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Ya, I know we have been posting a lot of world building screenshots lately but look at the beautiful work our worldbuilders are producing while quarantined.

For today's #screenshotsaturday our CEO shows you some of our improved melee tracing and expanden move list by bravely fighting a barrel (work in progress)

Hi #IndieDevHour remember when we could all go outside into nature? If you are like us and miss it feast your eyes upon this beautiful landscape.

Is Veela-Veela the best option for a tamer with high dex for free to play? If not, what is?

Here are some more nature for all of you! Stay safe out there!

Well since a lot of you folks are quarantined at home we will be posting extra screenshots this week so that you don't forget what nature looks like.

We are working on that morning/day/evening look for this #screenshotsaturday . Still requires some tweaking but here is a split picture with all 3 versions.

It's #IndieDevHour again! Most of our team is now working from home but that ain't stopping us! Check out this female Kallard ( #UE4 ) compare to the old one ( #UE3 )

How active is it?

Just got it F2P on Steam. Wondering how many people still play this?

OMG 😯 almost forgot #screenshotsaturday here's a quick thingy I managed to get from the fine folks that build our world!

Howdy #IndieDevHour! We are working on getting that Mortal Online look ready for alpha. Here's a work in progress Kranesh, thoughts and feedback please!

Hi there #screenshotsaturday here's some work in progress sky and clouds. So pretty you could cry right?

Time for another #IndieDevHour! Today we show you some work in progress screenshots from the fine folks who build Nave. What do you all think about this new forest?

Hey #screenshotsaturday did you know that in Mortal Online 2 your body will change depending on your weight and stats? Here's a comparison of the #ue3 female vs one of the #UE4 strong female bodies.

Hi there #IndieDevHour! We are doing a couple of passes on the ingame sunlight and mood. It's still very much work in progress but what do you all think?

Well you asked for it #screenshotsaturday! Here's some nudity with a test walk and some "limb-physics"🍆 All still work in progress, what do you all think?

Hi there #IndieDevHour! Today we bring you a comparison of the Thursar model from MO1 (#UE3) compared to the new MO2 (#UE4) model. Adorable right?

It's #screenshotsaturday! Check out this comparison of our MO1 Kallard ( #UE3 ) and the MO2 ( #UE4 ) model. What a difference 14 years makes.

Thinking about playing again. Is it worth it?

There does not seem to be a lot of players online, my favorite playstyle was as a thief. Is that still viable at all? It seems like with such a small population it would be really hard to not be known as a thief. Also my guess is that most players ar

Yaya! Time for #IndieDevHour! Check out this quick comparison of the Tindremene model from MO1 (#UE3) compared to the new fresh MO2 (#UE4) model. Pretty sweet right?

#screenshotsaturday asked to see some swords so here you go! Note that this is still work in progress so be gentle. 😯

#IndieDevHour people asked for it so here's a closeup of the helmet from last weeks screenshotsaturday. Glad you guys like it!

Mortal Online: Lashaniqua's Husband camps RPK

#screenshotsaturday check out this moody picture from one of our massive forests. Can't wait for you guys to try this all out.

Hi there #IndieDevHour! Get ready to hunt in some very deep and dark forests in Mortal Online 2.