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what is this, I'm lvl 7

Oldschool-Project: Grafu castle will open at Thursday the 10th!

Greetings, RoMmunity! ​ Today I would like to inform you that we, the Oldschool-Project, are just about to release the Grafu Castle Dungeon! Our server is located in Frankfurt (EU) and we offer many new features: * Full Free-to-Play Ac

100+ ONLINE! The Original Play to Win Server. Join Gamers4Life Alpha today!

***Welcome to the*** [******]( ***Gaming Network*** Hello! *There are exciting things happening here!* Our Discord server has players in all types of Genres MMO Games, online at various times from around the

I want to play this game again.

As the title says, I want to play this glory of a game again. But I lack m8s who want to play this game with me and alone is a bit boring. If anyone's interested, just comment/text me :)

Class Help - PVE

Hey hey, old school player from back in the day. I wanted to know what the general consensus is on the two combo's I want to play. The two I am debating on is Warrior/Rogue or Warrior/Scout. Looking to do dps in PVE. Dont really care about PVP. Thank

Runes of Magic Chapter 2 Server by

Frostedheart here. Today I make public the G4L Classic Project. A runes of magic private server based off chapter 2! This server features the following: * Skills Adjusted to CH2 * World Set to Ch2 (Origin Top Dungeon Currently) * Leve

Don't like the pay2win-nature and miss the old times? Give us a visit!

Greetings, Today I would like to introduce you to our lovely little server: The Runes of Magic Oldschool-Project. *What are we?* We're people who really like Runes of Magic as a game, but seriously don't like the slowness or the pay2win-nat

New player questions

Hey all just went through a list of old mmorpgs that are free and this poppes up i just downloaded and am wondering 2 things what server is the most populated and what is the best healer combo to date

About Resplendent/Baron Titles

Who's the NPC that gives the quest for these? I already have Vanguard Field Marshal title.

Chapter 1 Project: Rise of the Demon Lord (Hardcore edition)

**Hello everyone!** It's been some years since my last adventure of an old school project. Now it's time to bring it back, and this time for greater achievements. Now for the first time on the US server: Aeterna. ​ **Introducing**

Hi, im a nightly twitch streamer focusing on MMORPGS, I'm going to start streamingredients Runes Of Magic



6.4.2 Server files and code and more - RaGEZONE - MMO development community

Warning about servers

hey I just want you guys all the know the only safe servers and ROM to play on that will probably last and the only servers that aren't vulnerable to SQL injection are ​ []( [http://chick

Gamers4Life RoM Private Server -- Play to Win Concept

# Welcome to Gaming Network Hello! There are exciting things happening here! Our Discord server has gamers in all types of MMO Games, online at various times from around the world. We do have a sponsored game however, and as the

Midea Runes of Magic " old-school lv50 server"

hey guys well this is no "ad" i am player in this server i highly prefer you to play if you look for a fun old-school server and not hard focusing on paying you can get many free shop items during the game, also you can ofc buy diamonds if you


\[German Version Below\] ​ Greetings! ​ Today I would like to introduce you to our classy little server, the oldschool-project. Our project started in mid 2018 with the levelcap of 50. Currently, we can level up to 60 an

WTS my account on US Server:Aeterna

Account is several years old. Race is Elf. I have all 6 classes possible. 5 classes are lv 100 (warrior,mage,warden,druid,scout). One class (rogue) is low level for titles, cards, etc. I primarily focused on warrior/mage for endgame. About Half of th

Really wanted to give this game a 2nd chance (again)

I was playing this game religiously a number of years ago. Then I decreased playing time and got caught up with life. I thought the game always looked beautiful but the game itself frustrated me on many levels. But I wanted to give it another go but

Here's One You Probably Haven't Tried Before.. Runes Of Magic - Is It Worth Playing In 2019?

ChickenPickle Legends of ROM

Myths of Taborea Server go up to level 65

We announce the level rise to 65. list with videos with the new implemented on the server: [](

Playernet Chapter 1 Server

does anyone know if Playernet plans to start a chapter 1 server? I loved to play on Insomnia and Playernet is by far the best rom publisher.

Runes of Magic Legacy MMOKing

Chapter 1 oldschool | normal rates| cheap itemshop| custom itemshop items | 2300 quests | 7 open zones | 12 instances | Gm events 6 classes | pvp arena | crafting system |giveaways | for more informations visit our homepage forum or Discord!

Anyone Interested in Chapter 1 Server?

If you are interested, let me know.

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what is this, I'm lvl 7