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Best populated server www.ic.divinegames.to

Hi guys. [https://ic.divinegames.to/](https://ic.divinegames.to/) I would like to present a unique server with the latest content. Best populated EU / NA / BR servers. Enjoy :3

"No Information to Migrate" please help

Migration is still open, I have checked. I sent an inquiry quite a while ago and I never got a response and I am becoming desperate now. I played Riders of Icarus on steam and had a nexon account. I have tried migrating using both methods and neith

Unable to launch the Valofe launcher.

I've migrated my data from Nexon onto my VFun account and when I go to the official website and press "Start Playing", nothing happens. I've disabled ad block, enabled pop-ups, cleared cache and cookies, but nothing is working. I'm using Firefox. Can

Merry Christmas Riders!!

E3 Heroic Ranger's Fury Pack

Hello, I recently found a Steam code for an E3 Heroic Ranger's Fury Pack in my pc and I thought it would be more appreciated in this community. If anyone is interested, feel free to comment and you would receive a DM from me. Disclaimer: it has been

MOst populatet server on EU

hi what is the most populatet server on eu and if you have some roi discords please send too :D

Stuck under the bridge of light

Hi, I'm new to ROI and as I was exploring around the bridge of light, I misclicked and fell off the edge. I've swam around and can't find a place to get out and I don't know how a Recall stone is worked. Help me, please? https://preview.redd.it/rps

English speaking server in NA?

Ive tried 2 servers so far and have yet to see someone speaking english. Any recommendations?

Most Populated NA Server?

Which servers are most populated over on NA?

Any casual guild in Parna server? I'm new to the game, but don't have a lot of time to play.

Title. New, enjoying the game, just want to join a casual guild that don't make me active for 3-4 hours everyday. Thanks!

Game freezing results in PC freezing

So, I've been trying to get back into the game but for some reason as I play, I've had it lock up 5 times now in a total of two days which results in me restarting my PC, as it locks up too. Any idea on how to fix?

Guardian armor sets

I'm a lvl 26 guardian in Parna's Coast still using the capital guard armor set. Which one should I change it to?

Looking for chill team to play game with

Hey, I want to start over on a new character. Lookin for some chill people to hang with while we play through so it's not boring. P.S. I'm going to stream the game just so I have footage if I want to make a video. Add me on discord LiquidRope#1232 (t

Need someone to play with and help me get back into it.

Hi, I made a character ages ago now but I stopped playing for a long time, possibly even a good year. I'm trying to get back into the game but I find it difficult to do that on my own. I can't remember controls or pretty much anything either so could

Hi guys which eu server is most populated ?

Active Players Ball

Playing ROI again seeing if anyone else is still on and riding. Looking to join a guild play some content and get going IGN: Munqler add me or shoot a discord link below I’ll be sure to stop by looking for all friends need knowledge about the game

Frost Keep Coins

Hi guys, just started playing and am already stuck. In the quest "The Rabbini and the Book" , where is the 5th coin?

Server down?

Hey its me again. Playing on koroshimo and somehow the server doesn't show up anymore after I got kicked out of game Any information?

Valofe offline?

Can u guys enter the valofe homepage? I can't enter it = can't play riders of icarus :((

Priest vs Trickster for party play ROI

Hi, I was wondering what is better for party play especially endgame and also what the pros and cons of each of those classes are? What is the role of a priest or the role of a trickster and how do they differ from one another. Currently having a h

I deleted my character to start a new one and i cannot rename it with the old name

i deleted my character that i just started to play with so i can change class, when i create a new character it says name already exists

Riders of Icarus Quest No More Vampires bug

New Discord server for Velzeroth, feel free to join.

Launcher issue

i started playing this game around 2 years ago and quit after a few months, i wanted to come back to it so i did the migration steps and downloaded the new launcher. BUT now i get the error 602, i've been looking at how to fix it and sent a support t

Can't see the main quests

After the Migration I have carried on using steam, I created a new account and when I got to level 31 and logged off for the night, I log on and I suddenly can't see my main quests, I can see all the other side quests but no main, I was able to use t

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Best populated server www.ic.divinegames.to

Hi guys. [https://ic.divinegames.to/](https://ic.divinegames.to/) I would like to present a unique server with the latest content. Best populated EU / NA / BR servers. Enjoy :3 [..]