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Glast Heim in RL

Amon Ra card glitch: iRO

KRO Updates - EDDA Glastheim

If the Ragnarok online universe merged with the real universe, what would happen to the ecosystems, biospheres, physics, and humans?

[If the Ragnarok online universe merged with the real universe, what would happen to the ecosystems, biospheres, physics, and humans?](https://www.quora.com/unanswered/If-the-Ragnarok-online-universe-merged-with-the-real-universe-what-would-happen-to

Why is project einherjar so empty?

Not trying to promote this server, in fact I've never even played on it due to like 5 people being online... But it looks interesting, why does noone play it?

omaRO - mid rate pre-renewal ragnarok server with minimal customization, 70x 70x 40x

omaRO mid rate pre-renewal ragnarok private server with minimal customization. Exp rate 70x / 70x, Drop rate is 40x except for boss cards, and max level 99-70. Equipment refine safety level is +7. There is NO DONATION system. Dedicated to all Rag

iRO[Chaos] helping the community!

I’m a brand new twitch streamer that would love to help this community grow back to the golden days! I haven’t played in over 9 years and just recently got back into full gear. If you need any help on the Chaos server just tune in and ask for hel

Looking for a server I used to play.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to remember the name of a server I used to play. I remember it had High exp rate and customised races, as well as a custom story surrounding said races. Does someone know the name of this server and whether they're still up?

what server to choose?

hi there. i played RO (RevoClassic, default rates) for a week and realized that if i will continue playing i need a server with bigger exp and drop rates. (say, minimum x3-5 for exp, x3-5 for drops.) and generally i d say that the game is addict

Ragnarok: Asgard Legend, a fresh take on pre-renewal RO

There will be an upcoming server in around five days or so: https://www.asgardlegend.com/ It is going to be a new take on pre-renewal RO, here is a wiki page that veteran RO players might find interesting to read about this server: https://www.asgar

Christmas Event on NYRO

​ [NYRO'S CHRISTMAS EVENT](https://i.redd.it/9sf4s7oap6321.png) Website: [https://www.ny-ro.com/](https://www.ny-ro.com/) Server info: [https://www.ny-ro.com/?module=main&action=features](https://www.ny-ro.com/?module=main&ac

Looking for server low/mid rates

Can anyone make some suggestions for a server (pre ren) with around 20-30x rates with a decent population and trans class? Thanks

Old times DB

What old times DB u guys use? Im currently playing in a OT server with 5x rate. It is on episode 5 and I cant find a precise DB.

In case you missed it, mobile game Ragnarok Eternal Love is finally hitting global (Except Europe) as it opens pre-registration.

Brazilian Evolving Pre-Trans Server opening last friday

Q> Looking for an Ragnarok Online Server set in Classic Times for me (lives in SEA) and a friend of mine (lives in Oceania)

I'd prefer classic - no trans jobs, etc. etc.

Any active guilds on iRO chaos?

Old timer player here returned after 8 years. All my friends are gone, any other active guilds/communities still going on iRO?

Thinking of building a pre-renewal SinX emperium breaker. Anyone has any suggestion for a high end SinX.

Max aspd is 190. Should I sacrifice my left dagger for a shield or just go for max aspd with max dmg output. Opinions are very welcomed!

Trying to find an old RO fanfiction I wrote around 10 years ago, can't remember the forum I posted it to

I'm trying to find the forum, although it's very probably it's not around anymore. This is all I can remember: - probably the biggest english RO website from back then, or maybe the biggest non-official one? not sure... - the forum wasn't the usual

What is the best map to farm zeny in OT ?

I'm going to play ion a server that is releasing this friday and want to make TONS of zeny ASAP, but the thing is that the server is OT and is releasing at episode 5 (Yuno). I'm used to farming in places like Sleepers / Enchanted Peach Trees / Geffe


The pre-registration just came out a few hours ago! I'm suprised no one here posted a link yet! The more registrations there is, the more bonuses at launch! [https://www.romelglobal.com/](https://www.romelglobal.com/)

Will this game ever be famous again?

I think this game got too underated. It's so rare to find someone that even knows about or wants to play it now days. That's kinda sad because Ragnarok gave us some amazing experiences that we never felt before. It's a feeling that I can't explain.

Where do you guys go to find info?

So im a returning player, ive been away for some time and I dont really know what are the news for RO, specially what comes out on kRO servers. Soo where do you guys go to find new info about the game? Maybe theres an official discord for RO news a

What do you use as a reference when make a build? What stats do you think are most important?

Say you're thinking about making a new character and you going to your servers stat calculator, and you add all this gear, and then you face off against a monster like abysmal Knight in the calculator and see how you fare. Which monster do you use as

SD spam

can someone teach me how to spam soul destroyer in 99/70 revo no mvp/mini

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Glast Heim in RL


Amon Ra card glitch: iRO