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Anyone want to be friends (new player)

Think it will be fun to run with other players rather than by myself. Ujxd is my character name.

Rare Screenshot of people capping in LD

Haven't been this excited about a book in ages

God Dammit

I only wanted to get the 3* hood

Are Alchemer families any good?

Kataclysmic Confrontation - Black Kats are Back!

Tfw I finally unlock DSC but flash charge gets fixed before I even get to use it

Player deals 50k dmg in lockdown

Best places to farm rarities?

I was wondering where are the best places to farm (relatively quick) this list of items: -eternal orbs -elite orbs -radiant crystals -shining crystals

A problem with my game.

I play the steam version of Spiral Knights and when I click play it says running but does not display, I can’t use steam after because it won’t close. The only way I can use Steam is to shut off my computer. Does anyone know a solution?

Siamese Seraphynx at Supply Depot for almost 18kE for a few more days

As a rank 6-1, what are the weapons to be avoided?

Semi advanced player need some tips on weapons to get

At the moment i have the chaos set, skolver set , glacius, combuster, polaris, blitz needle, swiftstrike buckler, grey owlite shield and i don’t know what to get now, any advice? I’m looking to start getting some SL stuff but idk Edit: i also go

What's better for DPS?

Snarbolax set or Vog Cub set?

1 Misplaced Promissory Note down, 1 to go (For collection sakes otherwise)

Does poison effect scale with heat increase?

I don't know if this is correct but I have always assumed things like fire tick damage on ash of agni would increase with heat. Would something similar happen with venom veiler like the effect of poison being enhanced? Also is the heat assumption eve

Spiralhorns in multiple colors for 2.5kE in Supply Depot. Also in AH are prismatic ones.

Any way to scale text and menu sizes?

I ask because I'm on an ultrawide and it puts the chat in the far bottom corner and it's so small and low res that I can't read it without straining my eyes hard even with my glasses on. Even at 1080p (tried turning down from my 3440x1440 monitor), c

Game really wants me to have a vitapod

Game Update - 5* Winmillion, Balance changes to the Treasure Vault miniboss, bugfixes/QoL updates

bad imf boss fight, but I'm now the first one to defeat the twins with a turbillion

Did you get your *5 winmillion?

*yes* What did it cost? *Maskeraith, Drakon and Stun*

A friendly reminder to newer players: Do not beg for anything such as Crowns. (Long read)

Usually don't make threads like this, but a particular reason made me do so, as futile as it may be in the end. *Please,* if you are new to the game and thus lack crowns and good equipment, **don't** beg for any free stuff, crowns included. It's rud

Divine and Volcanic Flower at Supply Depot for 5795E for 2 days (overpriced?)

I think i saw them auction for a lot less, but I didn't see them often, so I am hot sure what players usually sell them for.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Anyone want to be friends (new player)

Think it will be fun to run with other players rather than by myself. Ujxd is my character name. [..]