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My summer/fall waiting for news of the next alpha phase...

To the Developers

I see you working hard and I appreciate you. Keep it up! Even if the sad thing happens and it's months or years before we get to play I still appreciate the time and effort you are putting in now. Just wanted to leave a message of positive feelings h

[Theorizing] Brainstorming End Game Content/Other Mechanics or World Design

I recently watch this video (linked below) as im suffering from new world withdrawal HAHA but i was wondering what would everyone want to see and do as far as endgame besides conquering. I think raids would be a cool thing to see but dungeons... i wo

Design a world

If you were given powers to design a new world How would it look like?

I think it is more or less confirmed at this point, rip :(

State of pvp on New World

Hey guys what's the state of new world looking like right now

Amazon says it’s still ‘working hard’ on its MMORPG New World

Timing - TwitchCon?

With the recent trends of the forums being "updated" and the YouTube videos being removed. ​ Thoughts on a potential update coming this weekend with TwitchCon? Seems like a pretty legit time frame to show off more of the game and have ex

Play New World deleted the video's?

Forum back up?

Just checked the forums and it looks like they are back up. No posts or anything yet. Sign of life?

Can we get some sort of update from Amazon?

Guys, I know the Alpha went well, and from my understanding and hope, you are still working on the game, but since the rumours of lay offs in Amazon Studio's amongst other things, I have read absolutely nothing of any information about the game. An

#1 Upcoming New world clan

Starting to recruit for New world, join the #1 clan [](

I'm really hyped for the magic system

Hello dead subreddit, let me ramble for a moment. There's a lot of great things about New World that I'm sure I don't need to repeat. It's very similar to one of my current favorite games, Albion Online, but far more immersive, beautiful, and most i

The best MMO sandbox game since Darkfall.

Truly, this game gave me the high I would get from the original Darkfall. A great game, with heart pounding elements that really make you feel like you're in the situation. I sure do hope they keep going on.

Company Max Size?

Hey, was just wondering if anyone knew what the player limit of companies was at in the alpha?

do you think we can expect a release for 2020?

do you think we can expect a release for 2020?

Amazon's making a Lord of the Rings MMO set pre-trilogy

I miss new world

I was just so into it. I know it's not for everyone in its current state but i loved it, would be my main game if it was currently released.

What happens now?

Is their any word on anything going forward? Will the beta be released the same way as the alpha was and we will get to play it? Would be nice if we still had forum access.

Amazon Lays Off Dozens of Game Devs

To Whoever tested the game questions.

So you think this could be the next big thing? Since the testing phases have started almost everyone is disappointed or just like “meh it’s ok” Is there nothing ground breaking or super fun in there. What are your predictions to the game

New World Performance

I know the alpha was under NDA. And I didn't know I was invited since they never emailed me (so make sure those of you wanting to play the next phase watch your Amazon message center, because that is where my invite was waiting) But I wanted to ask

This Phase of Alpha is Complete

How long is the wait to get invited into the forums?

Registered about 2 days ago, was wondering how long it took for others, and i did sign up with my alpha invited email.

Be sure and check your Amazon message center if not emailed invite.

I signed up for the alpha sometime back. I was expecting an email invite if I was accepted. Today I was checking my Amazon messages on the website for info about one of my orders, and was surprised to see my alpha in invite was in there. If you have