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Raiderz Revolution - Hellhound Board( Test)

Incredible new update video, straight from Masangsoft, everyone get extremely hype for official RaiderZ even further into development!

Adventures In This Lost Gem-RaiderZ Revolution (#1)

/r/RaiderZ Community update March 2020

Just as a brief introduction, I'm also a mod over at /r/gunz which is another Maiet game... While the last official update we had that pertains to RaiderZ was that[ youtube video that has been pinned for over a year ](

Is This Game Still Good?-Revolution RaiderZ

Revolution RaiderZ - New Tittles

RaiderZ in 2020

For those who want to play RaiderZ in 2020 come join us in the best private server with the most content [](, friendly and helpful community join the discord too [

Some info on ranger

*all images are sourced from my own work* Im sure many people would like to see an implementation on a true [ranger]( and other [custom classes]( Revolution has already proved that this is poss

Revolution RaiderZ - Ancient Tombs (Limos Desert Dungeon)

Revolutionz RaiderZ Review

If you are an old RaiderZ player, this your chance to get back to the game and enjoy more content. And if you are a new player, you will fall in love with the game, many quests and content, and a smooth real time action combat, with many aspects that

Current Situation (English)

As many of you know previously our RevolutionZ Server had a lot of custom content, which made vanilla players not like that content very much, and others despite the changes they liked, some months ago we staff voted on our discord about returning th

Revolution RaiderZ - Intro

Newbie questions

1. Server Selection: * Everyone seems to recommend Legends private server from what I can tell but people still say it is much more grindier than the other server. What would you recommend for someone still relatively new to MMORPGs? (I tried neverw

Wildraiderz status

Is there any chance for wildraiderz to come back? I don't exactly know what happened, but its been 1year and i expected it to comeback this autum :( Lordus here btw; miss u all guys >.<

Populated Server? (english)

Looking for a populated server. Just remembered about this game and looked into it. It's a shame it stopped being supported - i'd like to find a private server to play on, relearn the game basically from scratch since I've forgotten anything. anyone

RaiderZ With ReShade! (Better Graphics)


New to Legends

Anyone here that wants to play together? I am lvl 20 Defender, would be nice if someone could give me some advice if they are higher

I thought this game was shut down!!?!?!?

I used to play this game a long time ago, it is by far my favorite mmorpg experience. I thought it was shut down. Whats the deal, is there a current way to play with future official re release plans? How do I play, whats the difference between lege

Which server to start on for complete new player?

Never got the chance to play, so I want to give it a try!

You raiderz guys might like this - Maiet Entertainment FB

As many as you people probably know, the original MAIET Entertainment company that was located across the globe; North America, South-Korea, and Japan but their HQ was in South-Korea and so were their rightful owners. And was actively working on GunZ

Virtual vs Physical Worlds - What is Escapism? (Psychology Study)

[\_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf]( \- Link to the survey on Qualtrics. To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+.

RaiderZ in 2019 for new player

Hi guys, I'm looking for a hard and difficult MMORPG where it's important to group with people and lots of PVE content and have a fun fight. &#x200B; After searching a lot and seeing how bad the genre is at the moment I have searched in older g

Can you hide the HUD in RaiderZ Legend?

I can't remember the button combo. I think it used to be like cntrl+h or z. Did they take some stuff out? Also, is it impossible to make guild officers?

Can anyone tell me what is the best reaiderz private server out there?

How do you think MS' Raiderz will turn out?

Just from DK Online alone, it's easy to think that Masangsoft will make a pretty bad sport out of Raiderz. Has anyone played any of MS' other games? And if so, what were your thoughts on it, and on the upcoming Raiderz while you're at it.

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Raiderz Revolution - Hellhound Board( Test)