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estimated release date ?

Any ideas ?

uRxP Recruiting for Novembers Big Changes

Interested in playing with a group? Join uRxP. Our community has been around through all sorts of survival games. With 10 years of gaming as a community, we've played all of the most popular titles and currently have teams playing in multiple surviva

New World Group + Page

Hey guys, Since noone else was really doing it I went ahead an made a Facebook group and Facebook page to share experiences and stories about New World. Have a look and join if you'd like - hoping to group the community as I know Facebook groups ar

Alpha invite not working?

Hey folks, I got an email last week on October 31st with the subject "Play the New World Alpha Today" which had a link to the download for Amazon Games and states the following in the email "To play New World, use the “Download and Play” link bel

EU players: how's ping/lag for current alpha?

Check your emails for something from ""

Subject: You’re in! Welcome to the New World Alpha Test

Possible installation error work-around

I had an issue a couple days ago where the game failed to install (gave an error code) multiple times. I managed to get it installed by leaving all install options to their defaults where as before I had changed it, so the game installed on my window

Just found my invite!

So as title reads, I just saw I have my invite to Alpha and received it many days ago. I'm away from my PC right now and may not be able to play for a few days. Is the Alpha still going? ​ Also, I checked recommended specs and I'm wo

Got to meet the staff of Amazon Games Studio and talk about New World at TwitchCon. This game is in good hands. Can't wait to stream it. Already having fun playing it!

When mods ban posting any information relating to the game.

Does New World use DirectX? If so, what version?

Anyone got an invite signing up after 25.09?

I signed up for New World alpha on 25.09. and did not get an invite yet. Anyone got an invite signing up at a later date?


I recall reading somewhere that the game would be classless but hinted at group roles similar to WoW, but based on what footage I've seen this doesn't seem to be the case. Everything looks just like another survival game. Do you guys think there's ro

Forum activation?

I signed up and created a username for the Forums days ago, but I still don't have access to them.. anyone else have the same issue? Who could we contact for this?

Got invite, Installing game but this installer needs some work

I want to pause the install but the only option is "cancel installation". I hope cancel doesn't mean start again from the beginning; some better words could have been used in this circumstance.

Make sure you don't have a mail filter for Amazon

Just decided to check my amazon filter which moves anything from amazon to a different label/mail folder. I got an invite on Oct 3.... Downloading now at least I guess. ugh...

Who is going to RP?

Nearly every MMO ends up with an RP community of some kind so I'm curious about who's going to RP within the game or if there'a already budding communities and how I can get involved.


I haven't gotten a key yet, but from what I'm reading I'm pretty excited for this game. I'm a old player of UO from about 98-2002 and never got into WoW or many of the myriad other MMORPGs that are mentioned in these threads after. Even years later I

Just got an invite but cant play ? anybody else have this issue?

Help installing the game

Hello, ​ I recently got invite for the alpha phase of new world. I've downloaded the launcher, but there is no "orange button" to install the game once signed in. Did I miss something ? Do I need to have a forum account before having the

Finally got my invite! Check your emails!

Feels like I've been waiting forever! Can't wait to get home and give it a try. Check your emails because mine came 7 minutes ago, at 1:30PST.

Any chance for vr?

I'm not really interested unless it's vr, and since I assume it's using lumberyard that wouldn't be too much of an ask. Just curious since there's no mention on the site and I have no access to the forum

Survival Game?

Why do people keep referring to it as this? Are we so far removed from the mainstream PvP MMO sandbox genre that people are just ignorant of history?

Not sure if I received an invite or not?

I got an email from Amazon today stating "We're happy to let you know that the item you requested is now available to order from" But when I click on the link it says it's no longer available? Those of you who have successfully received

Why New World is the new gen' of MMOs.

  Without revealing _any content_, here's my list of reasons for why Nᴇᴡ Wᴏʀʟᴅ is **going to be a great success** and change the way we've been enjoying MMOs, _such as WoW, GW2, and ESO_, so far**:**   - It takes you ba

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estimated release date ?

Any ideas ? [..]