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King Ransom green coin?

Did they remove it or will it come up the next event or events? Thanks in advance.

Please subscribe im trying to reach 1,000!!!!!

What is new?

I stopped playing Skyforge about a year ago and recently thought about give it another try. So I wanted to ask what has append since I left and whats the best way to get back in the end game? Help Is greatly appreciated!

Gotten weaker

I've played skyforge for a while,beat the campaign , gotten god, gotten 10 mil health,etc.. but I've gotten bored lately and stopped playing the game at generation 6 gems. I deleted the game, came back months later and like "wow" generation 13 but I

Factorium - Nearly Impossible.

This post is more of a post to save time for any new players to the game about the mission Factorium, as well as a warning. ​ You might be tempted to rush straight on through the storyline, however you will face one major block along the

SkyForge - Silver Prize pack code (NA)

EDIT - No longer available, sorry Hey, I have a Skyforge silver prize pack code (NA) and do not play the game, so if anyone is interested, just message me and I’ll direct message you the code.

Icy Plateau Pocket Map

I rushedly made this map for newbies. in order to alleviate the suffering a tiny bit.

Is it Worth in 2019?

Hello, everyone!¨ I left the game shortly after Ascension update that changed literally everything and I haven't played since then, I got urge to play it today just because it was my first different mmorpg and I have fond memories of it. How is it

PvP killed this game for me. (rant)

So basically the only thing to do in the end game is PvP, credit farm, and avatars. Sure PvE is fun and all but it’s boring as fuck. PvP on the other hand is fun, but I’m not sure these developers know what the term BALANCE means or ever discusse

Skyforge PC - Silver prize pack code (EU only)

Hey I have a code for a Skyforge prize pack and don’t play the game, so if you’re interested feel free to redeem. (I think only on PC too, but may work on other platforms) SF3229SIEUG8EUMIE1H6JL1C3S If you redeem please comment to let others k

Private Servers ?!

I'll start with saying that i am a "F2P" Veteran player, I've seen this game's great beginning and it's downfall over the years... becoming more and more p2w (Especially on EU/NA versions), I have a question: Are there any Private server's of this ga

Returning player on xbox ( level 84) need tips to help leveling up.

Hi guys i am a returning player who hasnt played in over a year i have generation 3 gear and am only level 84. I am trying to be active again and get be able to raid and everything but the game is so different now how do i level up? All the missions

Cathedral seals in PvP

Do they work? Like the 5% dmg and the other stuff like 3% incoming dmg reduced.

How to get the newest gen gear? (Ps4)

I'm Rank 177atm and gen 13 gear drops from adventures, group dungeons and invasions. However gen 14 gear occasionally drop during pvp happy hour. Is this the only way to get gen 14 gear before the next invasion?

Is this game p2w?

As per the title I'm curious to know whether or not this game is p2w

Skyforge - Silver Prize Pack Code (EU)

Write a comment if you would like it.

How do I get the Grovewalker?

Haven't played in awhile and was wondering how I can unlock the Grovewalker. Do I need to just buy it on PSN for $35 or is there another way to get it?

This is a total noob question but I’m on pc does anyone know how to link up with a friend to group up and do missions together?

Stuck in a mount glitch

Can anyone help? I've been stuck in the mount animation without being on a mount, I've tried reloading, dying, using the 'I'm stuck' emote and going to different regions but nothing works

Hyper Engine Artifact costs?

Can someone pls tell me how much it costs to get the 32% dmg generation

Any tips to get data after 3K?

I keep running groups but it doesn’t show up and on PS4 it takes 30 minutes to find a group, I don’t like running invasions especially generator it takes sooo long :/

Elixir and Bomb bug

Whenever I'm talking to Simon the dialogue will just cut out and stop and whenever I talk to him again it only says finished and won't let me update and start the quest


What are the MARK'S ? And what do I do with them? I have all Five of them?? Like mark of the king ect...

Somebody tell me WTH is wrong with my skyforge. It says RANK instead of prestige like everyone else's. It's been like this since I got the game. WHYYY!!!!!

ToK and Cathedral cap on PS4

I am at 239K Followers and 147 ToK , I was wondering what the cap is especially for Cathedral because it consumes alot credits thanks in advance.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

King Ransom green coin?

Did they remove it or will it come up the next event or events? Thanks in advance. [..]