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The Repopulation - October Update: Halloween Progress Report

The Repopulation - August - September: Server Changes

So ... what is up with Idea Fabrik?

I have to ask , and I hope Combatwombat might know. I went to look to see how Idea Fabrik is doing financially , just to get an idea if they were moving more resources into The Repop. Seems their corporate website doesn't exist any more , and their

The Repopulation - July-August Update: Vehicles and Mounts

Server wipes?

Wondering when I can play without worrying about a character wipe, if there's a planned date. Trying to migrate from Entropia since it's burning my money. This game looks very similar (Without the real life cash thing). Thanks.

Repop stream going right now

The Repopulation - May Update: Let’s Talk Crafting

The Repopulation - April-May Update: Water Water Everywhere

The Repopulation - March Update: Art Galore

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Where am I?

The Repopulation - February Update: Cohesive Building

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Player City Showcase

The Repopulation - January Update: Moving forward

What has made it to the game?

Ok, so I have a new PC that has more than 512mb ram. Go me..... I’ve been somewhat keeping up with the game. I just finished reading the ‘features’ setting on the webpage. Sounds great. What’s the current reality? I know it is not even

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Subterranean Thicket Run

The Repopulation - 2018-12-24 Hotfixes

The Repopulation - 2018-12-22 Hotfixes

Can I refund this game?

I paid for this game probably 3-5 years ago, obviously seems like vapor ware or a scam, any chance to get my money back?

[Youtube]The Repopulation - Patch

The Repopulation - Update 00.01.13- 21 December, 2018

The Repopulation - Christmas Update Game Update 00.01.12

The Repopulation - October Update: Cleanup

The Repopulation - September Update: PCC Optimizations

Blocked for trying to change email address?

I tried to change the e-mail address associated with my account on the Repopulation website, I didn't receive any 'validation' email or anything along those lines (it's not in spam folders, etc.), but now when I try to log in I get the following mess

The Repopulation - July-August Updates