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you think paizo released PF2e in the hopes of keeping their company afloat after this disaster

Alchemist with a Wand of Fireball??

So hypothetical, how overpowered is an Alchemist with a Wand of Fireball? One of my PCs found one with 49 charges and I dont know if I should try and nerf it somehow incase it becomes over powered. I know that it does 1d6 of fire damage per caster le

Make a CoOp game, not an MMO

Mmo’s ruin lore for games and coop games are scarce these days. We don’t need to play Pathfinder with millions, just a group of friends (just like the tabletop). What do you guys think?

Does anyone actually play this?

Hey folks, I had the immense hilarious pleasure of trying this game out long ago thanks to a humble bundle and I gotta know: Is anyone seriously playing this? I'm honestly shocked this game is still seeing development.

I have a code for an online free trial (from the humble bundle). First Come, First Served.

7da5-6f60-090c [here's how to redeem.]( Enjoy.

Is it worth the time it takes to install?

The Pathfinder 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle comes with a free trial for this game, and I feel like a lot of people are sitting on them because it's... really hard... to find information that isn't several years old, and most of what's there is bad.

I have a trial code for this if anyone wants it

Free trial code from the humblebundle Code: 6027-c075-ced1

Summary of PFO Seminar at GenCon 2018

This was streamed on the official Paizo twitch at []( Small room, about a dozen folks there, just Lisa Stevens talking (and a couple helpers running tech, monitoring chat, etc.).

Druid/Barbarian Aasimar

Hey so I wanted to flesh out my character background for a one on one campaign. Its a humble begining story and our powers/abilities wont develop till later. A long time ago deep in the families bloodline an ancestor made a deal with a demon. Durin

Is Pathfinder Online dead/on hiatus?


We should make a pathfinder online discord

I got a 30 day free trial. Is this game worth my time?

I've been playing for 5 minutes. So far, 10/10.

A few questions

So what's this games story? Does anyone still play it and also what's the payment model, is it f2p, p3p or subscription?

New Player First Impressions Pathfinder Online Gameplay 2017 by Blackboa

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Worldscape Ultimate Crossover Is Live

Its been a are things going?

Any news on the future of PFO? Any more news on a possible purchaser for the game now that the settlement warfare and roadmap are underway?

Anyone running an ongoing game in NYC area?

New Update and Roadmap

buddy invite key

anyone have a buddy key invite? free trial doesnt seem to come when you make a new account

Who Only Kickstarted This for the Books?

I know I did. I never really liked the art direction for the game, and when the alpha came out, the way it was unoptimized and took all day to download the files to just pay it, it just didn't seem worth it. I'm happy that I got the Emerald Spire Su

Amazon took your idea and ran with it

I was just reading about the amazon MMOrpg release - - "New World". Its going to be a pvp sandbox MMO fantasy game. It's basically pathfinder online, or what it has tried to be. If you are looking for an alternative tha

So what's up here?.

\>[100% Pledged]( \>[EE is a disappointing mess]( \>[Documenting the End of Pathfi

Pathfinder Online: Some History and Observations

Starting on the Wrong Foot?

I've just discovered this game and was reading up on it. The Pathfinder ruleset was designed almost exclusively for group-based co-op gameplay. Does anyone else think it's a bad idea to use that ruleset and IP to create an open world PVP MMO? It s