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Wanting to get in the game. Where to start?

Like the title says. Never played UO. Want to get into it. Where to start. Which server.

Ultima Online PvP - Parry/Macer Mage - Epic Damage

Found a UO Charter Edition sealed...couple of questions, Please

I found a UO Charter Edition sealed. It is actually still sealed in the UPS box it came in at launch. I had ended up with an extra copy and never opened this one, not even out of the UPS box. My questions are... 1. How much might it be worth? 2.

Wrote an Ultima Online lower your ping guide about 20 years late

When you place your first 18x18 and all that potential floor space goes to your head

Does anyone still play? Are there still bank sitters? What server has the highest population?

I miss the game a lot. Can’t believe OSRS is alive but this isn’t.

The UO Map (Update 1) - Legends of Ultima (Ultima Online 2) : A Legends of Aria Community Server

Ultima Online - UO Outlands - Part 9


Anyone actively playing on Oceania shard?

Does anyone have the full version of ultimate 2 Client Fighter Move by nilmer?

I dont play alexandria to create the video to get the full version. If ya got the full version could u dm me it please? Thanks!

Veteran Rewards Question

I recently tried getting my old account back. I was a 15 year active subscriber when I finally let my account lapse and they say they can't find my account. I'm finally ready to rejoin, but I was curious about the old veteran rewards systems. I'd ha

New to Ultima Online

Hi, i've been a fan since the orignal Ultima, but never made the transition to UO. I'm super excited to get started. What does a UO newbie like me I need to know?

Ultima Online - UO Outlands - Part 8

anyone from pacific?

my mage was Rolex and my warrior was Bomb.. i lived in feluccia by chaos shrine and on marble island. Was a rares collector / pvper and was in The Green Horde.

The UO Outlands client came with possible malware, lil yikes

Specifically, the file in <Outlands Ultima Online\\ClassicUO\\libs\\x64\\SDL2.dll> triggered a warning threat, linking to this malware in my antivirus: [https://www.avira.com/en/support-threats-summary/7952?track=1](https://www.avira.com/en/su

"Marking" quest items?

Hello, I am a new player, the only other time I tried to figure out UO was back around 2008 or something. I made a Blacksmith character earlier today on the Catskills shard and started up in New Haven. After running around a bit and exploring the are

I think this is the most beautiful song of the game; Stones.

Gmed 3, omw to a complete summoner/chest raider build.

Which side are you on? Chaos or Order?

TNW Q&A with Raph Koster, lead designer of Ultima Online, 11/13 - Submit your questions in advance

When you hear "Kal Vas Flam"...

Porting UO to unity

I created a long post but it was deleted... short version is: Steam release, part open development, bringing new dimension in shard development. Another Idea was using Godot since its full open source Any developers who are interested in?

Sometimes you know these maps more than your neighbourhood.

Coming back to UO after some time away looking for shard info/opinions

As the title says I'm looking to come back to Ultima Online after a few years of break from the freeshards and I'm just looking for accurate info in terms of what still considered active within the community and any opinions on which shards to steer


It is a free ultima Online Shard with custom content, where the admin listens to the player base, Features Include No Skill Cap, Stat Cap 300 Balanced Combat System, Custom Mobs, Custom Dunegons, Daat99 toke system, Custom Cooking and Hunger and fod

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Wanting to get in the game. Where to start?

Like the title says. Never played UO. Want to get into it. Where to start. Which server. [..]