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Best classes for future and current meta.

I bought Rift and storm legion (CD) long time ago and deicde to start back playing the game. So I get the Storm Legion vocation pack free from the cd. I'm wondering what's the best class or vocation. I have a mage (Pyromancer) and a dwarf (Tempest).

How has Gamigo treated you all?

With word that Gamigo is now going to Publish a "non-p2w" version of Archeage, I wanted to see how they treated everyone here after taking over. Coincidentally they are also taking over after Trion for Archeage.

Anyone have a guide?

I just got lvl70 yesterday for the first time and I'm wondering if there's a relatively up to date 'guide' for what all I need to do to start the grind.

Rift Glyph client - error 2017

I open the Glyph client to login to Rift and it asks me for my email and password, which first off is unusual cos I'm usually left logged in. When I try to login it tells me that my client is not authorized to make a login request, with the error cod

If there's a plan ...

... yeah, it ain't going well. So servers were down for maintenance around dinner time yesterday, and they are still down this morning. You can't even login to the Rift forums to have a chat ... then again there wouldn't be much nice to say, so I gue

Which one of the EU servers is more populated for a new player to do late game stuff?

Typhiria, Bloodiron, Brutwacht or Brisesol?

Hey, I made a video to go with the txt guide for new players. Hopefully this helps someone.

[https://www.bitchute.com/video/05XiLvsP8QD4/](https://www.bitchute.com/video/05XiLvsP8QD4/) ​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/Rift/comments/c279in/wrote\_a\_guide\_for\_new\_and\_returning\_players/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rift/comments/

General state of the game

Hello Redditors, ​ I've switched from WoW to Rift after WoW Cataclysm came out and played it for a couple of years. It's been a while though and I can't seem to find another current MMORPG that could possibly catch my attention for a lil

A New Rift YouTuber

A young fellow has joined Rift and is doing some YouTubing of his adventures... [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRXbNox4SGPlGAPVSc7z7GQ](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRXbNox4SGPlGAPVSc7z7GQ) It certainly would be nice to encourage him in his

Healing class suggestion for a new player

Hello o/ So I mainly play scholar on ffxiv and I really enjoy that role 😁 but I wanted to play rift as I've heard good things! Can anyone suggest a healing class that would have a similar play style? Or if that's not possible a suggestion on w

How may find some good build?

Just come back to rift and have patreon status (idk why...). ATM I'm 48 and bard specced but I'm not sure i have spend correctly my soul point. There is some good guide / build where I can read some tips? Btw the game is not so dead as people say. In

Druid Changes on PTS!

What do you think? I haven't tested it. Is it still $#!T to play?

Beat server for a new player who wants to do endgame?

Not sure what servers and/or guilds would have a new player. I have a lot of experience raiding hard content in other games and just want to roll a toon on a good server. Also, what classes/specs are in demand?

Best Rift Alternative

For many years I enjoyed MMOs in general and Rift in particular. I lost interest in Rift after the post level 65 expansions \*\*(never got a toon to level 67 I don't think). Does anyone know of an MMORPG that captures what Rift was pre-2016? Thanks

EU is Fine...

Made a video about Current situation on EU. I couldn't stop myself from creating another video. Haters gonna hate tho. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6U1gxyodnc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6U1gxyodnc)

Rift Adventures #8

Just posted new video Rift Adventures #8 In the video i explore Rifts and i also explore Free-march, Would love it if you could check it out Thanks 😃 https://youtu.be/frnzuD4BDqc

Just tried the game after a long break

Hello, I just tried the game after taking years of break. Somehow I seem to have lost progress on my characters. I no longer have any portals open in storm legion or nightmare tide, and my main character has been dropped back to lvl 60. Has anybody

How long does it take to re-start servers....

It's been over two hours

old tier raids

ok hi everyone, first time redditor(somehow) but long time player of rift. had a question for anyone who still knows the old story, ive been stuck on the end of the storm queen saga for what feels like forever, mainly the bloodfire incursion lvl 60 r

State of PVP- For curious New and/or Returning Players

TL:DR- It's shit. RIFT has the absolute worst pvp system in any mmo, hands down. There are so many issues with RIFT pvp that it's hard to decide where to begin. I guess the first point to make would be the absolute LACK of pvp itself. The only opti

Looking for a social guild

Hi all, ​ I'm looking for a social guild. I don't play in groups much at all. Don't run dungeons, much. Nothing. I'm just looking for people to chat with while I play. Maybe ask a few questions as I learn the game. ​ I'm not

While waiting for wow classic to start dose rift still have a player base?

I haven’t played rift in a long time. Is there still a large player base? Or is it pretty sparse in zones?

Getting back into rift, need advice on purchases

Starting with a new account. Id like an expansion or any pack thatd get me some good stuff though primarily a 65 boost. I do not see that in the store other than the expensive one in the game. Ty

Thinking of returning

Hey everyone I played Rift from the original beta before launch and then for a couple of years afterwards, through to when it went f2p but everyone I played with stopped playing and eventually I stopped. Recently I've been thinking of returning and

Your friends are here. Where are you?

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Best classes for future and current meta.

I bought Rift and storm legion (CD) long time ago and deicde to start back playing the game. So I get the Storm Legion vocation pack free from the cd. I'm wondering what's the best class or vocation. I have a mage (Pyromancer) and a dwarf (Tempest). [..]