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Just do it!

Reinstall! PvP and PvE are getting more active by the day. Jump back in and join friends old and new in The Secret World!

RPG Abilities

Good Morning Beekeepers! Im looking at designing a RPG module for a tabletop that is very story heavy, and im wondering what sorta concepts I should be working on for capstone abilities ​ basically, im thinking: For the Templars, a soc

Is TSW Dead?

I used to play the shit out of TSW 2015-2017ish, just wondering if there’s any life left to the game Edit - Also I just really miss this game :(

Indigenous Nonprofit Successfully Reclaims Ancestral Lands

Any Dragon PVP?

Are there still Dragon peeps out there doing PVP content? I need to do the PVP missions to get my Battle rank up for the uniform unlocks. I'd be happy to join some regularly scheduled event.

Restarting story mission tiers

I was doing the story mission "Mortal Sins" part 23 where you follow Emma. Another player in the group got there first and triggered the cutscene. I figured this was ok since the following itself is not why I do these, but the cutscenes are a treat.

Kingsmouth In Real Life

Does anyone know of a place in the real world that would be similar to the town of Kingsmouth? I'm just looking for quintessential New England small town.

Drake sicko mode exposed

New Discord for Grouping and Content

Hi Everyone, Its been some time since a Public Discord was created for people to group up and do any content, so i figured I would help bring some more life back to this community by creating a new one focused on doing all types of content, welcoming

Played a few years ago, what happened?

I had an account for this game a few years ago but stopped playing because I was too busy with other things. I tried logging in now and apparently I don't have any characters anymore. What happened?

Why does Kingsmouth take soooo long.

30 hours in and I'm so tired of zombies and the color gray :( are all zones this poorly paced?


Who's still active in TSW? I think I'll start playing again. Who can we get together for PvP and PvE?

Solo advices

Hi there, I will start playing TSW today and I wanted to know, if you have any advices for playing solo. I've read that it is also possible to do some of the group content solo. PS. Yes I mean TSW not SWL, and I never actively played any of them.

NM dungeon runs right now

Need 2 more people for NM runs for nostalgic reasons. Experience doesn't matter just need 2 lovely people to get online and join us! ​ Im Chelseagrin ingame hit me up if you are down.

To The Secret World Original players

Hi everyone, If you have generous soul, and if you don't plan any come back on TSW, you can send me signets PvP or traditions ones Mk3.0 Pax romana, shards (Living and water ones), and everything not bound to character. (ig name : Phidias-X). If you


I'm new. Which is the best class to start with??

Secret World Legends - Anything else to buy?

Hi So I bought secret world at launch, never really played. Mustve added it to Steam at some point as now Steam tells me I have Secret World Legends / Secret World Ultimate Edition installed. I've just restarted the game, from scratch. I've been t

What do I do about equipment when I'm starting out?

To put it simply, I keep getting my ass kicked and the enemies only appear to drop cans of soda and such. I can't really run new dungeons solo either, and crafting seems like it'll take a while cause I can't get my hands on material.

Welcome to The Secret World legacy.

Hello secret warriors; I read a lot of questions about TSW, and its activity... I regularly play TSW, and I am not the only one, if you are interested you can come back in game. It's still online. We have a channel to group players together and thus

A Massive, Black Sarcophagus Has Been Unearthed in Egypt, And Nobody Knows Who's Inside

Anyone still playing?

anybody still playing? any discord running event or dungeon?

Trading TSW cosmetics (for Legends stuff or other rare TSW ones)

Trading these cosmetics in TSW for stuff in Legends/other cosmetics in TSW. Pm me and we can work something out =) Sprint: Orochi Hovertech Snowboard, Pets: Little Foot, Quetzal Bird, ENRUNED Quetzal bird, Firehouse Dog, Holiday devil, red carnival,

Is there a way to play the old game?

I still keep my old account info but I dont know how to download the game and are the servers till up and running and do people still play old TSW?

LF cosmetic items for transfer

Hi, I'm downloading again this Game to get the Park and the Hide and Shriek Items to transfer them into SWL, and I was wondering if any of you guys had some spare cosmetic items I can use to transfer to SWL. I can't trade anything in the old TSW unfo

What's your favourite story/mission in the Secret World? What's great about it? What is bad/meh?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Just do it!

Reinstall! PvP and PvE are getting more active by the day. Jump back in and join friends old and new in The Secret World! [..]