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How do you get iannas blessing gem?

I was playing and saw a lot of people with that gem.I saw it in the market but i dont know how to buy it

Looking for a Pantheon

I'm a PS4 player and I'm looking for a pantheon that is player friendly and who likes to help others because I'm currently behind in rank and loved to catch up so i can help others aswell (I like helping people) but 1st I need help. If there is a pa

New class farm

Anyone know the best dungeon or region with a lot of weak mobs to farm my new class?(just got firestarter)

Did accounts get reset at some point?

I just came back to check the game out after a long break. I remember last time I played, about 2 years ago, I had every class unlocked, along with a halloween costume, a ghost. After I stopped playing, I lost access to my old email account, so I ha

Low fps high end pc

Hello, i recently downloaded the game and started playing. Is it normal that with amd ryzen 5 3600 and rx 5700 I have between 40 and 70 fps depending on the location with all maximum? Also i noticed that the game gives you a mark for your hardware an

I’m new and I am so stuck 😩

So i’ve recently started and now I am on the Glyceria province but honestly like I am so stuck and I have been in this province for weeks now because it literally feels impossible to complete on my own and because I haven’t completed it before an

(PS4) Any Active Pantheons Around?

Hey, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew of an active pantheon that I could ask to get invited to. I obtained my divine form, so I am unable to search and join an academy in-game and require an invite from someone within a pantheon. I am current

Newbie here so so bastions still give might

Everywhere i look it says that bastions are the best way to get might but when i do them it doesnt give me any might help

is it worth to restart playing this game in 2019

iirc last time i've played was around late 2017 and i had just gotten into the end game with the divine form mechanics, the faith and the "god tree" or whatever it's called. i've seen that the game has gotten quite a few updates and classes overtime

Some questions on current state of classes,

So I think this game rocks. I'm going to buy the starter pack and I was wondering how necromancer is currently? They look cool as hell. Also I was told I should get Grover walker or revenant so any thoughts on those are appreciated. For reference I

New to Skyforge Ps4...Is Archer Class still bad to start with 2019?


I really need help

Ok so I spent £10 on a class unlock pack on xbox, it installed but I can’t access the class... I’m so bloody angry and I’ve spoken to the support and they’ve left me hanging for 12 hours... I’m pissed


So I'm stuck at rank 36. All of my gear is at 300 might. Im stuck on the first playthrough of provinces in bellonia at the saffire air dockyard and just can't seem to progress. Tower of knowledge and my cathedral just don't seem to help level my migh

How buggy is this game?

So I downloaded the game ok on steam and I really enjoyed it. I maxed three of my four classes and was about to give the game money because personally I believe you should reward good free games. However I got to this ice level and four times I wen


How difficult is the Platinum for this game? Can you do it solo, or can someone help me get all the non solo trophies? Also, is it possible to get an S rank on the 1k missions by just completing the same mission over and over?

I Feel Powerless

So I've been playing Skyforge for quite some time and it's taken a long time to get to Prestige 114, whatever that even means. I have gear picked up from campaign and missions and I feel like I do no damage anywhere. I try to do missions for bastions

Lightbinder question from a newb

So did tutorial as light binder and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have done first few quests and looking through abilities I cant find when I get the holy sword I used in the tutorial. Is that a lightbinder specefic ability (checked wili didnt see anything.

Is this real? How so?


Happy Hour

What are happy hour times

Returning Player Skyforge in 2019

As the title says I'm a returning player who hasn't played this game since 2016-2017. I'd really like to grind a bit, at least a while and I've 2 questions: 1. Is anybody here playing on EU server that is willing to start a fresh account and grind t

HELP Newbie here! How to unlock other classes.

Hi, I"m new playing this game and started last weekend using my PS4. So far I finished the path of cryomancer, paladin, and lightbinder. My question is how can I unlock other classes? I really wanted to play the gunner.

Question about Seasonal Subscription.

So if I purchase the Invasion Pass does that just unlock the quests needed to get the points to get the items I want? I'm a bit confused because it says you can purchase points at the end. > As the invasion nears its end, you’ll be able to purc

Might from Capital

Is there a chart for how much might each level of a building gives

Im a newbie just start playing the game for 1 hour. What should i do with some argent (i got around 22k)

as i said, im a newbie and im going to buy 22k argent. So i dont know for sure how to use it right since one of my friend said paying 16k for the new class or pay 20k buy 2 weapon gacha box. I have no idea what to do now. If anyone got a guide for no

New to Game (Any help would be awesome!)

Hey guys! So Idk if this against the rules or not (if it is, then I apologize in advance), but I'm new to this game and I'm really liking it so far! I know a lot of people have prize packs and such they get but don't use for this game, so if you have

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How do you get iannas blessing gem?

I was playing and saw a lot of people with that gem.I saw it in the market but i dont know how to buy it [..]