Phantasy Star Online 2 is ranked #19 out of 129 tracked MMOs for player populations.



Phantasy Star Online 2 is estimated to have 3,144,265 total players or subscribers.



Phantasy Star Online 2 is estimated to have 298,705 players per day this month.

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Phantasy Star Online 2

  • by SEGA

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free-to-play online action role-playing game in the Phantasy Star series developed and published by Sega. Created as a successor to Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online 2 features gameplay elements and aesthetics reminiscent of previous Phantasy Star games while incorporating unique twists on the formula. The initial version was released for Windows in Japan in July 2012. A PlayStation Vita version was released in February 2013 and shuts down in September 2020, while a PlayStation 4 version was released in April 2016. A spin-off/companion game, Phantasy Star Online 2es, was released for Android and iOS in 2014. A Nintendo Switch cloud version, entitled Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud was released in April 2018 and then on PC, released in December 2018. At E3 2019, it was announced that the game would be releasing outside of Asia for the first time...

How Many People Play Phantasy Star Online 2?

We estimate that 298,705 people play per day, with a total player base of 3,144,265.

Game Data

  • Subscribers: 3,144,265
  • Daily Players: 298,705
  • Genres: Action, RPG, Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
  • Released: 2012-07-04

The Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Description

Phantasy Star Online 2 is an online action RPG developed and published by SEGA in 2012 exclusively in Japan. It is the sequel to the classic 2000 game Phantasy Star Online.

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