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How do I “Unuse” this weapon? Server 105

What's the status of the "official" game on Steam?

A helpful guide for Server 103's current most difficult area

Meridian 59 Server 103 OpenMeridian Patch 53

MULTIPLE CORPSES You can now say 'summon' repeatedly at Priestess Xiana or Xaerdun and get more corpses beyond the first. If you died repeatedly, your corpse with all your loot on it is probably the last one, so you'll have to summon them all. (It su

Which has more players?

I saw before online there was something call meridian open source. It seems to be a much improved version of meridian 59. But I prefer the regular version of meridian. But it just seems so lonely. So I was wondering which one has more players.

I just started playing Meridian 59 and I'm so weak I can't leave the town i'm in. So I made this instead

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Meridian 59 Servers 105/112/200 Patch 2.7, Ogre client update

Meridian 59 on Steam

Replacing MP3 with MIDI

Are there any existing MP3s of the MIDI files, or should I just convert the MIDI files I have into MP3s and then replace the existing files?

Saw Game On Steam, Questions Regarding Servers

On the official classic website I saw there are two servers 101, and 102. I was wondering if there are other servers? I enjoy games like these. Daggerfall which comes to mind looks a lot similar visually. Can anyone give me some idea what other s

Meridian 59 in 360°

Meridian59 Steam Realease in 21 hours!

I never played Meridian, only heard about it. Just saw it on steam releasing soon. I thought I might let the subreddit know. [Steam Shop Link](

Server 103 OpenMeridian Patch 52

OUTLAW AND MURDERER GHOST TIMES Outlaws and Murderers have had their time before poofing raised from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. We set that value awhile back and PKing stopped abruptly and completely. Time to go back to the drawing board. DONATE SPELL

Meridian 59 - A Game That Launched In The 90s - Finally Decides To Hop On Steam - MMO Bomb

Concerning the game

So I just started playing this game just a couple of days ago. It was a blast. I just happen to love old games and RPGs. So this game was a perfect match for me. But I start to see other players in one spot for really long stretches of time. And I st

Server 103 OpenMeridian Patch 51

THE MAZE OF THE MINOTAUR * The Maze now gives environmental hints when you are going in the right direction. This should make finding important rooms tremendously easier. * The Ancient Armory's vault now also contains between 5 and 12 tattoo scroll

Latest Patch is out on Server 103

### GROUP TP SHARING A bug allowed players in a group who did not damage a monster at all to receive 100% of the mob's TP when it was killed by another group member. This bug has been fixed, but people seemed to like it. It's now a test feat

Seeking the original-original (midi) main theme music.

Having finally dug up the game after years of just remembering it (stuck in the client since we had no internet back then) I immediately sought the theme music I had so vividly in my memory and could not wait to hear it. My joy was cut in half, as

The Spherical Prism! Latest patch on Server 103 now live!

THE SPHERICAL PRISM Not the dungeon, but rather a prism spell catalyst that only requires one caster. It resides, unmovably, in the Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr. Previously, only guilded Necromancers could use it, but the Necro guild is currentl

Unnamed Meridian 59 Expansion - For those interested in contributing, follow this link!

New Patch Hits Server 103!

Latest patch notes are now up for Server 103! Thanks so much to Gar and all others involved on some great ideas. We will all be testing these mechanics until the wee hours of the morning I expect! Server 103: Patch Notes

Updated Discord Link

Some potential issues with the Discord server I linked previously so that one will stay up but I'll DM anyone who finds it to let them know the updated server. If you are just finding this page and are looking to return or join for the first time, o

New or returning players come say hi on Discord!

Come join the Discord server with the rest of us ol'timers - be you new to the game or returning as well!

Looking to play it on 90's hardware

Hello, I collect vintage computers, and I absolutely LOVE everything about MMOs. I have a pentium laptop that I want to try and run Meridian59 on, how should I go about doing this? I know it has been updated a couple times, so will it be compatible?

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How do I “Unuse” this weapon? Server 105