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Wii emulation of GameCube BBA - Phantasy Star Online BETA

Made a Rati but the mag didnt actually change. Any know why or how to fix this?

[Question] Looking to buy a PSO art book in Osaka Japan

I am in Osaka Japan at this time. I am searching for a PSO art book with little luck. Does Anybody have some tips were I can find a PSO art book? Thanks and keep on keeping on...

Weird messages hidden in PSO textures

A while back on this reddit someone posted a video about a hidden message in the CCA textures on the ground. A lot of people speculated and it went unanswered. This is the original post:

Inquiry about two cameos

As a fan of both NiGHTS Into Dreams and Persona 5, I would like to know where NiGHTS appears in PSO and where Joker appears in PSO2. I.e. I would like to see pictures and/or videos.

PSO in VRChat

Dolphin and PSO 1&2+

hello, i have been trying to figure out how to run my own private server of PSO for me and my friends using Fuzziqer Software PSO Server. and Dolphin Emulator. is there any one who can help shed some light my way

Best PSO for couch co-op with two screens?

I want to introduce a buddy of mine to PSO and he doesn't have a PC so we can't play Ephinea. I own PSO GC. Is there a way to play over LAN offline? I'd like to avoid playing split screen if possible.

Help with original PC PSO

Hey all, so I've recently got back into PSOv2 for Dreamcast. I got my DreamPi all set up and have been having a ton of fun playing on Sylverant. One of my friends is interested in playing w/ me, but doesn't really have the money to get everything set

Controller issues

I've tried several controllers, two wired xbox 360 controllers as well as a dualshock 2 controller via some usb adapter from china. All three controllers work in other games just fine, but here all three controllers are only recognized in the first s

Comfy night in Pioneer 2 ❤

Does anyone have sheet music?

I need sheet music for De Rol Le's theme, the Cave battle music, and the Ruins battle music for a project I'm going to work on.

20 Years and still going

Memories of the Dreamcast and PSO 20 years later

For 9/9/19 and the 20th of the Dreamcast, I got a SEGA tattoo in the PSO font

Phantasy Star Online - Day Dawns - F1NG3RS & Santa Kilmagik Remix

I just bought phantasy star online 1 & 2 Plus. Any beginner tips?

I just purchased PSO 1&2 Plus for the GameCube. I have never played a PSO game but was intrigued by the fact that this game is still played online to this day. I have a broadband adaptor and would like to know how to set up the server. If anyone

Download Quests on GameCube

A friend of mine just picked up a GameCube and a copy of PSO. We are planning on running it exclusively offline together and not have to worry about servers or anything. Is there a way we can download the quests permanently as to play them while in t

idk; You guys might like this: deko - PHANTASY STAR ONLINE ft Yameii

Using dolphin on Mac. Is there a way to get online with that?

I’m new to this whole series and it looks really fun, but I want to start online.Can anyone here give me a guide to going online in the dolphin emulator for Mac?

Widescreen patch for Xbox?

Hey guys! Is anyone aware of a widescreen patch for the Xbox version of PSO? I’ve been looking for a while, but can’t find anything. Thanks, everyone!

Need help going from vh to ultimate in ultima

I'm playing a ramar and I'm level 106. I can clear vh ttf in about 50 minutes which seems slow, but the xp rate on hard isn't as good I feel. my gear isn't great, got a spread needle, guard wave, a shit mag, and a m&60vise. using godhps and God a

Private server of choice

I've seen in many comments people naming different servers, Schthack, Ephinea and Ultima Ultima seems to have increased xp and drops Ephinea is more (or was) like the original version Schthack used to be the most popular That's what I've read on a

Offline Ep 4?

Maybe it's unnecessary to worry about, but what will happen when all the private servers shut down? Will there be some way to play ep4 and all the online gated content? I love this game, but find myself burned out from time to time- I'll surely want

Please make me stop being a noob.

So I've heard about sector id's being better at something than others. I was wondering what sector Id's would better suit the following: HUcast RAcast FOmar FOnewn HUmar And also, my experience in playing come from a lot of hours in offline and my