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Death by AOE: PVP death takes down the attacker!

Enemies approaching -- Lights and Assaults take on Heavy and Ewar mech!

OpenPerpetuum Dev Blog - 6 month Celebration

Assignments: Squads and Beta-2 – The Open Perpetuum Project Dev Blog

OPP Featured on Massively!

New NPC! Nuimqol boss on Alpha

Perpetuum Lives! Open Perpetuum: The community server project

Using Plants as Cover!

Showing off new Robot Paint colors!

OpenPerpetuum: Live Patch 3 today! (incl. Paint)

OpenPerpetuum: Shooting new OpenWorld Boss with a new friend!

PAINT - OpenPerpetuum Dev Blog

Dev Blog - Changes coming this month!

Chance to win 1 of 10 free copies of Perpetuum via Steam!

Follow these simple steps: 1. Have an active steam account. Via: 2. Click here: 3. Add as friend. Then at the end of the drawing we will random select 10 people and give pe

One Month since launch - More to come!

OpenPerpetuum Launch Day Announcement

Perpetuum is reborn

We are going live Saturday April 14th, 2018, 20:00 UTC. What you need to know: If you don’t have a client – it can purchased from Steam There is no charge for playing on the OPP Server All character data will be wiped from the pre-alpha serve

OpenPerpetuum Roadmap Blog

OPP is Live with Open-Testing Phase!

Open Perpetuum Server - stress test

OPEN TESTING WEEKEND (Limited time only!) -- OpenPerpetuum

Further Progress in the OPP Perp Server

come join us

A new Dev Blog is up with a proposal from the OPP Team

Here at last - the new Dev Blog for the Open Perpetuum Project - a new server coming Feb

The new blog is up and with the Official Server ceasing in Jan, the OPP group has proposed to accelerate their timeframe and release an Alpha Server in Late Jan. This will allow those that want to play to do so and also to test and give feedback on

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