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The UO Map (Update 3) - Legends of Ultima (Ultima Online 2) : A Legends of Aria Community Server

The 7th Shard Happens video - Latest compilation of happenings in the Outlands


The perfect blend of Santiago-Sphere and RunUO [https://discord.gg/4wX7eCX](https://discord.gg/4wX7eCX) ​ [http://wiki.uoinfinity.net/index.php/Main\_Page](http://wiki.uoinfinity.net/index.php/Main_Page) ##### [https://youtu.be/0aPqhOk

Merge all shards

Hello guys, Im a returning player from Chesapeak, I started UO in march of 1998, it was a magical year, UO for me was the best experience that I ever had. I have tons on memories that I had on that game and especially on chesapeak. On september of

March is now over.

Anyone heard anything on the big news they were suppose to release in March? About bringing it to steam possibly..? I literally have checked google and this sub every day of March for it lol

Ultima Shards - Desolation | Season 2 - Launches 4/4/2020!

Eu based AOS-shard please

Some of the old shard devs now is the time! Everyone is sitting inside and there is absolutely 0 AOS-shards running with their servers in Europe. Cheers :)

Outlands: What to do with fish?

I am getting my daughter into UO, and she wants to fish. I don't know if Outlands is even the right server for us - but the one thing I cannot find is a vendor to buy either raw fish, or uncooked fish steaks. She wants to start making a bit of money

Fishing Template

So I want to try fishing again, but whats a good template for SOS and Fighting monsters and staying alive? Magery/SW fisher? Archer fisher? Help me oot! :) Latest UO expansion

So earlier i asked for a server..

.. And I found it, from the developers of ServUO emulator. So earlier i actually asked for an AoS/ML server, but found this. OSI up to date and all the fancy expansions. And Im having hella lot of fun. Never expected me too :) So besides my love fo

Ultima Online: Regular Edition from 1997 with cloth map and lapel pin

Hello guys, i was searching around but could not find any relevant tread. I have to clean the attic and found this gem, i have it since a long time, opened once, but never activated. Im planning to put it up to Fleabay could you give me a price esti

Wanna get into UO

But where would I start? Are shards just servers? Do most people play on private servers or does the game still have its own? Which client should install the regular or enhanced one? Any guides y’all recommend?

July 6, 2000.The day my account got banned.

EC Vendor Search Perma-Broke. CC works just fine.

After Googling, it seems it may be on my end since I didn't find similar issues in search. Anyone experience this? I've reinstalled and don't know what else to do. This is on official. Thanks.

The ink spill

Didn’t share it with the people who matter.

Anyone selling their cloth map from UO?

Looking for a cloth map from UO. Or the entire package, but mostly interested in the map.

UODreams Stygian Abyss Shard since 2003 http://www.uodreams.it/?t=giocare

Hail Friends, Are you stuck at home? No better time to check out UOHybrid The World’s Oldest Free Server! Discord invite with more details in comments!!

Trying to find old private server called UO:Unleashed

At least I think that's what the server was called. It used to be called something else before Unleashed but I think here were some copyright issues with the old name (?). I used to play a lot on that server, and was at one point a staff member there

Where to PvE in Lake Superior.

I've been logging in and out lately but I'm hesitant to start playing again because I hardly see anyone. What does everyone do? PvE or PvP? Where does everyone go for PvE now? I'm also seeing artifacts selling in the multi million dollar range, is

Active trade board

Hey guys, What are the active trade boards for atlantic? I've looked into HOT guild and official UO forum but not much stuff on there. I've tried using the vendor search option on UO but haven't had much luck finding stuff. Otherwise, what's the

THIS is home!! UO:Forever House Decoration!!

OSI vet accounts

Looking to get back into UO but lost all my accounts (believe my I tried getting them back, but I was a little jit and dont remember info/CC #s). So now I'm looking to buy a 3yr + vet account. Can be blank. Just want to ride ethy. I've looked Google

Extremely FUN Ultima Online Forever RolePlay video!!! (Don't watch)