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What happened

Was there ever a official message from the developer that the game was being canceled?

So he took the money and ran huh

Annual(ish) Who's Alive Post

Just realized that it's been about a year since my last post to this community! What's everyone been playing lately? I tried Albion online for about a month, but there's numerous problems with it and just doesn't make for a good experience, right no

Hey All, Who Still Exists?

Just seeing who is still active around here. What games have you been playing?

Similar game which *might* not die out?

This game

So... is Topia dead again?

This sub-reddit seems dead. has been returning an error for months. has become some random site. @topiaonline hasn't tweeted in months. So.... has it died again? Has anybody heard anything from Josh sinc

Need to know how to get my Steam key. Been a beta member since as long as I can remember.

If someone official can message me and get this squared away, I'd be extremely happy.

Brainstorming a new kind of political system

Think about it this way, Why would you want to have feudal kingdoms and other tried out system then we have the possibility to try out something new from scratch? I was thinking then the server is up and running, we start up a big mutual protection

Topia Inverse Kinematics Animation Test

A Happy Valentines day from Josh! (Showcasing the magic system)

Stress-testing the Spawn ability.

Josh showing off the true flexibility of Topia

New official forum online at

The new forum is online at If you are a pre-order member of Topia, you automatically have an account registered with your username/email/password. New user registration is disabled on the forum, and only subscribers of Topia will ha

Just you wait, one day ill get down there.

Easy way to host scripts locally until the next patch

So Topia seems to have some trouble using Dropbox public links (because of https?), so here's a quick and easy way to set up a local webserver. This is the way I've been doing it: 1. Install Python and make sure it is in your PATH variable 2. Open

Topia.Me.Move(0, 100, 0);

Double login works, and I now see I looked like a fool when I said I owned the bench.

New top-down camera view is now possible

Want to learn Javascript so that you can write Topia scripts?

Check out It follows a lot of the same principles as far as scripting characters goes. It will teach you pretty much everything you need to know.

Build 12 deployed with very basic hotkeys & Javascript in-game, C# API delayed

I just deployed build 12 which includes the very basic hotkey system for binding Javascript code. This is a complicated feature, so please bear with me for the next few days while it gets tested on a small scale. I've only exposed a tiny portion of

This game so far

Interesting new feature tonight

Some of you might find this interesting because no other MMORPG has really done it that im aware of. After tonight's update, up to 2 connections will be allowed per account. This is an important part of the API because it allows you to play/observe

Small bug found in-game

While it doesn't seem possible to walk off the sides of the map, you can walk off the corner of the map. [As seen in this screenshot.](

New species found: Cerberus

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

What happened

Was there ever a official message from the developer that the game was being canceled? [..]