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Is RIFT still worth playing right now?

Hello. I found RIFT through Steam and got interested due to the character customization. I still haven't downloaded it and thought I should ask long-time players first. All comments accepted. Thanks!

New player wondering how soul trees work

So I understand the concept of soul trees. And I was wondering if it's viable to go all dps trees of should I use one as my main and focus on that and then the other ones are the support/secondary. I believe right now I am running a marksman/sabatour

The Truth About Rift

If you really want to know what's up with Rift check out the archived threads on here dating back 6+ months ago, they'll show you the information you really want to know without the interference of someone who is ideologically possessed. Here are ju

mystical ranger

i buy this spec and i like it but i deal no damage :( ​ Is someon knows a good build for ST and aoe?

Screen Tearing/Stutter

How do I fix?

Game is doing good - Stop being a hater and saying it's dead.

I thought i would just share this random SS for the haters out there saying constantly RIFT is dead. I've been encountering so much players across all maps since i returned last month, from doing Carnival to IA to plain questing, i think RIFT hasnt

The shard you last played on is currently locked (NA / EU)

Hello, Title says it all. Their forum posts and Tweets indicate that the NA servers were down, but should be up, however all are locked for me (including EU), bummer:( What's going on please? Cheers

About some of the soul lore Trion

I was reading the lore behind souls, I got to the liberator. What. The. Hell. Let me give some examples: “What now?” Marvar moaned in pleasure before breaking into an ill-timed orgasm. When he finally looked up, he found himself directly in front

Classes wiki

Hi, so I was looking into coming back, and as I always do I research classes to get a feel for the game, however every single wiki lacks skills, it only has the lore of the class. Can anyone help a brother out?

Free racing snail mount code

DM for code

Thinking of returning

Hi all I'm an old player of rift, is the game dead now?

Warfronts dead?

Back to game. Lvl 65. Warfront queue time +1hour. Couldnt play a single game. Should i uninstall again?

Rift 2020. Is it worth?

Long story short I played Rift at launch when I was a tiny lad with my brother/dad and we absolutely played the absolute crap out of this game and played SL very intensively. Beat Regulos and due to graduating High School i had to stop. Entering Seni

Prophecy of Ahnket

Just getting through the 4th zone and this expansion is so good! The zones (especially Ashenfell!) are so well done. The story is great even if you don't read the dialogues, it's gonna keep anybody interested because NPCs become companions and talk a

Best Primalist Soul Setups and Build

I took an exceptionally long break from Rift and have recently picked it back up in my spare time. Last I played was the release of the primalist class. I never went very far with it to say the least. But now I am pushing lvl 70 and still have little

Rift newbie pitfalls

Hi people, I was watching a youtube video and it reminded I really used to like the MMO rift. I was gonna try it again soon and was wondering if there were any choices I could make that would ensure I dont enjoy it. For example if you roll defiant

Servers down??

I can't log in, just get an error that says: "Failed to login to server. Press OK to retry or cancel to exit" Retrying doesn't help, is there a server status page somewhere?

Is all content truly cross-faction now?

So I returned to rift about a week or two ago after not having really played since launch (some rl took me away from gaming between 2011-2012 and when I came back WoW had its MoP hype and I just kinda forgot about Rift...sorry) At launch I did have

Your memories with Rift.

Hi fellow rifters, I have played this game since its release on and off. Recently thought about giving it a go again, but decided to visit this sub instead. And now I am just heartbroken :( I knew the game lost popularity, but could not believe what

Ranged DPS Cleric Leveling?

So I'm returning after years and I don't really remember anything. I like the premade builds they did while I relearn the game, but as good as that melee cleric build is for questing, I'd like to explore the ranged souls too. I decided Cabalist/Dru

Nice little trolls in Rift.

Rift: Worth playing still?

I had played several years ago and had a lot of fun and am looking at getting back into an mmo Enjoyed a Rogue Tank back then; is the game worth coming back to??

What can I experience for free in Rift now?

I tried Rift a few years back, and even though I never reached end game, I really enjoyed the leveling, exploring and playing some lower level group content. Back then, a few souls were locked behind DLC. Would that still be the case if I tried Rift

Rift icons and assets folder

Hello, there was an archive updated by the devs with multiple UI assets, icons and such of the game on this thread : [http://forums.riftgame.com/technical-discussions/addon-api-development/407756-there-any-ui-art-assets-you-want.html](http://forums.r

My Shard Is Locked???

okay, so I've been playing rift for a few weeks now. I have a level 20 guardian rouge and a defiant warrior, level 11. I just played yesterday, too? I don't think my shard was merged because of the fact that all the other shards arent open either. t

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Is RIFT still worth playing right now?

Hello. I found RIFT through Steam and got interested due to the character customization. I still haven't downloaded it and thought I should ask long-time players first. All comments accepted. Thanks! [..]