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Will we hopefully see Archeaology "quests" or perhaps content for the Ancient Cities as referenced in the Ancient spell book?

While looking at the ancient spellbook I kind of forgot about the ancient spell teleports using "ancient" city names for certain areas. For example, one of them does have ties to a quest which is Senntisten. For this kind of content to be in the gam

Ports ships not returning.

The other day I sent out some ports voyages that are meant to take about 8 hours (for the record, these are loop voyages with the anachronia totem). When my voyages count down, they get to the arriving soon text, then get a weird timestamp looking th

Can we make damaged artifacts tradable/swappable with other artifacts from the same spot?

Lemme just start by saying I absolutely LOVE archaeology. However, it is slightly annoying when you get four or five of the same artifact in a row when you are trying to complete a log. So I don't see why we cannot be allowed to trade with other pl

Tip - Archaeology - Artefacts collections

For anyone wondering/struggling who collects what Artefacts. Jagex did a good job with a search function and it lists who wants the Artefact.

Still can't log in since ~25th of last month...

Hey, i understand that this is a known problem but it is quite frustrating to see that it is fixed for most people by now but i am still getting stuck at 'loading application resources'. Due to work rosters (away from home/no internet access for 21

Loot from a 24h mission was the level 45 kharid-et mission

Small typo

Space and time.

Why was I forced to say this? What triggers it?

What are the tetracompass rewards?

I have a completed one (uncharged), but I'm not sure if it's worth investing into the rewards for an ironman.

Archaeology clue scrolls

What are the odds of getting a clue scroll while excavating?

Getting started in members first time

So I started playing way back in 09 then I took a huge gap and came back last year, jumped back on RS3 and really enjoyed it got to level 81. I've got around 70mil in the bank and one bond already (I know that's peanuts) Since then I haven't really

RS3 Client Crashes every 5-15 minutes with "could potentially allow malicious user to gain control of this application. (coooo409)". Any ideas how to fix?

Finally got the most smexiest cape in game

Gravite chargebow or knives?

I am a f2p player looking to train range. I've read these options are best for f2p but I don't really understand how they work. After 5-10 hours I have to pay to recharge them to keep using them? How expensive will this be? And if I use knives I have

Which barrows items to use?

Basically what the title says. I am about to reach lvl 70 combat stats, and I really want to use barrows sets, with the amulet of the forsaken. I know that I should probably stick to non degradable GWD1 armour.. but I just think the barrows sets are Close.... yes so far away....

QAQ I just need the Yellow and Green Dye, but none of the Rankers will sell them....orz....

Surging diagonally is fucked and it’s extremely annoying

Surging diagonally is so stupid. Unless you wait for the perfect moment when your character is looking the direction THEY SHOULD BE LOOKING you’ll end up somewhere you didn’t want to be. This is a pain in the ass In big game hunter, where eve

Now that's what I call Fustration..


How are people so rich

I'm getting back into rs3, currently at ED3 for token and gp mining, here I thought I was doing amazing with a 300m bank but I cant even get myself noxious equipment yet. How on earth do players get so rich?? Is my rng that unlucky or what, help a no

Jagex is on point with April Fool's this year!

Getting Annoying.

Harlequin Cow

So I need to get a Harlequin Cow for the zodiac puzzle. Are they able to be traded from player to player? Or do they HAVE to be breed to get them? I just want to move on with these mysteries but can because I've never dealt with the player owned farm

Can anyone decipher this or explain this?


MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Archaeology is super fun tho


Shout out to the animator team for these moving trees. - Subtle stuff like this is what makes the game feel alive.


Medium Clue chest removed with archeology update


What's the reward for winning the slots in the Runespan?


Imagine digging for...logs.


sooo... around 7 tries is enough for 660million gp LOL


Jagex ABSOLUTELY Nailed it in terms of QOL with this skill

**✔** All in one information item **✔** Skill Hub/guild **✔** Trackers for every item **✔** Quick teles to digsites **✔** Deposit boxes in every digsite **✔** Dedicated separate bank for skill **✔** Categorized and o [..]

[OC] Streetwear Korasi


Archaeology: I would like to buy an upgrade which makes screening soil more worthwhile

80% to 90% of the soil you screen gives you nothing. Which means out of 100 soil you get maybe 15 materials. Is soil designed just to clutter your inventory and make you drop it? When you bother with banking soil and using it, you still lose time bec [..]

Archaeology is the first skill I've trained where I don't particularly care about getting the most XP/hr

Theres just so many other benefits and things to explore in the skill that it seems a waste to just focus in on getting the most XP possible. I'm finding myself spending a lot of time in lower level areas just to complete a collection, or solve a mys [..]

Getting Duplicate Artefacts Numerous Times In A Row


Harlequin Cow Requirement

So far, I am very much enjoying the new skill - it feels more like a community event rather than a skill. As many of you know, a shiny cow is required for one of the Mysteries. For you to have a decent chance at a shiny offspring, you need a T3 co [..]

"How dare you show such disrespect to a sacred Iceynic burial item?!"


[UPDATED] Alt1 preset for Archaeology

Earlier, i made [this post]( Well i updated the preset * Great for other skilling methods too * Notifies you when time sprite moves * Chatbox needs to show filtered ga [..]

General Archaeology advice and general impressions

**Advice:** Hotspots seem to give somewhere between 60 and 80% of the materials required to repair the artefacts. Early on the experience from gathering and restoring seems to be relatively equal. The further into the skill you get the more exp will [..]

Maikeru leading the way as of now. Who do you think will max arch first?


Wrong Game But Same Lumbridge Castle.


Anybody else enjoying how nice and grindy this skill feels?


Can we get info on where to find the relic in the collector log examine settings?


They really need to make the whole world look as beautiful as the digsites


Complete Tome = Praesul codex from another angle


Lore hound does not increase Arch journal page chance jmod confirmed.


Its been since 2006 and I figured it was time to draw her! Hope you enjoy! :)


Wouldn't it be a nice surprise if we discovered Floor 61 with archeology!?

hehe was just thinking how cool it'd be. [..]

Happy to finish my first triple encounter at BGH