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New Directive rewards

I am not getting the balls anymore to upgrade the Stronghold, I’m only getting the purle things like 6 on squad and 12 on Region for the past 2 days? Is there a cap or something?

No way to skip directives now?

I got "Invasion of Veines" as my regional directive. Not sure if it is because I am underleved or what, but this place it literally impossible. Everything aggros from a mile away, groups of monsters magically spawn from the sky on you, and things res

Game takes forever to load UI, models, ingame music and ingame menus

Afternoon all, I've never had these issues with Skyforge before, yet lately when I login the game takes forever to load up the UI, ingame sound/music, character and background models, as well as ingame menus. While my PC is not brand new there's no

Am I missing something?

Just started Skyforge on the PS4 not too long ago. I have been progressing through the campaign at a pretty good rate, but all of the sudden my rank/might has hit a standstill at 36/4090. I've been looking through a bunch of info and guides to see i

I need help on xbox one

Im new to skyforge and have been enjoying the game. Recently i recived a bonus through xbox called the neon gift pack, the pack included a class unlock token and i dont know hiw to use it

So I've been away from the game give or take a year. My gear is gen 7 on PS4 to give an idea. I don't know about now but back then monk was considered garbage in pve with low survivability. Cause of that I mained him even did distortions with him back then lol.

Always loved monk so I came back recently to check out Terra. Didn't even bother leveling just jumped straight into it in my gen 7 gear lol. I didn't realize that after a certain point in the story mission it tells you to run away since there's to ma

Can't find my friend on Community

I understand that both of us need to complete the Okki Island quest and (possibly) the Cathedral tutorial. We've both done that. I'm waaay past that quest and my friend just completed the quest. ​ We both tried searching each other's nam

First Expedition on Terra

I literally have been trying to get this quest done in Old City for the longest time and I STILL haven't gotten it! Any suggestions on how to complete "Search the first expedition's traces on Terra"? I've been killing the Entids with & without th


Hey, So I'm kind of a new player (been playing for about a month) I'm grinding like hell, yet I barely get any progress. My rank is 141(133+8) and the progress is just getting slower Now I really want to do the operations but no one's doing it in t

New to skyforge

Was wonder what are some ways to increase my prestige

Epic Weapons

So, where do epic weapons drop? I think they drop in hespilion temple, right? Does the difficult matter and whats the chance to get one? Thanks for any help :)

I need help.

Yo, sorry if I'm not in the right section or whatever, but I'm done. I started playing after a bit and the problem is that every mission, EVERY ONE, is like impossible to do, even the aatria ones. I'm prestige leve 151, or smth, and can't do anything

Daily rewards glitch?

I've had it happen a couple times now, where I have some stuff left to do in my Directives tab but when I come back to it a couple hours later, each reward is a lower, non-upgraded version and the objectives are all different. As far as I understood

i don’t play skyforge so here’s a free code for something

Just getting started

I've been looking for a solid MMORPG for a while now, and just found this in the playstation store. I've been reading reviews and forums. So my queation is, is this game still pretty active? Is there a large community or will it be mostly a solo game

Mechanoid War Pack

Hey guys, I don't don't play this game and I don't inted to do it either, so I thought that I could share this code with you that I won in a giveaway! It grants you a "gliss hoverboard", a "Cyber Hunter costume" and 30 days of premium! Enjoy! &l

Horrible FPS

Has anyone been able to fix FPS issues? I have an high end CPU, no problems running any other games, but Skyforge just runs like crap.

Is daily login reward gone?

Hi guys, just want ask about daily login, when you open Cathedral you get 35 000 credits as daily reward, but now i did not get it, is this removed, buged or i have something bad with my game?

Discord with Alerts?

Does anyone know if there is a discord for Skyforge alerts? Like meteor showers on Thea, or base attacks on Tera? Other games I have played have servers specific for those type of alerts.

How can i play with my friends

Everytime i want to start a map with my group it says that its an solo adventure and i must complete it by my own. We are at factory 902 right now and giving up on the game because we dont know how to play together. I would appreciate any help !

5min Divine Form?

I was in a Veines, I activated Divine Form and saw that it was only 5 min long??? I activated it again after the first one ended it was 5 min again? Am I missing something here, does Divine Form duration change for some reason?

What class to get next?

I have grovewalker, revenant, outlaw, gunner, monk, and necromancer. I’m thinking about getting berserker, slayer, or warlock but can’t find any current lists comparing them.

First Expedition (PS4)

So like is this quest just straight bugged or is there something really specific we have to do? Cause I've been all over the map and haven't found a single thing for this.

well, the new patch helped zero with trying to play.

Returned to PC Skyforge today to see how things are now after the patch. Sadly, its as I thought it would be I still get killed by trash monsters in Province zones in a couple hits. Bosses are impossible unless I turtle tank on Paladin and fight for

Optimal Builds

What are some optimal builds that high levels use?

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New Directive rewards

I am not getting the balls anymore to upgrade the Stronghold, I’m only getting the purle things like 6 on squad and 12 on Region for the past 2 days? Is there a cap or something? [..]