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**L2WARAGE.COM X15 CLASSIC 2.7 ANTHARAS OPENING: 2019-01-26** **Server Rates:** ● XP/SP: x15 ● Drop/Spoil: x3 ● Adena: x10 ● Quest Reward Items: x1 ● Quest Reward adena: x1 ● Quest drop item: x1 ● Raid

Looking for help with party

Playing the classic server .. looking for people who played classic in the past since it’s definitely different than the real old l2.. My wife and I want to play a character each and a buffer.. We are thinking DA, ES and either WC or PP. I was

Fishing time event on Skelth

[]( [ Monkey Chef arrives for several days to Elmoreden and brings exotic flavors to freshen up this severe world](

EU Official Classic server, NA clan, recruiting NA players!

Seeking NA players interested in playing on EU classic server. Server has optimized rates. Minimal L2 store impact. Pay the subscription and earn what you need through game play. Upon account creation you will have 7 days free play time to apply to

[Giran]WTB Iron Hammer Head

pm me here or mail SpoiledMilk in game.

Looking for clan

Hello all! My dad and I are looking for active clan. We are central time zone. We both played L2 15 or so years ago. We want to be able to do castle sieges, when we get high enough level. Thanks all!

Classic Worth Play ?

is Classic Worth Play ? also which one is better NA or EU nd which is more popular ?

PR and Double Shot

Does the Phantom Ranger use Double Shot after it gets Fatal Counter at 59? Do I need to keep leveling it?

Lfm classic aden server

Looking for others to game with on aden server. Specifically those not interested in botting or rmt or even boxing. A group to play together legit and just to have fun and enjoy the game. I just started and made my character last night. If you're lik

Are the servers down? Can't log-in, error: "The client will be closed. Continue"

Coming back to L2 was excited to make account in US Classic. But for hours now I cannot even create a character. Is it only me or everyone experiencing this problem?

Legitimate players being banned on Lineage 2 classic with only copy paste responses with no reason given other than associating with someone who is suspicious

Link to reddit post that has misteriously disappeared from the main page. [\_2\_classic\_banning\_legit\_players\_for\_using/](

Returning player, need advice.

Hello guys! I've recently heard somewhere a cover of the Gludio Theme and a huge wave of nostalgia hit me right in the face. I haven't been playing since they've removed the level cap(I hated and I still hate the idea. For me it seems to be a very ev

How is the mana usage for different nukers in a duo?

Lets say nuker+ee duo, how much better is the difference with Sorc, SPH, SPS and Necro? Is it going to be extremely significant between Sorc vs SPS for example? Also is Necro only having Death Spike or CDL a problem for PvE? I suppose Necro is safe

Question s on subclasses and L2 official forum

Hello everyone ! First of all this is only my second post ever on reddit, so if I do something wrong, please let me know. I have an account on one of the official Lineage 2 european servers, on wich i'm a tyrr titan level 93. I only have one

TOP 3 raid bosses in Lineage

Hi guys, I always wanted to ask what raid bosses are the most difficult to kill or the easiest or after all what RB did you remember the most? If you want you can write here your own top-3 or top-5. For me its Core, Orfen, and Baium. I'm asking cu

NA TI class population and needs at higher levels

I have a few classes that I like hovering around 40, but it is time to focus (probably past time) and start leveling more. Was wondering what is more needed at higher levels, what the populations are for classes etc. I have a wide variety and enjoy

Wont launch server

title explains it i launch the game click a server and it wont launch it at all i restarted my computer i have reinstalled the game twice need help

Help with server selection problem

Hi guys, I want to start playing Lineage 2, but when I am in login screen I mean select region screen I cant go to any server, I am still clicking OK and nothing is happening, this is doing for like 3 days ? Any help :-)

Is the plan of Lineage2 Classic to reach Interlude content?

I would love to kill Valakas and other Raid Bosses, but L2 Classic must not get back Common Items NEVER!

About Vicious Stance

Is the skill really worth to level up and use? And what does it really enhance? Skills, auto attacks or both?? I'm PR 54. L2 Classic.

Power leveling guide

Looking for a power leveling guide from 1-25 !!

Would you be interested in video guides on L2 Classic?

Hey guys, Seeing that Lineage 2 has caught the attention of many people after Classic server release in NA, I've come to a realization, that there's a lack of content for new players in English. For someone who has been playing L2 on Russian servers

A couple of questions regarding L2 classic

High, I was considering joining a classic server and I have a few questions. 1. Na vs EU. I have seen a lot of conflicting opinions on this, but so far I am leaning towards skelth. 2. Will it be easy to find low level groups to level with, how dead

Looking For Players

Hey , I want to try out lineage 2, is there some newbie who want to join me and discover the game together ? edit: I'm playing on ncsoft and Gmt+1 would be better. edit: seems complicated to find players to start the game XD don't be shy people !

Where is the best site for play Lineage 2

Hey guys, excuse my bad English, it's not my main language. ​ I'm currently playing Lineage 2 classic NA, for now there are many people and I'm happy because there is a lot of activity but I find a problem: ​ I am lvl 27 tan

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**L2WARAGE.COM X15 CLASSIC 2.7 ANTHARAS OPENING: 2019-01-26** **Server Rates:** ● XP/SP: x15 ● Drop/Spoil: x3 ● Adena: x10 ● Quest Reward Items: x1 ● Quest Reward adena: x1 ● Quest drop item: x1 ● Raid [..]