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Discovering Wild’s End

Question about the Perception dialogue teaser from the 2/19 Faerthale livestream

In the February 19th livestream showing gameplay of Faerthale, we got a glimpse of a typical Perception dialogue that you might encounter when adventuring in Terminus. I was thinking about what "The Old One" says about how he comes from a different

Thurs 26th - PantheonPlusYou EP28: What does 'Community Matters' mean?

​ **When:** Thursday March 26th, 9PM EST **Where:** [](https://www.twitch

Community tweet - March 26, 2020 at 11:02AM

*" Community Debate - Do you dedicate certain times to play game or do you just play when/if you can? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**]( "* >https

The Keepings of Castigue III, Vol 2 - "Conversation with a Dragon". (Episode 35 Pt2)

Community tweet - March 23, 2020 at 10:57AM

*" Who Would Win - (Hypothetically) Between a single Skar soldier and a single Halfling soldier and why? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**]( "* >ht

Realms and Times - Therek's Perceptions of Pantheon

I might actually play a Human!

Put down the pitchforks and torches and hear me out. I've heard the argument for years that "It's a fantasy game, you could be anything you want, why would you play a **human**?!?" And I have to say, I don't *necessarily* disagree. However, when t

March 19th 9p EST - PantheonPlusYou EP27 - Races of Terminus

​ **Youtube On-Demand**: []( ​ **Post

Next DevStream postponed to April 2, 6:00 PM PST

What are you all playing?

So, with the current lull in Pantheon news, and all the quarantines going on, what are you all playing to pass the time?   Me (*in no particular order*): * Fallout 4 * Skyrim (SE) * Diablo 3 * Path of Exile * Torchlight 2 * Divinity: Orig

What if...

I am sitting here locked down for a few weeks as this virus makes its way across the United States (recommended local quarantine if there's no important reason to be outside) and I was thinking how amazing it would have been to be playing Pantheon du

Will Pantheon launch on steam?

Title says all basically. JW if it will launch on Steam.

Update about Bards & Necros

(Just a FYI for those wondering) StoneFish: "I saw that Holly 'Windstalker' Longdale is leaving EQ. Is there a chance she is going to help out VR?" ------ Kilsin: "Not happening ;)"

Community tweet - March 16, 2020 at 10:35AM

*" Trivia Time! - What did the Skar do almost immediately upon their arrival? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**]( "* >

Joppa's 'bar beans'

[#timestamp source]( ^paraphrased ^text #[combat: main x8] >your eight main slots which are going to be your action, like action based abilities in the sense of these are abilities that are directly affecting

autotext transcript - joppa's pantheonplus interview 12th march

A Pantheon Testing & Raid guild - seeking players serious about testing the game.

**Legacy of Ages** is seeking new members as we prepare for upcoming PA5 and Alpha testing *(No testing dates have been announced yet - we are just laying the foundation)*. We plan to take our testing responsibilities seriously. We are not here just

Community tweet - March 12, 2020 at 10:48AM

*" Community Debate - Social Media - What are your favourite social media platforms to follow games on and why? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**]( "*

Brad Mcquaid

Sorry if i wrote his name wrong. Anyway who the fuck is this guy? A total stranger to me at least. For some reason, i find myself thinking about this person sometimes in the middle of the day and i feel... a bit of sadness i guess. I think its beca

February Dev Roundtable with Jimmy "Tourke" Lane [Corrected Audio]

When is the animation pass expected?

Since this is a huge issue with the animations severely lacking with the current game, when do we expect the animation pass to be started for all the races/classes? Would you expect it to occur in the next PA phase or in the Alpha phase proper?

Every Zone Shown in Pantheon Developer Streams So Far

Will the rest of the character models be getting the 'once over'?

Like we saw last week with skar, dark myr, and archai. Did a quick search through the most recent threads and didn't see anything about the rest of the races, just wondering if it had mentioned.

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Discovering Wild’s End