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Forum activation?

Hi everyone, I'm an alpha tester trying to get forum access. Whats the average time to get your account activated? It's been a little over 24 hours now and still do not have access. ​

NPC Cities/Towns/Outposts...whats in them?

So I have seen the videos and interviews but am wondering if I am missing any information about NPC cities/towns/outposts. - How many of them are there? Do they range in size? - What is in them? - Are there NPC vendors? - Do these safe areas have a

Alpha signup broken link

Since they are now sending out links i decided to register for alpha. However, when i visit the website all of the links saying " sign up now" redirect to ana Amazon store page saying the product is unavailable. Even when signed in i do not see any "

Will New World allow multiple characters per account?

Anyone have any idea if New World will allow multiple characters per account like Ultima Online? Seems like the skill system with an emphasis on specialization would benefit from letting people have multiple types of characters...

Getting an Alpha Invite

I'm really keen to try out New World, and I'm trying to get an Alpha invite. People keep saying to go to the website and click 'Sign-up'. It takes me to the Amazon website, but I can't see how to proceed with the sign up processs... This is all I ca

Any Companies Recruiting?

Received the New World invite a month ago, but haven't played much due having no one to play with. Anyone will to take a newb on? Mature American male living in Tokyo, Japan if that time zone matters at all. Let me know if anyone is recruiting.

[FIX] Experiencing the white rectangle box with the perpetual rotating arrows?? Heres the fix!

I just got in the alpha and i also had this problem so what i did was: **uninstall the amazon launcher and reinstall and open** and it should work as it worked for me Best of luck!

got the invite, downloaded the amazon launcher, after running it nothing happens

when I launch the amazon launcher it's just a white rectangular screen. any ideas?

Have they ever mentioned any connections or inspiration from Darkfall Online?

I'm excited that a studio with resources is finally looking to tackle this genre. In my opinion, Darkfall Online (*not* its sequel, Unholy Wars) was the last respectable attempt at this genre with any notable success. I'm hoping this game studio has

New World needs to get serious

Look. I can't say anything to due the NDA. But if New World wants to get serious then it needs to separate itself from other 'conan exile' type games. Things I think would be an amazing addition to New World and differentiate itself: - interactive

Don't have access to forums?

I am an alpha tester and requested access to the forums last Saturday and I still don't have access. Is the company on vacation? Or is this normal? Thank you.


Just realized I had gotten into the Alpha, and I cant figure out how to build/claim land. And haven't gotten a response in General Chat. And don't have access to the Forums yet. Anyone here know how to?


Still haven't been approves for forums even though I'm playing. Anyone know how to fix this?

Any more videos like this? Will Magic be a big part of this game?

Is there a way to help friends get invites.

Hi all. Played 2 days and think its actually a great game. Quick q. I had my buddies sign up to get a potential invite from Amazon but do play testers ever get invites to pass out? Hoping so.

Resume download ?

Hi ! I'm trying to download the alpha game client (21.27 GB) but sometimes my internet connection fails and it starts again from 0%. Do I miss something ? Can I resume download ? I asked for alpha forum access three days ago but nothing happened sin

Interview: New World’s Rich Lawrence on solving PvP problems and defining the sandbox

Are the servers down? US West

Is the US West server down is or is it just for me?

Can't log-in into game

Hey. Does anyone have a problem when trying to join to the server? I have black screen for while then back to character/server selection.

Can you access game (When you have invite), while you don't have access to Alpha test forum?

Got invited, downloaded the game. When I open the game I got greeted with some "Failed to check credentials/Http...". I press retry, nothing prompts. Press "Continue", see US West, with 200 ping. Now game is "Searching for worlds..." until it fails t

Game help

How do I get a charter claim?

Exclusive New World Q&A - The Shroud of Mystery Begins to Lift -

What's the ambition level?

Is it possible to give a hint what the ambition level is for the game? In order to reach MMO status, in my opinion a game must allow for a large number of players to coexist. At least 5,000 really. Will NW aim for that level of players?

Got my invite

but i took my gaming laptop into the shop yesterday for a tuneup. Tried to play on an i5 2 in 1 and got a message saying my specs are too low and it shut down on me. So it definitely does check your hardware to make sure it runs smoothly. :(

Does New World have the same level of Inverse Kinematics as Star Citizen?

Both games have been developed using Lumberyard so I must ask. Here is a clip from Star Citizen demonstrating Inverse Kinematics [\_GA](

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Forum activation?

Hi everyone, I'm an alpha tester trying to get forum access. Whats the average time to get your account activated? It's been a little over 24 hours now and still do not have access. ​ [..]