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Is this a MMO?

Or just another "cooperative" with a cap of 100 players? ​ Will it works by shards like Atlas Online?

MMO style

I'm hoping this doesnt break NDA. What style MMO is it? It it a true sandbox, eve online? Is it a survival sandbox, ark or conan? Is it closer to a RPGMMO, ESO/SWTOR/WOW?

Ban Policy

I'm not in the alpha but am highly interested in this game, that being said I've heard the developers have a very ban happy policy. If anyone with info or experience could share I'd highly appreciate it. Sorry in advance if this breaks the NDA, wasn'

Got into Alpha

Just checked my email and saw that I got invited to test NW Alpha, is there a community discord for NW?

Can't seem to see progression on the download/install

​ [it's like that for 20 minutes]( ​

Amazon games launcher not opening?

Hey all, ​ EDIT: Got the launcher working but the game has been at 100% installed for ages. I closed the launcher and restarted and now it's redownloading the whole game?! ​ ​

Connection Failed. why?

When im going to connect to the server its says connection failed every time,Anyone knows how to solve this problem?, i tryed to check in froums but they still dont granted me acces.

New World Discord Francais

Hello tout le monde ! Je vous présente le serveur discord dédié a New World entiérement francophone ! ​ Rejoignez-le dés maintenant ! [](

Lost alpha email with client link? What do I do?

I had the email invite and clicked on download client and tried installing it on one of my PCs. It didn't run it well so I uninstalled and wanted to try it on my wife's PC. But I can not find the email.... how do you find the client download location

I have found some alpha keys on sale, can I buy them? do you agree?

On a web site i found the key to the alpha and I was wondering: 1) if I buy the alpha key then I get the whole game when it comes out? as an early access? 2) it is reliable? i Risk some ban or something using these keys for sale? 3) even if they

Ia there a guild system and if so how is it ?

Plans for blockchain component?

Does Amazon have plans to ensure that time spent in this game is not wasted or deemed irrelevant should a next chapter, or entirely new MMO be built? Will there be some persistent currency that can be earned, and transferred to future Amazon Game S

The Resume

Hellbreath Beta to close Ultima Online - Felucca mostly Shadowbane Beta to close Darkfall 1 Beta to Close - Darkfall Unholy Wars Beta to Close. Recently Atlas ​ So Im a pvp MMO vet tbh, and I see everything Atlas lacked in this g

If possible

Without breaking NDA, is this game similar to reign of kings thats on steam? I loved that game till hackers took over and the devs gave up..

How much pvp is in this game?

Is pvp optional or in certain areas or is it open world pvp?

Question for the people that have mid range pcs and are playing the game.

How is the performance?

Got into the alpha a while ago and want back in

i uninstalled everything because i stopped playing and want to get back but dont know where to go to download

My List of questions

I have some questions about the game. 1. Is it an actual MMO (As in thousands of players) or is it a Survival "MMO" with like 100 people on a server. 2. Territory control, how in depth is this. What does this entail? 3. Guilds/Kingdoms, can someon

Arena Mode?

Since the game is so heavily focused on PvP, I wonder if there is any arena mode in development. Open world PvP is nice but coming from WoW and GW2 I'm missing well structured and planned 5vs5. The combat mechanics would feel interesting and make a

Is there locking on in this game?

Hello all, I've watched some combat game play and am intrigued by the dark souls like combat, but is there a lock on system like in dark souls? If not, are they planning on implementing one?

Release date??

So I found out about this game a month or so ago and I cannot wait for it to come out. I've tried to find info on a release date, but to no avail. Is there any information regarding a timeline on New World's release date?

What is the e-mail subject/sender to be on the lookout for?

I've been signed up for the alpha for years, but I don't know exactly what the subject line or the e-mail address of the sender would look like. Unfortunately, "New World" brings up a ton of other results in my inbox.

New World gameplay: crafting and sieging

Invites are Random

If you're looking for a WoW killer kind of MMO, this is not the game

If you're looking for a WoW killer kind of MMO, this is not the game, can't say much cuz NDA but from what I've seen, it's really easy to get burnt out of this game, and it's nothing alike the usual MMO you probably are thinking of

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Is this a MMO?

Or just another "cooperative" with a cap of 100 players? ​ Will it works by shards like Atlas Online? [..]