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Just gonna leave this here...

Aware of Discord path

I'm on the last mission on the award of discord to acquire the status. but it's not letting me accept the last quest. any fixes?

External World - Legendary classic x1. Come join us!

**External Perfect World** \- is a new **classic** private server with all **x1** rates * Max **lvl 105**, **3** races **6** classes, **no P2W**, no genies etc * All skills and quests matches old original **1.3.6** version * **New features** from ne

Login Problems/ Server Issues? (Trying to play in 2019)

So I saw an ad for the mobile version of the game and had the strongest urge to play again on my computer. Downloaded and ready to go, I know my username and password are correct but there's like only 4 severs listed and none of them actually connect

What's the most populated private server right now?

Any info?

New Classic PWI 1.3.6 Server

A brand new classic 1.3.6 PWI private server is opening soon It will have 1x rates, and an english speaking community for all your Perfect World nostalgia

Perfect World Classic - Private server

Truly awesome server. Joined only yesterday and couldn't stop playing for 18 hours. Just like ten years ago when I fell in love with PWI, as soon as I woke up, I went straight back. And I love the feeling. Low level areas populated. Economy seems s

What characters are played the most?

News on Perfect World Classic?

Does anyone know or think that they might release a classic since WoW has done so recently? I would love to come back to it.

Anyone here who played Epic Perfect world?

Is that server still running?


\[EoG\] Eden Of Gaming Guild Name: Eden Game: Prefect World Server: NA Aren't you excited to finally come back to one of the best games of 2000s? Us too, and we would like you to join us in this hype. Not joining? Still feel free to join the

Perfect World 1.3.6 RU or ENG server?

So, a couple days ago i got an Ad on facebook about perfect world mobile. I downloaded it, started it and was instantly hit by nostalgia. Its core mechanic is very close to the original PC MMO, obviously adjusted for p2w mobile gaming. But it really

pve private server

I played this game years ago, and have been thinking of getting into it again for old times sake. I'm not really into pvp and don't feel like grinding for 5 years, so I was hoping to find a private server. Are there currently such servers focused on

Virtual vs Physical Worlds - what drives us to both (Psychology Study)

[\_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf]( To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+. I’m a master student doing placeme


sooo basically i havent played the game in years, if anyone knows of a private server that doesnt take long to gear (perferably insta eng/esp) hmu

Streaming Perfect world classic private server on twitch!

I drew this a little while ago. Barbarian was the first class I played when I was in middle school. Started playing again and decided to start my barb from scratch.

Private servers

I've been looking to get back into this game since leaving back in 2014, but I never liked the P2W model of the game so I've been looking at private servers. But all the ones I've found seem to make you start from lvl 100+ with full gear etc, which i

fight days Glory days

Perfext World 2019

I am feeling the nostalgic need to play pw again, and i was wondering if PWI is worth to invest time as a casual f2p player? Also, does anyone know a good english classic private server? I have found few br/russian ones but is hard to play without

A story of the Glory days.

Classic 1.3.6 Perfect World PS

Ready to play again

Hello brothers, haven't played this game for years and recently nostalgia hit me like a hammer. How populated is the game right now? I miss the days when it was full of people. I've also heard that it got a lot pay to win. I want to enter and have so

Might be old but bought this with my mouse a long time ago and never bothered to try, y'all welcome.

Hits me right in the feels

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Just gonna leave this here...