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ToK and Cathedral cap on PS4

I am at 239K Followers and 147 ToK , I was wondering what the cap is especially for Cathedral because it consumes alot credits thanks in advance.

What to do after Thanato’s Ship? and Weapons Q!

Hey all! I just recently beat Thanato’s Ship and not sure what i can do! A pantheon member of mine has a guide he had made but for some reason i cant get to it at the moment. Any tips or things to get some higher level gear? Unfortunately my panthe

How often is King Ransom?


Shiny Prism

Does the amount of marks u get increase if you upgrade it. Looked online and found nothing quite conclusive.

Is the game alive and worth playing for the first time?

Title, and hows pvp?

Trav Directive Disappeared with Maintenance

So, as the title states, my directive is gone, and now I need to know when or how I can again, get access to the Training Avatar. Cheers

can my computer run skyforce

My computer has intel i7, 8gb ram and, intel hd integrated graphics

Returning player looking for pantheon (EU)

Used to play before the ascension update and have all classes and devine form unlocked. But old pantheon was disbanded after the update. I would like to rejoin a new one but am unable to find a way to contact any pantheons to join. Anyone have any

Soundweaver PvP

Why does it die so quik? I’m literally getting 1 shotted by most Revenants? Is there a way to counter them, I have the Terra Symbol which reduces 30% dmg for 5 seconds, I have maxed PvP stats on my jewelry and stones I have 35.7 General Defense , o

New player questions (xbox)

I've been playing for around a week (rank 131 now) and I enjoy a lot of the game (I really like the customization and progression), but there are few things that either annoy or confuse me, so I would appreciate any advice. How do I actually be usef

Pantheon Max DMG?

What is the max dmg and hp you can get and what are the benefits being in an active pantheon?


For those that need to know the Triffids are found on Terra, in the Sunny Plain.

Emerald Weapon capsule duplicate.

Hi, i got 2x duplicates from the same box and i didn't get the 10,000 Argents instead... is it a bug?? i need help... wasted 30,000 Argents and 3 times the same weapon and no refund in Argents. Thanks in forward.

Mechanoid invasion

So today when I logged into skyforge, a window appeared saying that the new invasion started and there was rewards for each one.( Mainly costumes and a wing accessory.) I’m not sure where to find this window again and I don’t see anything in th

I bought the starter pack and bought classes with the class tokens but it didn’t unlock the classes

X randomly stops working [PS4]

I'm new to Skyforge, and I've noticed that at random times while playing the game, X completely stops working, making it impossible to select places to travel, view quests, items, etc. I find I have to close app and restart to get it to work again, w

Soundweaver 2019

where can i obtain jinx flaming strings on pc ?

Is there a way to get these kind of weapons permanently? I only get them from PVP chests but I see people with permanent ones. Thanks in advance.

How to get marks easy?


Returning Player Confusion

Hi. I used to play Skyforge a few years back and wanted to get back into the game because I remember really enjoying it. Me and a friend just booted up our old characters and all our gear is gone because it's outdated (no surprise there), but they go

Non Premium Market?

Where is the non premium market (xbox)?, every time I go all I get is the premium option?

Is berserker a good class?

Is berserker a good class? Or should I keep going and get one of the newer classes? - responses are appreciated :) - Edit: on summerbreak and got grovewalker :) Ty

Revenant class build?

Hello, i recently got the rev class and I was wondering what equipment stats would work best? I never thought of changing stats when getting a new class but I’m assuming rev needs high defense and main damage bonus? Anything would be appreciated, t

What is there in terms of content? And ways to play with friends?

I’ve been enjoying the game and curious if I should try to get my friends to join me. But apparently there is no multiplayer outside of PVP that I havent tried yet. I dont fully believe this but dunno where to do research other than here. Are there


Is this game worth playing for ps4? I have played this game before and stopped playing when my senior year started this year. So now I'm just wondering if it's a game I should invest my time into.

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ToK and Cathedral cap on PS4

I am at 239K Followers and 147 ToK , I was wondering what the cap is especially for Cathedral because it consumes alot credits thanks in advance. [..]