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This private server (**LEGION-SRO**) has an **IP Limit**... Any suggestions to help me solve this problem??

Private server

Hi guys, How do I play on a private server? Whenever I download them they don’t work, they never let me login even though I’ve registered. Am I meant to copy and paste to the real game or something? Thanks

HMU if you need a legit connect near you


There's an official bot for silkroad? Any in $ without the risk of getting banned?

Find the this beautiful artwork

how is the game now ?

i got bored of private servers and the other mmorpgs how is the game now ?

Just came back to SRO, got some questions about SP Farming

Hey guys, i just came back to SRO after many years.. i basically forgot everything. i wanted to farm SP with Bow´s after level 5 with a -9 level gap. How many SP do i need for a STR Blader build? Also is my farming method the right one? I want

Anyone here know a how to get the 3D models from mobs to use in 3D printers?

As a souvenir for the good old times. (Not profit)

What games do you play now?

There's a ton of MMORPGS out there, but none have a similar social experience like Silkroad. Everything out there seems to be either an end game rush or an endless grind. I just want to stand outside a major town, talk shit and fight each other. What


Anyone play in Xian back in the day?

Does anyone have working pserver files?

Looking to build my owns pvp server for my friends who enjoyed the game back before 110 cap was a thing. This subreddit seems dead so i'll try epvpers next. I wish there was just 1 massive private server so I can relive the nostalgia.

2 promising private servers: Ruby online and Eagle online.

Hi, I have found 2 good p-servers: In Ruby online there were 2,7k people at 5 pm. It is insane. Eagle online is right now about 1,3k players. Not bad at all. I really recommend to check it. I am glad this community is still alive. Thank you.

DemonRoad - Diablo

Hey guys not sure if anybody is still reading this sub reddit, but i found a (i think) great private server. Its named DemonRoad - Diablo (, they have another server named DemonRoad running since 2012, so they must be doing somet

For those who miss SRO

Go and have a look at eryx online private server. Some friends of mine and me started a few days ago and this server feels great. Give it a try, it deserves a growing community !

[Q] ANy middleman here ?


An old player with a lot of questions.

Before I ask anything, I'm gonna go over my past a little. You may skip if you wanna get to the point of this post. I'm an old SRO player, back as a kid I played SRO so much that I was addicted to the point where it fucked me over in school. It was

Why I liked Silkroad Online

It's been years since I've played, but I was thinking back about why I enjoyed playing Silkroad Online. The community wasn't that great. The management was horrible. Things were really falling apart. I enjoyed the botting aspect of the game. I found

Dead as the game?

Not alot of activite on this sub. Just wondering if its dead or maybe the redditors are lazy? 😄

So what's the current state of the game.

It's been an extremely long time since I've played (like 6-7 years), and I was thinking about coming back for some nostalgia. I see that the servers are always full, so the game's not dead. I'm just curious on the game as a whole, as in what has chan

New legit guild @ Ephesus

Started a new guild named Guradians at ephesus And now we are looking for more players that wants to join us :) so if you dont use any kind of bots and you are active and fun give me a pm in game. My in game name is Cemani.

Private servers

Anyone know some active private servers?


Was just wondering how many of you that play the game actually play the game? 😃

SRO Client options?

The initial ~~client~~ launcher options don't seem to honor the language preference, so I get a bunch of question marks. Do those settings matter, or only the ingame ones?

Can't create a character?

I'm getting the message invalid name no matter what name I enter I also get select a protector?

Silkroad Online | White Knight in Private Server

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This private server (**LEGION-SRO**) has an **IP Limit**... Any suggestions to help me solve this problem?? [..]