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The Perception System A Full Discussion

Community tweet - November 18, 2019 at 11:57AM

*" In One Word - Your thoughts on character attribute points? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**]( "* >


I was looking at the website, and saw pledges. I hate it when you can get a lead on other players with money, so i want to know what it does, espicially Stack of Minor Illusion Flasks, Explorer's Backpack, Tunic of the Ages, Keepsake of Vanity Pet a

Cohh stream will not be in PF zone.

Just for clarification

Pantheon Rise of The Fallen Voices of Terminus Show #171 Player Q&A w/Lo...

The latest [VoT Show]( with their guest Loxxulus to talk about Pantheon and to introduce Loxxulus to the general community!


I know everybody loves bards more, but I would pay to hear Joppa just say Necromancer again.

Will you be able to solo in Pantheon?

Feature creep

>Feature creep definition: Is the excessive ongoing expansion or addition of new features in a product, especially in computer software, video-games and consumer and business electronics. These extra features go beyond the basic function of the pr

PantheonPlusYou EP13 - Transmoging Gear

**Thursday Night 9PM EST - 11/14/19** **Link to Live/On Demand**: []( **Co-Host**: Def of Battle-Ax Theater **Discord Link**: []( &#

Community tweet - November 14, 2019 at 11:56AM

*" Community Debate - Where do you draw the line between fun and challenge, when does the fun stop and the challenge just become too much in MMORPGs or is there such a thing as too much challenge? [#MMORPG](

Cohh: Next Pantheon Gameplay Stream in December

Tried to read the lore-the grammar is atrocious. Why is every 2nd sentence a convoluted metaphor. its barely legible

Reddit's influence on classic wow, and also modern games is a important lesson for pantheon

it's influence of the slow eroding effect that it has on any game. Magic the gathering: Arena, Classic WoW, Path of exile, I think these are three very good examples of what happens over time due to the nature of how reddit works. ​ What

Mini-Poll of the Day: Item "Drop Rates" (Assume you are level 25 going against an average named mob, in average dungeon)

Original Pledges (2014/15)

Will the Buddy Code that currently comes with Protector's Pledge also have beta access?

I'm sure this is quickly answered as its probably been asked before, but I couldn't find it after a few searches so I figured I'd just ask. At the moment, the Protector's Pledge says it includes beta access and a buddy code, will the buddy code al

Mini-Poll of the Day: Particle Effects

Community tweet - November 11, 2019 at 11:53AM

*" Community Debate - Do you like being able to change your character's appearance in-game or would you rather all players be known for their accomplishments by allowing everyone to see their earned armour and weapons? [#MMORPG](

Concept/In-Engine Side-By-Side


Is it playable, when I pledge?

Faerthale teaser scene lit up

Pantheon for a pvper?

So i just read that relatively recent Dev update that seemed to address concerns for pvpers wanting to play Pantheon, and because of that, I've given this game a second look -- but i'm still a little lost and could use input from you guys who have fo

Race essentialism is weird

I was quite pleased to get some new mechanical information in the October update. It's awesome to see the racial passives. What is increasingly weird to me, though, is the way in which personality traits bleed into these skills. Tolkien treated race

Darkness and vision

So, having now seen racial passives am I right to assume that different visions won’t be a part of the game? Not sure if they’ve discussed this before and I missed it. What does that mean for the darkness and sight in the game? I was really hopin

Pantheon subreddit has reached 20,000 members!

Growing fast, congrats guys.

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The Perception System A Full Discussion


Community tweet - November 18, 2019 at 11:57AM

*" In One Word - Your thoughts on character attribute points? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**]( "* > [..]