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Server Phoenix

Olá, estou level 33 de sacerdote, queria montar um grupo para upar junto, tem alguém interessado ? ( Jogo mais de fim de semana )

Seeker or Assassin? (Hopefully someone answers this)

I played the game long ago, 5 years ago, and I played as Assassin, then created a new character, I played as a Seeker, I really liked it, but it feels a bit slow, I guess that's a given since Sins are fast, which is understandable, but on the bright

Recommended Skill Levels?

Hi! I want to know the recommended skill levels for Seeker and Assassin. That is all! Thanks in advance!

Is it me? Or the new update has problems?

I installed the game yesterday, the patch was still Wonderland, it played fine, I created my character, took a few quests, then went to sleep. Then after I got home from work, my I asked my sister if she played it, and said the update is taking forev

Suggestion for PWI

r/ The reason why you guys don't get replies from PWI is because nobody is trying to promote their suggestion at all and there i

Old player filled with rememberance

I just thought Ill share my story with you guys. I remember playing it when it first release. I got really into it back in 2009. I quited some years back and unfornately cant remember. I remember when there was only 3 servers. Lost city Archosaur A


I recently started playing Pefrect World again and I've tried many servers. Around 6 years ago I was playing Vendetta and Devastation PW, which were both very good. Since then, I've played some new servers like PvP Legends, Epic PW, Brasil PW and the

what's up motherfuckers

>Hey, everybody, I figured this sub could use a bit of discussion and such, so I'm going to occasionally post discussion threads and sticky them. >First thread of such kind, it's only logical to start with the beginning. >What kind of char

Is epic PW pay2win?

Thinking of getting into this game, not gonna bother if it's p2w.

I made dis

Coming back to pw after not playing it for a few years

I stopped playing pw a few years ago, I just logged into my account and I only have one char left and it's a level 59 archer, how long does leveling take nowadays and how long would it take to get to level 59 with a new character? Also what about exp

How do you level up?

I stopped playing 2 years ago with a lvl 84 Venomancer and im confused on how people level up from here?

SB skill priority and combo

Hello, I got back into tha game after 6 years and started a Stormbringer, witch I enjoy quite a lot. shall I level all my skills to lvl 10 or shall I skip some that are worthless because stronger one exist at higher cultivation level? Also, any si

When did you start/finish playing PWI?

This was my very first mmorpg. I started playing right after they implemented the autopath feature. Made a thousand characters before I could settle. Found a great faction called PureEvil on the Lost City server. Must have been around 2006/2007 lol.

I found solid Classic 1.3.6 Perfect World PS...

Long story short...I'm a mmo veteran with over 15y long gaming experience. I've played/tried so many mmorp games. Some good some bad. Like many gamers i have few games that will always have a special place in my heart. One of those games is Perfect W

I came back after 4 years and now all my characters are gone on all accounts

Has that something to do with the server merge for every region 1 server? Can I transfere or recover my characters?

Mirage Sky I

Hi! I'm quite a noob here, even that I'm at my 2nd Reawaken, lvl 101 I just reached Arcane Sky X and maxed the bar. I got my quest for Mirage Sky I that require me to kill the Prince Tyrant. My question is: do I need to kill that boss to unlock Mira

Evolved Perfect world (1.3.8)

Hello, I know this is the subreddit for pwi, but gonna post this anyways since it seems dead. If anyone is interested in playing an old school private server for pvp that was like Vendetta/Devastation should come and try this one out. https://evo

I picked out the wrong early game flyer, am I SOL until level 30 or so?

Just got back into the game

Hello, after 4 years I just got back into the game, the purpose of this post is to ask about ways of leveling/farming as a new player. Also, is making an assasin character for farming still worth it? If you can help me out for some info leave any mes

3claws SCAMMER company

UPDATING* 3 claws is a subordinate company of PW beijing or something not sure I'm playing a game about 7 months, it's a dancing game. I already spent more than $ 600 in t

Most populated servers of perfect world? (looking for)

First, sorry for my english, is basic. I will back to PW after 6 years, so im looking for a server with tons of people for know and make groups, if can be i dont want Pay to win servers like the official. Greetings from Chile :)

What is there to do once decently geared & level 100+ RB1?

I've got an APS sin I worked on, its fully APS-geared, +8 g16 daggers, +3-5 on all armor, everything is gemmed. I was told that APS sins aren't useful in Flowsilver palace, I can run lower-tier TT stuff but higher tier TT I can't touch. I ran lunar b

Top 5 Perfect World Private Servers!

Is the game worth coming back to?

Haven’t played in about 5 years. Is the pvp still active? I don’t mind cash shopping just don’t know what it takes to get geared.

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Server Phoenix

Olá, estou level 33 de sacerdote, queria montar um grupo para upar junto, tem alguém interessado ? ( Jogo mais de fim de semana ) [..]