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Are achievements/map completion/currency etc account wide?

Just looking for some clarity on what is account wide? Currency, achievements, anything? And if so, does it transfer to other servers. Thank you.

Mail.Ru might allow English patch in the Russian version of Lost Ark Online.

Hello, Guys! We have new official information about the English language in Russian & CIS client (third-party software). Mail.Ru can add this modification into MRAC (anti-cheat) and you can play with English in RU localization. It depends on your

Lost Ark Russian Alpha and CBT News

Lost Ark Blade & Demonic Assassin Class Breakdown

Official Release date for Assassin and Island hearts combine

It's ABC. https://m-lostark.game.onstove.com/News/GMNote/Views/1184 Assassin will be updated at July 31th and They are going to prepare update Island heart combine in expedition too. cheers

Lostark Assassin Blade Introduction

​ It's ABC OMg Hyped ​ Just few mintues ago I saw and share here # There are Two Classes Blade and Demonic ​ https://reddit.com/link/cf3f3b/video/ydm3kqpu17b31/player # Skill Preview Youtube Video Blade ->

Lost Ark. Infighter PVE - #1 build. 256-284 SP

Is Lost Ark KR not region locked anymore?

I am now able to access their website without the use of a VPN, which to me seems like they have uplifted the region lock from their site?! Does this also imply that their game is not region locked anymore? Anyone know more about this?

Lostark Patch note review July 17th (Pet System, New Avatar, New Island)

# It's [ABC](https://www.twitch.tv/ahnbyungchan) ​ \--- added at July 20th --- Finally done 17min video editting: [https://studio.youtube.com/video/Y-LSOIXAxfo/edit](https://studio.youtube.com/video/Y-LSOIXAxfo/edit) # Summary **-

Russian Lost Ark Version

So basically I am trying to get to play Lost Ark either the Korean or the Russian version. Yet I downloaded the MailRu Launcher and I cant play it sorry for such a dumb question but do I need to buy it already on the russian version? I know you have

Does Hamachi VPN work for Lost Ark?

I know everyone is recommending ExitLag but I was wondering if there was a free alternative. I haven't bought an account yet and I was wondering if anyone has tried using Hamachi to play the game.

A few speculating questions, regarding western release

Hi all, im throwing here some questions in order to see what you guys think about them, Just to share my info and to play a little bit with the information that I have now just to see how do you interpret it and to see if you have more details about

There is eng patch for RU server?

Hey there im intresting to get into the Rus server but wondering if there is eng patch for it thanks.

The P2W slippery slope ?

Hi there, I just saw this video and it pretty much killed my hype :( [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPD5qZdc0Cw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPD5qZdc0Cw) Instant raid clear against money ? What do you think ?

Lost Ark International Release

Hello everyone, I am wondering if there is a release date for Lost Ark outside Korea, as this game has really intrigued me to play. If not, do I still need to contact a korean to register me with his number and all this process? Last but not leas

updated english patch?

the game got updated like 2 days ago and now my english patch won't work with the current version :( does anybody know where I can find an updated english patch?

Why KR/RU/JP before EU/NA? & Why is Pay2Progress the new standard?

1903 win 10 breaks Lost Ark for me

Wanted to start a fresh discussion where smarter minds than mine can maybe find a fix. With 1903 installed, the mouse cursor goes aggressively to the upper left of screen and stays there . I can move the cursor, but it fights me and goes right back.

lostark patch note review July 10th

​ Hello, It's ABC ​ [Beer, festival island Gisbroi](https://i.redd.it/uuovrw6r8f931.png) [Blue wind Island](https://i.redd.it/tpwqfe9u8f931.png) # July 10th Patch **1.** \*\*Two Islands updated(Gisbroi, Blue wind)\*\*Exped

Mouse in Lost Ark is determined to stay in upper left of screen.

Hi gang. Anyone ever started Lost Ark and had the mouse gravitate to the top left of the screen and continues heading there when you try to move elsewhere? Cant figure out why. May just uninstall all and reinstall... Only happens i

Lost Ark. Summoner PVE - #1 build. 268 SP

Can't they learn a thing or two from Path of Exile?

In Path of Exile, you can buy **extra inventory space** for convenience without breaking game balance, and they dress the non-paying players like homeless people. I don't mind paying for **fancy looking garments**. I don't mind paying for new **skill

Lost Ark News. June 2019 in RU localization.

Smile Gate Lostark Japanese publishing contract

New Class Assassin and Continent Faten coming

# It's [ABC](https://www.twitch.tv/ahnbyungchan) ​ Good news! ​ [Video 1. New Class Assassin](https://reddit.com/link/c8lmpn/video/5icrz5f5u1831/player) [ Pic 2. Prologue Page ](https://i.redd.it/nsenshmit1831.png) # Ne

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Are achievements/map completion/currency etc account wide?

Just looking for some clarity on what is account wide? Currency, achievements, anything? And if so, does it transfer to other servers. Thank you. [..]