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tier list for new player

im looking for a tier list who have the highest dps who is the best tank and support etc

Patch 2.62 Events & Changes || everything you need to know

[Arisha] Graphic settings to make focus easier to see

I got back into the game playing Arisha, but her focus is hard to see. Are there any graphic settings I can change to m as ke it easier to see. My PC is well as bone specs and I don't mind graphic quality as long as the problem is fixed.

A somewhat new player looking for friends

Hey ya'll, my name's Angie and I've been playing Vindictus for about two years now. I'm looking for players willing to make friends with me and tell me abt new updates since my PC got replaced along with my progress deleted. Luckily I managed to get

Selling NX

Hi all, I cannot find clear information about what I can do in this regard. Can I sell NX for gold to a player? Do I have to sell items? Is it bannable? How can I do it? Can somebody guide me through this, please? Also, what would be the price?

need help downloading the game from outside service countries

just like the the titles says cant download it from the nexon launcher

State of the Game for a new player?

Looking to try out this game after some life-changing events, and was wondering how the game is right now in regards to the playerbase, accessibility, and the state of endgame/PvP, and if its affected by the cash shop/event handouts.

Possibly returning player, is the game dead?

Haven’t logged in for a good long while. Probably 2-4 years. Hopefully my characters haven’t been deleted by the server merge. Are boats still queuing up? Or are there really long wait times?

Why is everything but the mobs themselves destructible?

I'm fairly new to the game so forgive me if its something introduced in later zones but it bothers me to no end that a game where one of the selling points is the player's ability to destroy everything doesn't let you tear your opponents limb from li

can anyone help?

hey new player here, me and my friends are playing and right before entering the departure boat for some reason i got a pop up message saying "you have reached the limit of trips you can take.please refer to your battle quest window." what does that

After so many years...

When i was a kid, there was a friend of mine introduced to me to these mmorpgs from 2010. Dragon Nest and Vindictus. I was only able to spend my 8 years playing Dragon Nest SEA and never ever tried to play Vindictus because of IP block regions (sea)

Looking for people top play with

Relatively new player with a few 60+ accounts. Add me on discord AsianDelight #5507

Vindictus Deathmatch/FFA Hurk Tag Team VS Fiona

The guide I was hoping never to create for EU / NA

Came back after 5 years, need info before I start

I used to main Lann and Kai and got both max leveled before I ditched the game 5 years ago. Is the mechanics still the same? Is there any new important skills? Is Gallagher still an ass?

Reminiscing and Questions

Hello everyone! Like many of the posts I see, I am a Mercenary looking to return to the game I once thoroughly enjoyed. I played back in the closed beta of 2011 up to when they added that new Community Manager Zoltar(Just for reference, I thought he

Returning Bow Kai player

Hi! I am just returning to Vindictus after a couple years away from the game. When I last played, I was like level 70ish. I am now freshly 91 and still pushing to 100 leveling a Bow Kai. I have tried looking for an updated guide/template to work wi

Evie Schyte guide with AP location

Hi all, I am levelling up my Evie to 100 and I am not 100% sure what to max first. Right now, I managed to max Int mastery and magic mastery, I upped all the stats to get free AP for my character growth and now I am not sure where to continue. I was

New boss in Mabi:Heroes, Nyle the Darkknight

About the new character, Lethor

Hello I haven't played the game in a hot while (last time was when they released that gunslinger chick) but recently I saw this vid: []( This got me really hyped

Few question about windictus pserver

I'm installing windictus, i wanted to know how it is the population? experience for new players? lag? and finally are dungeons challenging like in good old day or they are like official servers? Sry if i asked something that was not allowed, delete

About old post "Is it worth playing Vindictus in 2019? My opinion"

Well... in my opinion, in 2020, NO, its not worth playing Vindictus, beacuse u take a great amount of time playing and money wasted buying gear and expensive outfits, ending with a RAMDOM BAN from a GM and all what they say is "you have violated the

Returning player to the EU servers

Hey guys, so me and my friends recently decided to go back to vindictus but i wanted to know since alot of people say EU servers are completely dead.. is that true? Cant you get people to make raid runs with anymore? Also do people play on steam? Cuz

Game is Dead

Game is dead because the Nexon GM staff is ban players randomly, dont know why people still play this s\*\*t.

An always returning player streaming Vindictus!

Hello everyone, I made a post a little bit back asking about returning on my character. Just came to drop my stream link for you guys to criticize my noobiness and maybe help me out! [\_](

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

tier list for new player

im looking for a tier list who have the highest dps who is the best tank and support etc [..]