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Just noticed the Amazon store page for the game is down.

Could we be getting a new page with new info? [](

New Teasers = Hidden Message

New Tweet ! It's coming back, bois

First New instagram Post from New world since april

Launching - a website dedicated to New World, focused on game-related content and tools

New World studio lead Patrick Gilmore left the company

For those that don't know, Amazon Games Orange County (formerly Double Helix Games) is currently developing New World. Patrick Gilmore, who has been with the company (Double Helix, bought out by Amazon in 2014) for almost 10 years, left the company i

Is amazons new world really releasing in 20 years?

1000 player battles with real time physics?!?! epiphone! It can work!

So I was bored at work and thinking about how I would make an mmo if I somehow had a team of developers to boss around. Two features I want is massive battles with minimal lag and real time physics. Imagine a castle siege with cannons firing and b

If I have an amazon account already, do I still need to buy the game

I’ve only just heard of New World, and am wondering if I still have to buy it if I have an amazon prime thing (Sorry if im being dumb by asking the question)

Phalanx formation

If / when we get a new trailer for this game, please include the phalanx formation!

This is news to me

I’m just now hearing about this game. I’m very intrigued by the potential this game has to offer. Is there a link, or a website I should go to you guys recommend so I can quickly catch up as to what’s going on in development?

How to join

Hey i saw the vid in a past post on the page and was wondering how to i sign up to strt playing this. it looks fun but amazon says its not avaliable and i was wondering why? please help, thanks.

New tweet form New World [Cred to Chief Sarcan]

For those who thought his previous reply was too ambiguous

They are still working on it - Dont worry

My summer/fall waiting for news of the next alpha phase...

To the Developers

I see you working hard and I appreciate you. Keep it up! Even if the sad thing happens and it's months or years before we get to play I still appreciate the time and effort you are putting in now. Just wanted to leave a message of positive feelings h

[Theorizing] Brainstorming End Game Content/Other Mechanics or World Design

I recently watch this video (linked below) as im suffering from new world withdrawal HAHA but i was wondering what would everyone want to see and do as far as endgame besides conquering. I think raids would be a cool thing to see but dungeons... i wo

Design a world

If you were given powers to design a new world How would it look like?

I think it is more or less confirmed at this point, rip :(

State of pvp on New World

Hey guys what's the state of new world looking like right now

Amazon says it’s still ‘working hard’ on its MMORPG New World

Timing - TwitchCon?

With the recent trends of the forums being "updated" and the YouTube videos being removed. ​ Thoughts on a potential update coming this weekend with TwitchCon? Seems like a pretty legit time frame to show off more of the game and have ex

Play New World deleted the video's?

Forum back up?

Just checked the forums and it looks like they are back up. No posts or anything yet. Sign of life?

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New Tweet ! It's coming back, bois


Just noticed the Amazon store page for the game is down.

Could we be getting a new page with new info? []( [..]

New Teasers = Hidden Message