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Hello! Newbie here!

Hi guys! I have a lot of questions about the game. Please forgive me if there is a post that explain stuffs like this. I'm kind of new to reddit as well. I hope you guide me through.

Is crafting armor/weapons worth in 2019?

Just wondering before I pick my professions, dont want to craft a bunch of armor only to find out later that it was a waste of time :/ I wanted a more recent take on this as the other posts are from 5 years ago

Wrote a guide for new and returning players.


Anyone here who works for trion

I need help and the super smart judgment of getting rid of live chat streamlined everything. Total sarcasm but what company of this type cant afford to get a. Better support system so I must wait days and days for a response to wait more daya

Lost but not forgotten :'') /cry


Questions now that I'm 50

I hit 50 and have some questions: 1) I bought the Ascended Pack for $40 and ultimately I want to play a hunter / ranger type character - what is the best spec for this? Right now I have ace shot in ranger and a couple points in marksman. 2) Where

Getting Unbanned?

So it's been quite some years since I've last played rift. I was a paid subscriber for the first two years of the game etc. I ended up playing Archage when it first launched I had no idea Trion merged with Glyph at the time. I ended up being banned f

Certain URLs opened in browser (firefox) try to start the Rift/steamVR

Turns out I'm a dumbass and thought this was the Oculus Rift sub. I hope you're enjoying Rift, I spent ages playing years ago and really enjoyed it. ​ \---- original message for history :) ​ I use Firefox, I'm not changing t

Lol wanted to share this.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okWBs9hKnR0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okWBs9hKnR0) A friend and guildie of mine solo tanked Az in BOS on a necromancer hybrid mage. World first and so I did it on cleric. Not really super hype for new playe

And I tell you, my friend, it was darkness all around, but I was not afraid...

New player trying to have some fun with 2 (or more later) friends in this game

Hi there guys! I'm new here and didn't even started with the game it self. Just installed it. Me and other 2 friends decided to try RIFT since we already played a lot of MMORPGs, including WoW in the past where we left in the Pandaria exp, and ne

Macros with more than one ability.

I've never really used macros but we get so many abilities it's seemed like time to learn so I looked several up and found some useful ones but none of them with because the macros say only one ability per macro. Is there an add on their using for th

Things you should know before returning to or trying RIFT for the first time...

I recently came back from a VERY long break from rift. I had hear that TRION had finally failed enough that they sold off their game "RIFT" to a company called "Gamigo". I wanted to check it out and hopefully fill a void, because I've been looking fo

Void Paladin not really working very well as a Tank during TD and IROP.

I need a tank build that can keep aggro from bosses while the other 9 members are pounding on it. Also if the build could self-heal better than a Paladin 15 that would be nice. OR: do acceptable damage and forget the healing. The forums have a few

Never played Rift before, is there an okay population?

Just wondering if there is a specific server I Should join or if there are multiple reasonably sized servers

Addons and a few other questions...

Just came back to Rift after a break of multiple years and need to catch up to speed on a few things.I'm finding it difficult to find up to date current information.Info about my chars: I've gotten my rogue to 69 from 60 this past week. Leveled in ia

Good stats?

Healing in pvp

So I'm a returning player, was obsessed with pvp before I left and wanted to give it another go. Leveled a primalist to 70 and poof. Got insta wrecked while trying to heal. This wasn't unexpected, but my heals only heal for a max of 2k using a farsee

P2win removed like Archeage?

From what I understand, Gamigo taking over Archeage made them remove the p2win elements and the game is in a decent state because of that (except lacking big playerbase). Are they doing the same with Rift? If they are, do they also plan to launch som

Level 50 player returning. Super lost.

So I have a lvl 50 rogue that I did dungeons and raided a bit with. Then quit many many..........many years ago. Wanted to pick it back up and mess around. Im so lost. I dont know where to go from here to keep leveling. The zones I see either cap at

What class / race to play?

Are there any hunter / ranger type characters which do pretty good dps? Will I be able to find dungeons / raids to do as a solo player?


Just posted 2 new Rift Adventures episodes, Episode 6 and 7 I would love it if you could check them out, If you would like to watch them then here are the links for them ​ Rift Adventures Episode 6 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thhqk

Is there any sort of Armory for Rift?

I'm trying to locate the forums of my old guild from somewhere around 2011. I cant remember the guild name, so I was hoping I could look up my character and find some info there.

Night Terrors events in Silverwood/Freemarch

There must be new people joining and playing all the time based on the number of people not knowing what to do for the Night Terror event that appears in Silverwood and Freemarch. Here's a very, very basic introduction so that you're not one of the p

i want to play rift for the 1st time

Hey guys I want to play Rift but i want to know if its worth it. Is it dead? Is it p2w? Is it grindy? Is it fun? stuff like that. Please help me :)

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Hello! Newbie here!

Hi guys! I have a lot of questions about the game. Please forgive me if there is a post that explain stuffs like this. I'm kind of new to reddit as well. I hope you guide me through. [..]