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New player (ps4)

Hello I'm a new player and would like to have some friends to play with. I have played for just a week and want to seek help. Please add me on my psn whitedragon2002.

Equipment tutorial

What is equipment tutorial? I'm at rank 131 and i unlocked junior god form


What happens when the energy of an adept is done?

God form

How do i rank up after god form? And can anyone explain anything to me because i really don't get it

Equipment/Gear help (urgent)

I have 2 different gems each gen 18 and they only allow me to equip 1 (1 topaz and 1 ruby each gen 18 but they allow me to equip only 1) Any way to fix that or explain why?

Why can't i equip 2 gen 18 items (they won't allow me equip the starburst)

Ranking up

How do i rank up fast? My friend instantly ranked up 40 ranks up (50 to 90) and she doesn't know how she did so


How do i still manage to die when i have "embrace of pain" activated where all damage is turned into healing? (The time on it wouldn't be over)

Returning player problem

Hello. My friends and I are thinking about returning to the game, but it's been over three years since we last played and a ton of stuff has changed and we can't wrap our heads around it. The best solution for us would be to start all over again - bu

Account help

Can i put my ps4 account on steam? (How do i know which email I'm using on skyforge too?)

Being elder god

I just got elder god and I need to get cognition .The only way I get cognition momentary is with 1 directive a day .I saw you get cognition in the lamberforest while defeating bosses I defeated bosses but I didn't get any cognition. So how do you get

Ranking up

Tips on ranking up? I've been rank 134 for the past week or two and I need tips on how to rank up.


[\_\_Free\_Steam\_Welcome\_Gift/]( Just letting everyone know just in case they missed it.


Hey guys interesting question, the kenetic class with moderate jewlary its health at rank 50 would approximate at how much?

groups and que

i am on ps4. whats the fastest way to get into dungeon/raid stuff. there's no option that i see to join random 5 man or whatever. i wanna just log on, and que for group stuff, which one is done the most?

Sparks farm

I’ve Been trying to get sparks but I’d don’t know what’s the most effective, can’t find pvp and mission matches at all, what’s going on?

Newbie dumb ques

I still haven't finished the campaign but i was wondering what exactly is farming pvp if anyone can explain pvp in all and how the system works in means of farming and what rewards they get.

Help with classes (rev vs outlaw)

I usually play with the paladin and i love the diversity of moves this class has the 1st 2 moves each have 3 moves. I'm interested in getting the revenant but I'm confused whether to get the rev or the outlaw. If someone knows what's special about ea

Sparksbof transformation

What's the fastest way to get sparks of transformation? (I am still rank 40 and in bellonia)

Just earned enough sparks for the Gunner. Yes!

It was a toss up between he and the Rev after I kept dying during Bellonia with the Paladin. So I chose the Rev. But after my god form and getting high level gear, the opposition became like 40-50% stronger. The Rev was good, but was just too slo

Elder God

I'm a bit confused if how you get an elder God tag next to your name

I'm bored to play this game alone

I play skyforge on steam. My profile name is: console_killer My level is over 230 something without a bonus. In case you can't find me on steam my game name is: kira raymon

I'm looking for friends to play (the time may vary due to the virus) during any time of the day. I'm looking for people who play on steam.

Battles / pvp

How do i play pvp? Every time i open to play i go in to battle from the aelion of the campaign and spam the vicinity with 3v3 or 5v5 and never got to play


I had the tractor mount and now the time on it is over. I also finished the time on the hornscute so what do i do? Is there a way to get a mount without having to pay real money?

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New player (ps4)

Hello I'm a new player and would like to have some friends to play with. I have played for just a week and want to seek help. Please add me on my psn whitedragon2002. [..]