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Mortal Online: Lashaniqua's Husband camps RPK

#screenshotsaturday check out this moody picture from one of our massive forests. Can't wait for you guys to try this all out.

Hi there #IndieDevHour! Get ready to hunt in some very deep and dark forests in Mortal Online 2.

Lore-based Gameplay, Episode I "A Lost Dagger" - Old Tindrem Tutorial

For today's #screenshotsaturday we present to you this cosy cabbin! What do you think?

Mortal Online 2 - Teaser trailer and new website

Star vault just released a 1 minute teaser-trailer for Mortal Online 2, along with a new website with an option to buy into the combat alpha which is 4 months away. [\_logo](

mawimum height?

i made a 216 cm half breed but apparently you can go further what kind of food do i need to eat to be so big that i clip trought everything?

Haven Town, an In-Game Cinematic Short

New player wondering about politics in game

Hi all, I'm really new to the game with less than 2 hours clocked. I've been reading some guides and checking maps etc and in most pages ive come across a group called RPK and some other group seem to be in big disputes over 'TC'? I have no idea wh

Patch - Haven

Developer Update - Haven Release

Private Server Mortal Online?^^

Can someone create a private server of this game? Immagine if we get more people there than actual game ​ Maybe with unique skins store etc XD

Feels like a private server, just considering that at least 1/4 have multiple accounts for gathering. GG

Helping New Player Stream... Again! @ 6:00 PM CST

Mortal Online 2: Electric Boogaloo

Sinraw's Academy of Combat and Adventure! New Player Stream @ 8:30 PM CST or later

Helping New Players Stream! This game isn't dead! @7:45 pm CST

Patch Notes: - Time To Stir The Pot!

Battle Mage Build?

Hey, do you all know if there is a viable pvp build for an Armored Caster? I'm looking at using Heavy armor with a Two-Handed weapon with some Necromancy or healing aspects.

Patch Notes

Patch Notes


Are you guys going to take this game over to UE4 and get rid of the bloated old system, and get it working, announce a PTU/Closed Beta Test to current accounts - and scrap all the bloat not related to PvE and PvP. You don't have to do a lot of the st

How's everyone?

How's the game going? Which guilds are still active? I might be coming back :D But I bet no one even remembers me D:

Crosspost from /r/MMORPG -From your perspective, Why Mortal Online never went big?

Patch Notes

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Mortal Online: Lashaniqua's Husband camps RPK