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So I miraculously got these 30-day Emperor Shamoo (idk what its called) weapons box in my dimensional merchant inventory like a week or 2 when i came back and im using it on my mage account, but like the weapons pack said its inly 30 days. Where migh

Lots of questions.

Greetings, returning player here. I haven't touched L2 for \~13 years and i recently decided to try a friends 3x server. I currently have: 1x Level 55sps (which i want as a main), 1x Level 52 SE (which i read on forums is needed since SPS is very ma

Lineage 2 Classic (Europe): Red Libra Squad event video

Lineage 2 Classic - Giran Price List

Hello dearest friends and potential benefactors, I have created a listing that I believe will help out a lot of people and I am sharing it for free. It took a while to make and I imagine will be horribly difficult to keep updated but! Neverthele

Best class in your opinion?

So I play on the live server and im pretty noob at the game and very unknowledgeable abt it too. Which class in your opinion is the best? (Ex. Tyrr Dreadnought, Feoh Archmage, etc) Also, are Feoh Mystic Muse, Iss spectral dancer, and Tyrr Grand Khava

Where to play?

Hey all, I haven't played lineage 2 in 10 years, and I want to get back in the game, but I have no idea where to play. I just want to have fun, and I wanted to know which servers are better? I hate p2w, so if there is a server out there (even a priv

Are there A and S grade items/armors in classic?

Talking about Giran server EU. Also will there be Kamaels any time soon?

L2 classic, NA or EU

Hey I want to spent several hours in an mmo and I wanted to know, which version of classic is the best so far (no p2w at all if possible), f2p NA classic or sub 2 play Skelth version? Also I'd like your insight in the population as well, thanks!

What version is the NA NCsoft official lineage 2?

Is it the classic, the retail? I know it is not the private server, I am confused.

hey guys, I am looking for snipe(Soulshot C) but i do not see it anywhere in Cruma ttower, anyone know the exact location.

thanks. or do you know which place has better drop rate for SS C

which better

hi, who is better for solo farm on classic? SPH or SPS?

Hardcore MMORPGs like Lineage 2 Classic with updated graphics in 2019

Greetings fellow players, I'm a big fan of Lineage 2, played that game for many years. I really love its old-school MMORPG system, with role based classes (tanker, damage dealer, healer/buffer), where you need to actually cooperate with your party

Lineage II PVE and where play fun now

Hello guys, I explain my situation and experience and what I'm looking for and I hope you can help me \^\^ ​ I played Lineage II for the first time in my life when Ramona came out, in Europe. It was a wonderful experience, I really liked

Lineage 2 - Heine Theme (Lovers Reunited by Bill Brown) - Cover

Restriction on weapons in Lineage 2 Classic?

I've searched and all I can find is that D weapons require lvl 20 C weapons require lvl 40 B requiries 60 and so on... ​ But I noticed my new characters have no problem equipping and using a D weapon... at level 1. So I've been wond

Still worth playing?

Hello togehter, i played lineage 2 on some private servers like ~10 years ago and wonder if the game is still worth playing? I often look back to the times espeacially low rate pve/pvp servers and heavens veil pvp server. greetings.

Fafurion - moon armor

Hi! I just start playing before Fafurion - classic server. In noobie box I got just dual SLS, but no moon armor. In Gludin, at lvl 25 I don't have standard quest for moon armor. How get this armor? Everyone around running with this armor, and I st

Lineage 2 Essence

A friend of mine linked me [this]( but he doesn't know what it is exactly anyone here more

Returning Player - What To Do After 85?

So I haven't played in a long time, made a new toon and found that getting to 85 is ridiculously easy which in itself is fine. So what comes after 85? Is it just going to the mob grind and doing stuff like Kartia as it used to be? Also after com

L2 Classic grind

Hello. Old school SWS/EE player here looking to return to the grind. I am going to remake my character. I play in EST and will spend the next 3 months grinding and playing actively. Maybe longer depending on WoW classic and if it's fun. I don't

are the buffer tanks worth playing?

in the classic? i heard theres a good buntch of buffs available or someting

Better mage for pvp? (L2 Classic)

Fast and easy. I want to know which is the best wizard for PVP in L2 Classic. I do not mind knowing any information about PVE. I just want you to give me your opinion on which is the best for PVP. What do you think of SPH in pvp?

Are there no mods on this subreddit anymore?

So much private server spam from latin servers :)

Which class is the most summoner like?

New to Lineage 2, few questions here. 1. Elf or Dark Elf? I've googled which turns out to be Dark Elf? but some say Elf. 2. When I get to that level, there are paths like elemental summoner, phantom summoner and such.. which one do I choose? The s

Lineage 2 Classic NA: Working Multibox 2019?

Is there any Multibox software which currently works to send keystroke in 1 client to a client in the background? I have tried a few but none work atm

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