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Game is really hard?

I’ve played PSO on gamecube (we have phantasy star online episode 1+2) and I don’t really understand it still, lol. Back when it came out I played this all the time with my brothers and friends. Usually we’d only get to the sewer boss at most

Charge raygun vs Charge Vulcan

Which one is more useful? I'm thinking of buying one.

Help with GC memory card transferring.

So I’m getting a softmodded Wii to back up my GC memory card data. I want to put my data onto another memory card for corruption protection. From what I’ve read is you can transfer your GC memory card data to an SD card. Then you can transfer the

Easiest controller to get working on Ephinea psobb?

I've tried Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controller. It wont let me map any controls to it in game. So, what's the easiest controller to get working on Ephinea psobb? Bonus question, is it possible to use a GC controller with the Wii U usb dongle?

DIY Blue Burst server?

Started playing Ephinea yesterday. Really enjoying playing PSO again! How are these servers set up? Is it hard to create your own private server?

Are there slicers in pso2?

Just curious how far the series is exactly from the originals since im a ps4 alys fan

Busted Out The Gamecube Tonight to Play Very Hard w/ my Sis

I completely forgot about Dark Falz' soul steal ability during the final phase of the fight and got my sibling killed. *Twice.* Dang I love this old game.

Triggers on original xbox controller not able to be mapped.

Anyone else use one of these and figure it out? I know they work with other games, but on PSO Ephinea they won't bind to anything. I'm playing on ubuntu too if that can help.

What's the best server in regards of the community&staff?

Hey guys, I've been wanting to get back into the game and it's been years since I played on scht. I know of Ephinea, Ultima, and Destiny (scht and other options for consoles are irrelevant, I intend on playing on PC and I'm not going to bother wi

Can I get an F in the chat.

Mil lily finally spawned after a week of telepiping, one of the ob lilys one shot me as I was trying to kill the mil lily. I don’t know what’s worse getting killed and never knowing what it was going to drop, or killing it and not dropping the go

Which adapter do you use to play online on the private servers?

I’ve been playing PSO in offline mode on gamecube religiously for all of my 20 years of living, it’s my favorite game of all time and I’ve logged upwards of 1000 hours into it. I think I want to try the private online servers now, but I don’t

Getting a PS4 controller to work on BB?

I'm playing on Ephinea, my OS is Windows 10. Have Dualshock 4 plugged in with chord, using DS4Windows, When loading in, I can move the cursor with the controller. But in game it doesn't work. When I try to change the controller controls in game, it

Cheapest place to get a copy of PSO Plus for GC?

Anyone know of a good place? Prices are a little crazy on Ebay.

Dangerous deal with Black Paper

Hey guys,returning player here (haven’t played since GC). Got a question about the DDBP quest. Mainly,where do I find it? Do I have to do the solo/online quests to unlock it? I got a couple photon crystals that I wanna use to gear up.

Is there any way to launch a private server to only host 4 players?

So i used to play PSO years ago on xbox/gamecube with my friends split screen. Put tonnes of hours into it, we all loved it but we never played online, had tonnes of unusable red boxes haha. But recently i came across the ultima server of blue burst

random Q - anyone know how to get PB/Create on dc v1/v2?

Recently got back into playing offline and this would be super handy for twins on droids, but I can’t seem to track down info for this anywhere. PSO world has it listed but has no section ID info or drop rates (currently viridia). shanks

PSO on nvidia shield

Anyone know if it is possible to play PSO on nvidia shield which runs on android? I’ve had a look and can’t see to find the best option.

Trouble with Final Boss of Episode 2

So after a long journey. A few breaks to not burnout on PSO and grinding a lot in Episode 1 I finally decided to tackle Episode 2 on Very Hard difficulty with a level 70 force. I didn't gain many levels on episode 2 and got to the final dungeon. Ever

And then he told me that he ran out of mesetas!

Wallpapers Found on the PSO V2 Disc Upscaled and Edited to be 1080p

How long does it take to get the tails chao?

So I want to get the tails chao in PSO on Gamecube, like alot of people. I've always wanted to play PSO and I want a tails chao. The only thing I want to know is how long it would take to get it, if it's about 40 hours into the game or something I ju

Who ese loves this gem of an OST?


New Player

Hi all. I love the Phantasy Star games and never got to play PSO. So I installed Ephinia PSOBB Private Server and started it. I'm really lost and have no clue what to do. Would anyone be able to help me out?

best server for GC ?

Hey everyone! So I have Episode 3 and just bought Episode 1&2 on GC and I was wondering which server is the best to play online on the GC ? So far I've only seen that Schtack and Sylverant makes it available, maybe I missed another one ? I th

[GC] Local Multiplayer - Unlock all areas cheat

Playing PSO 1-2+ with some friends (splitscreen) and read about some Action Replay codes that could be used to unlock all areas. I tried using them myself but couldn't quite figure it out. Would anyone have any information or be able to generate a .g

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Game is really hard?

I’ve played PSO on gamecube (we have phantasy star online episode 1+2) and I don’t really understand it still, lol. Back when it came out I played this all the time with my brothers and friends. Usually we’d only get to the sewer boss at most [..]