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Frost Keep Coins

Hi guys, just started playing and am already stuck. In the quest "The Rabbini and the Book" , where is the 5th coin?

Server down?

Hey its me again. Playing on koroshimo and somehow the server doesn't show up anymore after I got kicked out of game Any information?

Valofe offline?

Can u guys enter the valofe homepage? I can't enter it = can't play riders of icarus :((

Priest vs Trickster for party play ROI

Hi, I was wondering what is better for party play especially endgame and also what the pros and cons of each of those classes are? What is the role of a priest or the role of a trickster and how do they differ from one another. Currently having a h

I deleted my character to start a new one and i cannot rename it with the old name

i deleted my character that i just started to play with so i can change class, when i create a new character it says name already exists

Riders of Icarus Quest No More Vampires bug

New Discord server for Velzeroth, feel free to join.

Launcher issue

i started playing this game around 2 years ago and quit after a few months, i wanted to come back to it so i did the migration steps and downloaded the new launcher. BUT now i get the error 602, i've been looking at how to fix it and sent a support t

Can't see the main quests

After the Migration I have carried on using steam, I created a new account and when I got to level 31 and logged off for the night, I log on and I suddenly can't see my main quests, I can see all the other side quests but no main, I was able to use t

Help with magician?

So, i'm a noob that plays this game for just two weeks and somewhat got my magician to lvl 60. But i'm quite lost in stats, seal stones and all that and i haven't found any helpful guides for my class. So, could you recommend me what gear stats, seal

What is the most active NA server?



I just tried downloading and wanted to play this game, I start it, i get to login screen. and boom my cpu goes from 45 to 100 degrees? what???

Hi again :)) any updated wizard guides????

Why is this game so underrated ????

Yeah. Im new :)) played every mmorpg out there. Eso ffiv and wow on a semihardcore lvl. Never heard of this game. I love it. Im only lvl 15 but...why ?? Why are so few ppl playing this ? Sorry if i sound hyped :) i actualy am.

Hi . I have no option to change to 1080p...tried the word editing fix...nothing.Any tips ? Thanks.

I need help :(

Hi everybody, I started playing this game a few days ago and I ran into a problem. I've got another laptop to which I also downloaded Riders of Icarus with the same Steam account, but for some reason my character is not available on my laptop. C

Need help getting back my progress

So a while ago i got a new PC and i logged into my nexon account after downloading nexon launcher, and for some reason my riders of icarus progress and the elun i purchased were missing ? Help because i really want my progress back, got any solutio

My mission misson log went missing? how can i fix it

?????????????????????????????????? pls welp

.exe file redirects me to website. Anyone else have this problem?

So I downloaded the latest launcher after migrating my account to Valofe and it just sends me back to the new website. Just seeing if anyone else has this problem. EDIT: Well seems like switching to Chrome solved it. Was trying to use FireFox befo

Guilds looking for assassin?

I'm a level 19 assassin, looking for a guild to join. Any takers? Please and thank you!!

Lair of Ienos

Hi again :D my friend and i found the Lair of Ienos and we got the keystone from the daylie quest(i think it is a daylie one) and it says we could Enter it 3 times a day.my question if we User the keystone to get in the First time do we need dor the

Kurodian Help

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had pointers on Kurodian at Heroic Difficulty. Three of us (Priest, Guardian, Assassin) tried to take her on tonight and no matter what we did she kept healing up with Bio Absorption, even if we tried to run out.

News for steam migrators! You can now choose between using internet or get it back for your steam platform!

https://forums.valofe.com/forum/icarus-global/news-and-announcements/official-news/17913-steam-migration-issue-update Link for how to do it. Follow it and you should be able to play on steam again!

I successfully migrated, my character still isn't here

I got an email stating that my migration was successful. I started the game several times but my character isn't here, it still says that I have 0 characters. Does anyone know how to solve this?

New will be play with a friend

Hi! I have looked through the game and will play with a friend. I would like to know if you can play from Europe with the non-Steam launcher, and which server there are more Spanish, to find more people who speak my language. A greeting and Thanks

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Frost Keep Coins

Hi guys, just started playing and am already stuck. In the quest "The Rabbini and the Book" , where is the 5th coin? [..]