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Returning player restarting fresh on Baellas

Anyone want's to adventure together?

What server?

What server got the most people ? For EU and US? And is there more people on the US then the EU ?

Any Finion tamers? I have a question!

To craft the Modest Slayer Gear, I'll need something called Karnin's Bound Spirit. Any idea where I can get this? I've been looking forever and I really need it to craft the armour. Thanks in advance!

Could someone tell me website to help me with my gameplay in ROI?

I'm new player and going to start playing at the new brazilian server. I'm looking for some website you guys use to help playing this game like database, builds planner, maybe auction house and more I can only find ROI wiki and i'm looking for more

Wizard Help please

I'm a level 50 wizard and I'm still fairly new to the game. Currently my talents sit at maxed out Fire Talents, with Mana Conversion Ice Talent Bracelet with Magic Attack II Ruby on it. I have full Exalted +10 gear for now with the Gilded Benth

Akaldus server

Ill join in Akaldus as a ranger. I previously was in Raken (lv.62 wizard). Any good tips? :)

[ASKING FOR A FRIEND] Riders of Icarus keeps crashing and she doesn't understand why. Has already tried reinstalling, restarting the computer, etc.

Is Raken a good server?

Im a lvl 61 wizard so I guess its too late for me to change servers 😂. But is it any good to be there?

Worth in 2019?

I played it last time on release, since I had shitty PC I couldn't continue playing it so I stopped... How is the game today? Is it worth playing in 2019?

worth continue playing?

A few days ago i discovered Riders of icarus and since then i have been loving it. I've played both guardian and berserker. They both have gotten to parma's coast BUT on my journey i have seen very little people. I love this game and i want to contin

Anyone wanna play in like 3hours cuz I'm in school and I'm lvl 41 on roi and I wanna play with someone when I get home

Cant use left mouse button?

So when I drag skill in my left mouse button slot it wont go there. Right one works fine. How do I fix that?

Help, gameguard 111 error?

I downloaded the game today for the first time, and when I press play the game logo loads and it gives an error. GameGuard Error: 111. What does it mean, what can I do?

Will this game ever get shut down by Nexon?

Ive been playing this game for about a month and its amazing! But since its just so dead Im afraid that if this continues it will eventually get shut down by its devs since they wont be able to maintain it.

can somebody tell me where finion is?

Ive been looking for him in the black pit but I cant seem to find him... ANyone knows height and exact location? :/

Scapegoat priest

Hello, this is my first post here so don't go too salty to me please... So I'm a priest class and I love to revive and heal but I've been feeling like quitting really... I've been getting more blamed as a priest for failure of a dungeon. I always t

Looking for a Guild - Raken Server

Morning all, I'm a fairly new player and am looking for an guild to join. Anyone know of an active English speaking (due to my lack of being able to speak any other languages!) based on the Raken server? Thanks!

Newbie Game Tips and Crafting Tips

I started playing ROI a day ago and I thoroughly enjoy the game but I would like to know level guides and how to tame every mobs.

Downloading now

Hope to be playing in the next hour or so. Any advice for a very new player? Don't know anything about the game.

What do I do with the rabbini gold coin?

Tried to look it up on the internet but I couldnt find anything, I have no idea where this rabbini is. I won 2 coins from a lucky box. Any idea what to do with them?

Beautiful game, why so low population?

Giving my first look to the game, it looks pretty amazing, so why does it have such low poplation?

talent build on wizard

Can you recomend me talent build on wizard (lvl55)

Thinking about starting to play...

Hello everyone, this game looks kinda cool and I kinda wanna try it, but I have a few questions. How easy is it to get into the game? Am I going to be overwhelmed by mechanics, stuff to do etc? How long before I can get into end game content? What

Miss penalty for level difference - Main Quest

I'm level 26, doing my main quest in Parna's Coast. It is the one where you recieve 6 Watchtower Buster's to throw at nearby watchtowers to destroy them. The watchtowers are level 28. I am level 26. When you throw the bomb and it actually misses

New player

Just installed a few hours ago and would be grateful if anyone wanted to play with me or a guild could pick me up. Baellas server, trickster. Tips would be nice, too. My name is Aqueefina.

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Returning player restarting fresh on Baellas

Anyone want's to adventure together? [..]