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Digging through old boxes and found this buried under a bunch of stuff.

ISO download

Is there a fairly reliable location to get the iso's for the native game? Seems like an easier solution then trying to find a set of discs online. Will I still need a CD key?

Curious about concurrent players

I play from time to time on both SWGemu and Legends, but am curious about how populated the other servers, specifically stardust and empire in flames, tend to be. Both look interesting from what little I've seen, and I heard that stardust tends to ha

Back to the game again. Looking for Veers-esque server

I feel like most players do this, but I vary in interest in SWG emulators and end up playing super hardcore for like 2 months on a server, get bored, and don't touch SWG again for months. Veers Elite had a dynamic that was perfect for this. Are there

Question regarding ISOs and Disc Burning.

I don't own blank discs, which I assume you need for this process. I was wondering if perhaps there was a way around this. If not just yell at me really loudly.

Looking for ARC-170 cockpit screenshot!

I need the reference for a fan comic. Can anyone with the ship snap me one? I can't find one anywhere! Thanks!

What is Stardust?

Server question

I've just got into SWG so I'm a noob, only prior experience I had was playing the free trial when I was inn middle school. I've played a little bit on both the TWC server and Prophecy. I was wondering if there is a server that has the skills/progress

Easy Way to Secure a Copy?

Hey guys, new to the franchise here. I’m in college so naturally I don’t have much money but I’ve been wanting to try the game out for a long time. I see that most used copies on eBay for for upwards of $40 and I didn’t want to shell out that

High XP server with interesting jedi system

I'm looking for a pre-cu server with high XP rate that has a decent Jedi system. I'm all for working to be Jedi, but not if it's super difficult. Relics of corbantis looked really nice but it's down now. I played for a while on bloodfin but it's also

can i beg really quick?

can someone send me a small loan of 2million credits? hahaha jk but could someone tip me a few hundred thousand till i can get to rifleman and repay you? IGN Rutank' with a ' at the end.

most popular PVP with jedi accessability?

I prefer to have to grind for my jedi, so not blue frog but the idea that once you finally see the old man and go the the village it takes 2 weeks to open a single progression line? Seems insanely long imo, is there a JEDI server that has higher pvp

most social servers?

i just installed legends to play with my cousin, and seeing the pre cu, that sort of build freedom looks appealing to me. ive read that the combat is kind of like kotor which i loved both of those. im open to suggestions :). cant wait to jump in.

Ithorian Ranger-BH reference doodle

Bringing the Sandbox economy to NGE - would anyone play a server with these features?

I'm not looking to start a server but I'm throwing this out there to see if there's support for these sort of ideas among the player base. The general idea is to merge the sandbox economy of pre-cu with NGE. The idea is to make the following changes:

whats wrong with my Y-wing's engines lol

ELI5: Star wars galaxies

I just found out about this game, and was wondering if you guys could give some insight into the game, it's history, how the different game versions differ from eachother, and how active each version's community is. Edit: I found some posts regardin

Initial Legends Update Time

As much as I longed for the pre-cu days during my time playing the NGE when the game was still active, I find myself wanting to try out the Legends server. This is mostly because I don't really have any friends to play with (yet haha!) and not as

TKA/Doctor template?

Saw a post claiming this is a crazy good farming/money making template, can anyone actually provide me one?

Flying with track pad

Recently started playing on legends and attempted space flight on my laptop, did not go well. It's incredibly hard to control with track pad on my laptop, has anyone got any recomconed key binds for flying. Than you

Warfront - Revisited

Three months ago, I reviewed SWG Warfront. I found it to be a pretty good server, with all the quality of life fixin's that the emu scene is famous for. After jumping back in for a few weeks, I'd like to make some observations about the current sta


Been playing SWG Legends for about a week now after reinstalling my discs with JTL, any beautiful graphical overhauls out there? and any other recommendations are welcome! Especially something to give the blasters some more "oomf"

LFG Legends Server LS/Reb Roleplay Guild

Hey all, Was wondering if any of you guys were in a Rebel/Light Side Roleplay guild on the legends server. Looking to join an active community. Background on me: Played NGE on Europe Chimaera from 2006-2011. Was once the leader of toleplaying event

Jedi questions

So obviously dsj is ranged dps and lsj is a tank, but is that really all there is to it? Is there no form of melee dps jedi? Some Grey jedi ish thing And I know they say lsj is bad in pvp, but how bad are we talking? Like abysmal? Lastly, is the en

New To Legends, Have Some Questions

Hi, I used to play Basilisk in 2014, but I got bored due to a lack of content, so, this year, I figured I'd give the game another shot, and try a post-CU server. ​ I mostly want to do PVP, and RP'ing, but I am not sure which class to go