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A replica of the Magnus using Lego (read pinned comment

Arcade vs. Missions

As a returning player, something that has stuck out to me about how the game changed in ways that made it less enjoyable for me, is the missions. There was something so fun and rewarding about doing full delves and timing your run to get the elevator

TOP 22 Most Played Game ?

How is this game TOP 22 Most Played Game https://platform.newzoo.com/rankings/pc-games Screenshoot : https://imgur.com/a/i4nWWF0 is this game really very popular ?

So apparently these are called MISERY BLOCKS...

He's holding on for dear life (Zombie got out of bounds somehow)


Eyes that should be added to the game



Energy gates

Lumber & Silkwing

Understanding the game and its status

Now, I know and I've seen posts around here being like:"is the game dead?", "Is the game worth getting into" etc., So I'm not gonna ask the same questions. Consequently, I assume some of you fellow Knights are veterans and love the game to its core

Boss rush

Everything's fine

Fighting kats with lags be like...

the Kicker

Random thought

Having trouble with Xbox 360 Controller

Hi Guys I just downloaded the game and I can't configure the controller. If anyone can help that would be awesome. The game looks good, it sucks it does not pick up the controller.

Describe what you can see in a sentence.

Like really, what is the meaning of this "review"?

Every time


the duality of man

That charge

That poor gun