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How long is the wait to get invited into the forums?

Registered about 2 days ago, was wondering how long it took for others, and i did sign up with my alpha invited email.

Thats it. Sucka ma muthafukin deek u sheet fukin devs.

So sick and tired of not getting an alpha invite for months. Sucka ma mutfakin deek devs. Take ur precious game and shove it up ur azz. I aint buying this sheet when it comes out. I aint ur slave Jeff Bezos u pussi azz bich. Send me an invite RIGHT F

Be sure and check your Amazon message center if not emailed invite.

I signed up for the alpha sometime back. I was expecting an email invite if I was accepted. Today I was checking my Amazon messages on the website for info about one of my orders, and was surprised to see my alpha in invite was in there. If you have

Got invited but there's no orange download button on the client.

The alpha invitation e-mail mentioned something about an orange button but i can't seem to find it.

This mail pic, makes me sad

Purely as i didn't get in :( ​

I got in!! check ur email!!

i got in last month, and just recently found out...

Just installed the game - no servers show up for me. Anyone else?

I wonder if this is a bug to report or something on my end.

We're getting a group ready to go!

Hello, my name is Exo. i'm trying to get a group of players together for when New World releases, get people together and play and have fun. I've made a discord for people to connect and talk about what they hope the game will have and stuff they are

New World Alpha Update

Alpha tester feedback is building a better New World! Learn more here: [](

Transfer installed game to different computer

Solved: Installed game to the same directory it was downloaded, took about 15 min. before it recognized it. ​ I downloaded the game onto an external drive on a different computer and want to use it on my home computer because my internet

Regain Alpha Access

I was sent alpha access a while ago and really didn't find the game playable (issues with my PC) at the time so I uninstalled and the email containing download information ended up getting deleted. I've made some upgrades to my PC and wanted to see w

Just played my first day. Currently waiting for forum access. There is so much I want to talk about, so many questions, so little time.

To any players reading this. Sign up for the forums ASAP.

Several Questions (:


Launcher will not update

I played about an hour ago and then about 30 minutes ago tried to log back in, the launcher proceeded to update and got to what looks like 99% per the green bar and then has just been stuck there for 30 minutes and nothing seems to fix it. Has anyone

Is the Alpha Test access continous?

Or does it has several phases wherein you need to get reinvited every alpha test? ​ Thanks.

Alpha invites

Is it known if more invites will be sent out? I'm a bit late to the party but I have an itch that this game should scratch for a long time 😂😂

Will our progress during the test be wiped before release?

Alpha Forum Access

Anyone able to get access to the alpha forums? I have been waiting since Wednesday(when I started in the alpha) to get in and still no approval. Is there any way to contact them about this?

Murder Hobos

This is a Dungeon and Dragons fandom term but I think it applies pretty well to this game for a large segment of the player base. Also you never know when someone could become a murder hobo at a moments notice.

Did the alpha sign up page change?

Ive been waiting for an invite for ever, and just went and double checked the sign up page and it said i could sign up still ​ :( ​ Did the wipe the original sign up page? Would have been nice to know. O well maybe i get o

Anybody on US East want to team up?

PM me if you want to run through this alpha together.

Launcher Installation Error

When trying to install the launcher I get the error: Could not download manifest from the network. Does anyone know of a fix?

Pc Build

How does the game run with a RTX 2060 and i5 8400 and 16gb 3000mhz ram?? I am an apple user but I am thinking of building a nice windows machine in the next months. I have a lot of interest in this game and I believe Amazon will not delude. How will

Invited to Alpha test but having trouble with Amazon games app.

Downloaded and installed the application that was linked in my email, and now I'm getting this. 📷 []( ​ I've went through som

Good Start on First launch

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How long is the wait to get invited into the forums?

Registered about 2 days ago, was wondering how long it took for others, and i did sign up with my alpha invited email. [..]