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Rs3 mobile bug

Is anyone have issues with rs3 mobile bugsplatting on open your bank? Seems to happen >80% of the time Is this a known/reported issue Cheers

Opinion: Delete dead areas of the game and replace it with open space pretty scenery

The gameworld is way too packed. Replacing dead stuff like the ranger's guild with pretty looking empty space will add to immersion and make the map feel larger. Also a lot of areas feel out of place even if they aren't dead. For example Heist near

Had a bad day and RNGesus blessed me

Was always curious. What do you think is more GP/hour for afk melee Revo++? Corrupted workers (or a different corrupted creature) or Salawa Akh?

Please fix ecb

Make it so it works on rago p5/dummies etc, as well as making it count as your own damage instead of familiar hitsplats so it counts to your dps

clue scroll question

is there any site which shows all the requirements in hard clues? like all the quests you need to do and skills to train etc.

Is runescape worth playing for beginners in 2019?

So 5 years ago i played runescape but i stopped because i wasnt into those types of games, i just remembered about it and i was wondering if its worth playing in 2019?

Just sharing

RNG is on my side

Ability bar

Is anyone able to send me some afk revo bars for all styles? I’m really struggling to understand them

weapon tier question

I've been raising an ironman recently and currently my best weapon is a chaotic staff, however I just today got a cywir orb drop and my best wand to match it for now is an ahrim wand. I assume that the chaotic staff is still my best choice, but tbh i

What would be the best armor set up for me?

I hate the baby troll.

A long time ago, I got a baby troll. I am no longer a member and I don't know how to get rid of it. I can't pick it up, I can't dismiss it, I can't do anything but examine it. I just finished the Gertrude's Cat quest, super excited to get a kitten. J

they made house portals into a real thing omg

You know what’s actually going to confuse new players?

The fact that everyone says that they “sigil” to use thresholds and not “limitless” to use thresholds. The new limitless ability doesn’t even have the word sigil in it.

LF minigame mates

I'm a skiller and play in a sort of weird way based around quest points and cosmetics. Eventually I'll go for a fire cape and try to get into prif at level 70. I've got a long term goal of 200m herblore, but aside from that don't really care about e

Yoooo lol

Suggestion - Add a way to spectate players.

I understand that this might be a big change, but I feel like it is a necessary one. Ofc, a request has to be sent and accepted if I wanted to spectate someone or vice versa. A lot of games have it and it is proven to be successful. Scenario 1: I

Insane Final Boss Bugged

I unlocked insane final boss today, by claiming the solak pet, however it did not unlock properly.There was no broadcast, I can't wear the title. The achievement shows as completed, but I didnt get a message in game chat that it had completed either.

Skillcape emote for keepsake

So I'm a player who keepsakes some of his skillcapes because I think they look cool. A couple of months ago, Jagex allowed me to do skillcape emotes with my keepsaked skillcapes. Recently I managed to get my Quest Point cape and I decided to keepsake

My sanity while playing BGH

Whoever made getting the treasure totem top through BGH, I hate you. Getting caught by the dinosaurs physically stresses me the fudge out because I know it is a simple game. The biggest problem is that if I am trying to run away while cutting trees o

Is there an item that automatically notes picked up bones or items?

Why do you refuse to revive minigames?

Am I the only one who wouldn’t be opposed to making minigame rewards op? I personally think the community bonding and fun times in these will far outweigh the balancing issues. We have a very small community and it would help to make it seem more l

Amongst all the negativity in the RS3-Reddit...

Amongst all the negativity in the RS3-Reddit, I do enjoy the new RSWiki redesign. :) Thanks!

Could the 'XP Prestige' system from 2013 please be repolled?

Back in 2013, Jagex presented a 'prestige' system that had ***many*** players freaking out, and complaining. _______________ * The original article can be found here: * * The Wiki p

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Already on half battery, I just charged it!


My new phone arrived - first app installed


Big F for Austin Wolfe


Stahp advertising dead content pls


Nerf hunter and pof for game integrity but starts directly selling exp


Elite Tectonic/Sirenic Gloves and Boots Suggestion


OSRS in inappropriate places


What if Jagex just polished the game and updated old content instead of adding new shit?

There are still parts of RS3 with outdated content, minigames are dead mostly because their rewards are garbage. Even on spotlight minigames are dead, it's mostly people AFKing for thaler instead of actually playing the game as intended. Some sk [..]

Minigames: Add single player starting to Trouble Brewing, Stealing Creation, Pest Control, Soul Wars, and Great Orb Project

tl;dr: allow these minigames to be player with just 1 person (effectively 1 team in some cases). Start time would still take the max amount of time, but now a player is no longer needing to wait on others to join in. Trouble Brewing, Stealing Creat [..]

[Ninja Fix] Please Move The North Large Pen Trough


Something seems off about this fire.


Give the Magic Golem outfit a teleport option

Every master skilling outfit has a teleport option besides mining, fishing, and dungeoneering have a teleport option. Of those three the golem outfit is the most useless: Shark outfit can consume fish(easily one of the best perks of any outfit), Trai [..]

Jagex, this was your chance to make the Golden Touch and Unsullied Sigils viable...

Sometime last year, Mod Timbo was proposing an idea of reworking the vital spark drops in order to make these 2 Sigils that no one made viable. This Sigil update would have been the perfect time to balance the costs of the Golden Touch and Unsullied [..]

They were awesome mods. We'll miss you guys.


Mom spaghetti


This Type of MTX I Actually Really Like! (Crit hit splats and now this one)

​ [..]

Add Champion Scrolls to Revenant drop tables.

Currently, there are 4 Revenants that are of a monster type that have Champion scrolls. They are Imp, Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Demon (the Demon pet is labeled as "Lesser Demon" in the pet interface). For those going for Revenant pet or Chaos title, it [..]

What's going on with Runescape 3?


Opinion: Clan Cup was poorly scheduled

Why was it placed into the Third Week of the Skilling Month event? This was supposed to be the Dungeoneering section. Yes I know that Clan Cup is a 3 hour max thing per person, but why do it this week and not next. Wouldn't it have made more sense t [..]

when nex runs out of petrol she must find alternative solutions


Essential Oils

​ I've traversed this cliff 4 times every 11 seconds for 4 hours (5.2k times) and have done 45 laps with LOTD and agility cape on and no essential oils. Are you guys sure the chance is rolled every obs [..]

Small issue with duellist's cap and the risen walk


I'm new to the game and downloaded to try it out, but my first login and I'm already getting "too many logins from your adress" and I've already made 3 accounts to just resolve the problem but nope, not working. Help me


Don't give me Goebie Burial Charms from the Maw when I'm maxed in Goebie reputation

like seriously I don't want Tecis pls =\] [..]

Insane Final Boss Bugged

I unlocked insane final boss today, by claiming the solak pet, however it did not unlock properly.There was no broadcast, I can't wear the title. The achievement shows as completed, but I didnt get a message in game chat that it had completed either. [..]