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Stupid Question about Playing PSOBB on Ultima

Hey there, quick question for you guys. I have no idea how to play just through the overarching story of the game. I go One Player Mode and go to the Hunter's Guild to get my quests, and it has like 8 quests. I just finished the pleasure cruise quest

Guys which Filename Encoding do I use? I have a MacBook running High Sierra.

cheaters in GC versions?

are there lots of cheaters/hackers in Schthack’s or Sylverant’s servers? is there any point in playing on Schthack given they lost all of our characters back when?

Download available?

Hey guys do you have any idea where I can download Blue Shift for my Mac?

about modding the game 3D models

with Noesis, i can open and see untextured 3D models of everything in the game. then you click on "file" in Noesis menu and select "Export". then you will be presented with a window. source file: 😄 \\Users\\User\\ ( main file location)\

hello aspiring 3D modder here

hello.I'm modding hands in the COLLADA .dae format with Blender.i wonder if anyone here in the entire forum and other servers that can rig the hands with the character skeletoni ported the charamodel plAbdy00.nj from opening the game files with Noesi

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Ultima Server Beginner Questions

Hey there everyone. I'm new to this game and am loving it so far. I'm playing as a Humar on the Ultima server. I'm not big into MMORPGs for the most part, I kind of prefer playing games solo, which is why I'm wanting to play through basically the sto

Got my HUcast figure from the mail today

Loving PSO:BB - Never played live

I’ve been playing PSO:BB for the last two weeks and I am having a great time. I never played PSO when it was live and remember being so jealous of everyone who was able to play PSO on Dreamcast. It’s got a certain charm to it that I can’t quite

Has anybody here ever successfully gotten a lavis cannon from a Pouilly slime?

GC offline player here off and on since 2001. My white whale has been to get a lavis cannon, supposedly a 1/22 drop from a pouilly slime for my Redria hunter. I've killed about 80 of them for it and no dice. When I was getting my real Agito, which is

How do I use the number pallette with a controller in PSOBB?

Common, insanely annoying bug

Was wondering if there's a fix to this. Over HALF the time, when finishing a quest or a level, some NPCs refuse to talk to me, and it's completely random. Using PSO Episode 1 and 2 on Dolphin emulator. Anyone know a fix to this? Have to redo ultimate

Feeling nostalgic... Can I connect to the user created PSO servers via PSO running on Dreamcast emulation?

Will it only work on an actual dreamcast? I don't have the network adapter for DC so I would imagine it would be very slow. Are there still user created PSO servers being operated? Will Sega ever revive this series?

Good class for beginners?

I've just got Phantasy Star online on the Dreamcast. The problem is I have no idea at all what character to choose. I am literally clueless. Can anyone link me to any guides?

Looking for an image.

I saw it here a long time ago and didn't save because I'm an idiot. It was basically a translation of what each letter in the PSO's alphabet meant and what the signs in Pioneer 2 meant. Can someone help me?

So just started this game up again with the boys on game cube, but we were wondering if there are any online serves active to hook up to? Pleases let me know all knowing Reddit!

Looking for guide on pso online dolphin

Hi, I've been playing pso offline on my wii through nintendont for the past month. Today I spent 3 hours trying to get my save file onto my laptop to boot pso with dolphin emulator, that works. I'm now trying to play online, but I can't find any g

Transfering save from PSO Episode 1 & 2 to Episode 1 & 2 Plus on Dolphin?

Hi guys, I'm about 60 hours into my current PSO run, and I only realized now that I made a tiny mistake... When downloading PSO for my PC, I accidentally downloaded the non-plus version of the game. It might not seem like a big deal, but I was really

Ready to hunt Mechgun rare drops

Questions related to Nintendont running on Wii U's vWii

Hi. I've been lurking this sub for weeks to start playing Phantasy Star Online on my Nintendo Wii U using Nintendont, but I can't make it run after several attempts, so I came up with few questions. Do I need GameCube broadband adapter to play onlin

i need help to open nj and xvm files

hello, i'm an apiring modder for the game Phantasy Star Online 1 & 2 Blue Burst on PC. I dabbled into blender with 3D modeling for my game that i din't finish yet and is on pause. so, apparently, nj files cannot be opened and modded with Ble

Probs not a big deal to everyone else, but finally reached Ultimate on a solo run. 14 years after starting this game, I know 🤣 This is me after I beat Very hard, had to send my brother a picture

Some issues with Nintendont PSO?

I have the game working great online, but when I click right trigger +Y for quick menu it doesn’t come up. Also, the symbol chat faces don’t show up when I select them

First time connecting online, TIPs

Just was able to get online for the first time. What are some cool things to do?

I turned around and found a Nar Lily waiting for me on the opposite side of the room