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Name Deletion

How long until a name is free to use again after deletion on the emulator?

Player Searching for a Former Player

Wow this is gonna be a reeeaaal long shot. I first played Vanguard with my dad when I was about 7 years old. People knew me as "Dorky's daughter" and as I got older, I'd participate in raids with the guilds he was in and just be his shadow, basically

New to Emu

Just thought I’d introduce myself to the community. Playing with my girlfriend on the Emu and having a blast! It’s in my dreams that one day, hopefully, this server will resemble some sort of complete product! I’m skeptical but hopeful.

Favorite Dungeon (Pre-Raid)

Hey all. Just posting for something fun. What was your favorite Vanguard dungeon and why? I think mine was either Trengal Keep or Dargun's Tomb. I liked Trengal Keep because it was the first real dungeon I attempted at launch on my shaman. Dargun's

I'm excited to see more!

Hey, I just wanted to pop my head in and say I love what I see so far. I have been lurking in the Pantheon forums for several months now and learned of Vanguard from there. I got around to installing the vanguard emulator last night. I killed a


I played the game when it was out and continued till it died. I recently found the emulator and wanted to know how much was done and how close it was to the original game. I'm still in touch with the group of friends who played it with me and I'd lov

Loading up Vanguard

So... I'll have to admit that I am COMPLETE and total newb to Vanguard. It died before I ever had a chance to get my hands on it. So huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in ressurecting it. That being said, anyone have any advice?

Anything new happening around here?

Itching to build me a BOAT and fish me some FISH!

Now that history build dragon is up, did timeleap came back?

History build dragon is a powerful card together with gear groovy so was hoping it returned somehow?

Sanctuary of Ibuteon

How do I summon Ibuteon? Where do I go and do I need a specific item? If I need a specific item how do I obtain it? I completed everything else in the quest. The summon in the graveyard is a different mob where you collect the brain arms legs etc to

Commands for exploration/testing

First of all a big thank you for keeping the game online. So many good memories. I wonder if someone could tell me of commands such as run really fast, level up or immortality so I can easily visit places? Keep it up.

Time for some updates!

From the Devs: 1. NPC melee damage increased 2. NPC's now have the strike ability 3. Stuck in combat bug hopefully gone 4. You can go through the motions of fishing but cannot catch anything yet 5. Rest exp has been added (most locations are not set

Check vs electronic transfer

My wife and I are arguing about the best way to get funds into aa vanguard account. Her dad thinks it is better to ssend a physical check through the mail. Me, I think (KNOW) that it is better to do an electronic bank transfer. Because we have to sen

Any news on things around here?

Like maybe someone finding a USB stick in Daybreak's garbage bin that has the whole game/server structure on it?

What is the state of the emulator? Is it something i could consider sticking with as a new, old-school style mmo to play?

as the title says

Proposed Changes to Jewelry Crafting

After discussing with the other developers, we have come to the conclusion that we should try to redo the way Crafted Jewelry works in Vanguard. I understand that people might be purists and don't want to see any changes being made from the way

Anyone ever want to play?

Hi all, never played Vanguard during release but came across the emulator when I was looking at pantheon stuff and wanted to give it a go. Jumped in last night and spent a few hours trying out some different classes 1-8 or so, didnt see anyone aroun

Oceanic Guilds

Any oceanic guilds playing this or many people playing in oceanic timezone?

can't wait to craft me some bows and put together some good kiting songs.

and go bard it up. go go emulator team!


When the card Opression Mutant Deity, Machining Despot skill said that ur opponent chooses his unit and preventing his unit from standing, can the opponent chooses his vanguard and preventing his vanguard from standing if there are no other rearguard

Crafting is in!

There are some caveats! It is in a VERY EARLY STATE. Currently only available on the Isle of Dawn (If you already left, just /say .rift 1) Please go here for the details: I don't wan

Screenshots I found of V:SOA

Shaman Patron Quests are in!

Shaman Patron Quests are in. It will start from Shaman Instructors at level 15. (Not healer instructors, Shaman specific). Note that Shaman pets are not in yet. Not all of the abilities are scripted yet, in fact only some of the ones you get right

Around 20 people on today....

So awesome to see people on and testing. Leth Nurse and Lomshir quests went well!

Are there any plans to have working boats or houses?

I know this stuff is a long ways off, but at least the ship building/sailing/fishing was some of the most fun I've had in an MMO. Anyone planning to tackle that in the emulator?

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Name Deletion

How long until a name is free to use again after deletion on the emulator? [..]