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Any updates? :(

RaiderZ in 2019 for new player

Hi guys, I'm looking for a hard and difficult MMORPG where it's important to group with people and lots of PVE content and have a fun fight. ​ After searching a lot and seeing how bad the genre is at the moment I have searched in older g

Can you hide the HUD in RaiderZ Legend?

I can't remember the button combo. I think it used to be like cntrl+h or z. Did they take some stuff out? Also, is it impossible to make guild officers?

Can anyone tell me what is the best reaiderz private server out there?

How do you think MS' Raiderz will turn out?

Just from DK Online alone, it's easy to think that Masangsoft will make a pretty bad sport out of Raiderz. Has anyone played any of MS' other games? And if so, what were your thoughts on it, and on the upcoming Raiderz while you're at it.



there's been no update in 3 months all hope is lost dead game press f

RaiderZ Update on steam!!!

[]( ​ Just got home and saw this. im so hyped. ​ honestly.... ive been playing this game when it first released in Europe. Then when it shut down i started all

Does anyone know what server this is?

Revolution Raiderz vs Raiderz Legend population

Which one has more active players? Looking to return to raiderz.

Masangsoft RaiderZ Development Update Video (turn on subtitles)

RaiderZ Legend

So how populated is this pserver? Is it worth playing?

[News] RaiderZ October News

Theres a New MMO thats using Raiderz's Assets

Wild Raiderz is shutting down

[]([/img]) ​ ​ Aegis is a WildZ GM

RaiderZ Detail New Action Combat Updates Ahead Of Relaunch

[News] RaiderZ Development News_ July

Problem with integrated GPU

I am having an issue with running the game. For some reason the game is set to run on the integrated graphics card instead of the nvidia graphics card. And I set the default to run on nvidia but it still runs on the integrated gpu. Is there a fix?

Poll results announced, Europe wins.

is there any NA private server for this currently?

any NA private servers for this atm?

RaiderZ will have better graphical quality

Best private server for NA right now?

Wanna find the best NA server to play on right now to hype up for the official relaunch. Have tried to get Revolution RaiderZ to work but the .rar file crashes on launch for some reason. Anyone have luck with any of them?

RaiderZ Asks Fans Which Regions Should Be Supported For The Relaunch And Reveals More Changes

Masangsoft's poll to locate the server

New changes & updates from masangsoft announced

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Any updates? :(