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Sad news for Ragnarok 2 players :(

Ragnarok Online 2 Ceases All Development, But Server & Cash Shop Will Stay Up

New player, having trouble logging in

Hi, I'm a new player and new to this subreddit. I've been playing RO for over 10 years now and I've been wanting to RO2 forever. Now I finally have the ability to that. But I need help logging in. I already have my Warp Portal account and RO2 acco


WarpPortal Shuts Down Services For Ragnarok Online 2 And Other Games In EU After GDPR

New Player to the world of Midgard

Hey, I've just started playing this game and hoping to find some other's to play with, low or high level. I would love so advice on the direction to go. I use to play a ranger on the original and decided to go that direction again. :)

A cry for help from all the Aeria users

It has been almost 8 months since the Aeria Games service closure. For some time, they still answered our tickets and were actually working on the account migration, until the website bug occurred and we couldn't change our passwords to actually play

Golden theif bug quest

New to RO2, i love it so far, was a RO1 player. Its abit quiet, seems like the game is not too popular now, hoping it will last... Having trouble with the single dungeon where you play as ermes. The gtb spawns males and females which you can onesho

Game freezing

Can someone help me fix this, I donloaded the game after the character selection screen it freezes for about 10 minutes before I could play then every time I try to navigate to another map or even use the click on the quest for the map it freezes eve

Ragnarok Online 2 Discord

Is This Game Dead?

are there still people plying this?

Hairstyle change

Just wondering if this is an option yet? Or possibly name changes?

Was wondering if this was a good game to pickup?

So I always wanted to play RO1 but for some reason I never got a chance to do so. I looked at RO2 when it came out but I don't think I understood what it was. Now years later with a better head on my shoulders I look at it and want to know if the g

how to make ragnarokonline2 ID???

other game its can be created,but ragnarok online2 and the metal assault cant created

How do i get what i need to refine?

i want to refine my stuff but where do i find the stuff i need? lucky powder and those things

Town Hall Meeting Dec. 1st at 5:00 PM PST!

November 3 Town Hall Live Stream with Njoror!

Hello Midgardians! We'll be having another Town Hall Question & Answer live stream on November 3! RO2 has seen quite a few changes recently, from bringing back some old events to class balancing. If you have questions about future changes, l

Which Ragnarok online 2 server should I play?

Hi, I'm a new user, sorry if I break the rule. You can edit the post if you want. Actually I want to play ragnarok online 2, and I playing in Aeriagames server. Well, I think you know that Aeriagames is how is the game inside, botter Gold seller, spa

FPS issues, tried everything to fix.

I'll paste what I sent to support: Hello there, my partner and I are trying out a plethora of games and we decided to try RO2, however, I am having some technical problems with my game where my FPS and camera movement is stuttering and looks quite sl

Halloween is here!

The VCR Program Wants You!

Town Hall Meeting with Ragnarok 2 Producer Njoror

Date: September 29th, 2016 Time: 5:00 PM PDT Where: [www.twitch.tv/warpportal](https://www.twitch.tv/warpportal) At the end of the month we will be having another Question and Answer Session with Njoror, who will be happy to answer all those burn

Patch Notes: September 19, 2016

Multiple Logins Detected

I can't access my account. It goes in well up to channel selection then nothing. If I wait a decent amount of minutes, it says "multiple logins detected." Then it closes. Any help?

Talk Like a Pirate Revelries

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Sad news for Ragnarok 2 players :(