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A familiar problem.

You're in multicombat, attacking a player, and you're being attacked by that player's familiar. You and the player you're attacking step in to single combat, but now you get the message, "You're already fighting something else" or something to that

Dear RuneScape 10+ year veterans; anyone of you still experiences this?

Heard you guys like rax luck.....

Skilling outfits (particularly for Ironmen)

Ironmen and skilling outfits: Some are easy to get (like prayer) but some are harder or a pain to obtain (like herblore, hate flash powder factory). Can you make them obtainable through any of the other activities that currently award them and when y

you all remember the old flipchat1? or nex and ss friend chats? want them back? well i have a discord that is just that. we pricecheck and give margins on great items to flip and merch.

Proof you can actually earn a decent amount of RC if you put a little time, and tenacity, into it.

Is the payment website broken?

Doesn't seem to be working for me, all cards seem to get declined

Is swapping still allowed?

If so, does anyone know a fc to use? Have some osrs gold I have no use for

Question about custom-fitting TMW

I have a full set of custom fitted tmw perked out for bossing. If I buy another TMW body for slayer can I customfit it while wearing the rest of the set? ​ Wiki says that individual pieces cannot be customfitted without the full TMW set

Clan Wars (pogo stick animation/works with all melee weapons)

When weeds grow immediately after harvest or using compost

Rsgloryandgold says TheRsGuy is 'a little gay looking arab'

t60+ melee weapon disassembly

While I'm glad there aren't fifty different melee weapons per tier for orikalkium to elder rune, that means that some invention components are a pain to get. For instance, besides dragon, which is too expensive, rune scimitars are the best source of

Immortal Fever Spider?

Hey there, not sure if this is a bug or not but I have had an adolescent fever spider in it's pen w/ proper food for the past 5 days and it has yet to become an adult... Is this a known issue or even an issue? The wiki says it should take 7.5 hours

Someone in ARK reeee'd so Jagex is involved 😂

Flaming sword enchantment recolour.

Just curious if there’s any way we could get more flame colours for flaming sword enchantment. Like purple green blue black or white flames. Could be rewards from treasure trail shop, Or clues themselves or just an option. Would just be nice to h

Loot from 114 Wilderness Slayer Tasks without getting pk’d (forgot emblem for 2 tasks)

may someone tell me of a good way to make gold while training ranged?

I got the sub off of twitch prime and decided to play my old character, I'm at 95 ranged and going for 99, but I also want to make enough gold to get a bond and restore my membership which ends on april first. according to the wiki one of the best st

How in the ever living fuck do you do 'As A First Resort' as an ironman ever since the smithing rework?

You need 4 spears for the quest. Nothing drops them any more. Can't smith them until you have Tai Bwo Wannai Trio complete...which *also* requires a spear. Infinite loop. I even blew 120k on 4 leaf bladed spears to find out they didnt work. I'm **su

Best afk gp/hour?

I’m looking to afk on my main while I play on my new Ironman. Maybe something that I can listen to so I know when to check back up on my main. Also have alt1 to notify me Edit- my main is max combat and most of my stats are 90+ besides inv, farmin

Improved and updated my Achievement Spreadsheet, this time with instructions for you to use, download link in comments

It's either bats or demons. There's no in between.

Allow us to automatically use special attacks in revolution

Much like thresholds and ultimates, add a toggle for us if we wish to do this. Specials would be used if they are off cd and we have adequate adrenaline. Thanks. V/R, Me

Another rework?

So I was playing rs3 yesterday and someone was saying that there is a new rework coming soon. Idk what rework that would be since they just finished ms and the GE hasn't caught up to that update.

We still don't know how is he wearing cosmetics on castle wars

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Old but gold


Why is Jagex so ultra-conservative on consumable balancing recently? It's unnecessary and unenjoyable for everyone

In the order of most to least egregious: **Elite Sirenic/Tectonic** Elite sirenic/tectonic are literally worth using nowhere except EDGs. **Black stone arrows** Black stone arrows could have been as common as araxxyte arrows and not consumed past [..]

So.. RDT from Crassian leviathan is unnoted


You receive: 5 x Big bones.


When you try to pull off the Dr. Eggman look on RuneScape but are not fat enough


d(O)n't want (C)onversation


Revenant Dragon Pet in-game!


Allow upgraded seedicide to pick up noted seeds


This Rev Werewolf Been Stuck Here World 88 Edgevile Bank For Over 12 Hours


Ask questions for the 'Big Questions' Q&A next Tuesday!

Hey everyone, Next Tuesday we'll be hosting a live stream Q&A focused on big questions. This is a great opportunity to get some hard hitting questions answered so please post below and we'll take what we can and get them answered on stream for [..]

RS3's Auto Attack needs some work...


94-99 invention in 9 minutes with 2 sips of an invention potion


If there's no plans for a Construction Rework..

It would be awesome to see [Mod Ryan's Construction Contracts](, and the related graphical update to POH borders; [Mod Doctor's ability to move furniture around](https://ww [..]

Hybrid zerk aura (+7%)

Make a hybrid version of the berserker/reckless/maniacal aura, currently hybrid is the best style in the game and it's unexplored because sticking to 1 style with the current zerk auras deems it useless. i feel like 7% boost is a good compromise bec [..]

Calquat seeds 1 gp, wtf?


Looking to take newer players bossing!

Hello everyone! I do this every so often where I take some newer players up to god wars 1, or other similar tier bosses. The main goal is to help out with those jitters that come with bossing for the first time. I can help with advice for entry level [..]

5000+ Days Since Last Login

Today is the 1st time in years I've played again and holy cow! This game seemed to change a lot..... what am I gonna do now that zammy armour isnt the cool thing anymore!?!? It all changed so fast [..]

Treasure Trail Accomplishments

Simply put, there isn't enough options for clue scrollers to show off their grind. ​ I suggest three things. ​ 1. Titles - Each clue tier would have its own title which would be unlocked by getting at least one of each "comm [..]

Mobile - Unable to access full EliteDung shop. Missing last 2 items.


What to spend slayer points on?

I don't have a prefer and block list. What do you guys spend slayer points on at first priority? [..]

Improved and updated my Achievement Spreadsheet, this time with instructions for you to use, download link in comments


Sooo.... I just completed my 6th medium clue scroll

No way.... ​ ​ [..]

We still don't know how is he wearing cosmetics on castle wars


Wilderness Only Gear

A common complaint about the wilderness is that pkers in a cat/ mouse situation will always have an unfair advantage as they will bring high tier gear, and a pvm'er wont want to risk that in the small chance they run into a pvp'er. Right now as it st [..]

What is best for Elite Clue Scrolls?

What should I camp for elite clue scrolls? Is it priff elves? Or if not what is better? [..]