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Male ertheias,when?

I thought they come in the update of 11 of December of 2019. But maybe I am wrong?

Kamaels - the Giant's Weapon (part 2)

# The war between the Gods and the Giants The giants could not keep the Gods in the dark forever. When the Gods found out about the Kamaels they decided it’s the high time to show their power.  The idea of war with giants did not please some o

Old player looking to come back

Okay so I used to play this a looong time ago. Started out on Erica in C4 and played the next 5yrs or so. Still haven't found another mmo that hooked me like this one did with the grind and open world pvp so I was just wondering where the best place

Some general questions about overlord

#1: Would you choose cyclic cane over rising star+sigil for m atk? #2: Does M.Atk in general or just the number of enchants on weapon guarantees a bigger chance for debuffs? #3: In fights where I also need to be a support (healer when 1 bish is missi

Some questions about classic NA server. New player.

I start with an Elf mystic, my first class change is to elven oracle towards elven elder. ATM I am killing on ruins of agony but...with the starting weapon,also there are plenty of bots around here,so kill any skeleton is difficult. To the topic.

About NA lineage 2 classic.

This classic mode game is free in NA servers?

Update of 11 of december?

I am playing lineage 2 eu till i get unbanned from another game. I joined a clan and some people on this clan says that since 11 of december the game gives you free buffs at any level and also free r99 set permanent. Is that true? Cus i am leveli

EU L2 Essence - Talisman of something key

P1VC-YTNZ-BGFQ-LRLH feel free, just post that you claimed it

Played Lineage 2 for the first time when the classic version came out in October 2018.

It was weird playing with two accounts at the same time and felt like I was playing the in the wrong way. I tought it was a normal since most of the players did too. I was like "WTF?! seeing players with more than 3 account at once to have every be

I found my VERY well used and loved Prima Strategy guide from 2004

Recruting English Speakers (Talking Island Classic)

Like the title says, join us! We primary focus of pvp but do pve things as well (raids, epics, xp parties, etc) PM Infamous907 if you’re interested, happy hunting

Is l2 classic worth playing?

So I have been playing private servers for a while and kind of started to dislike them cause they die in a very fast rate, however seeing recent updates l2 classic has implemented the auto hunt feature which drags me out of playing classic.

Lineage 2 mobile ! Lets download and subscribe thanks

L2 M Korea android iOS

Why can't I imprint runes? Everything is greyed out.

Manaproblems on low rates

What do you do about it? They have some sort of mana pots (15 sec restoring loop) 30second reuse, but its definetely not enough. How do you play like this? My first low rate server. Dont have any GC for cost enchantments on skills. I'm also playing o

Please fill out this short survey on Lineage 2!

New Player Help

Hello! Is there any way to check other people's levels/combat power?

Lineage 2 - Use of Real Life Money Correlating with Level

I noticed that in other games, as player get higher levels, they tend to spend real life money on their character. Does this apply to Lineage 2 as well? How much money have you guys actually spent on Lineage 2? How long have you been playing Lineage

NCsoft is making L2 remastered?

Lineage 2 Survey

Edit: I updated the form so it should be open to everyone. Thanks for catching that Hey everyone! I'm doing a research study for my computer game and society class and for all of you that play lineage, could you please fill out this google form? Any

Is there any L2 server not P2W and not P2P?

If not, should we create? A free-to-play game server that subsists only on cosmetics.

New player: What is the best server to start playing in?

Anyone here play on official servers? What do you guys actually do in game?

I am Mystic Muse 101, with dual heal 100 and iss box 99 and I feel like I have hit a wall. I took a brake for several months, thinking it will be be fresh and better when I come back, but.. there is just nothing to do. My gear is shit and I can bar

So what do people do for fun in this game?

I have to play Lineage 2 Classic for my Computer Games and Society class and I'm having trouble figuring out why people like this kind of MMO. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I'm just concerned that I am legitimately doing something wrong. So

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Male ertheias,when?

I thought they come in the update of 11 of December of 2019. But maybe I am wrong? [..]