going to play Wakfu MMO. I have huge quantity of kamas in Dofus, and I want to trade them all for kamas in Wakfu. Send me a private message if you have kamas in Wakfu-Dathura and want to trade it. Have

Yugo Gives The Best Hugs by FeederRock

Need some help with a high DPS Huppermage build

Hi! I'm looking for a good build for someone looking to maximize high burst damage for a Huppermage :) I'm mostly a returnee who only found out that the Huppermage was reworked 2 or so years ago.

So i recently found out that there's a Dofus anime out there but i don't know where to watch it...

So basically i've watched all of Wakfu (i think... it's been awhile) and recently found out there's a Dofus anime, but i don't know where i can watch it, preferably without English subtitles, and does anyone know the watch order for it? (I found a fe

Season 4

Guys , i have an question : Any one know if the season 4 is going to happen or not , i've seen people talking about not happen at all and some speaking it is coming out this year I DON'T KNOW WAT TO BELEVE!!!

Why the game request that I customize my character, did anything happen while I'm away?

Haven Bag Farming

Hey guys, I was just wondering where i could get the best planting rate for my haven bag when i'm using it to farm/gather. And what influences the plant % anyways?

Sacrier Luv by junawashere

Need suggestions for team improvement

Dear Wakfu patriots, ​ I'm one of the ''old'' fellas who was and still is here from the very beginning of this game, going back and forth with it. Also I'm completely lost with all of these changes, although I've been reading quite a l

Looking for people to play with.(New player)

Just as the title implies I am a returning player that is looking for people to play the game with.

dude-doodle is choosing a character to draw please vote for Amalia guys

Beginner - Question

Hello! I will be playing duo with my girlfriend, she picked Cra, and I am thinking about Xelor or Enu or Feca - they are good together, which one is the best? Or are there other better than these 3? Also, I want 2 more sidekicks besides our 2 Astru

The Chat Rooms have been created. Feel free to join if you want to discuss the Show or the Game!

There's two separate rooms. * One for the animated series (and other Ankama related animation) * One for the game

Fun Fact : Guillaume Houzé inspired one of the OST of "Parasite" (a japanese anime)

Kazunari Sengoku and Ken Arai made an arrangement of "Traitor to his people". For example you can look the beginning of the Ep.20 before the openinng. Link to Episode 20 of Parasite : https://youtu.be/PCIdShN_lVQ

Sadida Please by Vernacular

Season 3 of wakfu is.... Interesting.

They mispronounce everything and have weird voice actors. Adamai is like a discount Frieza, and everybody acts weird. I'm only a few episodes in but them pronouncing Iop like e-yop is #really# grinding my gears. Anybody know why?

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Wakfu Amalia Custom Figure by renirevenge