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Looting bag

How can i get a looting bag because the new update/and no points in the old shop? Thank you

warbands got me like..

Help with the new celtic knots

I just got the new celtic knot with 4 colors and cant seem to figure it out. Not going to use alt 1. Can someone explain how to get rid of this damn thing

Where is the wealth evaluator in RS mobile?

I searched for 20 minutes straight, and still haven't found it, does anyone know?

What helmet is this?

How to prepare for the new skill?

Hey, it takes a while until the new skill comes out and i thought about preparation, any ideas or guides/tips for it?

Off-Hand Rubber Chicken Help

So I am currently camped at the farm east of Limbridge with my ye’old cannon blasting chickens as they pop up, I have done this for about 2k chickens now and I haven’t got the drop, am I doing something wrong(as in need to be in a members locatio

Boss pet in lootshare question

So im grinding KK, duoing. Basically, we’re doing lootshare, my partner has the pet already, do i have a chance to get the pet even if i dont out dps him? Since he already has it?

Attention Rs3 Folks

Ik I’m gonna get a lot of backlash, but I’m just gonna say it. For all that are quitting RS3, go over to OSRS, you never know until you try it. It’s more active, gets a lot of updates, and the Dev team actually LISTENS to their community unlike

gamejam suggestion - allow items stored in poh to work with presets

i like owning a copy of every skill cape, i don't like them cluttering my bank however and i'm wondering if it's possible to update the bank in such a way that, for example, if i have a mining cape on a preset and a mining cape in the poh cape rack t

Should I cancel my membership

So... we just aren't doing updates for the game anymore. Is it on maintenance mode? There's no Halloween event. Not at all? No word on new content after three months. Jagex, are you high as fuck? Tell me is there even a reason for me to keep an a

Im looking for a specific feature that shows the requirements to unlock other game zones?

I cant seem to remember where to find it but the feature basically shows you what you need to unlock a specific zone like Prif or Menaphos?

Solak and vorago are the most fun and engaging bosses.

I feel accomplished every kc i get at solak and every rago regardles of duo or trio. My current kc is 150 solak and 1200 rago. Although fun, their drop table makes me feel like i need to grind a tank and spank boss (aod). Please dont hurr durr rng me

You guys are a humble community

Whenever I've been confused about skilling, pvm or what have you, generally whenever I ask someone at the GE, a bunch of you will run over and try help out as best you can. Even going as far to stop what youre doing and help. What a refreshing change

Hi Jagex. Could you please bring back the proto packs from a few halloweens ago. I just found out about them and I think they are one of the coolest overrides ever put into the game! Thanks!

Add darts for ammo for the toxic blow pipe

It would help people who fletch make money and blow pipes already usually use darts as ammo, plus with the mining smithing rework.

This starting crashing my client ever since Monday. Lost a triple in bgh because of it. Can someone explain how to fix please?

Not sure if this is the place to post this but...

here's me trying to re-create Gielinor as a Minecraft map. currently working on setting the right biomes for the right places and adding the 'heights' such as hills and stuff

augmented elite skilling outfits?

why is this not an option? yes, i tried to augment my skilling outfit... dErp DeRP. ill take my place pking clue hunters in osrs... kk, if its "high level content only", then limit it to the top variant of the outfit. This would tie in very epically

what should I be doing to make money?

Link to my full current stats [here]( I have little pvm and ED experience, but I'm not sure where to start. I just bought full trimmed masterwork armour so I'm broke as hell and need to make some of dat $$$. Also rocking

Temple of Aminishi - Advice?

I’m wondering if the Dungeoneering XP is any good and also what sort of levels combat wise would be necessary? The wiki doesn’t mention how much XP is rewarded or a recommendation combat level. Thanks

Wondering about something...

