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Repop stream going right now

The Repopulation - May Update: Let’s Talk Crafting

The Repopulation - April-May Update: Water Water Everywhere

The Repopulation - March Update: Art Galore

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Where am I?

The Repopulation - February Update: Cohesive Building

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Player City Showcase

The Repopulation - January Update: Moving forward

What has made it to the game?

Ok, so I have a new PC that has more than 512mb ram. Go me..... I’ve been somewhat keeping up with the game. I just finished reading the ‘features’ setting on the webpage. Sounds great. What’s the current reality? I know it is not even

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Subterranean Thicket Run

The Repopulation - 2018-12-24 Hotfixes

The Repopulation - 2018-12-22 Hotfixes

Can I refund this game?

I paid for this game probably 3-5 years ago, obviously seems like vapor ware or a scam, any chance to get my money back?

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Patch

The Repopulation - Update 00.01.13- 21 December, 2018

The Repopulation - Christmas Update Game Update 00.01.12

The Repopulation - October Update: Cleanup

The Repopulation - September Update: PCC Optimizations

Blocked for trying to change email address?

I tried to change the e-mail address associated with my account on the Repopulation website, I didn't receive any 'validation' email or anything along those lines (it's not in spam folders, etc.), but now when I try to log in I get the following mess

The Repopulation - July-August Updates

The Repopulation - June Update: Addressing Future Game Server Wipes

The Repopulation - May update Part 5: Art Optimizations

The Repopulation - May update Part 4: The UI

The Repopulation - May update Part 3: Harvesting

The Repopulation - May update Part 1: Details, Starter Island

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Repop stream going right now