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6.4.2 Server files and code and more - RaGEZONE - MMO development community

Warning about servers

hey I just want you guys all the know the only safe servers and ROM to play on that will probably last and the only servers that aren't vulnerable to SQL injection are ​ []( [http://chick

Gamers4Life RoM Private Server -- Play to Win Concept

# Welcome to Gaming Network Hello! There are exciting things happening here! Our Discord server has gamers in all types of MMO Games, online at various times from around the world. We do have a sponsored game however, and as the

Midea Runes of Magic " old-school lv50 server"

hey guys well this is no "ad" i am player in this server i highly prefer you to play if you look for a fun old-school server and not hard focusing on paying you can get many free shop items during the game, also you can ofc buy diamonds if you


\[German Version Below\] ​ Greetings! ​ Today I would like to introduce you to our classy little server, the oldschool-project. Our project started in mid 2018 with the levelcap of 50. Currently, we can level up to 60 an

WTS my account on US Server:Aeterna

Account is several years old. Race is Elf. I have all 6 classes possible. 5 classes are lv 100 (warrior,mage,warden,druid,scout). One class (rogue) is low level for titles, cards, etc. I primarily focused on warrior/mage for endgame. About Half of th

Really wanted to give this game a 2nd chance (again)

I was playing this game religiously a number of years ago. Then I decreased playing time and got caught up with life. I thought the game always looked beautiful but the game itself frustrated me on many levels. But I wanted to give it another go but

Here's One You Probably Haven't Tried Before.. Runes Of Magic - Is It Worth Playing In 2019?

ChickenPickle Legends of ROM

Myths of Taborea Server go up to level 65

We announce the level rise to 65. list with videos with the new implemented on the server: [](

Playernet Chapter 1 Server

does anyone know if Playernet plans to start a chapter 1 server? I loved to play on Insomnia and Playernet is by far the best rom publisher.

Runes of Magic Legacy MMOKing

Chapter 1 oldschool | normal rates| cheap itemshop| custom itemshop items | 2300 quests | 7 open zones | 12 instances | Gm events 6 classes | pvp arena | crafting system |giveaways | for more informations visit our homepage forum or Discord!

Anyone Interested in Chapter 1 Server?

If you are interested, let me know.

Game crashes immediately after I click play on launcher

Has anyone had a problem like this? I’ve reinstalled several times to no avail. I’ve reached out on the Steam forum and through the Gameforge support page, and no one has responded.

Are there really that little mounts on Item shop?

I remember when I played this game a couple of years ago, they had many mounts on the item shop, like star and flame etc.. but now there's only the normal horses and only like 3 unique mounts...? ​ What happened to the item shop? What ha

New mirrorworld instance lvl 62 - Server Myths of Taborea

New mirrorworld instance lvl 62 it's activated. ​ [Mirrorworld lvl 62 - Myths of Taborea Server](

How to install Addons - Runes of magic (Steam)

As the title says. Just wondering if there are any steamies out there that knows how to add addons to RoM :) ty

Oldschool Project - Level 55 Chapter 2 Experiance

Do you want to enjoy the good old days of Runes of Magic? Do you want to experiance good and stable guild communites again? You don't want to spend a single penny to play in the high end content? ​ Then probably our Oldschool Project i

Santa hats from when the game first released.

I got a hold of few of these Santa hats and the boxes they came in when the game first came out so very long ago. I have however, not played in a very long time and I was wonder, just like with Runescape, did the value on these Santa hats and boxes

New Mirrorworld instance lvl 60 - Myths of Taborea -

Help finding an old video series

I'm trying to find a series where a guy documents his leveling experience. I believe he was a scout main class, was a British guy. Sorry for the bad description but if anyone knows what I'm talking about somehow and can link it to me that would be

Runes Of Magic From .PlayerNet.

Runes Of Magic Insomnia Server by .PlayerNet. Publisher is looking for new players. Server is up for 3 years till now, regulary updated and taken care every day, GMs, Developers and Team are very active. Since its beginning there was no cheats, bu

Insomnia Runes Of Magic Needs Help!

Strange thing just Happened, The best server Runes Of Magic "insomnia", where theres no cheats, glitch, bugs, where patches are regulary implemented, where developers trying everyday to make us happy, the game where me and many people spend long time

VPN to play on EU server !

Hi!, would pingzapper lower my ping on some of the EU servers ? im from SA, Thanks !

Discouragement of a returning player

TLDR I played on, a now gone server, due to fusion of some EU servers and along my characters and items from Diamond Shop. Support say they can't do anything and it's lost due to the fusion. I played a lot back in 2011-13-ish and spent tonnes of ca