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Payment pending?

Hmm, so yesterday I paid 110 EUR for some stuff, the money are gone from the bank account, but the SWL payment history page shows “pending” and the services are still not provided in-game. Is this “normal”?

Lifetime membership from TSW?

Hi, I had lifetime membership in TSW. Does any of that transfer over to Legends?

TSW Stream Tonight Tuesday 02 July 2019 #KeepTSWAlive

Upcoming Stream Tonight. Cari and I continue Kingsmouth missions. Keeping TSW alive. Hoping to get regular viewers to be able to run dungeons, lairs etc in time. 8pm UK time tonight. Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm UK time. ​ [http://t

Thought I’d share this in case you guys were interested! I checked the rules and I think it’s fine but if not feel free to delete!! I’m kind of new to YouTube so any criticism is appreciated!! Hope you enjoy! :)

Help me dive back in?

I think I preferred TSW to SWoLe. ​ There's a lot of things that I \*do\* like about SWoLe, but the crafting/sacrificing items/whatever seems a whole lot more...grindy...than before. Even if TSW masequeraded that as a weird (but neat?) c

Hidden Truth about HollyWood, Watch Before It Gets Deleted!!

TSW Live Stream

Upcoming Stream Tonight. Cari and I continue Kingsmouth missions. Keeping TSW alive. Hoping to get regular viewers to be able to run dungeons, lairs etc in time. 8pm UK time tonight. Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm UK time. Cari only started playing las

Is the anybody out there?

Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? ​ What chat channel still alive? Maybe we can play together some times?

OMG TSW still alive!

And it not crushes every 5 min like legends. I really miss this great game. ​ Also why launcher download more then 12gb? It keep downloading some stuff and seems newer stop.

no option to transfer clothes/etc, to SWL :/

Was playing TSW back in 2014, bought a lot of cosmetics and stuff, then stopped playing until now - I download SWL and decide to transfer my old stuff to this butchered game. Get onto the webpage, but no options to transfer legacy items. I pass all t

Before following DJ Mashmello Watch this

Made a startling revelation regarding SWL

Long story short, a friend got into neverwinter and wanted me to join him, so after some procrastinating, I did. And oh my god, y'all. SW(il)L lifted like 90% of what they changed from this game and that's just in my first few hours. The comb

Very happy to be back.

Everything from the combat to dungeon/raid loot is done better in TSW Legacy. Had fun playing with a few others and it didn't take long for the game itself to feel less lonely, will continue playing TSW and SWL both happily. I wonder how long the ser

Screenshot folder location?

I uninstalled TSW on my old PC because I moved it on a better PC. Now I notice I can't find the Funcom folder and the screenshots folder. Did the uninstall delete it? That would be extremely crappy and just poor program design.

Have the dreaming ones awoken? Does TSW live?

I know the title isn't very precise but I'm wondering if people have started coming back to TSW from SWL? Last time I logged in there was 7 other people in Santuary and Noobmares which were some of the most populated chatrooms in the game. And no one

"They Are Coming Back" 2009 ARG

10 years later, and I still never learned what these codes were for. [](

So, I have an old TSW account and the client installer, but no DLC packs--are they still available somewhere?

Or is the entire TSW legacy game "open" now for anyone who had originally purchased the base game? I just can't get over how clunky SWL's combat is (yes, I find it even worse than the original).

Death of a Game: The Secret World [YouTube]

No chance of making another account?

Hey all. This is probably just confirming what I probably already know but is there truly no way of making an account for this game over SWL? I much prefer the systems and mechanics of The Secret World and I wanted to do a playthrough with my best fr

Where Can You Download This Game (Legally)?

I bought this game when it first released and got a lifetime membership. I devoured the story and never uninstalled it. Recently got a new machine, can't find my original discs, still have my account info but I can't find anywhere to actually downl

Looking to buy (2x) account for TSW - want to play with friends

Hi everyone. ​ I couldnt see that buy post should be against the rules but sorry if they are - just pm me mods if it is and ill delete. :) ​ Anyway - there is no chance to make anymore accounts on TWS original so i want to

I am streaming the game and reading aloud every piece of text I come by. Currently at level 30.

Not sure if self-promotion is okay with the subreddit. I can edit this text if that's the case. I am a small time streamer, who loves MMOs and story driven games. The Secret World has always been one of my favorites because of how deep the in-game lo

Just do it!

Reinstall! PvP and PvE are getting more active by the day. Jump back in and join friends old and new in The Secret World!

RPG Abilities

Good Morning Beekeepers! Im looking at designing a RPG module for a tabletop that is very story heavy, and im wondering what sorta concepts I should be working on for capstone abilities ​ basically, im thinking: For the Templars, a soc

Is TSW Dead?

I used to play the shit out of TSW 2015-2017ish, just wondering if there’s any life left to the game Edit - Also I just really miss this game :(

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