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So many versions of PSO I/II, like for EVERY generation of console. When I play on GameCube online, am I playing with all these people or just Gamecube/Dolphin users?

Is it possible to heal the NPC teammates from Offline Quests?

Currently playing V2 on the DC, Lv 50 HUnewearl on hard. During quest such as Unsealed Door, Seek my Master, etc, is it supposed to be possible for your character to be able to heal the NPC teammates who fight with you? A guide I’ve read seemed to

Hell Handgun Wrecking The Caves 2K Res Shader And PSODC SKin

"Damn it Dr.Guls! Stop creeping up on me for the 10th time!"

How to play PSO online with USB Loader GX

My Last Gameplay Of PSO Since I Got Bored Sandboxing

Ok Booma

Level requirement for all the quest on normal?

Hi, I want to enjoy the story of pso (which I never actually did) but I got stuck pretty early on 2-3, the first quest with a timer, so what is a good level for doing all the gov and side quest?

Anyone Actually Like This Episode?

PSO Character Manager link needed

I've been searching everywhere for this tool. Seems all the places that hosted it are dead or like pso-world, took it down. Anyone have a link to it?

Playing PSO online on the Switch

What is episode 4 like?

Does it offer harder mobs with more exp than episode 1 and 2? What is the level range for the different difficulties of episode 4? Thank you so much.

Shaders and PSODC Skin In PSOBB At High Res Widescreen Best Or Bestest?

Quest files

Hello my fellow hunters. So I have been collecting various quest files for my own personal use and as a backup if god forbid the private servers running are no longer running. I currently have all of (if not most) the official Sega online and downloa

How to PSO BB on OG XBOX?

I used to play PSO on GameCube when it was new. FF to today and I have PSO Episodes I & II for XBOX, but I'm clueless on how to make it work with PSO BB. I can copy and modify files on the XBOX as needed, but do not have a gamer tag. Would anyon

Anybody up for some ephinea blue burst casual runs?

Phantasy Star Online Netplay through Retroarch! [Flycast tutorial PC, Android, Nintendo Switch, etc]

PSO now possible on switch and online

Best server to find Spanish speakers?

After 20ish years, I'm finally going to give PSO a shot with the PC version. Is it possible to play the game in Spanish with Spanish speakers? Also if there is any general getting started guides I'd really appreciate it. ¡Gracias por adelantado!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Schtserv GC is a happening place

Logitech F710 with Ephinea?

Hi again, I'm using this wireless controller with limited success. Sometimes it stops working for 5 to 10 sec and I have to turn it on/off. Any tips on getting good performance out of the logitech f710 on Ephinea? Thank you!

is Ephinea monster hp different from vanilla gc?

Hi All, Recently discovered Ephinea server and have been playing for a bit - I either suck worse than I remember or the monster hps have been adjusted on the server. I'm playing normal and watching people do vanilla speedruns on gc and killing thin

Unpopular opinions thread

We always get positivity around here in pretty much everything except discussions about which private server is the best, so, what are you hot takes on the franchise? can be any game in it. Here's mine: one of the biggest issue every single game in

Are there any AR codes for GC that can make the maps on Ultimate look like their non-Ultimate counterparts?

Been searching around but can't find anything. I just can't stand how Forest and Del Rol Le's places look on Ult to be honest.