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need help with a quest.

Need help with a quest called "finding the arc" does not have a location, and are 7 things to find i alredy have 1of 7 but dont know how i got it

Lost Ark weekly raid+ shot calls (Hellgaia+Yoho+Chromanium)

Check ip log to minimize the chance of your account getting blocked!!

[https://i.imgur.com/ZGDupVs.png](https://i.imgur.com/ZGDupVs.png) It looks like a few people are getting the "protected id" message, which blocks your account. This is not the same thing like a "reverification"! Most of the time it is cause by

How's the Game lucky folks?

Is it a life changing experience or just like any other games you burn out after a few weeks or months?

Lost Ark official patch at march 20th

Today patched of lost ark. ​ [http://lostark.game.onstove.com/News/Notice/Views/359?page=1&searchtype=0&searchtext=&noticetype=all](http://lostark.game.onstove.com/News/Notice/Views/359?page=1&searchtype=0&searchtext=

Stove will not load on screen when exitlag is on?

I have a very stange problem. Ive download exitlag"VPN" installed all the correct settings etc. I also download and installed stove but i cant get the stove client to load on screen when exitlag is on. The second i turn exitlag off the client loads u

account giveaway

last prizewinner look like stop playing this account so i want to giveaway again. ​ 1.Don't reselling 2.only play lostark with my account 3.resend message fast.(at least 30min) 4.if you stop playing, pm to me. 5.when you win tell m

Lost Ark. Hawk Eye PVE - #1 build. UNIVERSAL

Lost Ark T4 Last Guardian "Tiltilus" Full Guide

Another account give away!

3 out of 6 account holders have given up theirs so I can pass them on to new players! Ill pick the winners 24\~48 hours later Winners gon be randomly picked this time but to increase the chance of winning, let me know why it has to be you! &

[Mod Approved] Introducing/r/GamesLikeDiablo for discussion of loot-centric isometric action RPG’s like Path of Exile, Grim Dawn & more - subscribe today!

Hot issue! leakage patch

Hello It's ABC who are streamer bring lastest news from Korea!😉 [http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lostark/5346/44086](http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lostark/5346/44086) someone talked about detailed patch note at 12 and then patched as same way at 13

Awakening and balance patch tomorrow ! lost ark update

[http://lostark.game.onstove.com/News/Notice/Views/343](http://lostark.game.onstove.com/News/Notice/Views/343) Tomorrow balance and new ulti updates? update starts at 6am in KST ​ Hope to see 'changes' can cause people back :) &a

Question about Western Publisher?

So I heard somewhere that the western publisher is going to be My.com. Is this confirmed? Just wondering because it is a make or break for me.

Arcana PVE - #1 build. CRITICAL. 280-285GS

Lost Ark Lifeskill Map/Dungeon guide

Lost Ark Blaster Weekly raid& Shot calls[Frostgaia+ Duo Regirous]

How do I get past this quest?

I've been sitting here, I've used every ability that I've recently gotten (and regular ones too). 'G' doesn't work, and I've used my horn with it's new ability. What am I doing wrong? [https://imgur.com/yQouLDy](https://imgur.com/yQouLDy)

Lost Ark official patch(march 6th) - not important

Hi It's ABC. There was official patch :) Just read all and leave some important infors that i think from it. 1. When you sign up security system of stove you can get 5%discount on ship that bring you other continent, now 25% discount.(Why good? Act

A Thought

Has anyone tried contacting smilegate directly about releasing in the west? Or are there smilegate community people here already and know our wishes? If not then I think trying that would be a good shot.

How high is the risk of receiving a surprise ban?

Thanks for your generous help. So I am unsure if I should buy an account and a VPN (would the fish one suffice or is a more expensive VPN required to achieve a higher success chance?) for this game. And the main problem is, of course, the unknown ch

[ABC] PvP Damage experiment

[https:\/\/media.discordapp.net\/attachments\/514933439515066369\/552164708237443093\/qkrwp3.PNG](https://i.redd.it/man5zvn7p4k21.png) Actually, tried over **2000 round** of pvp since OBT started. and ranked in 2100 Platinum. ​ I don't

Lost Ark Emojis #1

**Hello** It's An Byung Chan, ABC Since played Lost Ark over 3months. quite bored. https://i.redd.it/r8o258v1j4k21.png So! Today made a Lost Ark Emojis and share :) actually going to make more so I put #1 at title \^\^ Okay, let me introduce Los

Lost Ark. Arcana. All animations of skills and tripods.

Infighter in endgame PVE

Hello, I couldn't read so much about Infighter endgame PVE so I would like to have your thoughts. Do you think Infighter is a good class to do the hardest PVE difficulties ? Did you already tried ? Why is it good /not good in end game PVE ? If he's

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need help with a quest.

Need help with a quest called "finding the arc" does not have a location, and are 7 things to find i alredy have 1of 7 but dont know how i got it [..]