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Helping New Player Stream... Again! @ 6:00 PM CST

Mortal Online 2: Electric Boogaloo

Sinraw's Academy of Combat and Adventure! New Player Stream @ 8:30 PM CST or later

Helping New Players Stream! This game isn't dead! @7:45 pm CST

Patch Notes: - Time To Stir The Pot!

Battle Mage Build?

Hey, do you all know if there is a viable pvp build for an Armored Caster? I'm looking at using Heavy armor with a Two-Handed weapon with some Necromancy or healing aspects.

Patch Notes

Patch Notes


Are you guys going to take this game over to UE4 and get rid of the bloated old system, and get it working, announce a PTU/Closed Beta Test to current accounts - and scrap all the bloat not related to PvE and PvP. You don't have to do a lot of the st

How's everyone?

How's the game going? Which guilds are still active? I might be coming back :D But I bet no one even remembers me D:

Crosspost from /r/MMORPG -From your perspective, Why Mortal Online never went big?

Patch Notes

I said you should go F2P... And you'll have to, eventually

Mortal Royale

New Player Experience

I've been playing Mortal Online for three days. So far, I love it. I'm playing after an initial install and immediate uninstall of the game. MO was confusing, there were no recent youtube guides and someone in the Mortal Online Discord told me to

What happened?

Hopped on to have a look and there are 0 people in Tindrem. I’m sad to see this one go. The premise is good.

Mortal Online - I Challenged RPK guild and COWARDS - No Showed

Data Breach of the Account System and Forums.

What is wrong with your forums? Getting 403 Forbidden errors for any topics

What is wrong with your forums? Getting 403 Forbidden errors for any topics

I cant make an acount

When I try to make an account it takes me back to the create an account page with no notification or anything and when I go in game and try to log in it says wrong username or password

Irelya & Lash Con 1650g! (The Arena Job)

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Stuck at loading screen.

Hello guys! Im trying to play this game for 2 hours, but i cant even start it. Downloaded it for free from steam -> created an account in the game -> new character -> and when im select my character, and click play the loading screen freezes

Questions from a noob

I've played a little bit of the game so far and I was wondering how many people usually play this game? When I was on, although it was 3 AM, the capital was mostly dead. I can also tell the same with this sub. Also do y'all have any advice on this

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Helping New Player Stream... Again! @ 6:00 PM CST