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My Goodbye to My Hero Stan Lee

Thank you, Stan.

Stan Lee dies at 95! 😔

Cinema and comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95

Rest in Peace, Stan Lee.

Von Dorman's LinkedIn Gazillion blurb is ridiculous

CEO Gazillion Entertainment Aug 2015 – Jul 2018 3 yrs I came off the board in September 2015 to try and lead a turn around at Gazillion. Over a 2 year period i restructured the company and turned if profitable - I did this by expanding our MMO

New Marvel heroes clone coming out on Steam!

[]( Looks like identical gameplay, if you watch LazyPeon's video

How much did you spend? How many hours played? When did you start?

I really wonder how dedicated of players the majority of you were. I'm willing to bet most of you were not only casual players, but casual spenders.

Laughing Man Video

Anyone have a link to that video of the laughing man speaking in spanish where the captions are for marvel heroes devs, even better if on youtube. This video was posted on the marvel heroes forums for a while. I can find it for other things but not t

Researchers now granted the ability to restore abandoned online games

The holidays make me miss this game the most.

I always loved the holiday events in this game, and with the extra time I got from work I will always cherish spending it with this game. ​ I will miss it forever.

Does anyone know the name of the song used in this trailer?

Trion Worlds, three months after acquiring MH assets, has been sold off. Trion Worlds is no more. Whatever they had now goes to Gamigo (Aeria Games). What little twinkle of light th

Marvel Heroes Omega coming soon splash screen??

[]( (someone has to do something with this IP cmon) And bonus screenshot of Angela (possibly the first & last time in our lives we'll have witnessed that character in a videogame)

Any games with characters that play like Nightcrawler?

Have any of you found other games with characters that play like Nightcrawler did?

Anyone recall what different login screen animations there were?

I remember Captain Marvel, Spiderman, and Daredevil. Does anyone remember others?

What is your Fan review of Venom

Tom Hardy's Venom is getting mixed reviews. Have you seen it? Whats your fan review? NO SPOILERS PLEASE ​ Image source # [What is your review of Venom (2018 Marvel film)?](

The welcome screen uses "AnniversaryTest.upk"

Just trying to trim down file space. I keep the game on a thumbdrive and noticed it was 13 GB. I've removed a lot of files from "CookedPCConsole" to save space and found an interesting tidbit... the startup screen is called "AnniversaryTest.upk" &am

The last video I ever recorded :’(

Excited to get back into this game! What have I missed? (apart from clear optimisation making the game half the download size as before!)

After getting back into the Marvel Netflix shows, I feel sad there's no place to immerse myself into anymore...

I just watched both seasons of Iron Fist, and now I want to try out Iron Fist for the first time in Marvel Heroes. That character was completely off my radar when it was active, but now I want to play as him and have a Colleen team-up. Did that even

Big Picture Mode attempting to suggest games for me to play...

If i can't play Marvel Heroes ..

Then i at least wished that Lost Ark would be released in the west before i die. Just saw this trailer .. and damn .. that looks so nice : But i have always been a fan of the asian art-style .. so d

Future fight or strike force which do you guys recommend?


Lol well

I was just sitting here playing path of exile and talking to my buddy is about how much I actually enjoyed this game and how I was thinking about giving it a whirl again just to have something different to play when I got bored. So of course I loaded

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My Goodbye to My Hero Stan Lee