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Lineage 2 classic, talking island

If any new or returning players are looking for a group of players to play Lineage II classic with please contact me here on reddit or in game "KDR is my in game name. ​ Thank you

Is lineage 2 essence killed the game?

How much time it took to level up in classic lineage 2?

I am currently playing wow classic and it already took me 3 weeks to get lvl 41, but my friend told me it's a joke compared to classic lineage 2 leveling time. So how much time did it exactly take to get max lvl?

Lineage 2 - Dion town theme/Shepherd's Flute (Folk metal cover by The Raven's Stone)

Dwarf's dances - Cotton Eye Joe (Lineage 2 Video) !!!Abbys!!!

Does anyone have any experience with Official L2 Essence?

4game is coming out with a new L2 variation called Lineage 2 Essence for the EU region. [official info here]( I'm considering checking it out when it's live next month but I don't know exactly what to expect fro

Mob proximity and spawn rate + adena drop amount

When I first started L2 classic I was hoping most hunting areas (or at least some) would be structured like Ruins of agony with batches of rapidly respawning mobs that dropped quite a bit of adena for the level. Now as I get close to level 50 I'm no

Lineage 2 M - Giran overview, Cruma and more

Question about the story of The game

I'm beginning to Play and I dont understand anything of The story like, this game wasnt based in chronicles? Why cant I Play these chronicles? I want to undersand The Lore of The Game not only The grand crusade part!!!

How do you manage to get to lvl99

I hate these quests where you have like kill 500 enemies and Then try to reach to lvl 99 by yourself and I get bored by killing only enemies like why there arent quest for reaching lvl 99???? Theres only The Main quest called 'Reawakened of fate" and

How to gear up in Lineage 2 official servers? (Chronos)

As the title suggests, I have no idea how to get past the point where I am (using the Paulina's twilight tunic which you get very early on).I've been searching the internet for guides for a while now, but I can't seem to find any. So how do I get r9

level 35 Daily Nos quest (alligator Island)

The reward for this quest looks nice but I see no one down there doing it. Is it just too time consuming to make it worth it or is there just no real players playing this game at that level?

what happened to Kadden?

This sub went to shit without him.

Private or official

Like in the topic, im newbie in l2. Should i play on official or on private server, if priv tell me what server is worth playing. ty!


hey it is alive ? or l2 =deadgame? thx

Kamael Male... Warder?

I selected Warder as my first class transfer but I'm a male Kamael. The skill trees I can find (Where's the one for classic btw?) all say that Warders are female Kamael. Strangely I'm level 36 and I only have 1 attack skill (Twin Shot) and no magic

As a Lineage II player for a long time I'm so sad right now.

Seeing how WoW classic has been able to bring back the game as it was back then with 99% fidelity and is beeing successfull yet seeing how your favourite game/mmorpg had "classic" servers filled with bots and pay2win stuff that is not even near what

Mob magic resistance passives

Does anyone happen to know how each level of a mob's magic resistance skill affects the damage formula for magic attacks? i.e. Slightly Weak Mdef, Slightly Strong Mdef, Extremely Strong Mdef I've been trying to make a small tool to calculate which

remove RB cinematic

is there any way to remove the RB death cinematic? like valakars ect....

NA Classic Help

Hi, So I comming back to lineage since it brings back a lot of memories but i am really lost. Could anyone provide some tips to help me progress in lineage mostly what weapons to buy and where to train and how it is best (carry with polearm with b

Auto hunting with bd/sws

Hi All I'm trying to auto hunt with a glad, bd and sws, who assist a healer that is auto targetting. The problem I have is making a good macro that lets the BD/sws use their buffs while continuously attacking. The best I have is three delayed atta

Death Knight class, classic or retail?

Hey, so a couple of days ago a Death Knight class has been announce to the game along with an auto farming system which had caught my attention and planning to come back to the game when that released on NA OR EU (probably about 6 months taking in fa

NCWest Kamael Update - Soulshots and prices etc

Does anyone have any info on the soulshots exchange for instance, can we trade D-grade shots 1:1 for new shots? New shots are rumored to cost 22adena+tax Does anyone know of items which will lose their value hard once the patch hits etc? [https://

Dagger on Classic 2.9

Hey Guys, im playing on classic 2.9 server. This is my first time on classic and i need some tips and advice about my dagger, im playing wind rider. What are The best armor sets from B to A grades and why? I heard that most daggers are using bw hvy.

Classic or Modern

I'm a new prospective player. Found a gmv of this game on youtube, thought that it looked interesting, and I want to get started. So which version should I play, what's the major differents graphics aside. Are the contents the same? Also how much

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