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It's been about 3 months since i had a 4* equipment drop (Miracle Hood), now had a 4* Cryo Driver drop.

How much does an arctic rogue set usually cost per piece?

mayonnaise is spicy

What the actual fuck is a Spiral Knight?

Seriously, are they robots? Are they aliens who are too weak to survive on their own so they create a husk for them to survive in? Why tf are their eyes glow-y? Guys help I am having a crisis

interesting things that happen when you flash mixers

Best bomb of the blast bomb line?

I'm looking to get a blast bomb so: Nitrome vs Big Angry Bomb vs. Irontech bomb. What should I go for in arcade and for lockdown?

Apocrea event - Boss Battle?

So this is the first time seeing the Apocrea event. I was soloing it the other night and my second run after dying horribly went like this: * Regular floor * Grasping Plateau * Boss Battle? So maybe it wasn't a Boss Battle proper but there was the

Armor set help?

I've just recently got back into Spiral Knights and joined the Reddit. Immediately I see everyone recommending switching away from the Cobalt set, which I'm 3 tiers into. I'm a little worried now as no one seems to recommend cobalt in comparison to t

Game Dead?

I used to play this game about 4 or 5 years ago. I made a new account hoping to get the same experience I had playing when i was younger, The haven was full and bustling and you would always find players playing in the same missions you were in. I we

Community Data Collection

Hello Clockwork Explorers! I recently made a Google Form about the Swords in the game, and it would help me greatly if you were to contribute to this data pool I hope to collect. There are two questions for each sword; do you have the sword in questi

Apocrea event just started and there's a box with Apocrean and Shadow cosmetics in Supply Depot for 2.6kE for 2 weeks

No Gremlins were harmed in the making of these 50 Perfect Seerus Masks, trust me, really.

magnus bruh moments

Bitter End in Supply Depot for 12.5kE for 20 more hours, but meh

it's really not that great, but if you need a Dangerous themed shield, here's your chance

Iron Slug - a parody of "Big Iron" by Marty Robbins

"Iron Slug" *To the town of Stratum's End rode a stranger one beige day* *Just stepped off the elevator, didn't have too much to say* *No one dared to steal his shinies, no one dared to make a slip* *For the sash-clad stranger among them had an I

Which is the best helm, for fashion, to combine with the Azure Guardian Armor?

I like that Armor lol, but I don't know which helm combine with that Armor hahaha.

Raging Dragon Helm for 8250E and Raging Sealed Pauldrons for almost 18.5kE in Supply Depot fo about 3.5 more days

Which weapon do you hate the most?

For me, easily shivermist. I rarely ever find someone using it somewhere decent, and none of those people were a random player. Some dumbfriccs just spam it on hordes thinking they are helping meanwhile they are just sacrificing their DPS so they c

Full list of weapons that everyone should have.

1. Iron slug

Wings of Rage for almost 17kE and Raging Champion Helm for less than 3.5kE on Supply Depot for like 3 days or so

Just started playing

What should I do starting off, any mistakes to avoid tips for later?

Should I restart with a new character?

I finally found my account I used to have and I got to [this mission](https://wiki.spiralknights.com/Becoming_a_Champion) on the account, however I have no cobalt items on this account because younger me didn't care to stick to one gear set. Would it

Favorite 5 Star Weapon?

Mine is the Divine Avenger.

don't go to SL for now peeps

Can we talk about how bullshit Scraith is?

He is the only bad fight out of the Black Kat minibosses. Its just artificial difficulty everywhere First of all he has ridiculous HP, which doesnt help as you can barely hit him. You cant really reliably dish out damage on him from a distance unles

Thought this only worked with keys, apparently vials can move Shankles if timed correctly, probably Wisps too.