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After the recent soul changes where can I find a good Warrior Support build?

People in game keep telling me Beastmaster is viable now but no one can actually help me with a proper build.

Need some help ...

[http://forums.riftgame.com/general-discussions/news-announcements/507273-rift-team-letter-november-8-2018-a.html](http://forums.riftgame.com/general-discussions/news-announcements/507273-rift-team-letter-november-8-2018-a.html) Ok 1st of all to say

Returning player

Hello, I am a returning player and just wanted to know a few things, 1. In another MMO I have played you have to subscribe to get good XP, Without it you lag very far behind, I saw that Patrons got a bonus to XP is this an amount that will impact m

I miss Rift

So I've been playing Rift on and off for years. It was the very first mmo I ever played and I got completely addicted to it right away. Over the years I've downloaded and deleted multiple other mmos that I was into for a bit but got bored with pretty

Wow copied rift?

I am in complete hype for Blizzard's newest patch featuring two new races, new features, revamped bgs, and everything. Then I saw artwork like this: [https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/wowpedia/5/53/Nazjatar\_BlizzCon\_2018\_5.jpg](https://d1u5p3

Future of Rift?

I really loved the game up to the first expack. I wanted to see if there's a future for the game or if what is there now is all that will be. I'd like to get back into it if there's a chance for a revival.

Linux error #1026 when attempting to download

I'm attempting to download and install Rift on my laptop, I'm currently running Xenial and am running Wine, I've downloaded the launcher and have been able to sign into my account through it, but when I attempted to download and install Rift it made

How much is this game?

Hey, assuming that the 'Free to Play' are the most expensive games, if you are looking for the full experience, can someone with knowledge of this game let me know: 1. How much do I have to spend to enjoy the full experience that this game offers? (

Game Launcher/Steam

So... I have this on my Steam, and it says I played it a bunch (I don't remember TBH) and I thought I'd take a look. When I launched it it told me I needed some Glyph file that didn't exist, but I searched and found a fix for that. Now I can launch

Trion Disbanded, likely rebuilt as Golden Gate Games

Just started PRIME on the defian(evil) side, returning after a 5 year hiatus, expierenced mmo healer looking to really play rift as my main mmo, in need a friendly community/guild to be a part of.

I work full time and game full time, and prime looks amazing, id love to be part of a nice guild, let me know whats up people. my IGN is Valkry, ill be on for a bit right now and all day tomr, my days off are tues,wends,sun, i basically game full tim

Rip Trion/Rift


Purifier VS physician VS sentinel for tank healing? (Rift Live)

Hiya! Newbie player here, I just started this game today on live, yeah, most likely a REALLY bad time to get started considering that this game is going through some...financial difficulties, and another company is about to buy this game, plus this g

New To Rift - Feels Overwhelming, Where Do I Start?

So I made it to 65 a while back and I've been seriously considering getting back into the game, and actually progress. But as mentioned it seems like there's a LOT to take in. That being said, I've compiled a list of questions that if anyone could a

My ranty thoughts on the transition, and it's not the same as most everyone else's.

I'm going to be incredibly blunt here: The majority of you are overreacting and acting as if this is the end of the road. ​ I'm not going to lie. I'm scared, too. I love Rift. It's been a wonderful game since I started playing and it's *

Returning player with character question.

Me and my friend played this at launch and leveled up pretty far, I've noticed that there is a f2p and p2p mode. I'll look into the differences later just want to know if I'll be able to pick up where I left off on my original character or will I sta

My thoughts on Trion's acquisition by Gamigo and what it could mean for all the games in their portfolio.

An open letter to Gamigo from a long-time RIFT player

Seshatar has started a petition to let Gamigo know that there are a lot of people waiting for answers and what some of our hopes/expectations are. Whatever your views are on the game, the company or any of the decisions that you liked or didn't like,

Primalist or nah?

Wondering if I should buy Primalist or not because I really want to try it or it's not worth putting any money in the game since it's kinda dead and has been sold to other company and we are unsure about the game's future... what are your thoughts? I

Can't connect to server

So I downloaded the game from steam, launched it and comes up to 60-70% it says "Cannot connect to server" I tryed using the EU launcher and the NA same happens everytime. I am on a university internet if that's something but like every other gam

Looking for a level 65 or 70 player to powerlevel me.

I am from EU, Typhisia realm if that matters. I just a boost in leveling so I can experience the game a bit more without going through all the questing and walking back and forth. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out soon and I won't be playing this

Hey, Trion. Since y'all are gettin' tanked, it would be a shame for the source code for Rift to get leaked

It would be \*absolutely terrible\* for someone to get a hold of the source code and start a private server, wouldn't it?

Trion/Rift sold!


Possible new player trying to understand the state of the game

Hi All, I'm a long-time EQ player going back to 1999, although I haven't played for 3-4 years. I'm looking into an MMORPG to possibly play casually with my 7yo, and EQ is honestly way too complicated. Plus while I realize they have a F2P option, the

What class to play as F2P player?

I am looking for a class that is able to solo well and also have some utility for the party. I am currently playing a Shaman/Druid Cleric but I would like to test other stuff aswell. I like to heal or tank aswell. Thanks for your time

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After the recent soul changes where can I find a good Warrior Support build?

People in game keep telling me Beastmaster is viable now but no one can actually help me with a proper build. [..]