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Pantheon Rise of The Fallen Voices of Terminus Show #167 Closer Look: Te...

Intro to Loot in Pantheon, Part 3: Epic Items

Auction House Should be Delayed

With all the systems they are attempting to implement - ​ I feel as though an Auction House should be a back burner item, that isn't addressed until well after launch. Maybe even wait for 1 expansion. ​ First I think this s

New Official Bi-Weekly Video Newsletter

From the official forums: Looks like the Pantheon team is looking to improve on its community engagement going forward. The first video strea

Pantheon's Future Bleak?

I'll be honest, I was really amped for another MMO by Brad McQuaid. I loved EQ as a kid and really can't go back to any other raiding scene because of it. I love the depth and world design from what has been shown. That's where it ends. I've talked

Explaining the Allure of Older MMOs with "Less To Do"

Hey all. So I know there are tons of videos & posts out there explaining why older mmorpgs are great. I've made plenty of comments & had tons of conversations with people about it. If you had to give a sort & sweet answer, how would you r

Community tweet - October 17, 2019 at 11:59AM

*" Scenario - The raid boss is at 2% you're the last person standing after a raid wipe, do you take the risk and drop everything you have to burn it down or stay alive to rez a healer/summon people back to try again? [#MMORPG](

Evil races = hard mode?

I have gotten the impression that the evil alignment races will be somewhat more challenging. Is that entirely unfounded or is there some truth there? Something in the FAQ talking about getting into "Good" towns is what I think has given me this impr

PantheonPlusYou Ep9: Developmental Progress

**Thursday Night, 9 PM EST** Link to Live/On-Demand Show: []( ​ **Pre-Show Discussion:** So thankful to **Bronsun** helping co-host our show on gear sets/swapping/builds which I

Minimum Viable Product

I was just thinking about features that wouldn't bother me at all being absent from PF and/or release. PF: If there was no Perception or Acclimation, I wouldn't care at all. I could also live with basic enemy dispositions as a complete PF. I would

How do you think joining a guild should work?

Nephele [posted these questions on the Pantheon forum]( 1. Should it be a requirement that someone must be online in order to be

If CC is meant to be an equal pillar of combat, shouldn't there be more than one class with CC as a primary role?

I'm sure most here know how important CC is for a game like Pantheon, but here are a couple quotes from the FAQ just to highlight it: > Pantheon will use a quaternity system consisting of tank, healer, DPS, and crowd-control. >Controlling mob

Is Alpha live?

Is the Pantheon Pre-Alpha or Alpha active at this time or is it developers only?

Class/Race Poll Analytics

Over the last year I decided to throw together a spreadsheet listing the class and race polling results. I've done this for around eleven MMORPGs that I've followed since 2002. With those games, the history only covered a bit into pre-Beta (announcem

Community tweet - October 14, 2019 at 11:57AM

*" Community Debate - What is the best way to get around a zone in your opinion, walk, run, ride, fly, levitate or something else? [#MMORPG]([#**CommunityMatters**](

Looking for a mmo to play along with wow

Last one that I enjoyed was Warhammer online, not a pvp guy but I enjoyed it a lot. Tried almost every mmo out there. Is this a good time to buy pantheon? From what I read, the game is developing at a good pace.

Mini-Poll of the Day: After Zoning Protection

Why I liked EQ pvp

My brother and I installed EQ sept of 1999. We rolled on Tallon Zek server and we didnt really know there were non pvp and pvp servers, I rolled an human ench and started my adventure. First few levels I didnt see any non human races. As I got higher

Newsletter delayed 'till 10/23

Posted on twitter

Ambidextrous Characters

Here is an interesting thing that I have not seen before in any MMO I have played. (I have no idea if there are MMOs out there that have this, but I have not played them if they do)   It would be pretty cool to be able to *designate* your

PantheonPlusYou Ep8: Gear Hoarding/Swapping/Sets

**Thursday Night 9 PM EST** Direct Link: []( ​ **Pre-Show Discussion:** Thank you all again for a great turnout last week, the community is really stepping up for these shows and

Mini-Poll of the Day: Character Name Filter

Problem with working on your own schedule

So I was thinking about pantheon and why they have made such little progress in however many years with only a couple partial zones and that same dungeon for demonstration purposes. Well, I work for myself and I can tell you as an entrepreneur, it

Aradune's blog "Man, version 1 sucked. I just essentially re-wrote it. Check out v.2 if you have the time"

[Blog] Leaning towards 2 name System