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Ithorian armor makers?

I've been having a hard time finding someone to make a full set of Ithorian Sent armor- lots of mini-suits but literally no full sets in the galaxy :(. Is there anyone with an armorsmith alt who I could commission a full set from?

Droid engineer

I have no idea if am just being daft but I am grinding droid engineer on Basalisk just now and can't make the combat module, I have the skill and the blue print in my data pad but it doesn't show up in the crafting tools (beside a crafting station or

Have Discs, Notebook does not have Disc Drive...

So I have the game discs, and enjoy playing the EMU on my desktop. But I'd love to find a way to get the game on my notebook. Problem is, it doesn't have a disc drive. Can anyone advise me on a work around, without spending cash on an external drive?

Question regarding swg initial disc installation

Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing the three disc set from eBay. Once I receive it, do I install all the discs or just one? And is there a cd key which requires installing? I’m just asking what the deal is with the discs and how o install them bef

Good laptop for this game

Please forgive my ignorance. I just discovered this game was brought back online by the community and I would LOVE to get back into playing. But, I havent owned a computer or laptop in years and I'm not up to date on the tech these days. As far as I'

Worst combat class combination?

I thought it would be interesting to combine master ranger, a little bit of BH and rifleman on a toon to get that sort of hunter-Tracker feel. I feel like that's gunna be terrible--but it got me thinking: What are the most terrible combat class comb

Some unorthodox builds for high end PVE?

I am looking for effective unorthodox builds for high end solo PVE in the goal of getting loot and making credits. Are there any suggestions? I am also normally a fan of melee vs ranged, but it doesn't matter really. ​ One thing I have

Master smuggler - melee mitigation

I am playing on the sentinels republic server and I am at work at the moment, I saw last night that one of the smuggler boxes had melee mitigation 1... I was just wondering if it goes any higher than that at master? I am looking at making a master c

Can't Create a Character

New to the game. Trying to create a character but every time I try, it gets stuck at "Creating your character... please wait". At time of writing, my second attempt is currently 10 minutes in with no signs of progress. Any suggestions?

New Server Announcement -- Star Wars Galaxies: The Clone Wars

Greetings EMU Community! I would like to formally announce the launch of a new EMU, Star Wars Galaxies: The Clone Wars. Our team has taken the game we all love and reshaped it to fit into the Clone Wars Era between Episodes 2 and 3. No more Imperia

New to the game

Recently discovered this game and was wondering how to get it

Decorated Houses in SWG

I wanted to show off some deco my GF and I have done over the years on multiple servers. But before I do I wanted to give a shoutout to Tisco and their [website](http://vescas769.wixsite.com/emudeco) who has posted tons of deco images they've done w

How do riflemen do high end PVE?

Are they kiting or something because they aren't the best defensively? Do they have to be TKM, Master rifleman? ​

What skills are worthwhile to use as a rifleman?

I've seen other professions spam just one skill or a pair of skills and use little to nothing else. Is there an equivalent for rifleman? Mindshot 2 >Headshot 2>Headshot 2>Headshot 2 etc...? Are any of the other skills worth using like flur

Swordman temp suggestions?

I'm looking for suggestions on swordman temp. I'm aiming for something that's mainly for PvE and good for soloing or group content. I don't know the slightest thing when it comes to melee characters as I've never played them. So if any of you can tel

Returning New Player

Hey guys, I'm returning new player to Basi and I'm looking to join people in my new adventure. I'm currently playing a female zabrak swordsman. I've never played a melee character before and outside that I have little experience with the game. Most o

Multiple Accounts

I can't remember if my friend and I made a multiple account request for playing from the same ip years ago when we first played and I don't wanna risk getting banned, is there any way to check if we did?

Deadmau5 x <DASH> -- The Year Of The Rebellion -- Basilisk PvP :^ )

So Bas is pretty much #1 in terms of population. Always has been. Which one is second, really?

Bloodfin always seemed to have decent population, especially when I last played. But that server went boom. Aside from Legends, which Pre-CU server seems to do the best with population?

SWGEmu dev team should unban everyone and wipe the server

Unban STORM unban me unban everyone unban the 32,000 people who are actively perma banned for no reason so we can have some fun like the good old days k thx bye.

Help customizing a Profession Calculator

Greetings SWGEmu community. I'm awaiting the release of a custom server and I want to help their project by working on a profession calculator for them. I have a copy of Kodan's and I am not having any trouble editing the values therein but they have

Can't invite AT-ST to party/make it stay after being gone for 2 years?

As the title says. My Imperial character has an AT-ST and I can summon it, since I am a combatant. I simply can't invite them to a group or make them stay. The train command does nothing. Any tips here?

Jedi Lightsaber Damage?

Hello all, I just downloaded swgemu and am playing on the test center as a Jedi just kind of messing around until the server reset. I’m noticing when I start to attack a mob or player with any type of lightsaber it does almost no damage but then

SWGEmu - Ep.200 - Why You Should Try SWGEmu!

How to install + get started? (First time player)

Can anyone link me to a walkthrough on how to install + play on a server like Basilisk? Are there better servers I should start on? I have never played this game but have always thought it looked amazing as a sandbox MMO. I do not have a steam or ph

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Ithorian armor makers?

I've been having a hard time finding someone to make a full set of Ithorian Sent armor- lots of mini-suits but literally no full sets in the galaxy :(. Is there anyone with an armorsmith alt who I could commission a full set from? [..]