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Looking for solid Basilik people

As title says recently returned back and looking for more folks to roll with do looting perhaps work on BHs etc. Trying to create my own community of fools who don't take themselves too seriously.


Man i see people have like millions of credits to spare and I barely have one million I was wondering if there was a good way to make a lot of money I afk grind frosche but that’s pretty slow, I was wondering if there were any other methods

Installation Problem - OG Discs?

Hi guys System: Windows 8.1, Laptop. Installation method: SWG An Empire Divided original 3 discs, pristine condition. Currently running the installer and when disc 1 finishes and asks for disc 2, it wants me to insert disc two and select th

Armor question

Hey guys I was just wondering what do you think is a good armor for a dps smuggler (I play ok legends so NGE applies)

Legends issue

So i ran into an issue when updating legends thw other day. The swgclient_r.exe file seems to be missing. Its physically not there, nor anywhere on the computer. Fresh install and patch doesnt seem to help. What do reddit?

What do I do?

I started playing Galaxies for the first time a few days back and am both addicted and overwhelmed. I have no idea what im doing, or more importantly what I can do. What are some opportunities or goals I should work towards? I know its a do it yourse

Having fun in the CU!

Where can I find a working copy of the game or am emulator that works?

I would love to play this game, but I can’t find a copy of it anywhere.

STAR DUST - The Server the people need.

I'll make this simple and to the point. There are a lot of people that like the traditional SWG EMU. There are people that are into the NGE era of SWG and love the JTL. But if you like SWG in a pre-cu style with the perks of CU and NGE then Star Dust

searching for old SWG fan made videos

Does any one remember all the fan made shorts that people did back in the day.? The one I’m looking for specifically is about a random dude who’s girlfriend is killed on some imperial base and ends up becoming a dark Jedi/Sith it doesn’t have a

How is Stardust?

Hi, I just heard about that SWG still continues. And I want to try it. I love roleplaying and sandbox elements. However, I see that there are many servers. From what I got I see that Legends is not strong in terms of sandbox elements. And I see that

Does anyone bounce between multiple emulators?

I started playing the Emu more or less a month ago just because it's the most popular version of the game, but the tedium of getting buffed, everyone wearing the same composite armor, the lack of content, etc. is wearing thin on me. I tried Legends t

"This app can't run on your PC"

I was able to get as far as updating the game in the launcher, but get this message when I press play. I feel like I did something wrong during part 2 (updating SWG Legends). My WinZip trial ended, so I just used Zipeg to extract the files and then p

SWG install issues

So I've decided to play SWG Legends. I was on when the original servers went down. I dug my discs out and installed with no issues on my main computer. One of my kids wants to play, so I went to install on his machine, and installshield launcher c

Level 90 boost gone

I deleted my character that had the level 90 boost on it. Is there any way to get it back? I hadn’t used it yet it was just sitting in my inventory.

SWG Legends first opinions

Ever since i found out about SWG about two years ago ive always been a pre-cu fanboy, the sandbox is great... pre-cu is a fantastic game... except it doesnt have JTL, so i gave Legends a try maybe a year ago, made a character... boosted him to max le

Information Request for the not so well informed

Admittedly there is something that has at times bothered me and potentially affects my involvement in certain projects and that is legality. Now I'm not a legal specialist in any way shape or form, hence why I am asking my next question. If SWG Legen

Looking for TCG scenario text

Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to access the game text from the TCG scenarios? A few years ago I downloaded Word docs that some saint had transcribed when the game was live, but they were never completed and the original download links

Just a lil pvp exchange on the Stardust EMU server

SWG Beyond Hoth Event

Greetings, fellow Beyond players, and prospective members! With May the 4th quickly approaching, we are excited to announce a special event we will be hosting. Starting from May 3rd to May 5th, Hoth will receive double tokens and will receive some [a

R.I.P. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca).

R.I.P. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca).

May the 4th be with you! - SWG Awakening Star Wars Day Celebrations

May the 4th be with you all, SWG Awakening is once again celebrating Star Wars Day with a weekend long event. ​ Information about our upcoming May 4th celebrations can be found on the Awakening forums at: [

Wich is the easiest class?

I am a new player ,never played this game, i just entered in the game and made a Bounty Hunter because i like bounty hunters.

Curious about trying SWG, but confused about the server types

So I never got a chance to play SWG when it was live. Didnt have stable net nor the cash. But its one of the few MMOs now that I have not tried in some capacity. I understand I need the handy client over in the sidebar, and then I gotta select a ser

Getting good in Space battles (Legends)

Hi, Im playing on legends since almost two years now, but I kind of suck pretty hard in space, even when I fly around most of my time. Tier 5 ships are pretty tough to handle for me, not speaking of others. I went to a Space GCW Battle last week and

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Looking for solid Basilik people

As title says recently returned back and looking for more folks to roll with do looting perhaps work on BHs etc. Trying to create my own community of fools who don't take themselves too seriously. [..]