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rank help

Hi I've been playing for 3 years and can't get past rank 43. no one invites me to do the group challenges and no one accepts mine so what can I do? I like the game and want to progress but it's becoming frustrating on never advancing. TIA

Need a pantheon

Ps4, NA, would really like to play game with a pantheon

Joining a Community

So since the server died is it possible to join a community?

Might glitch

Anyone knows about a "might glitch" with legendary adept reliques? I've heard about it and some people say they can improve their might with that kind of glitch Just equip and unequip them or smth like that

Patch notes ps4

Any patch notes for ps4 available?

What has changed in Skyforge?

Hello, I finished some yellow brick path and did a few things after that almost 2 years ago but for some reason I abandoned the game. Right now, I feel like giving the game a go and I'd like to see some kind of tl;dr of all the changes, improvements

Play on PC or PS4 ?

Whats the difference between the two Versions ? Should i play on PS4 or PC ? Thank you :)

Invasion Challange "Dark Hands" Island Okki is bugged

Whatever I try, it doesn't work. I can weak the boss and let the hand do the last hit or I can let these hands completely do every damage and kill him without me even hitting the boss once, it won't count as completed and I'm getting frustrated. Trie

Pantheon still exist?

Could use an active one, I think I need to play catch up. Ps4

Reaper Invasion - Dark Ritual under 7 minutes

Hello everyone, I'm a fairly new player looking for a couple of tips regarding the current Invasion's achievement to complete Dark Ritual in under 7 minutes as I would like to benefit from the bonus points. I'm looking for any tips that could h

i can't play any map

i am returning player from +-2016 now i can't play any map XD

Faith tipp/trick

Do you have some tipps or tricks for the adepts to bring more faith?.. My adepts are all blue and I am also going for charisma but they bring me max 300 faith (all 8 together)

Gear question

So I'm on ps4, and new. I'm working my way through the map missions, just finished a zone that had the final mission was super icy, 4th or 5th zone, and it's starting to take waaaaaay longer to kill things and I'm dying super fast. I've leveled all 3

Active Adult Player Looking for NA PS4 Guild! (New Account, Old Player)

Already played the early builds of Skyforge on PS4. Will soon start with another account, and the objectve is not stop till unlock/upgrade all classes, and beat all bosses/raid/invaision/etc.. I'll start from scratch, but hope some nice guild could

I just bought some starter pack 3.0 thing that gave me 2 class unlock tokens. It literally hasn’t been 20min and the tokens are nowhere to be found. What just happened 😭

Special class access token?

I havent touched this game in awhile. Logged on and had a chest in my bag that gave my heavy power armor suit and something else that I think was called a special class access token. But I cant find the token now. What does it do and where did it go?

Philomena Bastion Clean-Up: Virds

i’m working on questing for my symbols and stuff, and i’m stuck on the second quest in the Philomena Bastion “Clean-Up: Virds”. I load into the mission that it takes me to, which appears to be in the Darnic Village, and I clear it over and ov

Pure matter and credits farm ps4

What's the best way to farm pure matter and credits on ps4? I am 183+20 prestige.. Need to upgrade my items as soon as possible

Is It Safe?

Hi guys! I'm looking to come back to Skyforge since a lot of the new systems seem kinda interesting! Though I'm a bit hung up on some of the older posts out there about fishy IPs on the patching service and other things. ​ So I guess wha

Im weak as hell and cant find anyone willing to help me

I quit this game over 3 years ago, should i come back?

October 2016 the ascension update came out and it caused a lot of players to quit including myself. how is the game now that i have been away for 3 years, can anyone tell me the state of this game, should i get back into it or is it not worth my ti

Why has the game gotten insanely hard after beating the last mission?

It was super easy before I beat it, but now I can't get through any missions without being in devine form.

A newish player needing some wisdom

I first started up the game about 2 years ago but then stopped playing. I recently redownloaded and fell in love with the game, however, I forgot all of the lovely stuff I was taught in tutorials a couple years back. Just recently achieving my divine

Mechanoid farm

Where can i farm those at best?

Questions from a new player

1. Is this game open world like other MMOs? so far the adventures seem to be solo missions in a confined space, and there are 2 larger outdoor areas i can run around, but which are relatively small compared to other MMOs and in which i never see othe

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

rank help

Hi I've been playing for 3 years and can't get past rank 43. no one invites me to do the group challenges and no one accepts mine so what can I do? I like the game and want to progress but it's becoming frustrating on never advancing. TIA [..]