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Servers down?

Anyone not seeing any servers up atm for the Americas? This happened yesterday as well.

What is "PlayWith" and how to migrate my old account?

I have been ancountering this page and it says something in chinese or it reverts me back to the migration page which presists on being in chinese for some reason, whats going on? how can I get back into my account? I was playing through steam the la

Error code 612

Hi I have a launcher problem Error code 612. It has problem with the CryAIsystem.dll . Someone has the same problem? And someone have a solution? I done all what i can...i reinstalled several times and still the same issue. Any suggestion?

Party for Mercilless?

I'm a lvl 50 priest searching for a party for mercilless

Strong spirit water

I need 8 strong spirit water can someone sell me some please?

NA most populated server

Which is the most populated server in NA? Just downloaded the game and I wanna try it


how do I get boxes from this raid boss?

Successful Defense

I finished this daily quest but where is flier?

Missed Migration Apparently

So I used to play this game last year and I tend to 'cycle' my game interests over like...months. So I haven't played the game since spring of last year. Come back tonight, find out there was something called migration when I logged onto Steam and al

Trying to play this game but it won't let me, help pls?

So i downloaded the game thru steam and when i'm creating the character it says "gamehack detected" and kicks me out. Couldnt find anything in google to solve this issue. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Can't complete tutorial forest bestiary

So, they removed the turtle and woodland Joey? Can't find them anywhere. Found where they moved the gray wolf to, but where's the Joey and turtle?

I can’t tame the wind runner the the “traces of” I forgot the name quest


I’m a new player that’s currently lvl 30. I’m questing in Parma’s Coast atm, and I would love to play with someone </3 Server seems a bit dead.. at least in the lower questing areas, but I’m too lazy to change server and start all over

Two Recall Stones

As The Title Says I Have TWO Recall Stones

Need some help

So, me and a friend of mine have been playing for around a month, no issues whatsoever. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, my friend's game started closing on it's on. No error message, it doesn't freeze, it just... closes. We're using steam, he already

Is the dice game still in the game?

I can't seem to find it anymore

Why is the cash shop so stupid?

I want to buy inventory space, and it costs elunes. Elunes cost gcoin , so I bought 1000 gcoin. Now when I try to buy elunes it takes me back to the page to buy more gcoins.

I have 2 recall stones

I can't do anything to dispose of the second recall stone. It's impossible to destroy or even put into storage. What to do in this case? Contact support?

Rage is a prohibited word

What's that supposed to mean? So I can't use nickname I use everywhere? Strange naming rules you guys got there.

Can a Controller be Used with This

Hey. :) So I was looking into the game, and thought I might give it a spin. However, I noticed on the Steam site that this game doesn't have native controller support. In spite of that, is there any way I can use a controller with this? Perhaps throu

How do i get karasha set?

I've read and watched some videos and all of them tell to get karasha set after the frost keep set but how do i get ir? i'm lvl 42 atm and i have no clue on it besides fhe marketplace...

Which server is the most populated? (EU)

Hello I just got back to the game after a break, however the server I'm on ( koroshimo ) is almost completely empty.. are there any other Servers with more active players?

Hey anyone who have a solution to play the game because the launcher is not working and I thinks that Valofe don’t care of players because I send a support ticket but no one want to respond

Hey riders, I'm looking for some strong and active friends, server Akaldus

The situation is, I want to tame Jamirot. I'm a lvl 65 Tank, but my gear is quite bad. I need a good party to help me DPS him quickly so I can jump on him before others arrive. I have a Fated Mark but I'm no match for other players. Does anyone want

just downloadet the game....

so i just downloaded the game, and i open my speccy as I always do. and i notice, as soon my game opens, my degrees on my cpu goes from 30 -100'? what the fuck?

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Servers down?

Anyone not seeing any servers up atm for the Americas? This happened yesterday as well. [..]