Looking on the wiki, it says I should be able to gain the dinosaur rib bone and reinforced dinosaur pelt at an approximate 1/1000 drop rate at the grenwalls on Anachronia. Now, I can catch about 500 grenwalls per hour at best. I have spent a good 25

Suggestion: Stop black warlocks from wandering into the Dark Animica mining area on Anachronia

They're quite hard to see, and have a massive click box. It sucks when you tap, put your phone away, and realise 5 minutes later that your character's fucked off to Narnia to chase a butterfly!

Ancient warrior equipment for slayer/bossing?

Hi all, I'm looking into upgrading my gear and I'm looking into this "PvP armour" thing, but can't pull a straight answer from all the information sources. Or reliably up to date ones. Can anyone answer me this: how viable is using upgraded Vesta/Mo

Wanting to commission a friend's RS3 character

Hi there, I'm not sure who is best to contact for this nor the best way to contact said people. I was hoping for guidance <3. I want to commission my best friend's RS3 character drawing for her birthday in November, all help finding a way to cont

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

RS3 and OSRS Woodcutting pets


Seriously, one after another. No new content for 3 months. No MTX statement. No Halloween event. What next?


🦀Stay Strong Crabs🦀


I have an idea to save Halloween! Let's bring back the best new event of the year.


Sometimes you get a lucky AS3 proc.


10,000 Elite Clues complete. Another personal goal achieved.


GameJam: For any J-Mod that loves halloween, Can we PLEASE get a festive halloween cosmetic for Spooktober


Glad to see F2P worlds are active. lol


Allow Invention To Create Dwarven Toolbox Items: Dwarven Chainaxe, Dwarven Fish Extractor, Dwarven Ramhammer


Invention Machines Need Power Switches

I've been trying to fill out the new Invention Guild area with high-quality machines, but I've quickly hit a power cap roadblock. As it stands if you don't have enough available power to support a machine, you can not build it. Now this is understand [..]

Maxing for fashionscape > Maxing for bossing


A drawing of Zamorak reimagined


1/30,000 btw


Another one bites the dust


Adding the requirements to the achievement tracker, like how I edited the one on the top right


🦀🦀 I see the tooltip has been changed. 🦀🦀


Possible QOL for clue hunters!

I've thought of posting this a number of times and thought I might as well just throw this up here for discussion. I am an avid treasure hunter and am doing a number of clues on a daily basis. After having the globetrotter outfit for a while now, I [..]

Cosmetic MTX

I see alot of posts stating that the removal of treasure Hunter and an increased focus in cosmetic mtx is ok. But fashionscape is a huge part of the game, outfits are a massive reward space that can be implemented into the game. The beach wear outfit [..]

Considering switching from OSRS to RS3, what should I know?

After taking a few months break with OSRS I logged back on to find my bank pin disabled and everything cleared out, lost everything. Didn't have an authenticator enabled, my fault, I know. Instead of building again from the ground up I want to try so [..]

[Idea] Boss Tutorials

Add a "Tutorial" option to the instance screen below "Practice mode". During the tutorial, the fight would pause in real time for you to read what the boss's mechanics are when it is happening and what your next action should be. After doing said act [..]

[Suggestion] Give BGH multis an improved egg droprate

For those unaware, there is a 1/160 chance of encountering a trio spawn in BGH. If you get it for a t3 dinosaur, you have a very high chance to get a maul piece (about 1/3 from data I've collected - not confirmed actual droprate, but the droprate is [..]

This man is out here everyday hustlin'

&#x200B; [..]

This starting crashing my client ever since Monday. Lost a triple in bgh because of it. Can someone explain how to fix please?


Not sure if this is the place to post this but...

here's me trying to re-create Gielinor as a Minecraft map. currently working on setting the right biomes for the right places and adding the 'heights' such as hills and stuff [..]

Incense Making Machine For Invention

Obviously we'll get a generator upgrade(s) with Archeology's Ancient Invention to allow upgraded machines on all spots. With that it would be awesome if we could get Incense making machines since clearly not enough of them are being made to meet dema [..]