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Ranged DPS Cleric Leveling?

So I'm returning after years and I don't really remember anything. I like the premade builds they did while I relearn the game, but as good as that melee cleric build is for questing, I'd like to explore the ranged souls too. I decided Cabalist/Dru

Nice little trolls in Rift.

Rift: Worth playing still?

I had played several years ago and had a lot of fun and am looking at getting back into an mmo Enjoyed a Rogue Tank back then; is the game worth coming back to??

What can I experience for free in Rift now?

I tried Rift a few years back, and even though I never reached end game, I really enjoyed the leveling, exploring and playing some lower level group content. Back then, a few souls were locked behind DLC. Would that still be the case if I tried Rift

Rift icons and assets folder

Hello, there was an archive updated by the devs with multiple UI assets, icons and such of the game on this thread : [http://forums.riftgame.com/technical-discussions/addon-api-development/407756-there-any-ui-art-assets-you-want.html](http://forums.r

My Shard Is Locked???

okay, so I've been playing rift for a few weeks now. I have a level 20 guardian rouge and a defiant warrior, level 11. I just played yesterday, too? I don't think my shard was merged because of the fact that all the other shards arent open either. t

MMO's with similar type in-game stores?

I'm looking for mmo's that have in-game stores similar to Rift where you can buy gear (not cosmetic) with in-game currency... Thanks!

One huge auction house now?!?

I just re-installed this game to check out any new features after about 3 years......and I noticed that there seems to be ONE giant AH across all servers now? When did that happen? .........game seems dead :(

Issues with hotbar

I've been having issues for the last week. I was previously able to switch around the hotbar by moving the spells/items around but now I can only change them by "overwriting" them the hard way while trying to change the rotation. Thanks in advanced.

Need a recommendation...

I played rift a long while ago. I absolutely love the Harbinger soul. Being a melee wielding mage is amazing. The issue is I know that coming back to rift would not offer me much. So I'm wondering if anyone has found a game that offers anything like


I recently reinstalled to play some One of my characters now crashes whenever I try to log into him. I was playing him then went to teleport to an instant adventure and it crashed. Now I cannot log in with him. Another character crashes anytime I tr

new player need help at story quest

Hey guys, level 36 mage , I recently finished a quest in iron pine peak (guardian) and fireworks went off loads of clapping blah blah... And now i cannot find where my next quest is in the story chain, i've looked for ages, any chance anyone out thei

Rift unchained?

The recent treatment archage got was successful financially and for its community maybe rift could use the same treatment?

Code For Racing Snail

so , i Receive a key to this Mount Racing snail , But i don't play Rift anymore , so i decided to post here so the lucky person who picks it up first can use it Here is the code : 72TLY6DY927JLGYHGLJT Good luck guys

Only foes and frenemies let friends play Rift.

Rift is a game interrupted. It started but never grew to much because of its owners. What's left of it is being handled by a German company that seems to care very little about its players. I see people coming through here all the time talking abo

Alienware: Arclight Rider Giveaway Codes


Help chosing a main spec

I am triying to decide between mage(warlock) and cleric(cabalist/inquisitor) I really like the class fantasy (death theme) about both but I want to know which one is better for endgame content like DPS(st and aoe). I came back to Rift after 3 years s

Anyone still play Rift?

I played Rift years ago, and thought I'd come back to check it out again. I have 4 characters on Deepwood. Anyone still play there? If not, should I transfer to a different shard? I'm in North America, US Central time.

New player here Lfg

Does anyone have a guild or group of people to play with? Na East here

What is with this rift s vs quest stuff?

I'm about to buy a rift s around black friday and for the months I've been following VR leading up to this I've seen constant talk about quest being better than rift s. I'm someone who just built a extremely powerful PC and it makes no sense to have

The climbing patch pisses me off

It was refreshing before to be able to just climb pretty much anything as there's always obstacles in your way, but after today's patch you can't climb fucking *anything* and you *regularly* have to walk a mile around everything to get anywhere, it c

How long does it take for Gamigo/Trion support team to respond?

I need to recover the secret answers to my secret questions, so I contacted the Gamigo/Trion support team. That was on November 5th. Now is November 12th and apart from the e-mail confirming that they received my request, I got nothing from them. I n


Bought this game back in 2011. Was staring at my mousepad wondering if there was a community on reddit for this game (because of below). Looked it up, found this, and now I’m curious... I thought this game was discontinued in like 2014? Am I confu

Just installed this game last night. I'm a lvl 15 Kelari mage, overwhelmed with a bunch of spells and loot. Is the end game any good? I was told no.

I was chatting on /4 and told there was only one raid which is super easy and cleared in 30 minutes. Oh my god though. I am getting nonstop loot and rewards, I have so many spells I don't even have an idea about what they do. I just spam lightning

RIFT Patch Notes - October 2019

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Ranged DPS Cleric Leveling?

So I'm returning after years and I don't really remember anything. I like the premade builds they did while I relearn the game, but as good as that melee cleric build is for questing, I'd like to explore the ranged souls too. I decided Cabalist/Dru [..]