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Nsbxbxnxn Sksjsk

Shame on you 😕

Salem, the permadeath crafting MMO is back with new devs. It's launching Friday with a new expedition; let's get this game going again!

Myself and 3 others are founding a town

We've built up enough to be able to afford a town. We are about to move and we're gonna need all the help we can get to build it from the ground up. We have a personal claim we are using at the moment, but we will be moving as soon as we find 1-2 m

[TUTORIAL] Great Salem Tutorial Videos For New Players

Just stumbled upon this game, really intrigued, worried that no one else will be playing.

Title says it all. Did I miss the boat?


omfgggggggg Inspiration changes. Yes.

Does anyone want a code for free silver? I got it in an email last month and I don't play Salem anymore.

Mods, Please update the Official Site link on the side bar. It changed a long time ago.

best way to move me and friends to a new location?

im hoping there is enough ppl reading this subreddit to answer this as for some reason i dont like the game forums much. basically i have set up a claim an dhave 2 friends playing with me i have nearly saved the silver to get another write of homest

towns found in the wild

I've seen a few out there, vice city, gilleville, crazytown, DMZ (or something like that, i dunno they had skeletons spelling out "Hi" at the gate} most recently, wondering if any were redditors and if any one needs more hands

an idea to make this game more interesting to redditers

I've read about people who want to start a reddit town, and of people who said that the problem with having a reddit town in or near darkness is that you're far from things that are interesting. How about instead of a reddit town, we do reddit town

How in the world do you kill small game, every time i do they just run away and i cant hit them as i am too slow

How's Salem going for everyone?

Do you still play it? If not, why not?

I hate it when something I need spawns on a cliff and I can't pick it up!

Looking for village in Roanoke

Hey guys just a new redditor looking for a village to join in Salem. I don't have much expertise but I would love to assist anyone in any way I can.

New update! Boards, oil, and a new kind of house!

Not the most amazing thing in the game, but it's my first time seeing one!

Looking for a Key! Willing to trade Dota 2 key

Another begger

So I have been trying to get a key for this game for 10 days with no success. I was close to buy one (people sell them), but I hate to give money to some idiot who is making money from others' work. Anyways: does anyone have a beta key for me? Prett

I don't think my wilderness guide knows what he is doing

Let's bring r/SalemMMO back!

As of late, this subreddit has been kinda dead, so I have been thinking of ways to bring it back. I can think of a few ways to do this, but there needs to be participation from the community! As we have seen in the past, a reddit village usually is n

Let's play Salem beta #1 w/LowerFormOfLife - Pick it up already

100 beta keys given away every day - got mine today, second try!

Anyone have a spare beta key from the MMORPG giveaways? :) PM me

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Nsbxbxnxn Sksjsk [..]