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We need more Riders in our Guild ❤

FantasyIV (Velzeroth) Hello Riders 😃 Our Guild is looking for more players, new and the old one. You are all welcome!

Which heroic/legendary mounts can I get?

Im currently 26 lvl and I was wondering if I could tame some heroic or legendary mounts (easily? Maybe?)

Solution for broken Ghost Ship quest

As the title says... I am in the Ghost Ship main quest. Having little trouble with the mobs, but keep getting disconnected before I can finish the quest. Has anyone that has encountered this found a workaround? Thanks in advance for the assist.


Stared in 2016, quit and i came back few weeks ago. Does somebody remember why is there Reedwatch with purple letters in Reedwatch town I can't remember 😕 Looks like dung name...but can't enter. Maybe from previous quest?

I need a solution

I want to install Raiders of Icarus on the local disk D cause I have a lot of space.I open the launcher settings and change all the downloading games in there but the Raiders of Icarus don't want to change his location.What should I do? (I use the Ne

Best most populated EU server: Akaldus :)

Hi i check all eu server. Most populated is : Akaldus [EU] I saw more people being asked ago so I thought I shared my experience.

is this shit still alive?

played a lot at launch and stopped when i hit the p2w/no dungeon finder/grinding wall. is it still alive? did they fix those problems?

Active farming parties

Looking for active players and ambitious for lv67 end game farming as permanent to farm together 6 people each permanent party

Looking for an active Teleo guild.

Would love to join a bigger guild. Playing on Teleo.. Somewhat new at lvl 26 currently.

New player

I’m level 14 and I’m looking for others around that level to play with. I’m a newer player and just wanna party up with others to make life simpler.

Are Manastone battles this lively still? (Have not played in a year +

Priest Skills: Boundless Wisdom & Heaven's Judgement

How do I get either of these? I must have missed some quest lines that farm for boundless wisdom and heaven's judgement.

Tame all or tame few? (New player)

So there's a Woodland Joey in front of me, and it got me to thinking: Should I tame every mount I encounter? Or should I only tame the mounts I like?

Worth Play?

Worth play? is popular ?

Returning player help

Me and my gf just wanted to start playing again and see whats new but after we launch the game from either steam or the nexon launcher, after the final intro we get a blank main menu and both of our systems just hang and we have to force restart. C

So, I have a possibly stupid question...

Can anyone tell me why the word "frost" is banned from being usable in names? I just downloaded the game the other day and I've been taking each class for a spin to see which I like best, and when I went to create my wizard it wouldn't let me use fr

New player

hiya! Just installing now, anybody else new want to give it a go? I will reply with my in game name once i login. I will be playing on NA servers. Name is Newtz on the Teleo server

Glass Soul Bottle

Where do I get this? It says from Alchemy Crafting Merchants in Elloras Sanctuary or Windhome - I've checked both locations and neither the item nor it's recipe (If there is such a recipe) are available for sale. The broker doesn't have any for sale.

2 questions from new player

I went ahead and bought the pathfinder's package for 1400nx. I take it the apocalypse mount isnt account wide? My second question: Why is this game so dead? Is it old? The combat is better than most MMOs. A real shame i never see other players.

Españoles jugando a RoI?

Hey me lo estoy bajando ahora mismo y el juego tiene una pinta brutal, pero me gustaría juagr con gente española para rollo mazmorras y eso, ya sabéis, discord y tal. Hay guilds españolas o gente solitaria jugando?

New Class The Magician


I've tried everything and nothing works the screen keeps going black when I go to character creation and when I make a character and click play it FREAKING CRASHES I'm so freaking pissed off but I'm not giving up I'm willing to try anything to get th

New Player

New player here... Is this game good?

Help! Black screen with cursor after choosing server!

I've just downloaded this game to try it out. I've tried through nexus and now steam and it's the same thing. I got to the main manure, start, choose a server, then just blackness, with the cursor lighting up every couple seconds. What do I do?

Not Played My Guardian In A While

he is a lvl 21 and need help setting up his skills. also where can i find the recipe for Tender ROast 3 and done soup 3?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

We need more Riders in our Guild ❤

FantasyIV (Velzeroth) Hello Riders 😃 Our Guild is looking for more players, new and the old one. You are all welcome! [..]