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Are they updating or is Rift gone?

I was playing Rift Live about an hour or so ago (not sure exactly when) and the game froze up so I had to "end task". Now it still isn't working and it tells me all shards are locked. So is this an update or is it gone?

Gamigo acquiring Trion, what does it mean?

Hello all, I've played Rift for a really long time and have really loved it in the past. I watched it slowly die and most of the posts on this subreddit becoming something along the game dying. I'm wondering what everyone thinks the recent acquisitio

Prime XP bonus now 300%

... making getting to 50 **for that 1 million loyalty** a little faster. (boldface phrase added for those who haven't heard).

Playing with friend who is outleveling me - help!

I very recently started playing Rift with a friend. Said friend played years ago, but created a new toon to level with me. They are getting substantial bonus XP, to the point where they were level 12 at about the same time I hit 10. We are trying

Battleground/warzone queue times?

Played RIFT many years ago, I am one who likes some quick get in, get out PvP, do not even recall what they are called in this game lol. Question is- do any of these pop before max level anymore? If so, what is a typical wait time during prime time

How do I increase the FOV displayed on the TV while playing the Rift through Steam VR?

Inside the headset things are perfect, but the FOV displayed on the television is very low, making it difficult for observers to see what's going on. Is there a way to expand that FOV for a better viewing experience? Thanks.

Returning player, new account. Boost Question.

Is there an option to purchase a Level-up boost? I don't see any packs in the Rift store that offer one.

Next New Souls

Since Rift changed company are they considering adding new souls like Dream Souls or Mystic Archer. I am planning on buying next one or MA. If the next one is ranged would totallly buy it. Anyone know when or wild guess.

How is group questing?

Myself and a few friends are looking around the catalog of free MMOs, as we all have a lot of bills and modest incomes. What we're running into are games where group questing isn't intuitive, and more frustrating than anything. Basically what we're l

One million loyalty + level 65 boost (ends March 31st)

Trion announced that anyone with a level 50 toon on Prime by March 31 will get 1 million loyalty plus a free level 65 character boost. Full details in the below post. [http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-prime-vigil-discussion-reading-anyone-posting-pa

Help me out this automatic zoom in feature is driving me nuts

So far I am enjoying this game by a lot. There is just one thing that is really bothering me and I can't find a fix for it in the settings. It appears when I am zoomed out and have a nice view everything is good. I can see everything the way I usuall


I am downloading the game now for the 1st time how many players should expect -10?

What's the population like on Rift/rift prime?

Played on release years ago and was looking to start up again. Is there enough of a player base in either game to make it worth it?

Is the Mystic Archer Soul pack bugged?

I tried to buy the Mystic Archer Soul earlier in the week and it gave me an error then sent me the pack by mail for me to pick up again. Which only results in the same said error and had a message for me to contact support when I try to pick up the p

Question about Rift and rift prime

as rift prime is a subscription game I won't be able to play on that so I was wondering How many players are playing rift and rift prime are more players are playing rift prime and what is the difference between rift and rift prime? (Thanks for the

Did Rift get to finish it's narrative?

I was musing about reinstalling Rift just play a character through the story but I wasn't sure if Rift actually finished it's story line for the latest expansion, it's sort of like you don't want to binge watch a series on Netflix only to have the la

Rebooted my computer and now Glyph won't start

I rebooted my computer (Windows 8.1) yesterday, then found that Glyph wouldn't start anymore. It instantly crashes, then the error handler instantly crashes. The only feedback I see when I try to run Glyph is the error handler popping up in Task Mana

Rogue Builds - teleport build

Hi I just returned to the game. Respecd my rogue with Riftstalker/ Bladedancer/Nightblade i am not trying to run raids or anything to crazy just want to play a fun build. I remember something similar when i first started playing just teleporting all

Returning player LF Guild (EST timezone) - Playing cleric.

Quite interested in PVE content. Looking for a guild that runs dungeons and raids often. I'm level 29 atm and doing all PVE quests in each zone having fun. ​ Send me a message if you need more healers in your active/large guild. &

(Casual Player) Thinking of returning, is it worth it?

Good afternoon all I recently thought of giving Rift another go after a 2 or so year break and found out Trion went under etc. Is the game worth coming back to at a casual level to just have some fun or has it been gutted by the collapse of Trion an

What do I need to buy to play

What do I need to buy to play these days I having played in about 5 years.

Mage PvE build?

Came back after a break and looking for a good mage PvE build both solo and DPS dungeon/raid. (I have the storm legion souls but that it)

Suddenly can´t play the game?

The title says it all, I used to play this game a lot in my earlier days and wanted to try and pick it up again. Sadly I have problems with the terrain being all black (rocks, trees, buildings etc are still "normal") and when I change to certain cost

How do offhand weapons work?

Does my rogue alternate hands when attacking or how is it factored in?

Are clerics still bottom class?

I left nearly half a year ag and CLERICS were terrible competitively. Do they still suck? Did they ever nerf BoS or do people still have trouble with it?

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Are they updating or is Rift gone?

I was playing Rift Live about an hour or so ago (not sure exactly when) and the game froze up so I had to "end task". Now it still isn't working and it tells me all shards are locked. So is this an update or is it gone? [..]