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Streaming Perfect world classic private server on twitch!

I drew this a little while ago. Barbarian was the first class I played when I was in middle school. Started playing again and decided to start my barb from scratch.

Private servers

I've been looking to get back into this game since leaving back in 2014, but I never liked the P2W model of the game so I've been looking at private servers. But all the ones I've found seem to make you start from lvl 100+ with full gear etc, which i

fight days Glory days

Perfext World 2019

I am feeling the nostalgic need to play pw again, and i was wondering if PWI is worth to invest time as a casual f2p player? Also, does anyone know a good english classic private server? I have found few br/russian ones but is hard to play without

A story of the Glory days.

Classic 1.3.6 Perfect World PS

Ready to play again

Hello brothers, haven't played this game for years and recently nostalgia hit me like a hammer. How populated is the game right now? I miss the days when it was full of people. I've also heard that it got a lot pay to win. I want to enter and have so

Might be old but bought this with my mouse a long time ago and never bothered to try, y'all welcome.

Hits me right in the feels

Arena de Guan Yu 24/02 - Year Zero

If anyone still visiting this sub, just want to share my colosseum videos, enjoy. [Video](

helloooo . . . . .?

Coming back after a long time away

Anyone know if the drop rates for the mats to make weapons and armor were increase or if you still need to be a long enough level to even get the mats

rogue skill build, how to distribute skill point

Hi, i'm a new PW player and i created a mercenary and i try to found a guide to how the best skills to upgrade, to focus in DPS, but i didn't get anything compreensive, just people talking the minimum level to get each skill. Someone know where i c

Perfect World International Coming To Consoles In 2019

New leaked trailer of the new Perfect World reboot

So what do you think of the game now?

The game has been played for more than 10 years. What do you guys think of it? Personally i’ve been playing it when i was 8. Then my computer and internet got screwed up - not playing it anymore. Recently i’ve just started playing it after 12 yea

Streaming on Mixer!

Hey everyone, ​ I started streaming live on Mixer, please come watch me play. I will be streaming every Sunday-Thursday most of the day. ​ [\_catalyst]( ​ than

Server Phoenix

Olá, estou level 33 de sacerdote, queria montar um grupo para upar junto, tem alguém interessado ? ( Jogo mais de fim de semana )

Seeker or Assassin? (Hopefully someone answers this)

I played the game long ago, 5 years ago, and I played as Assassin, then created a new character, I played as a Seeker, I really liked it, but it feels a bit slow, I guess that's a given since Sins are fast, which is understandable, but on the bright

Recommended Skill Levels?

Hi! I want to know the recommended skill levels for Seeker and Assassin. That is all! Thanks in advance!

Is it me? Or the new update has problems?

I installed the game yesterday, the patch was still Wonderland, it played fine, I created my character, took a few quests, then went to sleep. Then after I got home from work, my I asked my sister if she played it, and said the update is taking forev

Suggestion for PWI

r/ The reason why you guys don't get replies from PWI is because nobody is trying to promote their suggestion at all and there i

Old player filled with rememberance

I just thought Ill share my story with you guys. I remember playing it when it first release. I got really into it back in 2009. I quited some years back and unfornately cant remember. I remember when there was only 3 servers. Lost city Archosaur A


I recently started playing Pefrect World again and I've tried many servers. Around 6 years ago I was playing Vendetta and Devastation PW, which were both very good. Since then, I've played some new servers like PvP Legends, Epic PW, Brasil PW and the