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How I get s copy of the game?

Hi everyone I am interested to play this game but I don't have a copy. Is anyone knows how to get one?

Trying to find old friends from Bria (NGE)

I played on the galaxy Bria. My name on Bria was Owovo Iglikk. I played with the same two players for years. But then I stopped playing cold turkey due to finances. Because of that, I never got the chance to swap contact info with them before the gam

something wrong with SWGlegends website?

Aloha all, trying to get into SWGlegends website but can't seem to get i the only one?

Help Please I dont Wanna loose my characters

Welp I have been playing SWG legends for a while made two characters then after a week now I can't enter the server so.......

please help

Hi everyone, I just download swg I really enjoy this game but every time that I open swg it says that I have to download 600 patches and this taken over one and a half hours. is this a glitch or I have to do this every time that I want to play?

Since I'm quarantined and jobless now, I decided to dive back into SWG Legends. What are good graphics suggestions?

My PC can handle just about anything so any and all graphics and mod suggestions are welcome! Thanks friends!

Sentinels Republic: Chapter 1.2 & Double XP

SWG Plus or SWG+

[]( check us out i started the sever becouse of bad nge severes weak management with alot of shady shit going on in the background. thats why i am 100% against friending playes / guilds. Theres no nee

Bring Infinity Back to Life

# Bring Infinity Back to Life 📷 Hello everyone you can call me Remedy. I play on a server known as Infinity. The community is great and I have a wonderful time playing there, and can easily sink crazy hours and lose track of time. The only th

Me, an Imperial Ace, trying to explain to the Storm Squadron CO why ignoring my patrol duties to instead work on getting a Royal Guard TIE Interceptor is a much better idea.

I've only ever played NGE, sell me Pre-CU

I've never played Pre-CU, only ever NGE, tell me about it and why I should play it :D

any high pop pre cu servers

Installation Problem

ok so i "legally" got the swg discs i mounted them ran the installer and everything was going smooth until the intaller started installing data_texture00 then my computer froze so i had to do a hard shutdown i tried it the second and third time still

Best place to loot an acolyte robe?

Googled a few spots and tried farming a good 30mins-1hr at each once and haven't found one yet :/. I even tried the smuggler base on talus for a good 2 hours last night and still nothing. Anyone know of good drop rate spots? I'm playing on legends if

My thanks to the force wielding wookie

Earlier today on legends, I paired up with a Jedi wookie as we went on and did the jabba quest, if you are reading this mystery wookie my thanks

Prophecy Staff yet abusing as usual like every project...

since i just joined and started helping advertise for the request of chavex and reyna ..i can not recommend (SWG Prophecy) or any project NGE Server. it's pretty sad members like Decria and I-Pro are allowed to abuse multi staff accounts

Space Grinding

Any advice or coordinates for good space grinding? Just got the Y-Wing Longprobe cert and it felt like it took forever to get there. On a related note, is there any way to prompt the space station menu when it does not automatically pop up? &#x

What is Star Wars Galaxies?

Commando Questions

Hey everyone, returning Legends player here and after starting as Jedi, I realized that I wanted to go something different as my main. Decided to go Commando. I just have some questions and hopefully some people here can help me out. -What Armor sho

Galaxies: An Empire Remembered is now available as a FREE eBook. Stay indoors!

i was playing galaxies in legends this evening then i took the battle to another level i guess :)

Need some help with class choice on SWG Legends

With all of the quarantine stuff going on I’ve decided to get back into SWG Legends and I’m having issues with my class choices, I’m stuck between Bounty Hunter and Jedi. I already have a low level BH that I used to play a little off. My prob

The Death Watch is back.

DXUN-The Death Watch is back. After the Mandalore civil war our numbers hang in the balance of fate. from the muddy jungles of Dxun we Survived. Built ourselves on the core Mando traditions of the old ways we hid from the empire and the so called Tru

New NGE Server - SWG Plus or SWG+

Hi, I am one of the founders of a new NGE server SWG+ The main aim behind our server is to offer an alternative to SWG: Legends. We use modern hardware and software unlike most servers. Our future plans include a senate elected by the community to

Double XP week on Sunrunner2

Join us for some double XP on Sunrunner 2! Send me a message in game and I can set you up with a free house, vehicle, and starter gear. IGN is Neelok.

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How I get s copy of the game?

Hi everyone I am interested to play this game but I don't have a copy. Is anyone knows how to get one? [..]