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2nd Account Glyph/Rift Question

On my original account I bought the Rift PC game from amazon to get the 1 month free patron and 2 extra bags. I have a new account of Rift/Glyph can I re-buy the PC game to get the extra bags, 1 month free patron for my new account? * I also should

Harbinger Mage

​ ![img](7fdrpinqz2q31 " Hi Guys! Just wanted to share a piece of artwork i had made for my favourite character in my favourite game This is my Storm wielding Harbinger Mage in Tarken Glacier fighting off some Rhenke Baddies She abandoned


What's the Discord so I can join it up? Anyone have a link so I can join?

Is rift worth the effort to get back into it.

I played beta rift. I played when it first came out. My entire wow guild dedicated a good 9 months into rift had a ton of fun. Since then I've been off and on playing with my most recent about a year ago and I went underwater had no idea how to play

The activity in this sub says all you need to know about Rift.

1 new post in the past 10 days.

Help me understand this macro

Hi again, As per title, how would this macro work since there are 3 'instant' skills in it? #show Rift Strike suppressmacrofailures cast Deep Breaths cast Rift Strike cast Stonespear cast Rift Spear cast Frost Strike

I miss when Rift was popular.

I am playing Rift right now and while running around I got nostalgic. I really miss when Rift was popular. When the cities were populated. When you could just be out questing, then a sudden invasion begins, and everyone in the zone got together to de

What's up with the servers? (New Player)

I am really bad with memorising names so I forgot which server I was on when made my character but seemingly now it is gone?

Was the IP address of the server changed?

Anyone know ip server rift? In te page trion https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/articles/203364528-How-to-run-network-tests Ip server: But since yesterday it doesn't allow me to do the ping test. There's no communication (in cmd ping

[Cleric] Can someone share this build?

As per title, thanks! • https://i.imgur.com/fZtQL1z.png

Rift rogue builds?

I can access the site to even begin to check but enough farming after being away for 3 years and im finally 70, wondering what builds i should be running for support and dps in dungeons / raids

How can people defend Rift nowadays?

Forums down for nearly 2 days, consistent server issues, Gamigo barely giving two fucks and just releasing a new Battle Pass for some easy money. Seriously this game is actually in maintenance mode now. I don't get how people can defend what it's be

Official Site/Forums down?

Since the update early this morning I haven't been able to get the official website. Did they change websites, and is anyone else having this problem? I was trying to see what today's update was about.

How long will the server down?

It's 2:40 am and the server just went down in NA. I'm just wonder if this is an auto maintenance? Are the servers not supposed to be down? Also I'd like to know how long the server will be down like if this is a normal thing?

Free Code?

Hello! I just found a Rift code in some of my old stuff (2011). Hope it still works! Should give you "Hootie" owl companion. PCDZ-7TKW-YMM9-R2MD-KJTG

cannot connect glyph account with steam, please help

So i've been away from my original computer and wanted to play on another one, after long hours of trying to find my password for my glyph account, i get the thinghy to connect my account with steam (which worked in the past on the main PC), but now

Best/Easiest Tank In Rift

Hello everyone I'm a Rift Vet, never got much further than Tanking Experts at lvl 50 how ever I stayed up to date on DLCs until I bought Primalist's initial release with it's 6 souls. ​ What's the best/easiest/facetank Tank that will car

Best primalist class?

There's is berzerker, etc which one is the best? Does it matter?

Which site do I use to make an account?

So I downloaded the Glyph launcher and it sent me to a rift site to make an account. I heard Rift was bought out though and am wondering if I went to the right place. It's been about an hour and I'm still waiting on account verification email EDIT

Veteran returning player, is the game dead?

Hello, I stopped playing Rift in 2012 iIRC. I just came back yesterday (Classic WoW realms were full and the queues too long) and I literally didn't see anyone on Sanctum around 1AM CET. Is the game dead or still playable? All my toons were 50 and th

Best primalist build for dps?

Hi, I just bought the 6k pack for every class and I wonder which is the best primalist build class? I want one to be PvPing god. So I consider to be a beast of a damage dealer. One also will be tanky and good to support. Thank you very much for y

I just started playing today

I spent 2 hours playing. I needed something that could get me out of my loneliness so I found this. Any re commendations on how to level up play well without in esting cash?

Just got back after a few years. Are there people still playing?

Just got back on and somehow found my old account. I didn't see anyone in the main city expect like 1 guy so who is out there lol.

Best classes for future and current meta.

I bought Rift and storm legion (CD) long time ago and deicde to start back playing the game. So I get the Storm Legion vocation pack free from the cd. I'm wondering what's the best class or vocation. I have a mage (Pyromancer) and a dwarf (Tempest).

How has Gamigo treated you all?

With word that Gamigo is now going to Publish a "non-p2w" version of Archeage, I wanted to see how they treated everyone here after taking over. Coincidentally they are also taking over after Trion for Archeage.

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2nd Account Glyph/Rift Question

On my original account I bought the Rift PC game from amazon to get the 1 month free patron and 2 extra bags. I have a new account of Rift/Glyph can I re-buy the PC game to get the extra bags, 1 month free patron for my new account? * I also should [..]