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Kataclysmic Confrontation Returns!

Nothing wrong here, keep scrolling.

I don't farm, cause it's boring and games should be fun. So I thought I will never find a book, but the first black kat I met this year, on a compound of all places, dropped this:

Took a selfie with a puppy.

[Fan Art] - Ancient Curses

Game keeps crashing.

When I play game randomly crashes I don't know why? I want to play the game but this irritates me a lot.

Does anyone know the etymology for the nitronome?

I'm guessing one of the roots is 'nitro' which I assume comes from 'nitroglyceryn', but it could be from a lot of other things. But what's 'nome'? It doesn't sound like a cool, filler syllable, like "ix" or something. I've never seen it anywhere. As

New Sparkle Eyes in Bedrazzling Eye Pack in Supply Depot for a bit more than 10kE and less than 3 days (unfortunately same Icon as the Pack before that!)

A conglomeration of addictions.

Are people still actively playing?

I played back from 2012-2014 and quit after a while of being tired of dropping money to play. Has the game improved and is worth coming back? And if so what has changed to make it worth playing again? I always loved the art and outfits and had fun wi

Gold wolf tail in auction house? Where does it come from?

So I was looking through the auction house today and noticed an accessory called "gold wolf tail", does anyone know where this comes from? I'd have to assume it's a 1% from a lockbox. But which one? Also should I bid?

Community Art Contest: Design A New Weapon!

Progress report on the old UI (What do u think of the darkfang shield icon?)

Silver Personal Color in Supply Depot for 100kE and less than 32 hours

Overdid farming these quite a bit... just a little.

Obsidian Crusher or Electron Vortex?

Btw, do I have do grind krogmo tokens for the vortex? EDIT: I just realized I don't have extra weapon slots. Is carrying a vortex bomb with me a good idea if I only have 2 slots?

Best Piercing Armor Set?

I’m working on my 5* armor set for piercing defense. I was wondering what you guys think is the best choice for piercing defense armor. I am leaning toward skolver set right now because I already have most of the recipes due to crafting a vog cub s

What are your thoughts about this? (Still working on it and will release if i get it done)

Where did "Gold Dragon Wings" come from? Never heard of them and they are in auction house.

So I've played Spiral Knights since 2012 and I have never come across these or seen them before, I opened up the auction house just now and I see this item in there then looked it up online and see nothing about them. Were they from some sort of even

Solstice Prize boxes are back for the next week!

Best way to get Winterfest Tokens?

So I'm sitting here doing runs of Winterfest where you pick up and deliver the gifts, I always pick up the giant red ones as I assume they are better but I'm not entirely sure what would be best tokens per hour. Anyone know about this? Thank you in a

When this auction started, I had the bid set to 12k crowns. uhhhhhhhh, are these things rare???

We did it :)

sick of vana runs, i modeled and 3d printed my own money

Shock or Fire?

I want to get a gun in the pulsar line. However I have no experience with shock damage so I have no idea how effective it is. Should I craft the Wildfire or the Pulsar? (I need a generic elemental gun, not a FSC only)

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Kataclysmic Confrontation Returns!