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Found this in my dads garage today

Was going through some of my old storage bins and pulled these out.

If Origin / EA / (Mythic) released a 'UO Classic' I'd subscribe tomorrow.

I'm sure this thread has been made a thousand times considering how many 30 year old boomers are kicking around dying to relive the 1999-2001 era of this game (and how no other MMO has yet to \*really replicate\* the feeling of classic UO), but- &am

How do you get the most out of the enhanced ui?

I’m newly returned to uo and using the enhanced ui. I am pretty sure I’m not using it as efficiently as I could. What are some of your favorite features/macros/organizers? Screenies welcome.

Thinking about playing again

Hi! I used to play uo on free server when I was younger and I'm thinking about giving it another go. Is it worth it to go on the official server or free shard is the way to go?

Ultima Online Shard Staff Opportunity

Hello, Ultima Online community! ​ I am planning to start three Ultima Online servers shortly. One will be LegionUO, a challenging Ultima Online: Renaissance server designed to give even the most skilled veteran a run for his or her money

was there ever an in-game email system?

i remember there being one, global chat is calling me crazy though.

Returning UO Player need some help

So I grew up playing Ultima Online one of my favorite games by far, I never got into the hardcore side of things though. I would only raise my skills, because all I knew it would help lol. My question is how do you fight "correctly" example being f

Help with account?

So I wanted to try UO again after a very long absence. It's been at least 10 years since I've played (and I played the game for 9 years prior to quitting). I downloaded the client and I'm still able to log into my old account through the client, but

This summer UO Lands became "crazy"

Hello everyone ​ During July, new players will get an amazing push to start playing. Some of these advantages that your first character will have: ​ \- Skill ball to raise 7 skills to 100 points each one ​ \- S

Why has nothing material been done in an update to combat the crazy inflation on official servers?

I recently rejoined after over 15years. I played for a solid 2 years on and off before I left in 2004. I spent most of my time just exploring and farming resources and gold. What strikes me is that after all this time nothing has been done to co

Most popular UO server?

What is the most populated ultima online server with most amount of freedom and has a strong community that will last a long time? Also is there a site where I can actually see which UO server is the most popular by list? I saw one site but it was ou

Returning ?

Hey guys, ​ Was feeling like giving a try after \~15 years ahah Couldn't play the video in the below link, how I should do that ? Anyway to get my former account ? [https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/a-summary-for-returning-players

Looking for an awesome decorator!

The Warwickshire server has been live a couple of weeks and it needs some beautification in the housing area. I've tinkered on a few but I'm not an expert. If you're interested in creating new designs on a blank canvas with limitlesss resources and

Returning Player LF Advice

Hey folks, I started back when AoS came out. Played very casually for a while but never really did anything. I've played mostly Second Age Shards for the past few years. I'm starting fresh on OSI for the first time since 2003, I chose Atlantic and r

What programs are/aren't allowed on OSI?

Long ago I paid for UOAssist, I have since lost all that account information. I started up on Endless Journey but am really missing the functions of Razor and UOAM (the latter which seems to be dead). What are some alternatives and is UOAssist still

Did blackrock just start appearing again?

Apologies if this is well-known, but I just signed back up after 12 years away...everything I read about blackrock is historical, stuff that happened since I was a subscriber last. But in the last few days I've found three pieces just lying around wh

"Conan! What is best in life?" "Accidentally leading a bunch of chest guardians to a pixie tree and watching them fight it out."

Any Ultima Online fans in the house? Enjoy the latest Arcade Attack podcast interview with a true genre-defining gaming legend with Starr Long! Starr is Ultima Online's legendary director & helped shape the whole MMO genre with his stellar work. The Origin Systems legend shares all!

The "You've got to be kidding me" Treasure Map

Any way to get the non-MIDI version of the OST?

For example, I would like to have [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN4dk-tEIPM) beautiful composition of the BGM for Moonglow. As opposed to [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMRlwVmetcc), admittedly also beautiful MIDI composition. I ca

Help for a new player?

I'm brand new to the game (loving it so far) and thanks to some amazing people in game I have been given a bit of a head start. I have been trying to find info online so please forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question but I'm trying to find some wa

Starting UO for the first time ever, any advice?

I'm not sure why I have skipped UO for so long, I have been playing other MMORPG such as DDO EQ2 etc.. I wanted to give it a try and see if the game is still fresh after so many years. I need some guidance, where I can read about skills, what shard I

Logged in. Can't find my character [Will delete post upon solved]

Downloaded UO and upon logging in, I can't remember which server I played on. How do I find that out, or do I need to click one server after another until I find my character?

Dungeons in Felucca

I just got back into UO and I'm looking for some nice spots to farm in Felucca. Would be great to get some higher level t-maps this way. Thanks!

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Found this in my dads garage today